A Prayerful Look Forward


As a long-time BSFer, I’m deeply passionate about God’s work in and through Bible Study Fellowship.   

My involvement began in the 1970’s, when Anne Graham Lotz and I invited women in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., area to hear Christian author and speaker Jill Briscoe. The women responded with great enthusiasm, and it was evident that a follow-up Bible study would be welcomed.  

Anne’s mother, Ruth, the wife of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, recommended BSF as the best Bible study around. We contacted BSF Founder Audrey Wetherall Johnson, Anne trained to become a teaching leader, and we began. This was all the result of much prayer and seeking the Lord.  

Many men’s and women’s classes were soon born out of this beginning in Raleigh. Over these many years, we have seen classes grow as men and women, loving God’s Word, have reached out to family, friends and co-workers to join them, as the ministry has spanned the world. 

I had the privilege of seeing great growth, both spiritually and in numbers, as the Word changed lives. By God’s grace, I became a teaching leader and an area advisor. At every juncture, prayer has been foundational, as it continues to be.  

As a member of BSF’s Board of Directors since the 1990’s, working with three executive directors, I have seen God raise up distinct personalities – Rosemary Jensen, Jean Nystrand and Susie Rowan – to answer this call. He equipped each for the job. In 2008, I had the privilege of being on the succession committee that recommended Susie to the board. Then, as now, the committee sought the Lord for the qualifications needed in the director for the coming years.  

Working through the search process this year, the board has compiled a list of qualifications relevant to BSF’s future. At this stage, the board, Headquarters staff and area personnel have been asked for their input and recommendations. Extensive interviews will be conducted with prospects. I am asking every BSFer to join us in praying for God’s guidance and for His choice in the one He has prepared to be our new executive director. 

I am asking every BSFer to join us in praying for God’s guidance and His choice …

We ask that God will raise up someone who loves God and His Word and is a gifted teacher. This person must be a spiritual and prayerful leader with a global vision and knowledge of new technology. This insight will support our beloved traditional classes and enable growth in new ways and methods, such as BSF Online and WordGo. We also ask that God’s Spirit will prepare the new director to face challenges and post-COVID changes, while encouraging and equipping their staff with God’s help. Finally, we ask for His wisdom in facing the exciting opportunities ahead and being a faithful steward of BSF’s tremendous growth in the past decade as we have embraced new methods.

God is faithful, and we as a committee and board will continue to work prayerfully and faithfully to present a director who, first and foremost, is prayerful, loves God and His Word and loves to teach His Word. 

Thank you for joining us in thanksgiving for Susie and His provision for the future. Please join us in praying that God will present His choice through this process.  

Suzanne Sloan has been active on several boards including Bible Study Fellowship, Montreat College and the advisory board of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte. She earned a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and is active in her church in Montreat, North Carolina. She and her late husband, Sam, were married for 59 years and have two children and four grandchildren. 


  1. The Lord will see to it. He will provide, like He has so many times before.

  2. Thanks for the information Suzanne,
    Knowing God has already chosen the right person to lead, will keep praying that His Spirit comes through to the committee, loud and clear.
    BSF has become a way of life for me and thank God every day for His gift.
    In Christ,

  3. Praying in agreement for wisdom, direction and clearly divine appointments. Thank God for BSF.

  4. Yes indeed the Lord will provide

  5. May God continue to bless you in all that you say and do in Jesus name. Yes God is faithful. He show will each and everyday. Much ?.

  6. Thank you Susie for saying yes to God’s calling to lead Bible Study Fellowship. He used you in affirming my own calling many years ago as I stepped into leadership and two weeks later heard you teach Revelation at the Leader’s Retreat in Birmingham. I stepped out in faith but was affirmed by so many things you taught and shared. I have not looked back! I pray He continues to use you in your new calling.
    I pray God affirms your successor in this role — that he/she will be so encouraged to speak, teach and lead in truth with joy and courage!

  7. Dear Susie
    It is rather sad to learn that you will be retired as BSF’s executive director.
    I would like to thank you for being a great spiritual leader and mentor to guide us on the right path to walk in God’s way.Your devotion, diligence, perseverance and love are helping BSF and us on our spiritual journey to seek His will.
    May God continue to provide
    a suitable Bible Study Leader
    who has the closest relationship and spiritual understanding with Him to lead and drive teaching and preaching of His Word.
    May God continue to bless your life!
    With Jesus’ love
    (From Elaine Au

    • Thank you Suzzie and Team.Great has been done and great is to be,may we all calmly believe that’God Shall
      Surely Provide,Amen

  8. LET, the lord choose her with a lot of knowledge and experience in theology to lead Bible study fellowship as executive director

  9. So thankful to God for the past, the current and the incoming executive director for BSF. I’ve grown in faith because of the teaching, notes, Bible reading and group discussions.Zi

  10. Best wishes to you I know you were doing a wonderful job you ladies have always done a wonderful job and will continue in the name of Jesus

  11. Praise be to our Lord & Savior, Jesus, and to BSF for its leadership, wisdom & challenge to grow in Gods word. This organization is truly our gift to study, mature and equip all generations to know the will of our Lord. .

    Thank you to all the BSF Headquarters & staff. We will be praying for the new leadership that the Lord has chosen.

    We are all so blessed & Great is thy faithfulness.

  12. Praying that the selection will be someone who is not just credentialed, qualified & knowledgable, but one is who also Spirit-filled and Spirit led. We must be under the leading & wisdom of God for these times. Fervently praying that the will of God will be unanimously evident. So grateful for BSF. Thank you to all who steward this ministry.

  13. Thank you Susan for your devoted service for so many years. May God richly bless you in your new retirement adventure.

  14. I joined BSF late September 2008 on my return home from the US N have never last since. I have been so so blessed with the information given in the hangouts n how they opened up my understanding of the word. Sharing, discussing, listening to the lecture also strengthens my walk with the Lord. What a blessing BSF is to me. Praying for the new executive director n for all who r waiting on God to bringing the right person

  15. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to God who provided Miss Suzanne Sloan as BSF board member for so many years.
    We want to thank her for her faithful service. We love her and bless her. We ask Our Lord God to grant her a fruitful and blessed retirement!

  16. I feel so blessed now for the last six years to have been a part of such a blessed organization. I feel so at home among women who know the LORD. Each year I think it can’t get any better than this and I am overwhelmingly surprised when it does. I consider myself an avid prayer warrior and will definitely be in prayer for our next leader. Thank you for blessing me so much. I came to the LORD when I was nine years old and began reading my bible at that time. GOD has never failed or disappointed me yet .

  17. We bless the Lord for His Faithfulness thus far. As a family BSF has been a great blessing to us. We have matured and continue to hunger and thirst after the Word of God.
    Thank you Susan for you long service in the Vineyard. May the Lord refresh you.
    I pray that the Lord of the harvest will choose the next BSF leader. He sees our hearts and will certainly appoint one with a heart after His.

    • Isn’t He Wonderful ! Yes he will supply all our needs, especially a God inspired person to continue in the outreach of his word through this amazing work at BSF.which will continue to be a wonderful example to so many ,& will continue to be a lifeline to Jesus for all who want to study Gods word in depth.Susan you have been a wonderful leader ,friend to us all ,we all say Thank You with Gods blessings. c

  18. Ptl for Bible study yes

  19. BSF truly blesses all who sincerely seek the wisdom God brings through studying His Word. With sincere gratitude, I praise Him for the leaders and all who have made Bible Study Fellowship possible. Thank you!

  20. Praise The Lord for such
    Wonderful work !

    • Thank God for allowing you serve in his vineyard,bsf has been my all,has mature me fully in the Lord,I know the Lord will bring in the leader that will have passion for christ. I also pray the Lord reward all that you have had to sacrificed in order to do his work,I will miss you.

  21. Humbly praying for God’s Wisdom and grace. May the Lord continue to bless BSF’s past and future leaders and keep therm under His mighty Wings. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

    • Praying for His guidance and wisdom for this new bsf endeavor.God bless

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