Acts and Letters of the Apostles is here!


B ible Study Fellowship classes and discussion groups around the world are again opening God’s Word together as we begin the study of Acts and Letters of the Apostles. What a joy it is to draw closer to our Unstoppable God who has empowered us with His Unstoppable Spirit to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.

What to expect 

A cts documents the infancy of the early Church from Jesus’ commissioning His apostles at His ascension through the explosion of Christianity in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth, which continues to this day.

Acts also reveals that the key to living a powerful, fruitful Christian life is to be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit. The gift and indwelling of the Spirit comes only through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. (See Acts 2.) Just as God was faithful to the early Christians as recorded in Acts and the epistles, He is faithful to modern Christians as well.

We’ve made some strategic improvements to Acts since we last studied it in 2011. Now 30 weeks instead of 32, we will take deeper dives into shorter passages. For example, Acts 3-7 now covers three lessons instead of only one, and 1 Corinthians covers four lessons instead of two.

Also, for anyone looking for a call to action, we’ve moved the epistle of James to the end of the study to close the year with a vision of what authentic Christianity looks like.

The 2013 redesign of all our study material made our lessons less daunting and more digestible. That’s why you may notice many of our Acts lesson notes are four or five pages, rather than the typical six. Though condensed, we have maintained deep, rich content as we desire to see members thoroughly engage in Scripture and mature as believers through Acts, 1 Corinthians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Hebrews, James and 1 Peter.

Tell your friends

T hose epistles have been strategically positioned as five “mini-studies” within the overall study year of Acts so you can invite a friend to class. (“Come to a four-week study of Hebrews!”) There’s no commitment beyond that, and we hope your friends will want to stick around for more after they have experienced Bible-centered community in your group

Anyone can find everything they need to know about BSF – including where to find a group – at

Prayer on a global scale

S ince everything begins with prayer, we invite you to join us in praying throughout the year using the Unstoppable Prayer Guide ( These prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication (A.C.T.S.!) are tied to each week’s lesson. The Prayer Wall also offers an interactive opportunity to share your prayers and pray specifically for others.

It is amazing to see what God has done through the prayers and ministry of BSF in the past 60 years. The obedience of our founder, A. Wetherell Johnson, to follow God’s lead in teaching five women the Bible has led BSF to where it is today – shepherding men, women, boys and girls through God’s Word, which has the power to transform lives and communities.

May the Lord use the prayers and vibrant witness of each willing servant in BSF to offer profound witness of His love and truth in a world that so desperately needs Him.


  1. salome

    This is my first time to do BSF and I am truly blessed through the fellowship. I am looking forward to next Monday.

  2. Kym Beier

    I am in awe-filled tears – My favorite line in this, “Including China” It made me smile that the only god big enough to be God, cares about our heart’s desire. He used her study to reach into her mission field, for His glory. <3 What a GOD!

  3. catherine mwangi

    Thank you for the update and encouraging blog. It is inspiring and supportive. I’m looking forward to a great year together in learning Gods word. God bless.

  4. Pam k

    Thank you for the update and encouraging blog. It was full of good information , it was helpful and supportive. I’m looking forward to a great year together. I’m LOVING the deep dive into Acts!! God bless.

  5. Eloisa Winston

    This is my second year learning BSF. Last year I had wonderful experience learning ,because I had awesome leader Ms.Barbara Carter And staff were very helpful and accommodating to our needs. They make me feel at home. This year I am looking forward of learning the books of Acts with Gods blessings and guidance.

  6. Susan Wood

    I went to BSF last year, not my first but I was moved with what a woman said in our group. She said that she gets up early each morning to pray and read and study her Bible. I have been a Christian al of my life. had quiet time some of the time, but after that night I decided to take my quietude to a different level. We were almost through with BSF for the year. I wanted two finish the story of the Kings. I didn’t want to quit so finished the OldTestament. What a blessing summer has been for me. I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us women .Looking forward to the study of Acts.

  7. Carol T.

    9/22/19 I float away from the Lord a bit durig the Summer so it’s wonderful to get back on track and dive deeper into the living Bible and God’s holy, righteous and soverign Word. I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit, our Helper, to help me minister to non believers in a loving, effective way, something I need help with.

  8. Solomon Gacece

    Praise the Lord.
    As we continue getting deeper in His Word, we will pray and invite others to join us.

    • joseph mbugua

      am looking forward to hear God more through this study of acts and also invite friends already am moved by what i have learned about the holy spirit in acts 2and 3 believers can do nothing without the holy spirit

    • Nanci Scott

      Hi Solomon!

      I didn’t know that you were involved with BSF too!

      I am so excited about this year’s study of Acts and the Unstoppable Church! I’m a Children’s Leader in BSF (preschoolers) and it is so rewarding to train up the next generation to love the Lord and surrender their lives to him! What an honor!

      Look forward to seeing at our Move conference early next year!


  9. Mary Kaiser

    I went to my second week of BSF yesterday. Praise to God alone! It was full again this year of women who are excited about hearing God’s Word and meeting weekly. I don’t know how many ladies their are but we have four rooms full. Last year was difficult, one of our teachers lost her spouse. Those of us in her class were what I lovingly dubbed the “Wandering children of Waterloo”. We moved around, were split up and near the end the woman whose husband died was back with us again. Her husband was leading the much smaller men’s group meeting in the same building that our church converted from an old nursing home into our building we use for our church activities and have in the last year had a women’s and men’s BSF classes. Praise the Lord, out of weeping, loss and a death of a wonderful man now the men’s group is back but a lot slimmer this year. Pray that their men’s group will also rise out of the ashes of loss. We love Jesus and want to “tell the world about Him through BSF.”

  10. Bonnie Dorsey

    I enjoy BSF so much. Gives me a purpose and goals. This is my 10th year and as long as the Lord keeps me healthy and able I will be there. This is a little different from the last ACTS we studied and am liking it.

  11. Jill Snell

    I only wish that BSF would have classes in the summer. I hunger and thirst for it every week and the fellowship with other ladies in my time of life.

    God bless BSF!

    • Mary Shum

      Some ladies from our BSF class on the North Shore (Vancouver, BC Canada) decided to have Bible Studies throughout the summer. We studied the book of Luke and met weekly. We all took turns leading and enjoyed the fellowship, the discussions, and even teaching. God is good all the time! We had a blessed time studying the word and being Spiritually fed even during the break!

      • Michael Phillips

        This is my 7th year in BSF and my 2nd year as a leader in the children’s program. Next Monday I will have the opportunity to teach level 3 students from the Discovery Section how to share your faith with others. I have been truly blessed since finding out about BSF.

  12. Lisa Shaw

    BSF was Gods answer to my prayers for a bible study that provided depth and breath of expository teaching. I am so thankful!! BSF is helping me along with so many others to grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord, His goodness and faithfulness; and to better equip each of us, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to share the Gospel with courage and boldness as we were commanded to do. Thank you Father God! Laus Deo

  13. May

    I love BSF ..God is so Good !! The leaders are bless !! Thank you for following The paths our Lord God has lead you to

  14. Page Breece

    I’m am so grateful for Mrs. Johnson and how she devoted her life to following God’s direction, even when she was uncertain of the direction she was headed. I’ve watched this video a few times now, the first time at our opening Summit in OKC last month. It makes me cry every time because even though I’ve heard her story for the past 13 years, seeing this visual puts everything she did -for us and for God – in perspective. I just cried like a baby again as I watched on this Friday morning at 5am in Edmond, Oklahoma; such a refreshing and gratitude-filled cry for all the blessings God has provided through the gifts of His Son and His Word and all the beautiful hands and feet of teaching leaders throughout the world.

    I’m so thankful to be a part of this mission as a Children’s Leader in Edmond, Ok under my most beautiful & devoted leaders, Paula Black and Cynthia Conroy. When I started in 2006 in the study of Genesis with Cynthia Conroy, I never imagined I’d be in it more than a few months but here it is a few years later! I’m beginning my 14th year and each year my love for God and His people grows as does my gratitude for all He’s done in my life. I love that I get to plant seeds of the hope and love of Jesus in the little one’s hearts. What a privilege!

    Thank you Mrs. Johnson and all of the BSF leaders that have continued to faithfully teach God’s Word throughout the world. What a grand mission!

    In Christ with Love…always!

    • Jean Barnes

      Dear Page, I visit your class when I am in Edmond with my daughter Caroline Morris & their 4 precious children who have ALL BEEN IN CHILDRENs program over the years. My Caroline is the reason I came to BSF IN 1978 when we lived In San Antonio when she was 2. I have been in BSF EVER SINCE. Especially in Children’s dept—as CL & now unassigned CL in CASTLE ROCK, Colorado between CSprings & Denver. Come see our 177 women class when you are in our area!! Very different from your A & B BIG class!!!! We are growing here too
      Thank you for serving so well in Edmond. I was in class with group leader Rose Ellis 2 years ago when I was there for 6 weeks. Sweet memories!!!
      Jean barnes

  15. Ethel Chiridza

    This the time of year is the time find joy,begginning a new chapter in Bsf every year gives me joy and zeal to know him better.May the good Lord with every member who has joined Bsf this year .I pray that the Holly Spirit guide you as we all strive to know him better.

  16. Samson Miti

    I am looking forward to be filled with this unstoppable Spirit to preach the unstoppable Gospel to all people

  17. wakari Gikenye

    I feel so blessed to be in BSF for another year, may the LORD continue to walk with us and may we continue to seek his Him

    • Jennis Cheung

      Thank you LORD that this year is my 2nd year studing BSF. I leart much last year. I love God’s Word. May God bless BSF that many belivers will join BSF. Amen.

  18. Hellen magut

    I am new to BSF, I joined just before the close of the last one. I had a few faithful servants who kept encouraging me to attend throughout the years.
    I am so grateful to God to have inspired me to join.
    I am excited to be studying the book of Acts for first in BSF. Already i am blessed
    Thank you to all of our Bsf leaders who so faithfully serve.
    So looking forward to this years study!

  19. Patrick Abalo Ongany

    There has been a lot of excitement so far especially from the new members of the group has they got to experience what the Holy Spirit is all about and the impression Apostle Peter’s address still have even to this day. The last two chapters were exciting. We continue to welcome more young people into our class.

  20. olwen

    I Thank God for bsf

  21. Yolanda k. Chavez

    Thank you Lisa and Dru for inviting to BS F, it’s very rewarding immediately to my life.

  22. Patricia Williams

    Great video! It was very inspiriting; and I was blessed by it.

    Thank you!

  23. Nan Vollmer

    There is a woman in our Bible Study Discussion Group that lost her husband in March AND is a “newby” to BSF – besides needing a LARGE Print Bible. I was able to share with her a New Living Translation today. Besides the above current events in her life I was thinking and wondering if your BSF organization – who is doing so much in such a powerful way already, might have available extra-large print LESSON NOTES as a handout?

    She informed us in our group that she doesn’t have a computer nor e-mail or text capabilities. Should I try to work on developing a large print lesson for her or would it be feasible for you to revamp each lesson that you have already done, with a few “Large Print” Lessons to be available at our River City Church in Lafayette, Indiana?

    Thank you for the ACTS Prayer Guide! I printed off a copy for this woman as I was printing off my copy. 🙂
    AND, your new format of leading questions is a great Blessing too! Thanks for everything you are doing for our BSF Study in Acts!

    We are all Blessed!

    • Deb Stevenson

      I loved the short history of how A. Wetherell Johnson was open to what God wanted her to do with His unstoppable Gospel! I am so grateful for what it has meant in my life and faith walk! I have gotten to know God through Jesus and all of the wonder attributes of His Character. I am daily learning to submit to His ways and not my own, with the hope of what is to come! Thank you to the Author and Perfector of life who continues to use people through BSF to share the Gospel – the Unstoppable Gospel of the love of Christ!

  24. Lisa Johnson

    love BSF excited about this years study thank you to my sister Michele for telling me about BSF we are united in christ.

  25. Rasiman Aguspen

    I joined as Children Leader at BSF Evening Men Jakarta Indonesia. I loved to be filled with Holy Spirit during this Acts study and inspired the children to be aware of the Unstoppable Holy Spirit’s Power.

  26. Cindy Ryba

    This is my first year as a group leader. How nervous I was, but how excited to get back into God’s word with a hunger and thirst! What a blessing to gather with women of God. Looking forward to learning and blessed fellowship and praying that souls will be saved and edified with our learning and witness this coming season.

  27. Beth Harrington

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I love hearing what God has done and is doing. His wonderful unstoppable story.

    • Joan Okumu

      Am so blessed to be in BSF and i do thank God for Ms Johnson’s obedience to God’s spirit. Am excited to do Acts this year and am looking forward to digging deeper into the word og God.

  28. Valerie Holmes

    This is my first year in BSF, I’m grateful for the prayers that have been answered by leading me here and I look forward to following the Lord and where He guides me to from here. BSF is a long awaited answered prayer.

    • Robert Ndyabarema

      It is wonderful beginning . The Acts of the apostles is strengthening my faith to know that with the Holy Spirit in charge nothing can stop me from witnessing the good news of Jesus Christ

      Robert Ndyabarema,Uganda

  29. Sandy McDowell

    In my 11th year and blessed

  30. Martha Pope

    Looking forward to see how God leads me to lead others as a GL.

  31. Sandy McDowell

    I am in my 11th year of BSF. Feel blessed. God Bless BSF

  32. Kay Mihara

    I have been with BSF for over 10 years and feel fortunate that I am able to study for so long. This keeps me in line with the Word and gives me time with Jesus every day!! We are weak and can falter as Satan is out to get us on his side with all the temptations of this world. Coming back to Him after 40 years in the wilderness has changed my life and now I am full of peace and gratitude for my sisters-in-Christ. I do want more people to come to Him and know the wonders of our Lord and Savior!! I give praise and thanks to our Lord! AMEN

  33. Dennis Morgan Morgan

    Thank you so much for that inspiring film

  34. Soo Man CHAU

    Praise to the LORD for uniting all BSF members into one whole community.

  35. Robert Jones

    I will follow BSF, as BFS follows Christ.
    God bless.

  36. Sharon

    What an amazing testimony! Praising God for Miss Johnson’s obedience and for all those instrumental in making BSF a success in teaching and leading people to a right relationship to our Lord. So excited to see what He has in store for us this year!

  37. Krista

    I am new to BSF, my first year. I had a few faithful servants who kept encouraging me to attend throughout the years.

    After watching the video of the history of BSF, joy filled my heart because I too have the same desire to give the Lord my life, to teach and serve Christ wherever He places me.

    I have been told by others repeatedly my husband and I are too serious in following Jesus. But now, God has answered my prayer by leading me to BSF and to see there is other spirit filled women who have the same godly desires to proclaim Christ and grow in godliness.

    For years, I could never find a Women’s Bible study with substance/meat and/or in the Word (gospel rich). I was discouraged by the lack of depth and minimal time in the Word.

    The BSF homework is great and helpful as it walks you line by line through a chapter. (from what I can tell so far)

    I know God will use BSF for my sanctification and I am praying I can bless others in the group and outside the group as well as we dig in the Word.

    I regret not being obedient to attending BSF years ago but praising God now.

    • Michael Phillips

      God’s Blessings on you my sister in Christ and your dear husband!

  38. Elaine

    I’m beginning my 21st year in BSF….
    These studies have changed my life and that of my family.
    Why? It’s all because of God’s living Word engraved upon my heart.
    I’m so excited to start another year and I’m asking the Lord for those He has purposed to come with me….
    I am BSF…

    • Martha Guadalype

      Elaine l am an oldie and have been coming to BSF for 28 yrs. this coming December, as much as l have been able to do so.
      My thirst and hunger for knowing, understanding and applying the word of God into my every day life it has been a gift in my journey as a Catholic besides other tools that my God and my Lord has shown me along the way so l can live a purposely driven life as l obey His direction day by day without loosing sight of His will for me for mine’s, my family’s, church members and those who surround me.
      We are all called to fulfill His plan for each one of us since the instant of of our conception is my humble believe

      • Merle Hower

        Your 28 years are an inspiration to me! I only started last September. I feel so blessed to have been invited to BSF, a place where the books of the Bible are studied in their entirety and where the power of prayer is shared. I look forward to studying every book in the Bible this way!

  39. Veronica

    BSF – gives an opportunity for individuals to share the goodness of GOD through scriptures and testimonies.

  40. Lucy Acquaye

    I’m really looking forward to the study of Acts and having a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit.

  41. Pam Milner

    It’s already been a great start to the new year. All of the new tools available are already making an impact on the women each week. Just this past week, I had a young mom who couldn’t find a sitter. She is overjoyed that she can now listen to the lecture, get her lesson and her notes online. What a blessing to this young mom and so many others. I am loving the Prayer Guide and it will teach so many who struggle with prayer to begin to see prayer in a new way. The Summit was incredible and can’t wait for those unable to attend to witness the amazing worship, talks and community. Both my daughters attend BSF each week in different locations but we can build our relationship through this amazing ministry. God bless all of you behind the scenes. We are UNSTOPPABLE!

  42. Gisele Dietrich

    I absolutely love BSF and I couldn’t wait to get started this fall! My life has been changed because of BSF!

  43. Ramona Opray

    I am overwhelmed at the response of the women to the study! Such rich sharing already!
    Praise the Lord!

  44. Sophie

    Praying to be faithful in doing my studies every day and not procrastinating till the the end of the week, then doing my BSF in a rush. The strength to complete my school studies successfully. For wisdom as a young parent to lead my children to Christ and praying for my husband as well. For my relatives and friends, that we may learn to be thankful. I also lift up all marriages and those struggling with different challenges in their relationships.

    • Chandra Immanuel

      Though I have done Acts before, I understand more deeply and God speaks to me in different way. I am blessed to be part of BSF. I use prayer guide as concluding prayer after 6th day question. I am thrilled to know about 4 week study on Hebrews. I am sure more women will be interested.

  45. Tina Gatewood

    This is just ‘Awesome’ I was so excited to start BSF this year that I arrived to class a whole week early. I sat in the parking lot talking to God while waiting for others to drive up but no one did until I texted my leader and was told I was a week early. I am truly going to enjoy understanding how the Holy Spirit works in my life although He’s been with me a long time I’m now beginning to listen and understand that I need His guidance daily. God is just so good, all the time. And I can thank BSF for helping to give me an understanding of the reason I’m here on earth. I am here to please and service God in Jesus name.

    • Sharon Brown

      Tina that is so funny. It makes me happy to think of you so eager to come that you were a week early. Thanks for sharing that. Sharon

  46. Pat Smith

    Well done! You captured the obedient servant heart of Miss Johnson. It is good to be reminded of all that God will do when we put Him first!

  47. Sonja Spowart

    Wow! Our Lord is Sovereign…

  48. Alice Freeman

    We desperately need Him. God bless BSF and your staff. I pray we will have a great year of study.

  49. Sylvia K

    I’m excited to be studying the book of Acts for the first time in BSF. I can already feel the Holy Spirit guiding me to re-invite friends who I had given up on inviting due to their resistance. May God use me as a witness, for I am willing.

    • Carrie Brown

      Thank you to all of our Bsf leaders who so faithfully serve. So looking forward to this years study!
      Thank you again,
      Carrie B.

  50. Leticia M Rico

    Like the changes. Inspiring to read a more concise lesson with deeper study. Thankful for all you do, your obedience and prayers.

  51. Priscilla

    Thank you so much for sharing this I can hardly wait for my group to see the video of Miss Johnson. It was something that was so meaningful to me when I attended the summit in Missoula MT Thank you and may GOD bless your.

  52. Tassie Sumner

    The prayer wall is so much fun to read! How amazing to share the hearts of those doing Acts all around the world! I love it!!!

  53. Tassie Sumner

    Thanks Todd! I love the prayer wall. It has been amazing reading prayers from around the world!!!

  54. Patricia O'Neil

    This story brought me to tears.
    God is great and knows the plans that we can’t yet see.

    • Nodjie Conner

      Returning to BSF was challenging for me this year. In August, our son in law lost his 27 year old sister to cancer; but there was even more impact to us than that because she was also our pastor’s daughter and our church’s worship leader.Ever since I started BSF in 2015, she had fought this terrible disease; and every year my BSF sisters held us up in prayer. But wouldn’t you know it! Our God is faithful and spoke to my heart in the very first lesson. Jesus suffered terribly and died but then he returned and communed with his disciples for 40 days and just as he spoke hope and purpose to them, I knew that was his message to my family and me.
      So thankful for BSF!

  55. Nancy Kinyua

    Well done.. We thank God for this far.. May the holy spirit of God be with us as we do the book of Acts.. God bless

    • Janet gaceri muthamia

      Thanking God for giving me this opportunity to be in Bsf and study His unstopable word. This is such a great eye opener to me. I am inspired everyday and looking forward by His grace to inspire others.. Thank you Bsfers fraternity. Glory to God.

  56. Rosa Goston

    My knowledge of the Bible and studying God’s Word have really grown since I have been a part of BSF. Thank God for BSF.

  57. Joe Miller

    This was very interesting and insightful. Thank you for sharing.

  58. Susan Russell

    Nice to have 30 lessons per year and more concise notes. Love the idea of the “mini-studies” approach and pray that will grow a desire for more of BSF in those who attend them. I will be interested to compare the current Acts study with my notes/lessons I’ve saved from the 2011 and previous Acts studies; I like the idea of bringing in those additional books of the Bible. As for the BSF Prayer Guide….I received that through an email last summer and it was also available in our leadership materials. I appreciate having that. I think the prayer wall could be an encouragement for those who have time to read through it. We do have good prayer support and encouragement in our Leaders Meetings. I had already seen “One Willing Servant” at the Summit. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t read “Created For Commitment” to do so.

  59. Maxine Arvidson

    I am committed to the Unstoppable prayer journal.
    I love what you are doing, it is like the breath of theHoly Spirit
    Upon this year.
    Thank you for all you do in Christ.

  60. Marisela Delgado

    Miss Johnson, THANK YOU, good and faithful servant! Because of your obedience to God, my life was touched by BSF in Miami, FL, and now in Colorado Springs, CO. Until we meet in Heaven…

  61. Celia Weaver

    The short film about the founder of BSF was enlightening and engaging I love the spirit of this woman and also her quest and questioning about what God’s will for her it’s always beyond my understanding how God works in such mysterious ways just spread his word

    • Tassie Sumner

      Thanks Todd! I love the prayer wall. It has been amazing reading prayers from around the world!!!

  62. Lois Martin

    So very inspiring!

  63. Julia Englehart

    I am a member of BSF and often wondered where it had originated. Now, I know and it is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  64. Melinda Sutter

    Hi, I noticed when clicking on the links for the Prayer Guide and Prayer Wall that they aren’t currently working. It comes up with a 500 Internal Server Error. Thanks

    • Kim Efting

      They are working for me – did you get them to work? I am using Firefox browser – sometimes when I use Microsoft Explorer, things don’t work right, so I pretty much use Firefox for everything now. Just an idea – in case you cannot get the Prayer pages to come up. 🙂

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