Borrowing Joy


As a veteran teaching leader, Adele Funk knew how to balance work, family and ministry. But last fall, as she prepared her opening lecture for the Acts and Letters of the Apostles study, it all just seemed like too much” for one person to handle.

When we began this years study with the theme ‘Unstoppable,’ I told myself that any person with my circumstances would quit and questioned whether this was God telling me to step down from BSF,” Adele said. Then the thought came to me that the one who opposes everything we do, and is against all that God wants to accomplish, is my accuser. He kept saying, You cant.’ And out loud I said, ‘I am not quitting!’ Only with God is all of this possible. Only with God does all of this make perfect sense.

“God is unstoppable, and so is His message.” 

Sacrificial Service

For years, Adele and her husband, Loren, sacrificed their time, money and comfort to serve the Lord. While building a community-living apartment complex that provides affordable housing for struggling families, they stood steadfast, even through adversity and opposition from the world.

But, on May 3, 2019, Adele received a phone call that rocked her resolve. 

The Funks son Tyler, 30, an experienced snow boarder, was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Adele clung to Gods promises, but in spite of reading her Bible and praying regularly, her joy in the Lord faded.

We were sitting in a church service where the worship was over the top,” she said. My husband was giddy, but I was irritated. I just kept thinking, How can you be this happy when our son is in a wheelchair? At one point my son asked, Mom, are you going to be sad for the rest of your life?’ ”

Adele believed that Jesus was sufficient, but trying to understand His purpose was painful.

Finally, while teaching Hebrews 12, God opened Adeles eyes and softened her heart: “And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus …” 

I knew He was telling me, You cant look horizontally. You cant look at whats in front of you. You have to fix your eyes on Me. Tyler is in a wheelchair. If you look horizontally, youll be undone.’

“I just prayed, Lord, you have joy. I dont have it. I cant conjure it up.’ I had to come back to Gods attributes. He is good, He is trustworthy.

“It reminded me of the hemorrhaging woman. When she reached out for Jesus, He gave her exactly what she needed.” 

Throughout the Acts and Letters of the Apostles study, Adele and Loren, who is also a BSF member, experienced Gods unstoppable power, grace and provision. And as the year ended with a study of James, the couple was reminded, once again, of unshakable joy, through James 1:2-3: Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

A Test of Confidence 

Tylers injury put to the test Adeles confidence in Christ. But it was not the first time the couple had to look beyond their circumstances to trust in Jesus. In 2012, while Adele was teaching the Acts study for the first time, God used several verses in James to redirect their life and purpose.

I knew He was telling me, You cant look horizontally, you cant look at whats in front of you, you have to fix your eyes on Me.

I couldnt stop thinking about James 5,” Adele said. I like to think Im generous, but God, in His sovereignty, started putting poor people in our lives. They shared their struggles and told us about how they didnt have a place to live.” 

Two years before, Adele and Loren had sold their long-time home on a golf course to downsize to an upscale condominium in downtown Golden, Colo.

I felt like God was saying, Think about how many people you could house with the amount you have wrapped up in that condo,’ ” she said.

After praying extensively and re-reading Gods Word, Adele felt certain the couple was called to sell their condo and use the proceeds to build housing for homeless people in their area.

But would Loren agree? And where would they even begin?

I think God used those same Scriptures to work on us separately,” Loren said. One day we started talking and realized that we both had this desire, we were on the same page. People thought we were crazy, and a lot of them still do, but it was clear to us.”

A short time after reaching the same conclusion, a potential buyer knocked on the Funks’ door and offered to buy their condo. From there, they started looking for properties to build an affordable community-centered apartment complex.

When they discovered a property that was fully equipped with electricity and water service, the couple was on their way to breaking ground on what would later become Synergy Village.

I felt like God was saying, Think about how many people you could house with the amount you have wrapped up in that condo.’”

He Can Move Mountains

Loren, who co-owned a construction company for most of his professional career, had acquired the expertise and contacts to manage a large-scale project. But as plans progressed, the Funks’ faith was tested.  

While family members and friends continued to question their decision, government regulations made the permit process especially difficult.

“We anticipated starting construction in June and the city threw a horrible list of obstacles in front of us,” Loren shared. “We were both down and depressed. Then we received an e-mail that said, ‘We’ve approved your application.’ I couldn’t believe it. We thought we were doing it on our own. I tried everything in my own power to get it approved, but only God could move the hearts of men.” 

Later, Loren was unexpectedly diagnosed with liver disease. The finding was a shock, and they wondered why God called them to a building project that seemed ready to fail. But against all odds, Loren recovered.

“I dont know why that happened, Im not a smoker or drinker. Im not one that had any of the normal diseases that caused liver failure, but my liver did fail. Then, a tremendous miracle went on in the process,” Loren said. “It was part of the journey God took us through to get to this point.”

New Beginnings

Finally, after years of waiting and work, Synergy Village opened its doors in June 2018. Today, the complex is home to 36 residents, including Adele and Loren, who live in the center of the community. Their son, Tyler, and his wife also moved to Synergy after his accident. The only available unit was handicapped accessible and allowed the Funks to provide extra support during those early days of recovery.

“It’s one of the hardest things you can imagine as a parent, but watching someone suffer well is inspiring,” Loren said. “I know the other residents were watching us, thinking ‘Now, how are these do-gooders going to handle this?’

In so many ways its been a privilege to get to know people on a deeper level that are different than I am,” Loren said. When we read the Word of God, I hope we realize that there are some things that are not optional. God wants those of us that have been given much to take the responsibility to do well with what we have, to steward well what we have.”

“We thought we were doing it on our own. I tried everything in my own power to get it approved, but only God could move the hearts of men.”

In studying Gods Word, the Holy Spirit is faithful to speak to all who seek Him. Whether God asks us to tame our tongues through James 1:26, or care for orphans and widows in James 1:27, we know His Word is alive and active … it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12)

Too often we are tempted to say, Im too busy,” or Its just too hard.” But when we willingly surrender our lives for Christ, “… having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him” (James 1:12).

Taking the Bible at its word has been refining,” Adele said. If it says I need to do this, Im one of those people who says, OK, how? And, what is the next step? Send the right person, Lord. And what do you want us to do with what we have?’ ”

Through opposition, illness and a tragic accident, the Funks persevered. They discovered Gods unstoppable joy and, in the process, impacted countless others.


  1. Elissa Waldron

    A life changing story for me. Unstoppable indeed. Inspiring for me as I rearrange my priorities.

  2. Sarina George

    Your faith through all the trials and listening to His Word inspite of the obstacles of worldly wisdom has greatly encouraged me. I am a widow. 4 mths ago my eldest son died of cancer. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

  3. Laney Becker

    Thank you for offering testimony to God’s faithfulness to equip those He calls. May your words be a sweet fragrance to His glory. I also appreciate how your husband commends your son for handling suffering well. I pray that you continue running your race with endurance.

  4. Jennifer

    This story is very encouraging in so many ways. God bless you for listening, obeying, and persevering.
    I struggled so much through some of the lessons in the Acts study because I have failed to persevere through some very difficult circumstances over the last 15 years. I have wondered if I did the right thing in walking away from situations where there was constant, unnecessary struggle.
    I pray that God will help me persevere in the future.

  5. Wendy

    I just started bsf in September. I’m so glad I did; through this virus and concern about our daughter living in Spain (So thankful she is in Seville not Madrid) and our other daughter having our grandson in Saskatoon. So many plans did not work out as we would have wished, but God is so Good. Our daughter experienced no labour pains and a very easy delivery and quick recovery and even tho I would have loved to be there to help I was so thankful she really didn’t need my help. I pray for all those who are effected by this world situation through loss of loved ones and loss of employment that they would turn to God the only true sourse of hope.
    I look forward to the book of Genisis and hope and pray that we will be able to meet again in person come September. God is unstoppable!!

  6. Michelle

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It spoke to my heart and reminded me of a sermon that stated,”as things are pulling on you, God is the balance that is pulling you up”. What a great reminder of the blessing in serving God. May you and your family continue to experience joy in your giving and service.

  7. Siale

    Gratitude and serving God is an honour and a privilege.
    Great encouragememt of becomimg richer in spirit

  8. suman parre

    hallelujah what a glory… all glory to god. thanks for adele for allowing the word of god to work through her and special thanks to her husband.. from india

  9. Joan Kornblatt

    I am in awe of your walk with Christ and all that He has done and continues to do in your life. Very inspiring!

  10. Gertrude

    Thanks for inspiring me to persevere when life gets hard because God has a plan for every situation that He allows in my life. Help me to faithfully trust in His word.

  11. Donna Traill

    The concept of not looking horizontally struck an immediate cord with me. Thank you for sharing your amazing story proving that looking up is what allows God to work in us and around us and for us.

  12. CaroleL Logan

    This story so inspired me. God is so faithful and we can trust Him in all things.

  13. Kambuka Stephen

    Praise the Lord for the Funk’s family am greatly encouraged by this testimony, especially am encouraged to run my race marked out for me with perseverance fixing my eyes on Jesus. Am preparing my wedding in this tough economic time but God just encouraged me to fix my eyes on Him not the circumstances. Thanks so much the Funk’s family for this great testimony. God Bless.

  14. Evans

    Glory to our faithful God through His Son Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy SPIRIT,,,I love having stood the test that person will receive a crown of life….James 1:12

  15. Barb Linn

    Beautiful inspiring story. thank you

  16. Joyce

    Loren and Adele this has been an amazing read. It’s has brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for the encouragement through your testimony. It can only take the lord to go through such a trial and still praise God through it all. I joined BSF this season for the first time for the studying the book of Acts and letters of Apostles and the word of God has challenged me in a great way. His unstoppable nature and practical wisdom in his word has challenged and inspired my way of life in so many ways. I am grateful for BSF and trusting God to grow me in his word and make me Christlike as I look up to him.

  17. Elaine Chu

    Its very encouraging witness of God’s people who really put their learning of God’s word and trust in God’s promises. Praise the Lord.

  18. Clare Coffey

    When I pray for guidance, I better be ready to accept His way. Your testimony reminds me that the evil one will always try and stop me. God bless your ministry.

  19. Pam Morgan

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony of faith and perseverance through difficulties. Thank you for sharing how God blessed you in, and got you through the storms in your life. I really appreciated your reminder to think vertically and look to God as the perfector and finisher of our faith. We, as flawed humans, often try to do so much in our own strength. We always want to take the reigns of our lives and try to steer them in ways that seem right to us. We are but fleshly works of art that God is patiently working on to perfect us in His image. Thank you for reminding us that God’s grace is sufficient for us, and we don’t have all the answers. May God continue to bless you and your family. You are really an inspiration for other Christians!

    • Cynthia D Willis

      Life often throws us situations that will test our faith in God and question His love for us. Doubt or confusion is not of God but the enemy will always tug at our hearts and thoughts to work his way into our very being, but we have to call God on his WORD! Amen! The enemy has no authority over God’s children. Thank you for your ministry and testimony.

  20. Modi Masokovere

    The sharing is so powerful I pray I also find my God-given purpose work which God laid out for me to do

    God help me

  21. Terri Waters

    What an inspiring story! They remind me of members of the early church, who sold everything to help each other. Letting go of our temporal material goods is not easy for most Christians today. I am learning how to let go on a greater level with God’s help, their story encouraged me to keep giving, sacrificing things I can do without. I want to have their attitude; walking away from everything at His request. I always have had a heart for the poor and needy but feel I should do more. Thanks for sharing your powerful testimony and encouraging your brethren in Christ! Your son has the light of Jesus on his face! Blessings!

  22. Winnie Muchui

    Waow what an inspirational story. The couple have found their God-given purpose the work which God laid out for them to do before the foundation of the world.

    They dont feel burdened because Christ has put His easy yoke on them and that’s why the burden feels light.

    They are truly favoured by God.

    May God continue to bless them and expand their territories.

  23. Mardi Newman

    This was such a blessing to me,thank you. The study this year was so good, challenging and powerful. God is always faithful and I too, want to be a faithful servant and keep in mind His unstoppable mercy, grace and strength, daily.


    Thank you very much, I needed a special word from God’s people this morning. I received. I am going through at this time.

  25. Gina Dennis

    PTL! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Diane

    Thank you for this message. Could you please use dark lettering. I have diabetes retinopathy with vision changes. I am receiving treatment. However, I have difficulty reading what is in the light print. I know you want to emphasize those portions but I struggle with reading it. Perhaps change the size or Font or use a different color dark print. Thanks for listening.

    • Bennett Rolan

      Thanks Diane! We will make that adjustment moving forward.

  27. Danielle Acyatan

    Inspiring and challenging

  28. Sandra Salazar

    Thank you for sharing your story! Very inspirational!

  29. Toni Poindexter

    I have been in BSF off and on for 30 years! What a blessing my discussion and teaching leaders have been to me. Thank you, Adele, for your service and your honest story about your weakness and God’s provision. I would so like to talk to you about Synergy Village and your experiences pertaining to it. I’ve written three mystery novels and one of them is set in a village similar to yours. I’m in the editing phase of that book and adding a couple scenes based on your actual experience would make it so much better. The objective of my writing is to present in fiction what the true Christian experience is and how God must be the source and center of our lives. I have to do this with pictures and action, not preaching! So using something that really happened showing how God works miracles would be so awesome. I hope you’ll contact me.

  30. Pat Whalen

    May God bless and keep your family. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    • Carmela Sgalambro

      These verses in James were eye-opening to me as a new Christian in the depths of brokenness. No, I couldn’t conjure up joy, yet I can still praise God more than 20 years later for letting me borrow His! ThankU, Adele for your story! May His joy be contagious to everyone you meet.

  31. Claire Wong

    so encouraging ..God does want to use us in the capacity we give Him to be used ..thank you for sharing your story

  32. Barb Sheldon

    Praise Jesus! Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

  33. Kim Meneguzzi

    Thank you for sharing how the Lord used you both. I will be praying for your community. Also that I will have the courage to say yes to God and be used like that for his glory.

  34. Joel Mberia

    so encouraging especially at this time. followers of Christ can still stand their ground, proclaim the word of God and lead in prayer.

    • Beth

      Heart warming and courageous story. May God continue to bless you.

  35. Earline Ewing Franklin

    This was an inspiring and encouraging sharing. It enabled me to refocus by not continuing to look horizontally. May God bless Adele for sharing her testimony. God is unstoppable!

  36. Davidson

    Wow ! and Yes nothing is too hard for the Lord!

    • Marjorie bailey

      Thank you for this inspiring life lesson. I’m truly blessed by your story. God is truly all who He said that He is. Praise him for his faithfulness.
      God bless you.

  37. Nicole

    Thank you for sharing! Reading your story and watching the video of Synergy Village was humbling and inspiring. God bless you, your family and Synergy family <3

    • Phoebe

      I am in a challenging marriage so seeing a couple working together its a miracle to me. God communicated to both of you knowing your different strengths and weaknesses and succeeded, and completed, in the work He talked to you both. He made His provisions available and kept you going despite the challenges and honestly declaring the lack of joy. But you prayed…. and He heard you.
      Thank you for sharing.

  38. Sandra

    This message is for anyone who is going through a difficult time and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. My son in law fell one morning in August soon after my daughter left for work. She found him on the floor with a dresser on top of him, that he had tried to pull up on to get back on his feet. He was in ICU for a couple of weeks, she lost her job, and then he was transferred to Indy to a more progressive hospital. He was confused, combatant and incoherent. After brain surgery and a few days short of 4 months, my son in law finally came home. He was doing great, getting stronger, but Dec 19th he had a seizure, fell and ended back up in the hospital. While back in a rehab unit after release from the hospital, again, confused combatant and incoherent, he fell and broke his hip. After moving from hospital, to rehab, back to hospital, he was finally released from a rehab hospital 2-1/2 wks. ago. He is no longer the man he was in Aug, he looks and acts like a man in his 70’s. Brian has been an alcoholic for 20+ years and my daughter joined him years ago. My hardest part was letting go and letting God do what He knew was best for my daughter and him. I can’t say he is whole and well at this point, and he may never be, but I think he has finally realized what happened was mostly by his choices. As I see him now, I see God working in him. It isn’t going to be quick but I’ve finally learned to let God do what needs to be done, and He doesn’t need my help. It is in the dark times that His light shines so brightly, which has brought me to a place of complete dependence. Now I wait for the victory to come.

  39. Lenelle B. Cruse

    This is exactly what I needed today. This is such a confirmation of God’s grace and goodness . I have been so sad since my husband passed and I have prayed and prayed the pain is so great. I know I will still have that pain but I will look up now and not horizontal. Thank You

  40. Victoria

    Beautiful testimony of total dependence on God. Yes, even in Covid, we Christians can have joy if we focus on Jesus

  41. Erika Leitzinger Siguda

    I was touched by the Story of Adele and Loren, thank you for sharing …also the hard times…and Gods Love towards them…in those times we don’t understand why we have to go through so much…we learn, that we have to fix our eyes on Jesus alone…not giving up..and we will make so many experiences with our unstoppable and all mighty God.

  42. Carmen


  43. Emilia

    Thank you for IL your inspiring example!
    What a perfect example you are to Live out my favorite scripture: Nehemiah 8:10
    “The JOY of the Lord is my strength “…
    As you all serve Him; the Lord continue to give you strength, heal the broken-hearted and gives them Hope and Peace. May His JOY continually be your Strength 🙏

  44. Paula

    Thank you for sharing your story. It has helped me to persevere and renew my faith that God is always in control. Blessings to you and your family as you serve as a beacon of light for others!

    • Adele Funk

      Thank you Paula! You can persevere with the Lord’s strength. May the Lord bless you and your family as well!

  45. Kathy Howell

    I think this is something that my husband and I may want to do in Las Cruces, NM. How do we contact the Funk’s?

    • Adele Funk

      Hi Kathy! Bennett has forwarded me your email address. I will email you tomorrow! Can’t wait to discuss this with you.


  46. Judy Hitchcock

    this humbles me. Send me Lord. Let me know when your calling me

  47. Janet Kaisi

    Glory to God. He is in control of everything. God is unstopable & He does umimaginable things. I habe a feeling that one day your son will stop usinh the wheelchair and walk again. Iam waiting for that testimony in Jesus name.

    • Adele Funk

      Oh thank you so much Janet. Your words are such an encouragement to us! I can’t wait to tell you fo that testimony one day! Much love to you. Adele

  48. Taryn Tan

    A very encouraging and inspiring story that builds & strengthen my faith. Thank you for your sharing. May God bless you and your family abundantly

  49. Lucy Hill

    This is so inspiring to know that people still have loving compassionate hearts. God bless you for having a understanding heart in opening a new world , new beginning for helping the homeless.

  50. Theresa Nguyen

    Dear The Funk,
    Thanks so much for your love and faithfulness to respond to the teaching of God’s word.
    Your story is so inspiring which challenges my love and faith in action for our God through His people.
    May God be your everlasting Joy!

  51. Elston

    A beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  52. AnnaRose Braden

    Indeed, GOD is unstoppable! What a beautiful account of God’s intervention in our lives, I appreciated the Funk’s willingness to include both the ups and downs in their journey with the Lord and the close relationship they had with Him. I, too, so enjoyed our study in the book of James. Your account reminded me of James 4:13-17 in which the Lord spoke directly to my heart regarding boasting about the plans that I make without including Him! It was a real eye opener to me. How arrogant of me to continually make plans without consulting/inviting my Father, who always knows best! From your story I sensed that your family includes the Lord in a very meaningful way as you journey with Him. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  53. Cheryl Sopcich

    Thank you for sharing what the power of faith can do❣️

  54. Elizabeth Lewis

    What a testimony of faith for this couple to know that God wanted them to reach out and help others and they could and they did and that even with the obstacles they faced they rested in knowing that God would see them through and HE did and what a wonderful ministry. Thank you for sharing this testimony.

  55. Barbara Kahyai

    Hi I’m Barbara and have been in BSF for about 14 yrs and I’m sitting here crying while reading your testimony ….The Lord has given you an unusual array of experiences in your life and you have handled them with wonderful grace. I have had my own share also, but nothing like yours. God bless you for all you have done for others and I hope your son and husband are doing well. May God keep you all safe and make the rest of your life’s journey smoother from here on. Christian love, Barbara

  56. Phylis Brown

    You are a source of joy
    Just when we needed this
    You brought this timely blog
    Reminding us that Joy will come in the MORNING
    God bless you
    Thank you sooooo much

  57. Mercy

    Oh my God!!!!!!! Am awed…shocked….amazed at how this couple has literally taken the word of God and lived it to the letter. Am so inspired and challenged. You are very very obedient the Holy Spirit. Am so encouraged despite the financial challenges am going through, am also so challenged and am asking myself….how many times have l missed it when the Holy Spirit has instructed me? This is first year in Bsf…we began later than all the rest. Its not been easy to follow through…..I desire to learn and practice more.

  58. Bob Craig

    Matthew 19:21 Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” WOW!! You did it! What an example for all of us. Praying God will give you His peace and His joy while serving Him.

  59. Judy

    Thank you for your example of faith in action, being a doer of the word! You are an inspiration and example of how all of us should be living our lives as followers of Jesus! We lost our son to suicide several years ago and sometimes it’s easy to use this loss and suffering as an excuse. Thank you for sharing how God calls us to keep our eyes on Him and not horizontally on our own circumstances.

  60. Jasper Ouma

    What a wonderful testimony coming at a time when we are facing a great and unexplainable pandemic. Thank you Adele for standing in Faith and giving us proof that God is always working quietly but firmly in the background. Once again thank you and my our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to be accessible

  61. Elizabeth Yeung

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  72. Jula Anand

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  75. Grace

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  76. Cyndy Elick

    I was just quickly skimming the email from BSF but was pulled into Adele’s testimony. What an inspiration the entire Funk family is. God’s grace and continued blessings to be able to meet the challenges. Keeping on our eyes on Him!

  77. Sonja Perino

    This was a great testimony of faith and joy through all trials. It shows how God works in our lives when we trust Him and not in our strength. Adele and Loren’s story will encourage many people to persevere.

  78. Carol Mitzelfeldt

    Ohhhhh may this way of living be pasted on to the next generation! Thank you for your example! Praying for you and your family and asking that God would show His purpose for my husband & I at this time in our life! Blessings!

  79. HS

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  80. Cami

    Wow. Just wow. Thank you for sharing your story and planting seeds in the rest of us. Your testimony and your lives matter. Be blessed.

    • Emmalee Lambert

      I too am blown away by what God is doing in your lives. I loved the question your son asked you. What a true faith he has. We lost our daughter 3 years ago and God gave me incredible peace and JOY. Once you have experienced it you will never let it go. He is my everything. Thanks for your faith walk.
      In HIS love and mine

      • Adele Funk

        Oh Emmalee I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter 3 years ago. You know what it is to participate in the sufferings of Christ. What a year in BSF – right? So much about suffering this year. You are God megaphone to a hurting world – I pray that many many will be blessed as you hold out that beautiful part of God’s heart that you have uniquely come to know. He is our everything… your comment has blessed me. Much love to you. Adele

  81. Betty Vair

    Most inspiring. Saying a prayer for them. May God open heaven and rain down His infinite blessings on this family, especially the young man paralyzed. May He advance Gids kingdom and know “what the enemy intended for evil, God used for good.”

  82. Nandi

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  83. Pam

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  84. Mike Mendez

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  85. Beverly Carter

    Greater is He who is in us than he who is on the world, when we acknowledge and submit to His Sovereignty. So Great is His Faithfulness.!!

  86. Anastasia Maina

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  89. Clara

    I am so blessed by this inspiring testimony…trying year for me…keeping my eyes on Christ

  90. Cathryn Ocken

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    You give me & I am certain many others much to think about- thank you!

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    • Barbara Cook

      Thank you for sharing your story. I have recently been faced with some difficult family issues, and your story was so inspiring. I am too discovering what seems impossible to us is possible with God. Blessings to you and your family.

      • Karleen Brown

        Our Father’s sovereignty KNOWS where our JOY resides. When we listen and obey in spite of our own and others objections. HIS JOY will overflow in us and in others who will benefit in experiencing HIS GLORY shining through you!
        Praise GOD for your obedience!!

  98. Tracey Camara

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    • Nuru Inyangete

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  105. Pam Erickson

    I am borrowing joy today. My daughter does not want a relationship with me and did not come for Mother’s Day. My husband has insulted means pierced me to the core many days in a row. Your article spoke to me. I needed to borrow joy. The study in James was so timely. Pray for me as I hold fast to God’s word and fix my eyes on Jesus.

    • Ronda

      How painful! Praying for you this morning from Beijing. May you find God’s joy as you hold fast to His Word and fix your eyes on Jesus!

    • Adele Funk

      Oh Pam – I have walked that very painful journey as well. The idea came from a quote by Joni Erickson Tada in a book called: Be Still My Soul by Nancy Guthrie – Embracing God’s Purpose and provision in Suffering. A wonderful help in a Daly walk with suffering. We don’t have it – Jesus does – we must borrow from Him – the giver of every good and perfect gift. Much love to you. Adele

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  107. Dot Bernatis

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    Satan likes to interfere when we are doing God’s calling!!! But you persevered and came out a winner!!!

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    flying colors. God will REWARD YOU!!! Keep on trusting our King of Kings.

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  111. Maribeth Enos

    Our trivial problems during this pandemic are just that trivial compared to what Adele & Loren and their family have endured. Although we are separated by stay at home & no travel advisories, my family is still healthy. My children have their jobs. We’ve missed being able to celebrate birthdays, Easter & Mother’s Day together but ” This too shall pass” in God’s perfect timing. Blessings on your family.

  112. Elizabeth

    May God bless them for their big hearts and for listening. God is unstoppable in His work of transforming lives. When we trust Him He is faithful indeed.

  113. Robert Manna

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    I want to live only for God as He knows everything. So encouraging. Shalom.

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  117. Christine Wasanga

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  122. Deirdre Inamdar

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  123. Beverly ARS Terhune

    Such faith!! I pray my own grows as well. I feel called to do something and I’ve prayed for many years about it. I’ve hit several stumbling blocks but I know this is from God so I will persevere. Your testimony just gives me hope that somehow, some way, these problems will be resolved. That we will accomplish what we’ve set out to do. Praise God! Thank You. Our God is unstoppable! Hallelujah ! Amen!

    • Brother Wm Long

      Contrast the life’s that mentioned in this true story and my own. The service I want to live is refreshed.

  124. Marilyn Case

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  126. Elaine Matthews

    Your story spoke to my heart. The characteristics I see are “Perseverance and Obedience” regardless of the circumstances that God allows in our lives. You did not let these tremendous trials deter you from the vision God gave you to help the homeless. You gave them hope, dignity, and value as one of God’s precious creation. You let the unconditional love of Christ flow to their hearts and have given them purpose and a sense of community and fellowship. What a blessing for them and for you as you see how God can take whatever we willingly surrender to His control and multiply it beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for your testimony to God’s amazing power though the Holy Spirit as we abide in Him. May He be glorified in the active, obedient faith of His children!

  127. Susan Freeberg

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    • Insi

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  133. Sammie Taylor

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  134. Jackie Joyner

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    We are to be his change agents and he truly want us to have joy in the midst of trials…the Psalmist, David
    expressed ….hope thou in God, I will praise him for the help of his countenance. Ps 42:5

  135. Beolia Doctor

    A true experience of what God can do in spite of the circumstances. God is truly faithful and indeed He fulfills His promises and bring you joy in His word for believers who are obedient.

    • Bridgit Naomi

      Gods unstoppable Grace was sufficient to this family. Tests, trials,suffering are part of us but by faith we shall overcome, and God is watching over us in all situations. This pandemic has hit the whole world even our classes but God remains to be true God and still on the throne. Amen and Shalom.

  136. Esther Still

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    Indeed, that the story of their lives is Him….a living testimony to others that will give glory and praise to our God Almighty!!!

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    Thank you for sharing your story and pray it will continue to be your song with the Unstoppable Joy of the Lord.
    ”This is your story, this is your song Praising your Savior all the day long…
    A test will give us a testimony!

    Praying it shall be well with each one of you especially Tyler which l believe God is not done with the him yet, he’s got a great mission ahead of him for the Lord. Brothers, be ready to put on your belt of truth with shield of faith….

    Consider Pure Joy…!
    Love & prayers,

  141. Mimy Angeles

    In a dream last year, while praying and fasting for a breakthrough in a particular situation I was experiencing, the Lord showed Himself to me, asking me to wear my armor. Without saying a word, I wondered what was that armor in that specific case?! As if He knew what I had just thought of, I could read His lips saying:”Who else but Jesus!” Unfortunately, I looked in situation in front of me when I woke up- not on Him. It cost me a bad and severe bill. Now I know. God’s Word- Jesus is my “Armor” In every aspect of my battles. Thank You Lord. Thank you Mrs. and
    Mr. Funks. Thank you Mrs. Rowan and BSF.

  142. Vicki Stephenson

    What a wonderful true story and reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus no matter what we are going through. Our trials are too much to handle on our own, but when we lean on Him and trust in His character and good purposed we can find joy. I also love how you put your faith into action! What a powerful witness and example for us all! Thank you so much for sharing.

  143. Sheila

    A wonderful story and testimony of what God can do when we have complete faith in Him. I am at this point as well where i am asking God what He would like me to do with what He has blessed me with and i am inspired by your story.

  144. Katie Gray

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  146. Deborah Williams

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  147. Peter Fong

    When I read the story of the Funks, I’m humbled to the point of shame because I’ve been so preoccupied with the uncertainties of the current pandemic and severe recession.
    As I see the Funks selflessly cared for the needy at great personal sacrifices when they are faced with great challenges,my own problems paled significantly.

    May God continue to show favor and bless you richly.

  148. Susan Davis

    I am very impressed with how this TL , Adele applied our recent study verses in James and Hebrews to their lives and persevered through their big challenges. More importantly is how they surrendered what they had to provide for others who desparetly needed places to live. I look forward to seeing their Synergy Community soon when we go to Colorado to visit family. What a great witness this Funk family is to so many!

    • Adele Funk

      Susan! We would love to see you! Keep in touch through the website and we would love to show you Synergy Village. Blessings to you.

  149. Deborah Haught

    You sent out a email on the complete study of James and I lost it. Could you send it back to me?

  150. Linda Tindall

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  152. Patti Hesse

    Such an inspirational story! And it ties in with our BSF notes from L20 in ACTS study: “whether or not relief comes, the goal is for Christlike JOY in doing the Father’s will! (Philippians 2:8-9 / Hebrews 12:2)“
    🙏 for God’s unstoppable JOY for all!

  153. Chris Todhunter

    Very beautiful. Thanks for your obedience to our Lord. Very moving testimony of what GOD can do through our obedience.

  154. Karen Guarnieri

    This story is a powerful one that once again affirms both the truth of God’s Word and the power of His promises. He is a promise keeper. As I read, I could feel her pain and sorrow while imagining my inability to face such a tragedy and all that she faced. Yet, with the power of God available to me through the Holy Spirit, I believe in the tabernacle of my heart, that He would sustain, strengthen and grow me, replacing hurt with healing.

  155. Melody Schönenberger

    I’m blown away by such selfless sacrifices you as a family. Thank you Adele + Loren for showing us what true perseverance looks like. May the LORD continue to use you mightily for the advancement of HIS kingdom. GOD bless you eternally.

  156. Sandi

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    • Yvette

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  157. Tammara K Kidd

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  159. Karago Mbiru

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    Now the whole world is gloomy and the only Covid-free place is Heaven, so face Him.

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  163. Patricia Smith

    Dear Joy and Loren,

    Your testimony is so inspiring.
    With God in the equation all things are possible. Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Patricia Smith💒

  164. Cynthia James

    A wonderful testimony of faith. Strange that we should end in James, where we read “Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trials of many kinds” (James 1:2) She certainly did, but she continued to look up.

  165. Jaya Kumar Ravuri

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  167. Lisa Isaac

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  168. Mary Ann Ringsrud

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  173. Dorthy Dharmasena

    I was feeling sad after the demise of a dear friend, Pastor and Bishop of a Prayer House that I attend. I looked at my emails and I saw this. I read it and now I say ‘Lord put joy in my heart cause I can’t conjure joy.’ Thank you for sharing your story.

  174. Victor Igbinosa

    Quite inspiring and encouraging, may the Almighty God continue to abide by them and grant them His everlasting peace and love in Christ Jesus Name amen .

  175. Ritah Nasiima

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    Moving in seemingly difficult times and yet providing a way where seems no way.
    I have been blessed by their story.
    I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to move in their lives. Be blessed.

  176. Norman Lynch

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  177. Earnestine Hollimon

    Your life story truly exemplifies your authentic faith in GOD. As a group leader for BSF I had shared In our leaders meeting I don’t believe every blessing GOD gives us are for us alone. And I am a wife and caregiver of a quadriplegic since 2003. GOD had to tell me to exhale this is not changing no time soon. But it has been a testimony to many marriages of GOD’s faithfulness. Thank You for sharing such a powerful surrendering testimony.

    • Adele Funk

      Oh Earnestine – God is using you to show his heart to the world. You are in a unique position to testify to God’s faithfulness in all situations. You have a story and witness that many do not have – I pray that God will use it mightily for His glory!!

  178. Tugume Andrew

    I am really moved by your love and response to God’s call. Totally inspired. May God bless you and fill our hearts too, with love and kindness that comes from Him alone.

  179. Priscilla seng

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    • Brother William Long

      Pled with Jesus to heal the heart broken event that you bear alone!

  180. Dee Dee

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    Thank you for this inspiring testimony Funk Family.

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    Many Blessings.

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    I Thank God to talk to me through this testimony & I give all the glory to Him.

  183. Virginia Waita

    Wonderful testimony there,James 1:2-3 will always be my verse,my marriage is stumbling down but I can only trust in God..

    • Tugume Andrew

      Our God who defeated death is able to settle your Marriage. Am praying for you.

  184. Janet’s

    Wow !! What is some projects
    Where God open the door in Ghana
    Africa what is what I like to do
    Please give me some pointers
    When and how!!


    • Adele Funk

      Praying for next steps for you Janet! There are some young girls from Colorado that started a ministry in Uganda – i think they would be a great resource for you. Their ministry is called Musana. They are completely self sustaining. Please go online and read their story – it will give you some great ideas.

  185. Louise Barksdale

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  186. Debbie

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  187. Eric

    To hear and read that our God is unstoppable is one thing, but to live through those unstoppable life shaking moments victoriously like the Funks is quite another!!

    Praise our Great and Sovereign God. Eph 3:20.

  188. Bettye Livingston

    Thank you Funks family for allowing God to use you unselfishly. You are examples of how God uses His people to help those in need.

  189. Coleen Takemoto

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  190. Algerita Evans-Andy

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  191. Jane Wambugu

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    God is faithful

  192. Betty June Steffensen

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  193. Deanna

    He is faithful who promised

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  195. Tanya Dean

    Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate how you showed through your endeavors that our God is truly Unstoppable! The Study of Acts and Letters of the Apostles was one where I did lots of praying and saw God’s hands, and sought His understanding and learned to wait on Him.

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    Love in Christ,
    Marsha Medford

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    • Helen

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    Our God is wonderful and awesome! Thanks for this Timely testimony which edifies me when I am worrying about my upcoming retirement- God will lead as He always does, I will focus on Him. All glory to God our Father, Amen!

  203. Virginia Robbins

    Thank you for sharing this strong witness of God’d sufficiency and willingness to carry us through anything. In His hands we are unstoppable because He is carrying us.

  204. Karen Baer

    Having had the privilege of attending one of your classes’ leaders meetings and then shortly after hearing about/praying for Tyler – I’m more inspired by your “tough faith” than ever!! God truly has given you a beautiful-yet-scarred platform to proclaim His glory!! And it shines out in who you are what you do! I, too, am thinking more about God’s call to hold all I have loosely, asking Him what He wants me to do with it. Continuing to pray for you, Loren and Tyler & his wife.

    • Adele Funk

      So good to hear from you Karen! I pray that God will show you exactly how He wants you to show the world His heart. He makes each of us unique. I love tis quote from George MacDonald about just that: As the fir-tree lifts up itself with a far different need from the need of the palm-tree, so does each man stand before God, and lift up a different humanity to the common Father. And for each God has a different response. With every man he has a secret–the secret of the new name. (Referring to Rev. 2:17) In every man there is a loneliness, an inner chamber of peculiar life into which God only can enter. I say not it is the innermost chamber–but a chamber into which no brother, nay, no sister can come.
      From this it follows that there is a chamber also–(O God, humble and accept my speech)–a chamber in God himself, into which none can enter but the one, the individual, the peculiar man,–out of which chamber that man has to bring revelation and strength for his brethren. This is that for which he was made–to reveal the secret things of the Father. George MacDonald – Unspoken Sermon – The Name
      Bless you as you reveal to others what He uniquely has shown you!!

  205. Flossie Scott

    God is so good. That’s a beautiful story. He does work miracles in our lives, but we must surrender ourselves to Him. Thank you for such an inspirational story.

  206. Kachung Wong

    It’s amazing to hear what God is doing in your life. To love the least of these is truly a testimony of the gospel. May His blessings pour forth in your life and to those you touch. Praise be to God!!

  207. Peggy Gallagher

    I never realized what it means to look horizontally. I have been doing that, especially now. I think of all the things “I” want to do and can’t. I need to look at what God wants me to do. Use this time of isolation to seek HIM and His plan. Jeremiah 29:11

  208. Lorna Stoddart

    This is a great story of courage and encouragement especially to those of us going through storms at this time .I learn to trust God in whatever the situation is in my life as I am convinced that while He is in the vessel we can smile at our storms.Its a wonderful feeling when you know that Gods words are unchangeable .His promises are true.When you go through the fire I will be with you .Thanks for a very touching and inspiring story

  209. Julia Parhams

    Awesome story/testament for all! Quite an iinspiration to me. I had to drop out of class in October without any warning because of an emergency surgery and continued rehabilitation. Never lost my faith. God is still the center of my Joy.
    May GOD continue to bless.

  210. Charissa Wong

    Encouraging, uplifting ! May the Lord sustain You and your family through all the trials and tribulations and safeguard your joy with His grace.

  211. Vanessa

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  216. Larry Miller

    As we face the pandemic, i feel the same message being sent to me and others – what is really important? Him and His people. Share the Word, give others hope and share all of what you have!

  217. Cheryl Slinde

    Your journey brought me to tears. It made me reflect on my own life and how much God has done to help me over and over through the difficult times. I’m so blessed to have a God that loves me so much! I saw in your heart rendering struggles how God picked you up like the footprints in the sand and carried you.
    There is no Heaven on earth. But as long as we have God on our side, life will be a much easier journey.

  218. Mary

    This is so encouraging, that through it all we should keep our trust in the Lord….our focus in Him.

  219. JC Hsu

    What an inspirational witness! We can all learn from their generosity, especially in this Pandemic time, sharing their agony in facing our life challenges, and most of all, their faith in God.

    God blessed,

  220. Karen R Gilbraith

    What a beautiful story, I really enjoyed it. We always have to remember “God is in control”. When He sends you on a mission, he will be there to guide you and most importantly take care of you in the process.

  221. Michele Boerma

    So beautiful. Just love Adele and Loren!! So privileged to be a group leader in Adele’s class. What an amazing couple!!!

  222. Alita Urban

    I absolutely loved it. I often thought it would be a beautiful way to show hospitality and teach them simplicity, less is more. Teach and share skills. Save money and share life together. May God continue to shower you both with blessings. Alita

  223. Sandie Harjala

    Over the 53 years Of marriage that many said wouldn’t last we have found how our unstoppable God wouldn’t let our marriage fail. He has proven and provided in so many ways. One of which was getting me involved in BSF in 1986!

  224. Dianne Strickler

    Oh, what an amazing story. By your good works you have touched many hearts. Been the hands and feet of Jesus.
    I am blessed to read and hear about the call God gave you and then the Yes respond from you both. Love you my sister and brother.

    • Toko Dhliwayo

      Beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing such encouragement. His grace is sufficient for us. Unfortunately most of the time I am of so little faith. If things don’t work out I do not persevere as James writes

  225. Jane Wambugu

    Great article about James 1 :2 a great message for me i have loving for it because i have gone through challenges praise be to God for His healing power
    God bless ,i also recently joined a BSF group in our country

  226. Afiniki patience Gyang

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    I pray the lord increase your strength daily,
    may the lord provide all that you will ever need for his project.

  227. Bree

    This is James 1:22 in action!. “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive ourselves. Do what it says.” Thank you for not just teaching class members to obey God’s word but for modeling it as well!

  228. M. Stewart

    This was so much inspiration and confirmation for me.
    God has a purpose and a plan for each of HIS children – not for harm, but for good….that our Joy will be complete/full!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. May God continue to bless you and your family as you serve HIM whole heartedly! We have a Good – Good Father!

    To Him be Glory & honor Forever


  229. MEG

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is awesome and faithful, He is always with us we just need to call on Him.
    He promised that He will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you for your beautiful story GOD
    will continue being with all of you His unconditional love and provisions will always be there
    for you.

  230. Charles Robinson

    This blessed me so much! I have been asking the Lord for direction since a medical condition took me from an active medical practice and initially put me in a wheelchair. I now have possible new ideas for service to the King!

  231. Elandra Burton-Chivers

    Thanks to you Adele and your family for sharing this powerful testimony!
    This is a wonderful reminder for me to keep my eyes on the Lord in all circumstances.
    I am grateful to God for you and your family, bringing so many of us encouragement through your testimony.

  232. Mary Ann Stowell

    I can see how God worked behind the scenes for Adele and her family.
    Not an outcome you would choose for you son as a parent. I loved hearing their story and how God worked it all out. I met Adele when I first moved to Denver from Chicago and drove with her to BSF. My prayers for her and the family to find continued joy in the Lord!
    Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Adele Funk

      Hi Mary Ann! I have thought of you often and wondered how you are doing? So good to hear from you. Bless you!

  233. Lisa Johnson

    Thank you for sharing your stories God can do great things through his Holy Spirit in us!!!!!!

  234. Lu Jean Bedard

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  235. Beverly Provonsha

    This was an inspiring story and what makes it so inspiring is that it’s true. I have a tendency, if there’s opposition then it wasn’t God will for me but this story has made me think the opposition might be sent from God to see if I would persevere through it.

  236. Carole

    Inspiring story. God bless you

  237. Janet Boston

    Beautiful story of how God works in each of our lives. I believe each of us who believe, could write a beautiful story about how God has worked, or is working in our lives to benefit each other. I also believe that God is keeping those stories in His book for future reference. Thanks for sharing your story.

  238. Jane munene

    Am so blessed surely the gospel is unstoppable. His reasons and purposes remain steadfast.
    Be blessed as you continue to great things for the glory of God ,

  239. Dalice Yost

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    God’s word. The book of James has been an inspiration to me.

  240. Abigail

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  241. Patrick Theuri

    This is a very encouraging Testimony. It challenges me to listen to God as I read his word and act as he softly talks to me.
    Trials, real hard ones came to this couple but, they never gave up.
    Yes it is encouraging.

    I wish the Funks all the best and God’s blessings.

  242. Do Fox

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  243. DeeDee DuBose


  244. Jenny

    What an inspiring testimony of how God directed your path for His glory. It is amazing what can be accomplished when one yields to the Spirit’s desires. I personally was encouraged by your comment “Look beyond your circumstance and trust in Jesus… fix your eyes on Jesus. My beautiful, ( inside and out) wonderful daughter with years of professional success has come down with some type of thought disorder or mental illness. She is being evaluated by a psychiatrist as I write this. This is the hardest thing I have had to face as a parent. It is heartbreaking to say the least. I’m looking vertically to the confidence I have in Christ and trusting in Jesus who is here with me in my grief and collecting my tears. This testimony Of yours has been encouraging to me.

    • Adele Funk

      Oh Jenny…. how very difficult. I pray that there can be a diagnosis and help for your daughter soon. Praying for God’s provision and intervention. Much love, Adele

  245. Beth Borger

    You are such a blessing to me especially since we are going through trials. May God bless your son. I have been doing BSF for 17 years. I finally got my husband to start BSF. I love it. Keeps me grounded in the word.

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    Powerful story…thank you for sharing! Just the reminder I needed to stop looking horizontally.

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  249. Lorna Pommrehn

    Thank you for the reminder to look up not horizontal! I needed that. I miss my kids and granddaughters so much it hurts. We were daycare for 2 of them and now I haven’t seen them except by technology for almost 2 months and they only live 1 1/2 miles from us. My plea to the Lord lately has been grow my faith.

  250. LLG

    As the mother of four children, two of whom are wheelchair-bound at age 17 due to muscular dystrophy, your message resonated with me. Adele, you and your family and Synergy will be in my prayers and I am so grateful for your testimony! I know the path ahead will not be easy for you or for Tyler and his wife. Praying for God’s strength and comfort and grace sufficient unto each day for each member of your family. Blessings to you.

    • Adele Funk

      Dearest LLG…. What a road the Lord has given you to walk. What a story to tell of the beautiful heart of God – that He has uniquely given you this message for the world. I pray that you may be steadfast and immovable – a megaphone to the world declaring the glories of God in your everyday life. Immeasurably more… may God bring the immeasurably more to your message and to you and your families lives.

  251. Celeste

    Such an awe inspiring account of a family of God! Perseverance in prayer and perseverance in good deeds is what the Lord wants us to do. The Funk saga is indeed commendable. God bless them and may their tribe increase! May we be instruments in the Lord’s hands to accomplish His work here on earth

  252. Claudia L Overturf

    humbling and joyful. thank you for sharing

  253. Valerie Hagin

    You and your family have unshakable faith because God’s truth and love for you is unshakable. To Him Who is able, be glory, honor and praise!

    Thank you for sharing your true heart Adele 💗

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      Eugene Lars Kolding

    • Adele Funk

      Love you Valerie!!

    • Adele Funk

      Love you Valerie!!!

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  255. Regina

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    • Edna oliveira

      Wow! God is amazing! And also is amazing what He can do through our lives! I will keep you in my prayers, and will also pray God can give us an opportunity and courage to move towards His goals in our lives! May God continue to bless you and your family: yoir God given family, besides your dear son! Thank you for showing that things are possible with God in our side!! All things are possible, 🙏🙌❤

  256. Donna Stricker

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. I am very inspired by your courage and faithfulness, also your total surrender when you were where we all can be.

    I would like to contact Adele Funk. We have been interested in creating affordable housing/ intentional community here in our small town of Jenkins Mn. I’m in the Baxter Thursday morning BSF group. We have property and desire but need mentorship if it is God’s will. Really a long shot except that I can’t put the idea aside after many many years. Blessings~Donna Stricker

  257. Dorene Rankin

    What a beautiful journey with God! I was encouraged by the phrase to “not look at things horizontally”. There is no greater privilege and blessing than that of helping someone who is less fortunate than yourself. I am Godly proud of you both. May God continue to be in your lives, and your son, Tyler….. remember this, “There is great blessing in adversity…”!

    • Adele Funk

      Dorene – beautiful Covid survivor!! There IS great blessing in Adversity!! You have such a story and testimony to tell. You are God’s mouthpiece to tell of His mercies!!


    God is faithful and a nice living testimony

  259. AnnMarie Dunkleberger

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    Thank you, Father.

    Robert Cook

  262. Willia Honyongwe

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  263. Nancy L. Spoolman

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. God is truly unstoppable! Yes, looking up is the key to peace and love, but it is also true wisdom. You received it all from our Unstoppable God! Thank you for blessing others. You are God’s disciples. James 1:6 says, “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt,” which Adele and Loren did. James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” Adele and Loren took to heart so much of Jame’s scripture. Truth: True Faith looks to God and His Word. True faith acts. Adele and Loren’s story acts out so much of God’s Unstoppable Truths – Truth: Submission in suffering brings blessing. Those who share in Christ’s sufferings will share in His joy. God gives grace to humble sufferers. May God Bless!

  264. Gayle Bridgeforth

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    It is very special that this family could take the time, energy, and money to build housing while also having to spend so much time caring for their son even with the liver disease as well. I fear for my family in case any of them ever has a spinal cord injury. I do not know how I could take care of them 24/7. God must have given this family a better resolve, but I am sure we must pray for them and their physical health as well to keep up with all of this.

  269. Angela Hoffman

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    “Keep your eyes on the Savior and your heart anchored to Scripture.” (Charles Stanley, Every Day in His Presence)

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    His ways are perfect even when they see impossible to us.
    what a mighty God we serve!

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  287. Tammy Fordyce

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is so inspirational. Most of us have way more than we need, but struggle with letting go of it. In the natural it looks as though you sacrificed so much although, by your story I see it wasn’t a sacrifice but an opportunity to be a blessing and be greatly blessed! May God continue to Bless you, your family and your organization.

  288. Carol Romine

    I am touched by this very deeply. Finding joy in the midst of trials can only be accomplished by God.
    Suffering well through trials is quite an inspiration for me. Thank you BSF for giving me tools to find through Jesus, my Savior real joy!

  289. Julie

    Wow! What an awesome God we serve! So truly blessed that He provides us with other Christians to navigate this world with, the support, encouragement and love of God that your story conveys… Thank you for allowing God to minister to others through you and your precious faith! God bless you and your amazing family!

  290. Dennis Hunt

    Keep you eyes, ears, heart and mind on the relationship you have with God. Is that what is meant by horizontally here? We all have a direct one to one relationship with Him. And He with us. When we find nuggets of great value in something during worship, that is a bonus to add to the lustre of our relationship with Him.

  291. MeLisa VanderVeen

    Thank you for sharing Your story Adele and Loren. I love how you said it,” It doesn’t feel Like a sacrifice, it feels like a privilege”. So beautiful. And such an encouragement to follow the Lord’s leading!

  292. Mary Ann Mellema

    What a great of God’s faithfulness. The scriptures used helped me also. We are so blessed, this story showed how to use some of those blessings to help the truly needy.
    Thank You

  293. carol rosenau

    Thank you for using your gifts and talents and resources for the Kingdom. And inspiring us to do the same. We’ll see you around the neighborhood! 😉

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  295. martha smith

    That was an awesome reading of what God can and will do. He is to be praised. He will work things out the we can’ or could’t,all have to do is trust Him. I’m so glad that I know Him and know what He has done for me. To God Be The Glory. Thank you Jesus,amen and amen

  296. Deneise Hinds

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  297. Patricia P Andrews

    Wow, God is so “SUFFICIENT & GOOD” !
    I read your story out loud this morning during our homeschool { 6th & 7th grade }. It was the ‘perfect’ story to re-focus us on the number ONE – Jesus ! Making Him full-time, instead of part-time, since He took His time in creating each and every single one us. As Christians, we will all face trials, and it’s our genuine faith in Him, that will carry us through. Obedience, in His commands. May God continue to Bless your entire family. You are loved !

  298. Rebecca Duke

    Thank you I really need this as we are going through some tough times right has been hard for me to see joy ar this time. I know God is with me and will carry me though this situation. Thank you again and God Bless.

  299. Meloni Turk-Yaeger

    Adele: Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Your journey and your faith are inspiring. I too, as a Christian for 45 years have had my share of suffering. Early on I heard that the “sanctification” process He lovingly takes us thru is like the “peeling of an onion”. It really does hurt, but the end product is more beautiful and fruitful. Thank you for trusting Him: for your leadership in BSF, and again, your vulnerability. Blessings on your new ministry. Love in Christ♥️

  300. Lisa Macdonald

    Wonderful and inspiring story of a family struggling to live out John 15, to remain in Jesus and abide in His word and to let His word abide in them. Also to struggle in Judes letter to them to contend for their faith. I know we don’t conjure it up. We just choose Jesus and He is faithful and True. Thank you

  301. Janette

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  304. Heidi Peterson

    This story was awesome to read. I loved hearing how God has been unstoppable in your life. Adele thank you for being real about the despair you felt when your son was paralyzed, and how God brought you through it. What an awesome example you and your husband are of living a life all for Jesus, holding nothing back. You are a great example of living out your faith!
    Ps: I used to be in your BSF class in Denver 12 years ago. Willow is my mom 😊

  305. Steve Hillman

    Although I know the rapture will come in an instant, the LORD has given me this inspirational message in addition to several others.
    We’re to finish the race. Just as His eye is on the sparrow, I know He watches me.
    Ring a bell?

  306. Brenda Flowers

    What a powerful testimony!
    I am so thankful for how God’s Word is speaking to hearts, mine and yours, even now.

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  308. Cathy Scharf

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    • Kathryn

      The last few days I have been somewhat depressed with all the social distancing needed to stop the spread of the Covid19 Virus. This story was a great reminder to keep my focus on God.

  309. Debbie L

    What a beautiful story of victory over Satans lies. At this time in history we all need to practice daily, trusting God.

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  313. Kerry Smith

    What an uplifting testimony to what can happen if we are open to God and trust his provision for our lives. Thanks for sharing!

    The James study has really resonated with me. There is such clarity which is both helpful and refreshing.

  314. Beth Williams

    What an amazing story of faith in action. His Word is meant to be lived to further the kingdom-this is an illustration of just that and an inspiration to the rest of us. Thank you so much for sharing!

  315. Mavis Khoo

    Thank you for reminding me not to look horizontally at what’s before me but upward to Jesus who is my Savior, Lord, Father, Provider, Protector and so much more. God Bless the works of your hands

  316. Mary Anne

    Thank you BSF for sending this email yesterday May 7 at 3:49 pm with “Borrowing Joy”’blog written by Bennett Rolan about Adele & Loren Funk and Tyler and Synergy Village. Additional thanks to the 221 folks who posted comments (as of 6:26 am PST this morning May 8)… that I’ve just finished reading all of them… You’ve all shared your journeys of FAITH and it is so appreciated, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. “ (Hebrews 11:1 NIV),

    • Mary Anne

      As of about 7 am, this morning Saturday May 9th there were about 300 more of you folks who chimed in with comments that were so inspiring and heartfelt… thank you all for sharing —> great way to start a new day!

  317. Judy Miller

    What unstoppable faith and beautiful story of God’s faithfulness when we submit.
    I just completed my first BSF Bible Study, and it has made a huge impact on my faith journey. The scriptures spoke to me! Looking forward to next session.

  318. Marie Ranville

    Thank you for sharing..what a beautiful picture of God in your lives..
    I recently told my 4&6year old granddaughter’s on a windy day i said see how the wind blows the trees, you cant see the wind only how the wind affect’s the trees and how it blows our hair ect… and then i said that is how we see God not with our eyes but how He affects the lives of those who love Him and live their lives for Him❤
    God bless you!!

  319. Phyllisq

    WOW! I’m doing a study on “Trusting God.” This week our chapter is on “Growing and trusting in Adversity.” And yes much of it uses the same scriptures.
    We hate adversity YET it draws us closer to the person of Christ and He uses adversity to draw us to Him. Being conformed to His image is not for wimps. Put on our armor and run the race.

  320. Georgia Alice Crisp

    This story gave me courage to study deeper into Gods word.

  321. Beverly

    Such a beautiful story! Praise God!
    I volunteer with homeless and know that feeling of purpose comes from Jesus in being able to serve!
    May the Lord bless and protect you all in His village!

  322. Jackie

    “Unshakeable Joy.” That is what I need in this time of COV-19. Thank you for the reminder that only Jesus can give that to us!

  323. Teresa Kaw-uh

    Wow! How beautiful are your obedient hearts Adele & Loren. Thank you for sharing your story with us. To God be the glory! Truly this closes out our Acts study so encouragingly. May we all put action to our faith in the ways God calls each of us.

  324. John

    Adele and Loren, than you so much for the encouraging faith. I have no problems.

  325. Solomon Gacece

    Testimonies are of great encouragement. Thank you.
    They help us develop perseverance when faith is tested.

  326. Chelsey Howden

    I am crying as I read this. I know Adele and Loren’s journey this past year has been harder than I can even imagine. But my own heart is encouraged to persevere through the current trials in my own life with eyes that look upward and not outward toward my circumstances. Thank you Adele for sharing your story and for being an example of godly perseverance and trust!! May God bless your family and your ministry richly!

  327. Linda Crawford

    As we were taught in BSF God is unstoppable! Praise Him.

  328. Susan Namaganda

    Thank you Adele and Loren for sharing your story but above all for allowing GOD to use you in the most remarkable ways that only he can. Your story encourages me to seek the LORD deeper so that i know his and his heart for me. May God bless you immensely

  329. Susan Thige

    Absolutely awesome and greatly inspiring. May the good Lord continue to bless and lift you higher in faith.

  330. Jackie Szczesniak

    The Funks are truly doing Gods work. When I’m asked to do a charitable service, I am not always willing to follow through. They are a great inspiration .

  331. Catherine Hall

    Thank you for sharing the Funk’s story, this is very inspiring in spite of their challenges.

    Thank you for reminding us that it is a Privilege to serve the one true God.

  332. Tawna

    Thank you so much for sharing. This was so encouraging.

    • Jane muna ,Kenya

      It would have been easy to give up when you have authorities against a good gesture not to mention the devastations that came with your sons accident but all this did not deter your good effort you kept holding on.its when we reach between the wall n the rock.that christ in his own supernatural love undertakes for us.
      God bless you for your kindness to the poor and richly reward you
      Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that revieves

  333. Rose M

    This is great and a challenge for all of us


    Thank was really great. May God continue to bless you and give you the next thing.
    Love and prayers

  335. Lil Onstad

    We don’t know what challenges we will face. As we just finished in James, “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”
    I have been playing a hymn on the piano that I learned as a teenager at “Youth for Christ” called, “I’d rather have Jesus” The words are wonderful when you focus on them. Those words help keep me remembering what is important for that very day.
    “I’d rather be led by His nail-pierced hand.”
    “I’d rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today.”

  336. Nicholas

    Thank you for sharing. I am encouraged. This year i felt the same, when i lost my elder brother in month of February. I felt discourage since we had prayed for his recovery but God’s will was to call him home. Your story has inspired me by borrowing our Joy from God. Be blessed.


    wow i was really overwhelmed it just really show us what a good God we have and if you have faith anything is possible,

  338. Tierney Skahill

    I’ve long had a dream of creating a village for single moms and children….maybe it’s not impossible!

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  345. Margarita Romero

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    All of the stories, from around the world, that Susie has provided this year have been wonderful. I have used several of them as examples in leadership discussion.

    Thank you!!

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  355. Deborah Batten

    God has sustained me this year as we (son and grandchild) faces the impending death of Mom/Grandma from cancer. We have been in quarantine and gladly have FaceTime as often as she is able. God is in control. Amen.

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    Investing in human beings is more Christ centred than lavishing our wealth(gift from God) on ourselves.
    This story resonates with Jesus’ advice to Nicodemus, to sell his wealth and give to the poor. Thank you for sharing

  357. Sylvia Francis

    What a great story. Thank you for transparency and allowing God to use you and for your obedience. I am a widow, I have an unfinished basement that I desperately need to get finished I don’t have the funds. I know God is going to do it and just like James says I am putting my faith to work.

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    May God continue to bless you both, the 36 people who have the delight to live in such a vision. And most certainly BLESS your beautiful son, and his family.

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    Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s very encouraging and makes me want to be more generous and kind, in more specific ways. My husband’s 70th birthday and our 50th anniversary are this month. I’m praying for God’s direction in making both especially meaningful this year. Your prayers are with are greatly appreciated!

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    I knew God was telling me to sell my lake house, (I am widowed now) and I knew it was money that would be used to help others. I don’t know how yet; but I believe God will show me when the house is sold.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful life gift!

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  371. Jill

    Thank you for that encouragement. The trouble you had getting permits for your project reminded me to pray, “Lord, do something that only You could do.” When people look at your project now, they can say, “Wow, only God could have done that.” It gives me courage to pray this way for my son’s marriage. Thank you.

  372. Wamuyu Muthoni

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    Thank you for the Ministry that has kept us close to the Lord through the Bible study material.

    God bless you all mightily.

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    Stay blessed as you continue to serve Him 🙏🙏

  374. Linda Ties

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It helped me to realize that the situation God has given me & my husband is something that I need to change my heart about & to continue to trust Him in it & to provide us with the strength we need in order to do what He has called us to do.

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    We are also considering putting up a Community project (similar to the Jewish Kabuits) and though am fully convinced about it, I think my husband is not yet fully engaged to it. So I will continue praying for him and also ask God to show us how to go about it.

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  379. Jenipher Bwire

    It is a very inspiring story. I can also attest to that the joy of the Lord amidst the changing scenes of life.BSF is a place to belong.I have seen the hand of God every step of the way as we walk the journey of illness of my husband wanted to quit too but I chose to remain serving and God has sustained us in all ways.May the name of God be praised forever.

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    I am encouraged by your testimony and thanks for sharing, it is truly heart felt.
    Here allow me to encourage with my own testimony. Through my personal life’ journey of trials and testings, though we may never fully understand all the purposes of God, we are assured that we will never be tested beyond what we can bare. ( 1 Cor 10:13 ) In Roman 5:4 I realized that His purpose is to refine our character to be more like Jesus.
    15 years ago, my first late wife went home to be with the Lord because of advanced stage 4 stomach cancer. How the Lord brought me out of that traumatic experience was amazing, surrounding me with faithful and loving brothers and sisters in Christ. Today, I am sharing, so that you may know that many are also standing with you and praying for you, son and family.

  383. Charo Peralta

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    My take away from this study was do the word not just hear it , and this has just opened my eyes , to see that other christians are doing just that, I am encouraged to get on with it too,

    Thank you for sharing your story

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  391. Silas Kobia

    Silas Kobia on May 8,2020

    Your testimony is a blessing and inspiration to many; it reveals God’s glory, beauty and promises of His Word. I thank you Adele and Loren for sharing your experience which has helped to answer my prayers.Thank you.

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    You would think that because you are doing great works of God, He would spare you from harm or hurtful situations but NO, Our Lord God Almighty is trully a mysterious God.
    Until you learn the lessons He has in store for you, He’ll continue teaching you.
    Be blessed in abundance, Amen 🙏🙏.

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    Your son will be healed, one day.

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    Beloved , let us Love ❤️ one another, for GOD is Love , and whoever Loves has been born of GOD & knows GOD.
    1 John 4:7

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  405. Esther Kariuki

    What a wonderful testimony! I’ve been encouraged that if I do my part of trusting God in the situation of my lost son George, God will do His part of delivering him even from addictions of alcohol and cigarettes. Please pray with me for him, then we shall rejoice together when God answers us, as He did to the Funks.

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    Reading it….opened by heart and ‘eyes’ to what I have been questioning.
    I don’t have…how can I bless?
    God opened my eyes to see the miracle of feeding the multitudes.
    Sometimes, we tell ourselves – we don’t have or have enough to give. But God asks us…what is in your hand? I remember the feeding of the 4000/5000 people by Jesus.
    What if the little boy said I only have this many. Can’t do much…might as well keep it for myself….If it was an adult…he probably would have said that…and probably that is what happened…but the Bible says… a little boy brought forward his 2 fish and 5 loaves. And Jesus prayed over it,gave thanks and multipliedit.. that to feed that many and still had 12 baskets full balance!
    We see in the natural…but God sees the little and our hearts and multiple it to bless. Remember it is his work. He is faithful and true to His self. He will see it through…He will open that impossible door, he will give us that favor from the most stingy and unlikeable person. He will bring in the resources need… when we give unto Him, He makes it His project.

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    will be tested but perseverance produce hope and hope builds Character. Great lesson

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    You bring God’s words alive, let us know what true faith is as you put forth of His words to action.
    Thanks so much for your sharing!
    May God’s unstoppable joy be always with you & yr family!

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    May GOD bless the Funk family, their testimony is encouraging, and for me to always fix my mind to Christ only..

  420. Gwendolyn A Jenkins

    Amen! God grace is sufficient. We have to listen to what we teach and hear when God speaks. There’s so much to do and James hits home in many ways, we can do much but we must live it be pure, stand firm, be encourage. That’s my struggle so pray for me that I will live according to Gods will in order to receive his special grace. Bless BSF. Amen Amen

  421. Indra

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    So inspiring, the words put to action…that truly lends life and meaning to the BIble and I am sure to the family of Lorn….One way of transforming day by day this world into a haven where love is lived and reigns supreme in one’s life, and pain and poverty not something to escape but to embrace….

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  426. Carla

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    Thank you for sharing

  427. Doris Rollins

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  428. lara kolberg

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  429. Janet Mbugua

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  430. Benjamin Kinyumu

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  432. Kristie Hurlow

    What a wonderful testimony for being connected to God heart to heart. Our relationship with God is personal. I have received comfort in this year’s study of Acts and Letters of the Apostles. My teacher helped to restore my faith in the importance of having a sister in Christ. Especially in sharing the true word of God and understanding the depth of God’s love for all of us.

  433. Ednah

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    God bless the Funk family 🙏🏿

  434. Maureen Okonkwo

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    I have had life changing experiences especially through trial & tribulation & my faith tank has increased . Knowing God through His word daily is so wonderful.
    May the Lord bless you abundantly & pray for your family & the Synergy Village

  438. joseph Muraya

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    I definitely see James 4:17 in action here and in our lives us believers

  439. Nanine Raudenbush

    What a beautiful testimony. I love how you both give God the Glory for everything you’ve been through. When our relationship with God is right, he takes our weaknesses and gives them His mighty power. Praying for you, your family and your precious son.

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  447. hcng

    In the midst of the storm, you never lose sight on Jesus, didn’t go weary and didn’t complain. You encouraged us as a believer of Christ. Thank you for sharing. God bless your family.

  448. Camille Wissmann

    I too have faced extreme health challenges this year. Acts and the other books we studied havr given me the strength I needed to persevere. I love songs and “I will change your name “ popped into my head . Hebrews 11:11 gave me The answer. I added to my name Hope.

  449. Doreen Nabaweesi Semanda

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  450. Cheah Lay Lin

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  451. Michael Ching

    A truly beautiful and inspiring sharing. Thank you both so much to give me so much courage to move out from my cocoon and to live up what the book of James has taught us.

    • Joy Machunga

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      God bless you indeed.

  452. Jenny

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    Jenny 🌞

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    • Hattie

      All glory to the Most High God for using His servants in such a profound and inspiring way. Your testimony inspired me to remove the red lights & watch for the green lights and move forward. Thank you for living out the scripture Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Loren & Adele your strong & never-ending faith was tested you sorted out what was important and what is not, what needed to be done now and what does not. You focused your eyes not on what is seen (your circumstances), but on what is unseen (Presence of God). May our Unstoppable God continue to bless your lives.

  453. LaJeanne Williams

    This is a unique and encouraging testimony of God’s plan for each of our lives. Our plans are not always or are rarely God’s plans. It reminds me to always con- sider my motives before asking for anything and ask according to his will. With humility we should be careful to give Him the glory for all he has done.
    Thank you for sharing. God bless you and family.

    • Phyllis

      So agree. Motives in our prayers need to monitored all the time. Mine certainly does.


    Thanks for sharing your story. It encouraged me to believe that “God is unstoppable, and so is His message.”

  455. Phil

    Thank you for your faithfulness to His calling! Our God has a perfect plan to all who accept His “light burden” in absolute faith.

    • Carol

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  456. Paul Chau

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful walk with God. It is not only touching but also encouraging. God is true and trustworthy and trials will strengthen our faith and perseverance only that we have to ask and follow. I was about to give up my volunteer service to the seniors in our community after two active years of helping them to get organized and to seek financial support and paper work as I felt no direct sign of bringing them to believe in God. After the study of James and inspired by your witness, I realize that these non-believers are watching how am I as a Christian, would continue my service too. I decide to carry on with the love of God and will rely on Him for the road ahead. Thank you again for your precious sharing.

  457. Alphina Bwaley

    This is truly humbling. I am challenged by this selfless couple. God is truly amazing. Thank yo for sharing.

  458. Carole Rainey

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  459. Connie Cooley

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  460. Margarita Ramos Dapkus

    Blessings Adele & Loren,
    Thanks for staying the course, giving God, our Sovereign LORD, all the GLORY!

    Thank for your transparency and humility, you have shown those in your sphere of influence!

    Thanks for highlighting our Heavenly Father, so aptly.

    God Bless you always!

    “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior” Judges 6: 12

  461. Barbara Williams

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  462. Ruth m Tingler

    This is a beautiful story of when God speaks you listened . God is a miracle working God. I so enjoy BS F. I started eight years ago when my husband passed away and God has blessed. Thanks for a wonderful story how God works. God bless you and your family.🙏

  463. Pamela Swanlund

    Thank you for sharing your journey . I pray God continues to use you for His glory. He is more than my human mind can comprehend. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow.

  464. Veronica

    Amen! Thank you for sharing n encouragement!
    We experience real Joy and genius faith in the book of James.
    God bless All.

  465. Shirley Cotton

    Amen. Thank you soooo much for sharing. I am encouraged by your story and how you both were able to see God in it and keep your eyes on Him

  466. Suzanne m korandu

    These is the most powerful thing I have read these these morning GOD is truly faithfull and will never leave his children. And putting GOD to is word truly works and our answers are never far but always with us in HIS word. Thank you

  467. Liza

    We can do alll things through Christ
    He gives us the strength as we persevere


  468. Angela Amedo Kwarteng

    Very Inspiring! Thank you for being obedient. I am encouraged that when I obey, God will do the rest to His Glory.
    Our God is faithful.

    Thank you so much for sharing

  469. CM Harper

    Thank be to God for using you in sharing your story, to remind me and others facing trials, that God’s own Son
    Faced more harsh trials than we will ever face. However, if we trust in Him who sent His Son as a SacraficialLamb for us, then we surely can face our trials knowing that He will never leave us to face them alone. Our peace and joy is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Allow Him in to stay.

  470. Selwyn J Collins

    It’s amazing when God produces gold out of ashes. I’m reminded of Joni Erickson-Tada who was used mightily by God over the years when she suffered similar fate as a very young woman from diving into water that was too shallow and ending up being a quadriplegic

  471. Sue Tracy

    Very timely this was exactly what I needed today. Thanks be to God for getting this message out to me and others.
    I have to get my mind off of myself and my circumstances and refocus on the One who loves me.
    Thank you for sharing this story and turning my evening around! Our unstoppable God is the God on the mountain top and our God in the lowest valley praise be to our Lord, He is the Great I AM!
    Sue Tracy, Phoenix Trinity Bible Phoenix, AZ
    Brenda Ziegler Teaching leader

  472. J.B.


  473. Mary Jo Collison Herron

    Loren and Adele. I am sitting here thinking of you with tears of joy for you both. My husband worked for you back in the 90’s I still use the Bible Loren gave Paul when he baptized Paul. You were such a wonderful testimony to both of us. In fact because of you I found a BSF study in Branson this year. Paul went to be with the lord in 2010 and I remarried last year. Thank you for your story and May you and your children be blessed. I thank you so much for your life changing influence on Paul and myself.

  474. Dawn

    This is amazing! Praise the LORD! I know it is very very tough to give up your house plus the quality life it means. It is even more tough to see your son suffer. As a mom I can totally feel for you. Please know that you have set an example for us, and your faith and perseverance are evidence of the almighty God we worship.
    Praying God’s continued presence in your life and that He will bless you abundantly to bless even more souls.

  475. Shirley Chambliss-Johnson

    Thank you for sharing, and now I have some encouraging words to help me through the journey I am trying to get through

  476. Eileen

    I am not young, I miss BSF and interaction with other believers.
    I have worked many years and have used my God giving talent to help others.
    When I lost my job I feel the excuse used had nothing to do with my work ethic. I feel it had to do with my age being 70.
    Though I felt bad, I also felt God’s blessings.
    I worked retail in a housewares bedding dept.
    I have a retail degree in Home Economics.
    I was able to answer many questions about bedding, dinnerware, draperies, etc.
    If I couldn’t find what people were looking for, I also could suggest where to find it.
    God’s blessings has been the many people that have told me how they missed my help I had given them.
    I know it was God who gave me the ability to hear some the comments.
    I love helping others.
    I’m sad I can’t travel now, grandkids, daughter and husband are an 8 hour drive away.
    Also my husband had hip surgery and needs my help.I
    He also has back problem so I don’t want to leave him alone till he is stronger.I
    I can not be it I have had the opportunity to travel.
    My ancestry is E.nglish, Scottish and German.
    I traveled to Scotland when I was 60,
    Germany when 65, and was in France for 70.
    I wanted to go to England but that will have to wait.I
    I love BSF.

  477. John Harder

    I lost my wife 2 and a half years ago to cancer. We had prayed for a miracle and that God,s will be done. About two years prior I was having trouble with balance and mobility. A couple months before my wife died I was diagnosed with MS. It has been an amazing journey watching God use an illness and death to give me opportunities to witness. Thanks for your service and witness for Christ.

  478. Elaine

    This is one of the most beautiful and powerful testimonies I have ever heard! God is so faithful and in the midst of all your suffering brought beauty from ashes. Praise our great God and our Lord Jesus Christ!


    Your story is extremely encouraging to me. I also have tenants who struggle to keep a roof over their heads. My late husband believed God called us to this place as our own mission field. During the current crises, the difficulties my increase. Thank you for the reminder that God is in this place with me. He will take care of that next step. He will send the right person. And He will guide us through every difficulty. May our Lord richly bless you.

  480. FEI GAO

    Thank you very much for sharing. It’s really touching.

  481. roger alves

    fantastic story so inspiring and heartwarming. There is no stopping God!

  482. Paul Lwere

    Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Heb.11:1)..this is exactly what the Funks embraced head on! What an amazing and touching experience!! Thanks Adele &Loren!

  483. Kim Anh Cannon

    This is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the photos, video, and story. Our God IS unstoppable!

  484. Linda Israel

    Beautiful family and awesome story of suffering, surrender, and allowing God make it beautiful! Only God can do that! Looking forward to using my summer to re-visit this year’s amazing study! James is a good book to read, and re-read! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  485. Rita Tj.

    Thank you for sharing…! It encourages me a lot. I have much to practice …kindness, generosity, perseverance, etc. Your story shows me that God is sovereign and He is in control in all things, I need to fully trust Him. Pray for you & the whole family….!

  486. Karen Dobbs

    You’re awesome and fantastic genuine heroes. Thanks God bless you. Can animals live there too. Shelter senior animals.

  487. Janet Holton

    Wow! Thank you for your transparency… this has not been easy time in your lives. I read again just now… Consider it PURE joy. I’ve known that forever. It doesn’t mean Ha ha. But PURE joy isn’t necessarily an emotion. It seems to me that that joy is almost an unemotional deep inner knowing. I need to spend more time with my prayer journal and see what more He wants to show me.

    • C. Gitahi

      Truly an inspiring testimony. The faith of the Lord God we serve is unstoppable. May He bless you for your good deeds as you serve Him

      • kwabena &Ama

        We are in the midst of similar thoughts directing me to follow Adele and Lorens example
        Please pray for us to persevere to take the first step

  488. Anne Gamble

    Adele, I still quote things you taught in your lectures, in the years since we moved from Denver in 2009. You continue to inspire with your beautiful faith. Praying for you and yours. Love you, lady. ~ Anne Gamble

  489. Kathy Rhyne

    What a beautiful inspiring story! God Bless,

    Kathy Rhyne
    Corryton Tennessee

    • D. B. Libby

      Whao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for sharing and bringing to life the words Count it all Joy.
      May God continue to lift you up as you lift others up.
      A special Thanks also for having the heart to sacrifice all for the homeless, bringing to life the care of others in Acts.

  490. Fran Goetz

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of what God can do if we only let Him. The Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him.

  491. Lucretia Camacho

    How wonderful for you that God brought you both to the same conviction near the same time! He brought you to see the reality of what so many live with every day in our world, and now you can know gratitude for that blessing every day. May God bless you immeasurably for following His lead!!!

  492. Frantzie Beauduy

    Wow, this is a very inspiring story of obedience and faithful followers of Christ. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing.

  493. Barbara Roberts

    You passed on your faith to your son and he has joy in whatever circumstance he’s in. I find that a true testimony of the life you have lived in front of him!

  494. Gloria

    you opened your heart to the Holy Spirit in complete submission ,and our God gave you unstoppable joy. God used you to minister to so many people. What a blessing 🙏

  495. Hyacinth Wallace

    We can’t outdo our Almighty God. Trust and obey there is no other way. Thanks for sharing.

  496. Lyon Chan

    Your story comes timely to comfort my personal circumstances with a severe storm happening to my family on May 6. I asked myself can I go through this storm. On doubting, your family affirms me God’s power is unstoppable and let’s not look horizontally, but focus on Jesus alone. I am sure that when I doubt again in future, your story will warms me up. Thank you LORD and your sharing inspires.

  497. Tom Lam

    Faith in action! What a wonderful example for us all!

  498. Raymond Negele

    Faith produces works… in action.
    To God be the glory!

  499. Sandra Mitchell

    Praise the Lord! To Him be the glory in ask things!

    • Sandra Mitchell

      In *all* things😁

      • Lucy Njeri mwangi

        What a wonderful faith and a mission for others. It’s very encouraging that we should put the word of God into action. So that we can be empowered by God to fulfil his will here on earth.yes God is unstoppable after all that trial he remained faithful to that project.

  500. Jane Vanworth

    As we prepare to re-establish our presence more fully in America, this account of God’s faithfulness overcoming our tragedies, illnesses and failures is encouraging our hearts to never give up, never let go! God is worthy of all Honor and Glory and Praise!

  501. Peter

    Thank you Adele……joy is a treasure.

  502. Eleanor Stewart

    Praise God–how great is our God. It’s so true tho we cannot understand why things happen as they do, but as we go thru challenging times, as long as we keep our eyes on God, & thank Him for what IS, & know in our hearts He always works out the details, and our faith becomes stronger & stronger. To GOD be the GLORY

  503. Linda Weathers

    Sometimes when you feel you are all alone in the trials God has given you, He sends you a story like this one to help open
    your eyes. Thank you for your story. It truly helped me

  504. Mary J. Jackson

    This story lets us know that God is good. When we ask him for something, we just need to patient and this is what the Funks did. May God continue to bless them and their family.

  505. Debrah Stafford

    WOW, your testimony is awe inspiring. Just reading gives me hope to know the vision the Lord has put on my heart is possible only thru him. Gazelles Gifts is in its infancy stage, but reading about Synergy Village is exactly the inspiration I need to precede with the next phase of Gazelles Gifts. Gazelles Gifts comes from the life of a disciple in Acts 9:36; Tabitha and Dorcas both mean Gazelle. 9:36b…always abounding with deeds of kindness and charity… is used as our scripture text.
    Our mission is to provide temporary basic essentials personal needs to women and children and the homeless. Please pray for Gazelles Gifts and I will keep you and your family in constant prayer. May the Lord richly bless you today and everyday.

  506. B June

    I am so much inspired by this life story to continue serving the Lord, staying strong by His strength, rejecting what the accuser is saying and focusing and fixing my feeling (thoughts) toward Jesus and drawing strength from Him to be able to see and feel the pure joy.
    Thank you for sharing your story that invites me to have a shalter in a believer’s authentic faith.💖
    B June
    (TL Yangon, Myanmar EW)

  507. Darlene Brown

    What a beautiful and inspiring story. My heart goes out to all of you. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • MaryAnn Watson

      What an encouraging story of faith at a time when I’m wondering if I can go on. I know God is a real and present help in time of need and I have been His child for 53 years and trust Him, but as Adelle said at one point, I don’t feel His help. Feelings are not reliable I know. After reading their story and how they were unstoppable by the hand of God, I’m encouraged to be unstoppable also, by the grace of God. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sandy Shaw

      I’ve never really connected to Paul even though I’ve studied the Life & letters of Paul 5-6 times. But this year God delivered me from the dessert of morning for my husband of 51 years. Like you I’d lost my joy. But this year I learned that joy comes from living for God’s purpose. Trusting God means submitting to His will & trusting His way even when we can’t understand it. Paul never wasted his time with: Why? Or on self pity. He humbly accepted God’s Grace and kept his eyes on God’s purpose! When we are fulfilling the purpose God called us to, Joy is present through the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing God’s Grace toward you and your family. May the Lord bless and keep you,

  508. Shelley Dickinson

    What a beautiful story. Makes me think of how very blest I am and where the Lord is calling me to help others. I love the book of James and need to pray the Lord will guide me in doing his will.

  509. Cathy Spaans

    What a testimony of God’s grace! May He continue to uphold you and bless you richly!

  510. Elizabeth Isaac

    Your faith in the Lord is inspiring in the face of trying circumstances. Clinging to God’s word and the Holy Spirit as you did helps us overcome trials and fears. Thank you for sharing.

  511. Sherri

    Thank you for these words. We too have a disabled son due to a car accident 6 years ago. He lives with us. Although I never lost my joy, and have always been very thankful God saved our son, I still cry and experience sadness often because of what happened and how our lives were changed. I am confident that one day I will thank God for this event in our lives and for what He has accomplished for the Kingdom. God is faithful and can turn tragedy into good. Thank you again for being a willing vessel.

  512. Charlyne Sanders

    Through it all through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus I’ve learned to depend upon The Lord.
    I’m blessed and encouraged to know God never fails us. In the valley and on the mountain He will never leave us nor forsake us. Thanks for sharing. I’m blessed and encouraged you never gave up.

  513. Evie C.

    I’m amazed every time I hear a story how God has prepared a couple separately, to carry through a plan he is orchestrating making it a joint unified effort. That is the mighty God we serve. Thanks to both of you for sharing your story. May he continue to richly bless you. My what a large family you now have.

  514. Shirley Ravenel

    If we as believers of Christ would have and Keep the Faith and be on one accord like you two do, and look to Christ like you both did, O what a difference we would make in the world. God used you both to help people because you worked together as one, as one Body in Christ.

  515. Stephen Rajkumar

    Circumstances are not taken away from us but God enables us to go through it. Thank you for sharing. It’s a blessing

  516. Qian Yu

    Thank you for this incredible work n only fixing eyes to Jesus , He is able .

  517. Shirlene Lim

    Thanks for sharing and I’m deeply inspired and encouraged with what you shared. Indeed when we read God’s Word, some things He said are just not optional. We have to trust and obey He will do just what He says and we just do our part. Pray with me as I journey through the book of James during this period as I’m trusting God too to direct my dreams and plans through His Word.

  518. Janice Lim

    Synergy Village is God Blessings and will be as James 1:18 says “Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that qe should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

  519. Tony Warukira

    Wonderful inspiration. God bless you.

  520. Pauline Burke

    This is very encourageing to me. I now realise that I should wait on that still small voice and not on my own thinking, not to be down and dispair as God always has a plan and He will get the Glory.

  521. Elizabeth

    Encouraging and inspiring of God will carry us through trials when faith seems to dim.

  522. Vicki

    Wow! What an inspiration and challenge to give so much more to Jesus and trust His provision. A beautiful couple and example to those around them as they live with and witness to those in Synergy.

  523. Janet Wells

    Awesome testimony of surendered lives. O, what our Father can do.

  524. Tsuimei Tsai

    It is inspiring. When I saw the brilliant smile on Funks’ face, I knew that he was full of heavenly joy. His injuries can be a disguised blessing. May God bless your community and your ministry.

  525. Becky Sorrell

    What a powerful story 🙏

  526. Jean Smith

    Wow this story sounds so much like my life story . I was so encouraged by this and especially after our study of our Unstoppable God. I know now I am a lot stronger and I know God’s word is so powerful and true and I can trust all of his promises.

  527. Wanda Addison

    I truly found your message at the point almost unbelievable. I’ve been told our trials, testing of our Faith comes to make us stronger. I honestly never thought I’d hear some of the exact words I was just told through the closing of my study The Unstoppable God. My actual prayer request for the season was that I’d daily ask the Lord to help me tame my tongue. James Chapter 4 & 5 really dealt with me on April 27, 2020 as I did my Lesson 29 Questions Pride had to die. I had to humble myself apologize to a total stranger whom I had opened my home to come stay by saying please forgive me should I’ve offended you in any way. May 1st & May 2nd I stayed quiet all day not saying a word. We truly serve an Unstoppable God. I desired this person out of my home by April 30th. May 2, 2020 as I sat outside on my front porch not saying a word letting the Lord fight my battle. This person started packing that morning. Gathered all of her belongings called to be picked up. By 12:45 PM she was gone. Peace & quiet had returned to my home. What the enemy meant for bad, my heavenly father worked it out for my good. I entered this trial with blinders on not knowing this person from Adam, but wanting to help. The person was attempting to use my mailing address to gain residency at my property. To God be the Glory he worked everything out for my good as I obeyed, and surrendered all to him.

  528. Karen L O'Shea

    Your story and act of faith brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  529. Leilani D Clark

    Loved the story about how this couple perservered through difficulties by relying on their faith in Jesus Christ. As humans we often get discouraged but as Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Our God is unstoppable!! We just need to rely on him in faith and trust and obey. We will be blessed and encouraged as our faith grows deeper.

  530. Cristina Smallwood

    The Funk’s story is all I need to go on with my projects despite my age (78). The Lord keeps sending me more and more ladies older or even younger than I, in need of my attention. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but in the book of Acts we learn to keep our eyes on Jesus, for our strength is in the Lord. He is the One who equips us to do His will. His joy is sufficient for us! Thanks, Adele, for the encouragement we receive from your story!

  531. Jack Marshall

    Yes with the faith of a grain the sise of a mustard seed we can say move and the mountain
    ( problem ) will move. When all else fails HE always shows up, to HIM be the glory honor and praise.

  532. Inviolata

    Thank you very much for listening to the voice of Holy Spirit. God bless you abundantly. It is also a challenge to many of us not to look horizontally or on what is ahead but to focus on to Jesus.

  533. Marisa

    You have given me so much courage .. God is good

  534. Glenda Conner

    I see God’s power here! His power is Unstoppable! What a great witness of how much God will do when we step out and let Him step in.

  535. Sylvia W

    What an inspiring story….only God would change the heart of man.

  536. Dorothy Basinger

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey. May God continue to bless and keep you in all your endeavors.

  537. DeeDee Bingham

    You have inspired me to keep on keeping on in the face of health problems, death of my husband, and even more isolation due to corona. Hope In the Lord is a wonderful thing!

  538. Judy

    God always knows our needs and protects us. This was a great reading for me.

  539. Dr. Mary Davis

    Dear Adlele,
    Thanks for sharing that amazing story. In Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways Acknowledge Him and he will direct your path. ” That is what you guys did.
    Always remember that God is a rain maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, that is who he is! He keeps his promise.

    In Jesus’name,
    Mary Davis

    • Nandak

      Thank you for sharing. A timely message for me to always fix my eyes upon Jesus. He is indeed the UNSTOPPABLE GOD.

  540. Cherry

    Wonderful story!!! Very Inspiring… God Bless you Funk Family!!!

  541. Shelly

    Amazing faith and perseverance.Thank you for your story, such pain that you triumphed through and still shine with the joy of the Lord.

  542. Helene L Sams

    The reading of your “Borrowing Joy” was the best thing I could have read on this day. I was feeling so down and lonely thinking no body knows or even cares what I am going though, I had a breast biopsy last week and received the news that I have “Precancerous Cells in my left breast and that I should have them removed or get a mastectomy. I tried to pray, I tried to meditate, in disappointed thinking I am 80 years old, too old to have that kind of surgery now. I am asking the Holy Spirit to lead me as I pray for an answer. I am so glad I read your “Borrowing Joy” It lift me up to know that I am not alone. My God known what’s going on in my life and all I have to do is lean and depend on Him. I pray that God will continue to lead and guide you and your family. Amen


      Helene, I am putting you on my prayer list. I will be praying often for you. I am 81 and understand some of your indecision. You and I have no idea what our Lord plans for the rest of our lives here. But He does have plans for us. Remember Jeremiah 29:11; written to the old as well as to the young.. Jesus called us to an abundant life. I hope you relish every delicious moment.

      I am asking God to be evident in His companionship to you. He promised to never leave us. Only He can live up to that promise.

      I love Psalm 139 which says He knows every time we sit down or stand up; every time we go out or stay home. He cares about every big and little thing in our lives. He is familiar with all our ways. I pray He will flood your heart with His love for you.

  543. Charity

    I am so encouraged by the Funks story. No obstacle that came their way stopped them through Gods guidance. Amen to that. I look forward to what i can achieve and not look back to where i have been through Christ my Lord.

  544. Kate Gorde

    What a beautiful story of inspiration, and we have a 30 year old son name Tyler and that cut right through my heart. What an amazing faith!

    Blessings and praise for your faithfulness and God’s unstoppable purpose!

  545. Trecia

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It encourages me to trust God in the hard things. He makes everything beautiful in His time. God bless your family and keep you in His peace and perfect will.

  546. Nancy

    what a wonderful inspiring testimony.

  547. Carolyn Rosemond

    With God all things are possible.
    The Lord prepares us for things that we are to encounter. The trials, oppressions and the struggles we face strengthens our heart, mind and our desire to succeed. We follow his command and lean on him. Then the road we are called to travel doesn’t seem impossible.
    All praises to our Lord and Savior.

  548. Viji G

    Thank you for this encouragement.

  549. Maria Manzanares

    I’m so Blessed to know that God is who he says he is.I’m.
    Your Blessed to know the Knowledge of Wisdom.To keep trusting God in his word.
    Threw it all your Family never gave up Praise Jesus!
    Happy your all doing well!
    Keep moving with the Holy Spirit he knows what he is doing.
    It’s how we roll.
    Thank you for sharing your Testimony ❤️.
    Love Never Fail Me!
    Stay Blessed!

  550. Coleen CourterSheets

    Wow! What an incredible example of living a life that exemplifies Jesus Christ both. It’s very inspiring and also convicting. Thank you for sharing your story. What a blessing! Praying for you both and your family. Thank you Lord for sending your joy to this family in these difficult times of suffering and trials. To God be the glory.

  551. Joyce Raines

    Thank you for sharing your and Loren’s story. You encouraged me to look again at James and Hebrews (always a good read!). What is God leading me to do? I need to quit talking and just listen. Thanks again, Adele.

  552. Susan

    Your story of faith and courage is amazing and encourages me to look up always and obey God even when life doesn’t make sense through my physical eyes! Praise be to God!

  553. noreen gaston

    Adele family I’m a bsf goer. I love it, but I have so many challenges in my walk to think why am I always being challenged by the people or things involved with christ many times I just wanted to get out the way, but GOD tells me in his word to keep going. Look what they done to me my own people. I said that to say this your story for me is validation to keep on going and GOD will do the rest. Thanks for sharing your story I needed it. Noreen Gaston ( dallas,tx.)

  554. Cheryl

    Beautiful, thank you for your service in the name of the Lord. What faithful servants you are!! Wonderful testimony.

  555. Jerry Capone

    What an awesome God we have! This is the type testimonies we need to hear that when we step out of our comfort zone for God’s purpose. His will be done in the midst of trials and we will persevere and share His joy.

  556. Ellen Tam

    What an amazing witness of God’s word and deed, it’s inspiring . Thank you for sharing . God Bless.

  557. Gayle

    Praising our Unstoppable God with you for all His Goodness in the midst of trials. As a senior in high school, our son was becoming more and more rebellious. My husband and I prayed boldly that God would do whatever it takes to turn his heart back to the Lord. A few months later, our son became paraplegic while snowboarding. The course of his life dramatically changed for the better from that day forward. That was 17 years ago and we are still praying that he will walk with God all the days of his life. God can heal physically of course, but the most important healing is what He does in our hearts.

  558. Jenni Susantijo Ng

    Thank you for sharing your powerful unstoppable life journey which is driven by The unstoppable powerful Holy Spirit who is way beyond our expectations & power!

  559. Tammy Chow

    PRAISE GOD for the Funks witness to the world. I’m Truly Believe our Savior JESUS CHRIST Will one day Heal their son even the world say cannot. Our JESUS CHRIST IS A LIVING GOD and HE IS UNSTOPPABLE. Blessings!

  560. Joanne Eaton

    Their faith is inspiring. I am in the process of trying to sell a condo my Mom and sister owned. We had an offer that fulfilled everything I was looking for, the purchaser was going to take all of Mom’s furniture her granddaughters did not want. Got the bad news on Tuesday. It is now back on the market and don’t know what to do with her furnishings because of this virus. Everyday I walk and pray for all my friends and family to be safe at this time and sell the condo. I thought my prayers were answered, but the sale fell through. My faith in God is all I have and know He is listening to my pleas as this family had many struggles.

  561. Kin Sun Lau

    I just have the answer for these that we all know : The Lord loves us and actually, it’s HE serving us. Our so called services to HIM is just a very small response to HIS great love to us. Praise The Lord.

  562. Andry Rakotomanana

    “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them”Heb 6:10

  563. Mae Wood

    Fabulous testimony of Gods love, direction and provision. Pure joy in action.

  564. Laketa Langley

    Beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing!

  565. Rob McCutcheon

    As you have done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto Me. Praise the Lord for what you have done and may He continue to bless and keep you. To smile on you and give you peace. He is our peace.

    God bless you and all of your people that you are assisting.

  566. Sandi

    Beautiful story . Thank you for sharing!

  567. Laurie W

    Wow! Susie, thanks for sharing Loren and Adele’s testimony to God’s faithfulness as they surrendered to Him! And a ginormous “thank you“ and “God bless you“ to them as well for sharing what I’m sure was/is a painful process. Time and time again I’ve been blessed to see God at work in similar ways; but reading this is a huge blessing to me now as my own health has changed my life. I’ve kinda been stumbling, failing my LORD, and now see what needs to be done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!😘💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  568. Peggy

    So thankful they didn’t give in to the enemy. Inspiring story

  569. Norma

    This is a wonderful of perseverence over many obstacles and much time. Thanks for sharing.

  570. Debra Jones

    What an inspiring testimony. Shows us that on our own strength we can do nothing; but with faith in God, all things are possible!! Sadness lasts for a moment, but joy comes in the morning. You are truly a blessing!

  571. Hazel Hakuna

    Thank you for such an encouraging message. Most of the time us christians lose hope and are discouraged when faced with challenges.

  572. Imelda

    Happy National Day of Prayer! Thank you so much for the email,especially about how God worked in the lives of the Funks.Only our true God can make the impossible in human stand point become possible by equipping those who obey His call and rely on Him to accomplish His purpose.Praise be to God for the couple’s perseverance which also comes from God during their difficult trials,ultimately making them better,not bitter by holding on firmly toHis Word.Our awesome God still makes miracles!May the Lord improve Tyler’s condition.Ultimately,God’s greatest miracle is making us come to Him through our faith in His Beloved Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and enable us to remain in Him.God bless!

  573. Virginia Martinez

    You inspire me to persevear an be stedfast on my walk with the LORD! GOD Bless you!

  574. Sherrian Westfall

    How inspiring, don’t give up ,,,never let go of Jesus’ hand, never lose sight of the prize. Thank you for this article

  575. Robin Delgado

    wow thank you for sharing y’all’s journey.I so needed this today.God is so so good,My son is on his 10 th year in a chair and he is are inspiration everyday he’s a little gem. Gods given us joy too it took me a while to let god show me the way back too.God bless you to keep doing his work.

  576. Irene Muya

    God bless you and your family. 🙏

  577. Stephanie

    Just what I needed to hear today! Look up, not horizontally. Thank you for sharing.

  578. Kari Lyons

    I want to experience joy! Thank you for this awe inspiring article.

  579. Pat Reaves

    Thank you for sharing your testimony of God directing your path to fulfill scripture commands and promises. Faithful God has changed you’re perspective and He’s rewarded your faith to deal with repetitive struggles in His grace and mercy. God bless you Adel & Lorene and your family as you’ve acted in obedience to the new ministry of Synergy Village.

  580. Marcel D'Auteuil

    Truly an amazing story of perseverance despite all the obstacles that you and your family endured. We can do all things through Christ who strenghtens us.
    God bless you, your family and your work for the less fortunate!
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  581. Jan

    Thank you for such a beautiful encouraging message! This really touched my heart. Am in the process of writing some charitable checks at the moment; and it encouraged me to give more than planned. 😊

  582. Linda

    Wow, just Wow! Thank you for sharing God and how He gave you courage and perseverance. James1:27 has stood out to me, my prayer this summer will be do you need me and how. God Bless!

  583. Larry Rippere

    two comments:

    1) In the Kingdom, there is no such thing as an “accident”.
    2) Please don’t use YELLOW print on a white background.

    The Funks’ story is beautiful and impressive. Thanks for sharing, and GO TYLER!!!

  584. Sin-Yi Chao Lambertson

    Yes, it never cease to amaze me on how our God works with each of us individually, yet similarly. I too have been blessed to know it first hand. In the beginning of my walk, I tried very hard to do right. Now, I’ve learned the blessings of resting in the Lord while doing whatever He lays before me but leaving the results is in His hand. What a freedom! Praise His holy name!

  585. Sheila Brooks

    Before I read this article. I was complaining terribly of a backache and asking God to heal my back so I can run. Just like the Jewish leaders, we sometimes focus on the wrong things. The trials and testimonies of these godly servants have inspired, encouraged and moved me to whisper often….. ‘God be glorified in my life and to keep at the forefront of my mind that You Lord are unstoppable.

  586. Marilyn Riggle

    Surrender to God’s will and He will take care of everything. Surely He took care of them. No matter what we do for God, He always outdoes is.

  587. josephine conti

    your testimony was uplifting. your obedience inspiring.

  588. Suja

    What a blessing to be reminded God’s faithfulness. Remaining in Jesus through the struggles. May God continue to bless you and guide you

  589. Julie Jurkovich

    Thank you for sharing God’s faithfulness. He is always faithful to lead & provide!

  590. Valerie D

    Great experience reading their testimony and their truthfulness in what they felt through the difficult time in their lives heartfelt testimony and the son asking mom are you always going to be sad I needed this testimony today thank you and I thank God for allowing you to share with others God is always right on time.

  591. John hall

    Thank you for sharing your faith story

  592. Starling Reynolds

    This year’s study of Acts (especially finishing with James) has personally been quite challenging; going through our lives, experiencing God’s multitude of blessings, making every possible effort to live the christian life we are called to lead, wondering how to live that life when we finally decide (or are enlightened) as to what that life looks like. Paul and James so vividly throw down that gauntlet, “it’s so nice you have this wonderful faith that you believe in, that you are so firmly rooted in: NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?” Is it enough to believe in the life saving grace/gift of the Father? We can get so locked in on what am I DOING!! Adele and Loren so beautifully describe how they walk in faithfulness. The Father will reveal to us how or what and when and where. Acts so wonderfully leads us forward in this relationship with the Father and especially the Holy Spirit.

  593. Brenda Morton

    Thank you for this reminder of how God is the perfect provider who can give us peace in the midst of our storms if we trust him. Beautiful story of faith tested.

  594. Suzanne Spiers

    Wonderful testimony! I have not had the struggles that Adele and Loren have had, but I have at one stage been homeless with a young baby after leaving my abusive ex. As our daughter was growing up, we had no money, but the Lord showed me how to be creative with what I had and showed me where all the food banks in my city were, and the Growers’ market near our home had large bins where the just ‘out of date’ veggies and fruit and prepared foods were placed. The Lord has always provided and through all the struggles and tears, He has grown and matured me. No matter what our circumstances in life are and no matter what adversity we face, those trials mature us, as James chapter 1 points out. All those years of adversity, did not destroy me. They showed me what really matters and increased my trust in the Lord. He is faithful and always comes through; not in ways we often expect, but He always has the best solutions because He truly does care for His children.

  595. Enid

    What a powerfull story!. Wish I had gotten this before our class ended on the 6th. I would have shared it with our virtual class.
    God is Good all the time. He never leaves us.

  596. Hedy Taylor

    Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful example of courage and perseverance. God bless you and your family.

  597. Victor Kong

    Wow! What a testimony of applying God’s word in The book of James. May God honor your obedience of answering His call. You had cared for what God care for,He’ll care for what you care for as well. Thanks for Sharing this inspiring testimony!

  598. Ellen Ferrick

    What an amazing story of hope.
    Thank you!

  599. Kirstin Evert

    Adele, I miss being in your day time class. As you grew in your faith, you helped me to seek the Lord and ask questions too. I remember Loren’s miracle and I remember praying for this apartment complex. God blesses us through other’s faith. So grateful your joy in complete in Him.

  600. Rosemary Aloo

    A very inspiring story. I can relate to the story.

  601. Bobbi Sengenberger

    What a beautiful testimony! God has moved mountains for you and Loren.
    You are unstoppable and I am privileged to sit under your teaching.
    Always love and prayers

  602. Tess Gatmaitan

    Very encouraging and edifying testimony!

  603. Dianna Polinski

    FtmotcifttwapbtuwabsiitpoG. I Corinthians 1-4 May God continue to bless you and yours mightily today and always! May Synergy occupants come to know God and the one whom he sent more fully. Unstoppable God.

  604. Pamela Garcia

    Wow. This story brings tears to my eyes. Beyond words… What a declaration of unwavering faith and complete surrender to the Father. May our Lord bless this endeavor and even more to come; for you unselfish, sacraficial life. You are what Christ is–the epitimy of Love. God richly bless you, your son and all future generations. May you all be filled with the glory of God in this world and receive a beautiful crown with many jewels, when you get to Heaven.

    Abundant blessings to you all.

  605. Geraldine Ebanks

    How great is our God. He has a plan and a purpose for each one of us. Thanks for you courage, perseverance and faithfulness. God bless you

  606. Joyce M... BSF DW in MN

    What a wonderful example of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.
    They were so blessed and in turn, they blessed so many others by being obedient to God’s call giving of their resources, time and talent.
    Our God is unstoppable as He brought them through all the challenges that threatened to defeat them. Thank you for posting this….God’s word never comes back void, it always accomplishes His will.

  607. Terri Coon

    Just what I needed to hear, today. Thank you for sharing and the reminder to focus on Him. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  608. Elizabeth Mathew

    Incredible testimony,truly blessed to hear this

  609. Cynthia Fay

    Thank You for this story.
    I fill down my stairs. I had an concussion and still have so problems. I am glad for this this story.

  610. Joy Clutter

    What a gift of encouragement and reflection of God’s love. Thank you for sharing.

  611. Ruth Moss

    What an absolutely incredible story of God’s provision and undying love, His direction to this family and their unselfish surrender. Makes me think of … it only takes a spark to get a fire going… families are being blessed with a place to live and how many lives are being touched by this story.
    Thank you for sharing this story.

  612. Janice Hagan

    Beautiful testament of willing souls who follow God’s plan.

  613. Nancy Williamson

    An inspiring story of how you and your husband were obedient to the Lords’ calling on your lives. For me it is a good reminder that our authentic walk with Jesus will reap fruit in our lives. Our faith in God will produce righteous works. Thank you for encouraging me to be obedient to the call of the Lord in my life✝️❣️

  614. Betty Sanders

    God makes blessings out of our sacrifices. What a blessing they are to the homeless.

  615. David P Schneider

    God Bless…you are truly an inspiration!!!

    • Maxine Stutmann

      Praise the good Lord!🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾 You all are a such a blessing to others. God bless you all!

    • Vivian T. Daniels

      Yes, it was inspiring to read your testimony. It’s amazing how God worked in your lives. It was amazing how a thought came to you and you were hoping your husband would go along with you. He was thinking the same thing. Also how you both were ready to give up and that call came in. Lastly that your son and his wife moved there in the only handicap unit that was available. How you were able to help so many people that needed a home. Following God’s instructions and waiting on God is of great importance. Thank you for inspiring me.

    • Steven Lawver

      God bless you all. That is so inspiring what you did to help others. From my heart to yours.. God bless you and be with you.

    • Ruth Tanksley

      I am so thankful this was shared. To me personally it meant the world to read this inspiring encouraging faithful perseverance of this couple. As at the moment toward the end of our study my faith is been tested. & I my self are learning to count it all joy as I face one of the many trials in life. Today I was feeling down, depressed & unable to believe I can carry on. Then I looked at my email & the Lord had this encouraging story of perseverance just for me. Thank you so much for sharing this at the right time. I believe our God is a great God. He’s purpose & will are perfect. He is Faithful & I can trust He can accomplish His perfect will in each of us. & through it all as He did with Paul. He is always with us. He is our strength & our Rock. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


    It is really inspiring to read something like that. It shows that the Holy Spirit really does give you the strength if you are willing to really listen and be open to going where you are lead. Amazing?

  617. Rachel white

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful encouragement it the Lord!!

    • Princess Olisa

      This is exactly what our Father God has asked us to do on Earth..
      Give to those who will not be able to pay us back but give Glory to Him who is Everlasting and All Knowing..
      May our Good Lord richly bless Adele and her family..
      May He grant healing to her husband and son in The Holy Name of Jesus Christ amen..

    • Sam Carrouth

      Thank you for such an encouraging example of how faith and works do work together! Love and blessings to the entire Funk family!

    • Yvonne Pelzer

      Thanks for sharing, this is reverlation to my spirit. I felt like give up so many time but the words of the lord in the lesson, notes and share in class, the lecture from teacher and leaders. Bsf kept me ground in word knowing god is Sovereign lord. Act 4:23-31 The Believers pray.

  618. Kukorimam

    This is very encouraging. We don’t look elsewhere but on Jesus. Thanks for sharing!

    • lynette pickett

      Inspiring, I just asked the Lord this morning “You must have something really special for me to do.” Because the enemy is making moves trying to deceive me. But, I will keep my eyes on the Lord! I will be the sheep of His flock. Glory to His Name.

  619. Cece

    What a great story! Wonderful people answering God’s call and receiving privilege and honor and joy in return, despite setbacks. God didn’t promise smooth sailing, only joy in purpose. This is a testament to that. They followed the path marked out for them!

    • Qian Yu

      Thank you for this incredible work n only fixing eyes to Jesus , He is able .

  620. Tassie Sumner from Louisville KY.

    Wow! What a blessing it was to read this couple’s story!!! I am definitely choked up & it has given me a lot to think about.
    Thanks for sharing Adele, Loren, & Bennett.
    My prayers go out for you & your families.

    • Lorna Grant

      Wow! I’m really encouraged by your story.
      I think we all get into that ‘horizontal thinking’ mode in our busy lives.
      But if we didn’t experience any difficulties/ suffering – we would just become more and more complacent and rely too much on the flesh.
      It’s a wonderful life in The Lord Jesus, and we’ve so much more to look forward to in the eternal life to come. It’s such a great example to us that you sold your expensive condo to help the poor. Treasures in heaven!!!
      Love and God bless xxx

    • Darlene Brown

      What a beautiful and inspiring story. My heart goes out to all of you. Thank you so much for sharing.

  621. Jacqueline Woo

    Such an inspiring story. We are living in condos with fixed asset and equity. But still we are worrying about our cash flow and how to meet ends. My son aged 17 is going to study in the UK this September. Cash flow is becoming very tight. Amidst the struggling, discovered this story. Praise the Lord!

    • C

      This is so timely as our “normal” has changed and we look to scripture to lead us in our new “normal”. Thank you for the challenge to look to GOD not circumstances. To trust HIM not
      feelings. Your lives are a testament to what is possible when we surrender our plans to
      HIM. Bless you


    Beautiful story about our unstoppable God.

    • Michael Yong

      What an amazing testimony! In the book of Hosea the prophet said when you “ sow to the wind, you will reap the whirlwind “. Adele and Loren had their seeds sown on fertile soil, their studying of the Bible, their obedience to the Word by humbly serving others and their reliance on the Lord. Now they reap the Lord’s blessings . We learn that through the tough times the Lord Jesus was with them.

  623. Melissa l Francisco

    What a beautiful couple with a beautiful faith! I hope my heart can moved to live out my faith. Thank you for inspiring others and sharing your story.

    • Gathigia.

      Very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for sharing. I am indeed blessed by this couple experience. God bless.

  624. Jacquie Reader

    Thank you for sharing this. If was very encouraging.

  625. Carol Bahr

    Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story. Your reward will be in Heaven and will be so great. You are a blessing to all of us in BSF.

  626. Mary

    Beautiful , amazing, wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I love your obedience to the Lords leading. I pray Tyler heals well.

  627. Natalie

    This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story!

  628. Kilee Christnagel

    This is absolutely beautiful and a true testament to the the power of our Lord! May Christ continue to bless you and everyone he puts in your path.

  629. Sylvia Sullivan

    To God be all glory! Thank you for sharing these trials that our Unstoppable God saw you through victoriously. A beautiful realization of everything we studied this year. When everyone kept telling Paul don’t go… and, the Holy Spirit told him he would encounter opposition, Paul still went and God saw him through victoriously. Thank you for encouraging my faith and knowing God is with us when we persevere.

  630. Pat

    Wow, what a testimony of God’s faithfulness & unstoppable power.

  631. Dana S Ashmore

    What a powerful story and showing how God worked in your lives in very difficult circumstances. Thank you for sharing Adele

  632. Sharon DuVal

    What a wonderful example of the truth that our joy is in our relationship with the Lord and not our circumstances. I thank God for Adele and Loren and their faithfulness. You have greatly encouraged me today.

  633. Kay Cole

    That was very inspiring. My husband and I have corona19 virus. We are not bad and hope it stays that way.

  634. Maryella Sanders

    Praise the Lord

  635. Hannatu Matankari

    I have been encouraged by the funk story I know I am struggling too as a widow and it’s still had when the trials come to look unto God but I pray for more grace just like the book of James said about trials

    • Lucretia Camacho

      Hannatu, living without a spouse in our world can be very hard, a trial all by itself. I have been there for many years, but I can attest that God holds us and carries us through all the difficulties if we pray, pray, pray, even when we are beyond exhausted!! God always sees us! Prayers offered for you now.

  636. Char Rimer

    WOW you’ve certainly been thru s lot!!! My husband was diagnosed with large B cell lymphoma at Christmas time and spent the week of Christmas in the hospital! Then he endured six rounds of Agressive chemo every 21 days! Plu the day after his chemo he had a spinal chemo! He’s done with the six rounds and has two more spinal chemos in June!! God has been good through it all and my husband was saved by our pastor while in the hospital at Christmas!!!! We now wait to here the PET scan results he will have on the 19th! Oh and we’ve been quarantined since Christmas!!!!! I’m 72 and he is 76 and of course with this Covid going around we can’t take a chance of either of us getting sick!!! Loved how you rose above all your obstacles it gives me strength to keep going!!!!

    • Ruthie Myers

      Bless you, Char! And praise God for your husband accepting Christ!

    • Lucretia Camacho

      Char, praise God that He saved your dear husband through your pastor & what a wonderful Christmas memory! You can share the hope of meeting in heaven one day. I’m so sorry that your quarantine has been so long, but God sees you. May you both hang in there, even if it’s by your fingernails, and spend quiet time, even if it has to be short, with our powerful God everyday. Your strength come from Him. You will be in my prayers!


    May God continue to bless you as you walk the path He has laid out for you. You are an inspiration.

  638. Kristi L Servies

    What a beautiful testimony.

    • Priyanka. K

      Dear sis Adele I Praise God for His faithfulness and His love for us. God is using you in a tremendous way to encourage the people like me.. I was in a bit worry about my situation but after reading your blog my heart felt so much gratitude towards God and stir my heart to obey Him .Thank you so much dear sis

  639. Jessica Arnn

    Wow!! So encouraging and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your challenges, your convictions and God’s work in your life, causing your obedience. Just inspiring!

  640. Marilyn

    Amazing generosity. During Easter one of the sermon topics at my church was Gratitude produces Generosity. I love that they could see through all the difficulties God’s love and promises. “His ways are not our ways, not his thoughts our thoughts. Thank you for sharing this

  641. Robin Brinn

    Beautiful, beautiful message. You can see God’s hand all in this! ❤️🙌🏻

    • Joni

      Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story of how God is using you to reach so many. Such an inspiration. Praying for continued blessings from God!

  642. Sally Ann Southwood

    Wow what a journey you and your family have been on. You are such an inspiration on how to serve our unstoppable GOD.
    Thank you for sharing💗

  643. Linder

    Thank you for the inspiration.
    What they did on a big scale,
    I can do on a very small scale.
    Thanks be to our God who
    gives us ‘our daily bread’

  644. Cindy C Creel

    Beautiful and inspiring story.

    • Sarah McCall

      I pray I will be faithful to God and He will entrust to me a “mission” like this one lived out by this couple. We are here on this earth for such a short time. If we fix our eyes on Jesus, we won’t miss the opportunities He gives us (both large and small).

      My prayer for all of us is “to be blessed as we bless others)…

      • Brenda Herber

        Thank you for this inspiring testimony. You can see how God paved your future because you gave your life for His cause. So encouraging tonight as I read how many times it would have been easy to stop but you had your eyes on the true God & didn’t turn back!

      • Laura Baird

        That still small voice of God speaks to each of us, but how often do we act upon it? You did. You, stepping out in faith, and persevering through the difficulties along the way, is what we are called to be as children of God. I thank you for your example of selflessness, steadfastness, and obedience to God.

        I’m very sorry about your accident Tyler. I have to say though, that your genuine smile, identical in both of your pictures above, shines forth your joy and faith. What a testimony to us all. I love how God even took care of having the appropriate apartment available for you and your wife. No detail overlooked. May God bless you all, thy good and faithful servants of God.

  645. Todd W.

    What a beautiful story of faith, perseverance and love. Thank you, Adele!

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