A Story of Faith in Action

As prison guards searched her belongings, fear and doubt threatened Ana Machado’s resolve. God had called her to share His Word. He had opened too many doors at the Miami, Fla. correctional facility for her to turn back. What would she find inside? How would the women respond?  

“That first day, God provided the strength. He opened so many doors to get to those beautiful souls,” she shared.   

When the guards finally allowed Ana and her two friends to enter, they saw hundreds of women standing in line for their evening meal. With nothing to offer but God’s Word, Ana asked each woman if she might be interested in joining a Bible study. Most declined, but one woman in her 20’s hesitated.  

Looking over her shoulder, the young woman said, “I’ll come.”

As Ana and her friend Martha talked about Jesus and His love for sinners, the woman sat in tense silence. Encouraged by the group to share, Martha remembers her saying:

“My grandmother was a Christian woman. I just came out of being in solitary confinement for 30 days. I’m one of the most hardened ones in here. In that solitary confinement, I was given a little pamphlet about Matthew, and I was reading the gospel. And when you said you were beginning in Matthew, something pushed me that I needed to go with you ladies. I just need you to explain to me more about Jesus.”

Captivated by the woman’s story, Ana’s fears and doubts dissolved. The “hardened criminal” before her was simply a lost and lonely young woman. Ana, herself, had been lost once, longing for something to give her peace. She knew how it felt to hunger for Saving Grace. With a compassion born of the Holy Spirit, Ana and Martha shared the gospel.

“Will God really forgive me?” the woman asked. “Will He really forgive me for everything I’ve done, for all my crimes?” 

Speaking from experience, Ana said “Yes.” In tears, the woman fell to her knees and accepted Jesus as her Savior.

At the end of the study, the woman shared:

“My life has been transformed because of this Bible study and because I have come to know Christ. That first night I was so fearful, now I talk to the others in here, the other inmates, about Jesus. And because I was who I was, I have learned that it’s given me a platform. And they listen.”

Today, Ana continues to share God’s Word with the women in the Homestead Correctional Facility. She is no longer afraid because they have become like family. 

“God has showed me through the prison ministry that although they are incarcerated, although they are behind bars, with God they can all find true freedom. They are leading a free life in Christ, even behind bars. This fact alone is so humbling. We became their advocates. When you hear their stories, God softens your heart. You truly learn to listen,” Ana shared.

Through a simple act of obedience, Ana stepped through prison doors. From there, God opened hearts. Each of us has a BSF story to share, and each of us has one that God is writing. How will God use you to impact others for Christ? Where is He calling you to share?  

Share Your BSF Story

How has God used BSF to change your life? How are you sharing BSF with others? We want to celebrate God’s work in your life! Share your BSF story below.



  2. Tan Ansell
    Why Am I Getting Baptized This Christmas
    I am getting baptized this Christmas. It is not a random decision to make me look cool or fit in the Christian-centered United States. Rather, it is a personal and one of my proudest decisions that I have made to accept who I am and follow whoever created me—God.
    The first time I came to the United States was 7 years ago, when I was an exchange student at Frostburg State University. I was lost, confused, and scared. Before I came to Frostburg, I thought my English was fabulous because I was the top student in my English department in Hunan University of Commerce in China. However, I was just like a frog at the bottom of a well. I encountered a huge cultural shock and I felt like a failure. In class, professors spoke too fast for me to understand and people around me always used slang and idioms in their spoken English. Besides, I had a hard time understanding students from the Middle East and Europe. In the first month, I was self-doubting a lot and was terribly homesick. It was at that time when one of my American friends recommended me to go to a local church with her. She said there was a free English lesson for international students to learn every Monday night. I saw hope and I went. However, when everyone was praying and closing their eyes, I was wandering around and wondering when I could eat and when I could learn to speak like a native American. I was only excited to enjoy free dinner there; I was disappointed by the tedious service and a simple English lesson. That was my first impression of a church—boring and simple.
    The second time I went to a church was four years ago, when I was working as a caterer at Ashland University. It was at a wedding event, during which three of us waiters, an American, a Nigerian and a Chinese, were standing behind the tables and one of them exclaimed “God

    blessed!” I turned over my head and said, “God is not real.” The Nigerian coworker looked at me in a very surprised way. He yelled, “are you serious? You are joking right?” I smiled and shook my head. Somehow, one of our managers came and stopped us from chatting, wanting us not to disturb the wedding. After that, none of us talked about it. However, when I went home, I realized I got a text message from the American girl, saying “Hey Sophia, are you free this Sunday, would you like to join our family dinner?” I was very happy because I thought I was “cool enough” to be a friend of an American. On Sunday, I went to her house and I was amazed by everything. First of all, she lives in the middle of the woods; second, she has a big family with 7 siblings; third, her father is a pastor and her mother is a homeschool teacher. Last but not least, all the family members including herself are talented musicians and skilled at various instruments. They prepared various American food and everyone dressed very formal. They told me they are Christians and I told them I was not. They were very respectful and wanted to hear what I believed.
    It struck me deeply when they asked me what I believed. I did not know. I could not think of any firm beliefs. They did not talk much about the Bible with me nor did they mention God all the time. They only prayed for the food and then chatted with me like “normal” friends. It was a nice experience for me to see an American family and shared American culture. We ate, laughed, and shared. Somehow, a sense of respect came out of my heart. It was unexplainable. I know this family is blessed. I did not want to acknowledge God just like that. But I knew something was out there.
    Going to the American girl’s family church every Sunday became a regular thing for me. I went there not because I believed in God; but for the family; I enjoyed spending time with them. However, Covid-19 outbroke and I was stuck at home. Later, they messaged me and told

    me that they all got Covid-19. I struggled again. If God was real, why them? They were such nice people. They did not deserve such circumstances. So, I concluded God was not real.
    The third time I went to a different church—the first presbyterian church. I first went three years ago, when I was invited by a Chinese friend to have a Thanksgiving dinner. I could not say no to food. I went and there were a lot of people waiting in line. My appetite went down when I saw too many people there and I wanted to leave. At that moment, a Chinese pastor showed up and greeted us with a big smile. She talked in Chinese to us and said, “please make yourself at home and enjoy.” I stayed and shared the table with others. I did not stay too long because I was afraid people who sat next to me would start “investigating” me by asking questions once they were done eating. I left with my Chinese friend and we felt joyful because it was a big free meal for us.
    The fourth time, the fifth time, the sixth time……I went to the same church—the first presbyterian church was for food. I felt guilty a little bit at the beginning and when I realized nobody said anything to me, a non-Christian, I felt more and more confident coming hungry and leaving belly-fed.
    However, due to Covid-19, most churches closed indoor services and I was forced to quarantine myself at home, additionally I had no income because my workplace shut down as well. I was devastated and I was scared. Still, I had to pay rents and other bills. I had no idea how to survive. It was one of the darkest moments when I felt so depressed and helpless. One night, my neighbor knocked at my apartment door and delivered dinner to me. We used to work at AU Convo and discovered we lived in the same apartment building, which has made us closer. Every night, she did the same thing—shared her dinner with me. She said she knew I did not go out for days, so she figured Covid shut down my work too. She gave me a wooden cross and said,

    “Sophia, I know you don’t believe in God, but I want you to try at least once. Tell Him what you want and pray for it and He will answer.” I accepted and I did what she told me.
    I prayed that night, “Dear heavenly God, please give me a better life in the United States. If you are real, please show me what I should do. I don’t have a job and I still need to pay rents. My boyfriend just left me and he broke my heart. Please give me a nice man that loves me and I can marry to. If you are real, can you show me where I belong to?”
    God did answer my prayers. My life did change. A month later after I prayed. My workplace called me back and told me they reopened because essential workers were allowed to go back to work; I also met a nice man, now my husband, and we have a 16-month-old baby boy together now. And God showed me that I belonged here; He changed my heart.
    I never wanted to own a Bible or read a Bible. Now I am excited and joyful to read the Bible. I never wanted to go in a church and go through any service. Now I love to and I am peaceful when I am in a service. I never wanted to talk about God and assumed he was made up. Now I know he is the true God and creator of everything. I am more and more excited to get involved in different Bible study fellowships, tea Bible study, and weekend church service. I have learned to love others and serve others unconditionally. I offer to cook at least twice a month for a local non-profit organization staff to show our appreciation to their dedicated hard work to the community. I am grateful for every Thursday Bible Study.
    Yes, I am getting baptized this Christmas and I am saying goodbye to my old self. I want to embrace my new life with Christ.

  3. BSF has been a great experience for me. I study God’s word to prepare for teaching Life Group lessons weekly but the opportunity to study and share insight with other men in the group has been an amazing learning experience. Studying on my own and then being able to share my perspectives while hearing those of others has provided more insight and led to increased enthusiasm to learn more and go deeper in the word for each new study session. The commentary and the lecture provided by BSF then has even more impact on my understanding of God’s Word.

    I recommend BSF to anyone wanting to study the Bible and gain valuable insight and lessons that provide fellowship with others and even more understanding of the scriptures. It takes some commitment and as a benefit it returns far more value than the time and effort put into the studies. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I plan on continuing in future studies.

  4. I spoke to my neighbor concerning my interest in BSF. She invited me to “Bring A Friend” Day. I immediately knew that this was where I needed to be. I have been involved with many bible studies,but this is the most accepting and inclusive study group that I have experienced. I will quote one of my group members to say it is a “no personality” bible study. Just as Christ accepts us right where we are,so does BSF.
    The lesson each week offers me encouragement for whatever I am experiencing at the time. I love my small group and we have become close through our sharing, All comments or questions are important. Thank you BSF.

  5. I started BSF about six years ago. Prompted by a lifelong friend who was already involved with BSF. Soon after I started in Wichita Falls she moved but I continued going. (Usually, I need a familiar face to stay within my comfort zone) I have participated in many Bible Studies during my adult life but the way BSF presents the lessons I retain them! I have truly learned more about the written Word of God through BSF than any other study I have ever taken. I am so grateful for our leadership team, their friendliness and warmth bring me back year after year! Thank you, Jan H.

  6. God has used BSF to change my commitment in reading His Word and sharing it with others.It has transformed me.I have been inviting others as we fellowship.

  7. As a senior citizen I’ve heard and read scripture all of my life. Until I joined BSF and became part of the discussion about what we were reading I never really understood the significance of The Word in my daily life. God picked ordinary people to spread His teachings, to give warnings and rewards. That is a good lesson for me. The format designed by BSF through the Holy Spirit is very helpful. I’m so amazed every year at the groups put together. We have so much in common in our journey to this place.

  8. I loved the story of God’s compassion demonstrated by Elisha’s retrieving the ax head lost in the Jordan. My hair stylist is a Believer, but I want to encourage her to trust Jesus, hard for her in her multiple challenging relationships. I texted her about “miracles in the minutiae” as I shared this Elisha miracle, and said, “Let’s pray about your lost truck keys” — something she’d been stressing about for months. She called me the next morning, SO excited. She’d been cleaning cupboards in her basement, came across a jacket she’d obviously worn months ago, tossed aside and forgotten during the summer. Yes, the keys were in the pocket! BSF provides the “God fodder” for reaching out to those He puts in my path.

    • Karen – so exciting! Love your obedience to text her – such a great reminder to act on those Holy Spirit prompted moments

  9. One mid-winter day in the mid-seventies my wife made an emphatic plea that we go out for dinner. “ok”, I said, “get a babysitter and we’ll go”. but on the designated evening we already had a foot of snow with threats of more and I offered to cancel. “No, we’re going”, she said. Through a road that was barely passable and into a parking lot that was empty except for a waitress and a chef, we made it. The chef happened to be a cordon bleu caliber chef who worked for a wealthy local family and only once in a while at this restaurant. The waitress was the most professional and experienced one at this location. We had a table in front of a fireplace overlooking a huge expanse of snow-covered ground lit up by reelections from a full moon. The meal was outstanding. And it was during this meal that my wife declared, “last week at BSF I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior”. Almost 5 decades later she is still active in BSF and through her example and patience and BSF I, too cans say the same. We often reflect on that evening and how the Lord must have been looking over us both in love for her and knowledge of what was to become of me.

    • Thank you for sharing this story! Brought tears to my eyes. God is so faithful

  10. It has been over 30 years I have had the blessing to be in BSF, first as striving believer, clinging on to the way I was brought up, doing things to earn God’s favor. The freedom didn’t become a reality until God allowed all my efforts to turn into failure and hopelessness. One day I sat in my den, screamed at the Lord, demanding an answer for why He allowed my honorable behavior to lead my family to financial ruin by the end of next day’s BSF class. At 16 minutes before the end of the lecture, the teaching leader told a story of a mother whose son is about to return home from tour of duty requesting to bring a friend who is without arms nor legs to stay with them. The mother said, “Let’s give it a try & see how it goes. The point, we often put God in a box of what we are willing to allow Him to be. This hit me in my gut & I knew that was God’s answer to me. My situation continued for few more years. But, my children realized how much they already have when they were told there will be no gifts for Christmas that year. And, I learned of God’s unconditional love for me, even when I was bad!

  11. I’m the result of one of God’s miracles. I’m a widow living alone.

    On Palm Sunday, 2019. I was eating angel hair pasta. It’s a very soft food. I have an esophageal stricture which is different from a hernia. The stricture, not uncommon among we older people, is a narrow area which can spasm. It happens, hurts, and swallowing is impossible. After a time, it will relax. Then one needs to go to the doctor to have it stretched.

    This day as I was swallowing, the spasm happened. But my breathing stopped also! I was alone. I was 76, a retired R.N. and knew no one could rescue me before my brain died from lack of oxygen. The brain can live up to 3-4 minutes after your heart stops.

    I did the only thing left. I prayed to Jesus! It was my life and I knew I was dying. He heard me and INSTANTLY, my symptoms stopped. I had no residual pain of any kind!

    Usually one has discomfort in your chest after the spasm passes. It was as though nothing had happened. I had no future symptoms for the following 3 years before it returned.

    I’ve been studying BSF for 8 years. I also do another bible study, EMPTY CASKET, through the church. The Lord has kept me alive to follow his lead.

    I volunteer several places and try to help people he puts in my path. I even saved an injured crow during a tropical storm. I just prayed that he wouldn’t bite me and he didn’t. The rescue hospital kept him 10 days before releasing.

    I have learned to put absolute faith in our Lord and He responds. “Ask and it will be given to you”.

    • Jeanne – thank you for sharing!!

  12. Praise God for His love and compassion that reaches beyond bars. His word does not return void! Thank you Ana & Martha for allowing God to work in & through you to share the treasure of the gospel. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  13. Estoy muy contenta estudiando la Palabra De Dios. Siempre había querido estudiar el Antiguo Testamento, pero no necesariamente asistiendo a un seminario Bíblico.
    Estos estudios me han ayudado a conocer más De Dios, obtener más confianza en el camino de la fe. Mi esposo y yo lo estudiamos juntos antes de reunirme en mi grupo de estudio.

  14. 1963, Summer, the Abel farm where I grew up…[15 years old]
    I left the house one August night to escape the summer heat build-up that impacted an aging farmhouse–leaving behind five brothers and two work-weary parents,,,, Once outside, I heard the hogs banging their snouts on their feeders; the windmill moaned high above them. A few cows turned to look at me as they swished their tails–ubiquitous flies in pursuit.

    A breeze sifting through grove trees surrounding the farmstead beckoned, and I headed down the lane that connected our home to the main gravel road that led to our neighbors’ and the little town beyond. It grew darker as I took one step after another enjoying the cool night air, the quiet until I reached the end. Instead of heading back, I plopped myself into a soft grassy spot in the ditch, placed my hands behind my head and took in the stars and planets.

    Why had I never noticed this before?!
    A flurry picked up the tips of my hair; I breathed in and out; I felt my heart beat. Complete silence. And, then a voice, surrounding me: I HAVE SOMETHING PLANNED FOR YOU. AND, IT’S BIG.
    I stood, looked around, wanted more. I waited. I listened intently. Then, climbed out of the ditch and danced a little, skipped. I kept glancing at the sky. What did it mean? I HAVE SOMETHING PLANNED FOR YOU AND IT’S BIG. Would I be a missionary? Would I fly to foreign nations to do…. what are you saying, God?
    I slept with my head next to the window sill that night–keeping it all to myself. After all, who would believe that God spoke to me?
    Time passed; it doesn’t fail us in that respect. High school graduation, college in another state; a teaching job; marriage; children; retirement–not to mention all the ups and downs, roller coaster rides, near-cliff experiences, joys, mysteries, miseries that happen in everyone’s life. Often, I wondered What is this big plan, dear God? Please, just write it across the sky and then send a thunder bang so I’ll look up and notice it. What am I not getting? What am I missing that you want me to see?
    Well, in March of 2020, COVID-19 arrived along with physical distancing and a different way of living and thinking. An opportunity to join a zoom Bible study group came along, and I said “yes.” Without sharing all the wonderful enlightening thoughts I studied during this Genesis study, the ah-ha moment came in one particular lesson when asked: What is the purpose of your life?
    And, I thought, finally, the answer! According to the lesson: My purpose is to know God, love Him, enjoy Him, and glorify Him. We are to glorify God in whatever He calls us to do. Looking back, I realize that my life has been big, and that, I have to admit that BIG was not always beautiful. But each step I could see was intimately planned for me by my Creator King.
    I have learned through my bsf group study that I am placed where I am in my particular family, my particular community, in my church, etc. during this time in history because God planned it this way. God provided this Bible study group of sisters-in-Christ just for me and each one of them, too. I feel blessed!

    • kathy – this is such a beautiful testimony of a BIG God and big life focused on Him. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Thank you, Ana, for your bravery and willingness to reach out to these women. What a difference you have made in the Kingdom of God.

  16. What a wonderful inspirational testimony Ana. You have given me courage to go and allow God to use me wherever and whenever there is a call. Thank you for your powerful testimony.

  17. I joined a church in 1973 and some of the ladies in my wife’s circle started praying that I would accept Jesus as my Savior. They belonged to BSF. Several of their husbands also went to BSF and invited me to join. Studying God’s Word at BSF, listening to others share and kneeling beside my bed using a prayer card is how I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I went from being a successful entrepreneur on the verge of divorce and huge drinking problem into “Bob the Burning Bush, On Fire For Christ”. God has given me “songs with a message” as I had a bad experience singing the first time and pledged never to sing again. I didn’t until after accepting Christ. He has had me teaching “Jesus Loves me” and the B-I-B-L-E to 3 & 4 year old’s over forty years. And now, God has had me start a blog. Because my denomination is splitting up and I will have to leave my church family if we don’t follow God’s Holy Word. Though all of this I’ve been able to encourage others to join BSF and to seek Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Yesterday I heard from a classmate (1965) and today a Viet Nam friend saying he wants to go to Heaven; both inspired by my (God’s) blog! God is so awesome. I’m back in BSF now because of what I’m dealing with in my church.

  18. Eighteen years ago a friend in Sunday School talked me into coming to BSF which, Incidentally, was being hosted at our church. Through the last 18 years my level of spirituality has grown, my fellowship with God loving men has been fantastic.
    I feel so much closer to our Lord
    than before; when I teach Sunday School I am more confident that the Lord leads what I share.
    I still attend and participate in my church’s Wednesday night Bible study, but nothing compares to the comprehensive written lesson and the sharing in my small groups. It is wonderful! Praise the Lord.
    Raleigh, NC USA

  19. This is my first year with BSF. I am almost 62 and I have been at my church for 35 years. The experience is far greater than I thought it would be. God set me up to meet the leader of our group in an airport terminal. I invite her and her husband to dinners at my sister’s house. I did not know at the time she lead a BSF group. While at dinner she talked about BSF and I had to join. I always want to be where God is equipping the Saints. The fellowship and the study are where one can grow in the knowledge of God. I am forever grateful.

  20. I have grown up in BSF since the age of 3. My parents both attended and Monday night class just became part of my childhood routine. When I was entering my senior year of high school I decided I didn’t want to participate any longer – I had “too many other things to do”. My mom asked me to pray about it and I said the only way I would return would be if Mrs. Campbell was my group leader. I thought this was impossible as she was my leader the year prior and most leaders were moved year to year at that time in BSF. Sure enough after the first week of class my mom comes home and tells me Mrs. Campbell would be my leader. I rejoined class and because of Mrs. Campbell am a believer today. She saved my spiritual life, and ultimately my physical life. A few years later I would battle with depression and anxiety so grave that I attempted suicide. The Lord intervened and I am alive today only because of Him. I can’t even imagine where my life would have gone had I not attended class with Mrs. Campbell that last year of high school.

  21. My daughter’s premature birth, her open-heart surgery two years later, two other surgeries for various things and me struggling with the PTSD from all of this; having to stop teaching to obtain my health was all a large struggle. BSF has helped me to see where God had his hand in every single stage of the journey. He’s always with us and never forsakes us.

  22. I been stable in bsf from 2014 to date ,I have seen how bsf have helped me grow in knowledge and wisdom of the Lord,I have also learnt to rely on the Lord especially in difficulties.

  23. BSF has been helpful since I’ve been growing as a Christian, it’s been there when I had no support or even persecution for going to Church.

  24. I am married to a Muslim 41 years ago. I prayed that my husband will embrace the Christian Faith , up to this writing he did not. However, I reared our two adult boys as Christians and their lives shows my beliefs and values.

    I was NEVER stopped by my husband to practice and live my Faith. To All God Be The Glory!!!

  25. I used to serve very actively in my former church. Following a leadership dispute, I left to attend my current church 8 years ago. Faced with the competing demands of work and the inertia of having to start all over again in a big church, I happily entertained the thought that I had exceeded my quota of service to God – it is time now for my “break”. I became a “religious minimalist” – contented to just attend worship, CG and BSF, and leaving it to others to serve and lead.

    I was hiding my talent and my current big church became my “hiding” place. But, there is absolutely no hiding from God, as the prophet Jonah would testify.

    God patiently spoke to me over the years during BSF lessons. He told me in John 5:8 to “arise, take up your bed and walk”. When we were studying the book of Genesis, He corrected me that there was no quota or age limit in Moses’ service. Last year, He seriously warned me against hiding my talent (Matt 25:14-30).

    With that, I decided to retire early and devote the first year of my retirement to God. Today, I’m happily retired, taking time to do my BSF homework unhurriedly, experiencing His goodness as I see His Word come to live in my life. As my BSF classmates lament the foolishness of the Israelite kings in PPKD, I could not help but was reminded of how foolish and futile I had led my life. Thank God for His tender mercy and grace that this prodigal son has returned!

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I have a similar experience a year this month. And yes moving churches after being all in and serving I have thought I need a rest. While God is gracious to give me the rest I have realized it is time to serve where I now worship and to do it just as fully and cheerfully as I served at the Lord’s direction and guidance. There is no time like now.

  26. Anna what a beautiful story of how Jesus’ love is reaching the ‘unreached ‘ according to the worlds standards. it is inspiring and encouraging. I thank the Lord always for bringing us His word through BSF, it is life transforming.

  27. BSF was the best 50th birthday gift. As I entered my jubilee year, the LORD called me into halftime for the next twelve months in 2022. It was morphing time, going from success to significance to surrender.

    This is a timely post as I am almost at the end of my sabbatical leave and wondering what the LORD has installed for me next. I’ll be honest, throughout my sabbatical, I’ve been tossed and turned by my insecurity for fear of losing the worldly identity I have built over many years of hard work. The last months were a time of the LORD detoxing my life, stripping me of every bit of worldly success so I could genuinely remain in Christ alone!

    BSF study is so rich it has helped me to indulge intensely in the Word of God with the Holy Spirit. Every lecture reinforces the inspiration by hearing the teaching. The fellowship and discussion with the ladies further stretch my contemplation by listening to how God works differently in others. Finally, the notes reinforce my learning with conviction to act in faith.

    Psalm 90:12 reminds me, “Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom” (NKJV). BSF nourishes my soul with God’s truth building a strong and stable platform for this critical point in my life as the LORD prepares my second-half plan to live the rest of my days according to His plan for my life.

  28. I had a very rough childhood. Home was evil to me but I always had a praying mother. As I became an adult, I tried many church services with many women I dated/lived with but never learned the Books of the Bible. I always wanted to be proficient in the bible. Then along came a new girlfriend who introduced me to BSF about 2 years ago. I went thru 5 different groups but kept trying to find the right set of guys to Fellowship with. Well, the girlfriend left me but I still have BSF in my life! BSF is one of the best Christian things that has happened in my life!

  29. Being confined to wheelchair chair my life was limited to where my husband would go. My God given calling has been ‘an encourager’. This i did faithfully. With time I grew in Word and Faith. When Covid hit, my ministry took wings as I could reach via zoom to different groups. By God’s grace I was called to minister to Youth and then suddenly BSF. My life looks more meaningful than ever before. God had a perfect time and meanwhile He was preparing me. Encouraging my GM gives me immense joy.

    • Natasha, WHAT is GM?

      • Hi Ruby – Group Members? Thanks for asking!

  30. I was invited to attend BSF but thought I wouldn’t be able to make it on time as almost every day I would be late from work. However, I decided that I would pray about it and since attending BSF classes I have not missed a class for about 5 years. Also, I was invited to be a children’s leader. I decided that I would also meet requirements for transportation of children’s leaders driving 40 km for 6 months and God resolved my property issues. I have also not missed any class on zoom also. I found that through each lesson God is talking to me. Also, God is blessing me in construction of 4storey building and made resources available overcoming all obstacles.

  31. I love God’s word and during Covid and having struggles in my marriage I needed more of His word rgan just Sunday online at that time. I prayed for a prayer partner and friend and the Lord answered. Betty is her name and she was leading a BSF study and invited me to come. It has been just what I needed. Studying the word and going over the questions in the group were so inspiring and I have learned so much. The notes are so rich and very helpful in gaining insight and applying God’s word to my everyday life. I’m now in my 3rd year of BSF and joint a group in person has been fun and more personal. We watch the lecture before breaking off into small groups. The lecture is a snap shot of the scriptures in the lesson and very helpful for bring it all together. All I can think about now is what a blessing BSF has been through some very hard times and I can’t imagine not being a part of this life changing ministry. Young and old coming together to learn and grow in relationship with God. Thank you BSF Leaders for giving your time to be used by God to help us grow and share our faith.

  32. Hello, I was introduced to BSF in 2004, when I lived in Michigan and have participated whenever my family schedule allowed. BSF is a lifeline, when I needed it most. Kids were younger and I needed to fellowship and loved the presentation and format of these meetings.

    God has used BSF to change my life through the study and application questions, encouraging me to relate better to and apply God’s word.

    I share BSF with anyone I come in contact with. My daughter attends in Illinois, some ladies from an online healthy living group attend in their various states or visit our session in Virginia. I love sharing what I learn and how it impacts my week.I am so impressed by the speaker who summarizes the lesson and my group leader that has created a family with the women of our group.

  33. God often works in mysterious ways. HE may not change my situation in life. But HE has, in my life, given me tangible evidence that HE is watching, cares and understands. HE is watching and has it under control. HE will act if and when HE chooses. Maybe not how I expect. It may be an unlikely event or word from someone when I need it.
    I think God was behind it.

  34. Thank you for sharing, Ana, may our Lord continue to use you as His vessel to bless others!

  35. I started in BSF about 12 years ago at the urging of a dear friend. The study was Matthew. The study was at night. I realized driving at night was an issue so the next year I found a daytime study. I now teach in the children’s school program. God’s plan for me was always in the making. I love my role in BSF, and thank God each day for BSF.


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