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Introducing Generation Z

Introducing Generation Z

BY Kim Hurtado, BSF Research Manager

The U.S. Research Marketing Group Barna defines Gen Z as those born from 1999 to 2015.
This generation currently constitutes the largest percentage of the country’s population, the old order is fading, and the new order is growing.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gen Z.

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Passing the torch

God gifted John Humphrey Amuasi with a passionate mind.

As a medical physicist, John’s research achievements are vast, and his accolades are many. But John is driven by more than professional success. His heart for the Lord compels him to advance the gospel of Christ while pursuing his research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Before John became a celebrated medical physicist or a beloved BSF board member, he was a young Christian who learned from a mature generation of believers.

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Being effective in difficult conversations

We have discussed that the initial goal in a difficult conversation is to seek mutual understanding of differences. Then we considered how we often undercut that goal.Now we will look at how to participate effectively in such a conversation – three types of discussions and five methods to advance a conversation. Applying these approaches can help turn a debate into a more genuine conversation.

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