Conquering Fear with Faith


L ying facedown, Joy Machunga was prepared to die. Her leg throbbed after being brutally kicked, but she did not dare to move. Shots sounded overhead, and Joy prayed in silence.

“I just said, ‘Lord, take control.  

After several days in Abuja, Nigeria, visiting a BSF class as an area advisor, Joy was on her way home to the city of Jos 

Between Abuja and Jos, bus drivers choose between two routes. One, though longer, is highly populated and typically safe. The other is infamous for gang activity and carjackings. That day, Joy’s driver chose the latter.  

“I just assumed without asking that he would take the safer road,” Joy said. “When I realized he was going the other way, I said, ‘Nobody goes that way. It’s shorter by how many minutes? Maybe 30? Is it not better to be safe than arrive somewhere early?’

With mounting concern, Joy texted the BSF teaching leader in Abuja to pray as they continued down the deserted road.  

“Five minutes ahead of us, I saw another bus parked on the side of the road, all of their luggage was on the ground,” Joy said. “I thought they probably had a flat tire or engine trouble. Then I saw the man dressed in black with a gun.”  

When fear grows

When the bus stopped, one of six gunmen ordered the driver and passengers to lie facedown on the road.  

“I pretended I didn’t understand the instruction,” Joy said. “If you are lying on the road, and a car comes at a high speed, that’s very dangerous. So I walked to the side of the road and brought a mother with an 8-month-old baby next to me. We were lying on the ground when they started asking for money.” 

When Joy replied that her money was still on the bus, the man kicked her in the leg before retrieving her bag. Minutes later, another car pulled into view, but before the gunmen could target the driver, the car turned and sped in the opposite direction.  

“This guy started shooting, and it became very clear to me that these people could shoot or kill anyone here,” Joy said. “I prayed for that car to get away.” 

“This guy started shooting, and it became very clear to me that these people could shoot or kill anyone here …”

When the car was out of the gunmen’s range, they turned their anger on Joy and her fellow passengers.  

“They came back, stood over our heads and started shooting again,” Joy said. “They shot into the air to frighten us. 

Then, without warning, the men ordered the hostages to return to the bus and leave.  

Faith can prevail

“Everyone stumbled into the bus,” Joy said. “People were crying, so I said to them, ‘Please don’t cry,’ because I wanted the driver to concentrate. Then I started to think, ‘Let’s give thanks to God because nobody was hurt or shot.’ There were eight people on that bus. Eight families could have been mourning that day. So, I started singing.”  

In a confident voice, Joy sang a familiar Nigerian hymn. Two men joined the song, and within minutes their weeping turned to worship.  

“We had prayed for safety and protection,” Joy said. “Other people had not been that lucky.” 

That night, after thanking God with her husband, Joy slept soundly, and “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding” guarded Joy’s heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7)Today, when Joy remembers her experience on the road from Abuja, she prays for a fellow passenger, a young Muslim man.  

“When we got off the bus, he just said, ‘Thank you, madame, thank you.’ I pray that what happened on that bus and our reaction to what happened would speak to his heart.” 

“I pray that what happened on that bus and our reaction to what happened would speak to his heart.”

Building a Hebrews 11 faith

Joy’s ability to look beyond her circumstances and trust the Lord is the very definition of faith in Hebrews 11:1:

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” 

Whether she lived or died, Joy’s confidence was in Jesus. Her assurance was in the one true God, who would never leave her. And her response was to worship and point others to Christ 

Hebrews 11 then lists men and women of remarkable faith throughout Scripture. In a modern version of the chapter, we could easily add someone such as Joy: “By faith, Joy prayed and trusted God, even though her very life was threatened. By faith, she worshipped on the bus as a testimony to God’s goodness and glory. For Joy was looking forward to eternity with Christ and counted her life as nothing compared with Jesus.”

Though her faith is extraordinary, Joy is an ordinary person. Like the men and women of Hebrews 11, she is tempted with worry and fear.  

As part of her job for a Christian ministry, she helps fellow Nigerians who have been violently persecuted for their Christian allegiance. During her first visit to a devastated village, Joy felt despair. Months earlier, she questioned God’s plan and purpose during the trying death of her mother.   

Through these difficult situations, Joy took time to pray, seek God’s wisdom and ask for increased faith. In all these circumstances, Joy’s “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” was confirmed.  

Practicing her faith in tough moments prepared her for that day on the bus. Just as God strengthened Abraham and Moses, He is faithful to build our faith today. For Joy, much of that assurance has come from knowing God intimately through His Word.

Just as God strengthened Abraham and Moses, he’s faithful to build our faith today.

“I thank God for the tool of BSF and wisdom to be able to walk through the Word step by step at every level,” Joy said. “I’m so thankful. Knowing about Him and knowing Him for who He is through His Word are different. I’m a living testimony of how practical His Word really is.” 

God knows that we cannot develop our faith alone. So in Hebrews 12:1-2, He gives us a simple guidance: In a single sentence, we are told to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”  

Hebrews 12:3 tells us that, like Joy, when we focus on Christ, we “will not grow weary and lose heart.” 

“You have to do what God is calling you to do,” Joy said. “If God is calling you to do it, He’ll take care of it.”   


  1. Marcella Jasan

    Joy’s faith was absolutely amazing. I pray that if I’m faced with such a situation my faith may equal hers.

    We currently spend most of our time as Missionaries to the “beautiful people of Haiti”. This what my honey Pastor Bill always says. We love this country and we know that God has called us here.

    However, there many kidnappings going on, and recently 6 Haitian people. When the ransom was received they let them go, but killed the messenger. He was only 28 and had a job as a photographer.

    We ask for prayer for the people of this land, and we pray mostly for revival.

    Thank you Joy for sharing your testimony, it was extremely encouraging to me.

    May God continue to bless and keep you all safe.

    Love, Marcella Jasan

  2. Ana Walrath

    God is faithful , and shows Himself real in time of need !

  3. Ana Walrath

    What a wonderful testimony of faith abd strength, in such a time of distress.

  4. Emmy

    This is so encouraging. Praise be to God for His faithfulness and protection. It takes great faith to remain strong in adversity, and God provides that strength when we put our trust in Him.

    • Harland Cole


  5. Jo-Ellen

    Praise God for letting me hear the story of a modern day hero of faith like we read of in Hebrews 12

  6. Molly

    God is our Rock on whom we can trust always.
    All Glory to God Almighty.

  7. Pauline Gumbu

    Glory to God, for his faithfullness

  8. Jennifer Ogden

    Joy, sister in Christ, what a testimony to your faith in Jesus, that HE IS in control of all things! Praise God for the Spirits strength to lead you in worship on that bus with a heart of thankfulness for Gods protection!
    How precious that it spoke to the heart of a Muslim man that day. For the glory of Gods kingdom❤️

  9. Jan

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! For your witness and courage in Him, Joy!!

  10. Esther Mwanse

    Thanks Joy, for sharing. This has encouraged my heart a great deal. It has also awaken me to pray more for the area team as their work involves dengers such as this.

  11. Sheela Rstnakar

    Praise God. Our God is a awesome God. He never leave us nor forsake us. Those who trust in Him he will not put to shame.

  12. Melodie Jones

    We Praise God for His Strength and ever presence in the time of trouble!

  13. Judy Friesen

    What a wonderful account of faith through adversity. We are a fallen people, but by the grace of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we are forever changed🙏

  14. Bonnie Webb

    Thank you for sharing this remarkable story of faith. I pray that I would be strong in the Lord as Joy was in this frightening situation.

  15. Cynthia

    We as Saints of God should have strong faith regardless if we’re living in Africa or America. Joy faith in God not only helped her, and the other travelers, it also transformed lives as well. It is our faith that gives us the hope in Christ to continue trusting and believing.

  16. Carole Stevens

    A wonderful story to remind us that Jesus is in control. She saved the people in the bus and set a meaningful example for the rest of us to follow.

  17. Aletter Magwere

    Joy’s story is very powerful. Her faith in God prevailed. Glory to God noone got seriouly hurt.

  18. Joyce Craft

    True faith allows us to believe God’s Word no matter how dire the circumstances might be. By following Paul’s plan of teaching God’s Word and worshiping even in the most difficult of circumstances, Joy lived her faith and completely trusted in God and the Work Jesus had completed on the Cross. By singing, she allowed other to relax a little and focus completely in her Savior. Isn’t that what we are all called to do every day. Okay, my struggles don’t com close to what Joy is facing, but I know my God is sufficient for every trial I am given by God. May God continue to urge each of His children to the Faith that allows the to know He is sufficient in all your needs.

  19. Betty WIEDERHOLD

    Joy’s faith in this life-threatening situation and her ability to thank and worship God for his protection as soon as the danger was over is truly inspiring. I pray that if I am ever in such danger that I will cling to my faith and to my Lord God just as Joy did.

  20. Moses Kudate

    Truly encouraging Joy’s ability to look beyond her circumstances and fixing her eyes to Jesus. Aim inspired by this faith strengthening testimony. Amen

  21. Ruth Wanjiru

    God Promised never to leave us or forsake us. His promises are yes and Amen.

  22. Kelli Samuelian

    I am inspired by God’s faithfulness and love to Joy!! Thank you Joy for your example to abide in the Lord and pray in all circumstances. Praise God for His ways are higher then our ways! 😊

  23. Judy

    Joy the vs 12:3 is assurance sharing this story not only a reality check , practical living it Putin so grateful you are ok this testimony truth is so encouraging Thank you for Sharing God’s love a breathing protection from Holy Spirit is so useful in our lives God is glorified. Praise our God!!!!

  24. Melinda

    What an encouraging and inspiring testimony of Joy! Thank you so much for sharing. We all needed to hear this. We just never know when do we face these dangers, trials and persecutions in our life. This testimony teaches to be prepared at all times as we exercise our faith in the Lord. Yes, Hebrews ch 12:1-3 is a powerful message that reminds us to run with perseverance and finish the race, fixing our eyes on Jesus. I agree with Joy that we have to do what God ask us to do. If we obey, He’ll do the rest. When we put our trust in Him, He will surely go with us.
    God bless.

  25. Tanzie L Harris

    Thanks be to God for His love and mercy over their lives. May God continue to give us boldness, strength and confidence to be an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

  26. Alice Bush

    Joy’s story is a tremendous encouragement to me. Even tho live in the relative safety of the middle of the USA, one never knows when one will have the opportunity to exercise Faith and allow that faith to shine before others as a witness to the reality of our powerful Lord and Savior. Let us all continue praying for the faith of Christians around the globe and their safety.

  27. Carol Nelson

    Thanks be to GOD for this testimony! We pray in our BSF training meetings for safety four fellow BSF members! Her is GODs answer and our assurance and hope! I praise GOD for Joys obedience and faith! I am grateful that though this happened continents away technology let’s us all share Gods victory and love! Put her picture up in Hebrews 11!

  28. Ellen

    Thanks for encouraging us w/this story. It really shows that our Father is faithful to His promises such as Joshua 1:9. We don’t have to be afraid. We can be courageous! God has assured us He is with us wherever we go. To God be all glory for His faithfulness in Jesus’ matchless name…Amen

  29. Tabitha

    Faith in God moves mighty mountains and makes sweet bitter fountains I thank God for His love for His people He says give thanks in all circumstances Joy did so and God intervened let’s ask for His grace to hold to our faith unswervingly

  30. Margie

    What a wonderful story. It encourages me and challenges me to focus more on God and His Word rather than my own personal circumstances, determined to work them out myself. Joy’s story also encourages me to pray more. I was really touched by the fact that she prayed for the safety of the people in the car even as she and her group were going through their dire situation. How selfless and a great testimony for the people traveling with her and those of us reading her story.

  31. Sudha

    Thanks for sharing this faith strengthening testimony

  32. Eileen Shenk

    Your story has strengthened my faith, and touched me deeply. May God richly bless you.

  33. Sue Earlabaugh

    What a wonderful story. Praise to God Thank you God for the faith you gave to Joy and for the faith you give to me.

  34. Elizabeth Ramos

    I am encouraged as I face Life and the testing and trials it brings and remember that worship is one BIG way to set my mind on things above and not my situation because I can’t do anything about it but trust God he will carry me. We all have life coming at us with different things but we serve a faithful God so in life or dead we can know He will be with us.

    Thank you for sharing this, I am just getting to this but WOW what an encouragement.

  35. Janet Murphy

    Thank you for this encouragement! I need constant reminding.

  36. Tabitha Mbugua

    Great faith that was very inspiring

  37. Patrick Abalo Ongany

    What an encouraging story from Joy! Indeed the LORD knows his own and He protect them from all dangers. If Joy can remember the LORD in time such as this, I can too. I praise the LORD for such encouragement from BSF brethren.

  38. B. Leah Someson

    Thank God for your story it lifts my heart in my family `s situation. Praise our God.

  39. Fran Goetz

    Thank you for sharing the story of what happened in Joy life. We have to pray when we are in those kinds of situations and ask the Lord to give us the strength to endure. He will see us through. God Bless you.

  40. Jeremarie Force

    I had a similar experience during a bank robbery of a USPS office in Southern California. I found myself located in the center of it and the police yelled to hit the ground as bullets were flying around me and eventually over my head towards the bank robber. They captured the bank robber and only one other bystander was shot through his shoulder because he did not get down when the police had asked him to do so. When I realized what was happening, at the time of the police request, I prayed God would protect us all as I laid on the pavement. He did answer, we all left alive. God hears our prayers and answers them in His timing.

  41. Karla Burch

    What a strong example of trusting God. I have not experienced this situation specifically yet find myself doubting for far less circumstances events. Thank you for sharing your experience. What inspiration!

  42. Myra Hardwick

    Thank you for this inspiration. Although I have never been in an situation like this where my faith has been put to the ultimate test I am inspired by your faith to stand strong in yours.

  43. Myra Hardwick

    No up

  44. Dianne Weihe

    God always has the situation in control so answers to prayers might have to wait for him to work his marvelous workmanship.
    Thank you for sharing.

  45. Gayle Benage

    Praise God. I am going to keep looking to Jesus but remember He is in control of all things.
    That message is do powerful

  46. Dianah Katushabe

    What a testimony!!!
    Thanks for sharing this encouraging story .
    I can daily ask God to increase my faith.
    If He’s calling me to do something, do it He’ll take care of it
    Run with perseverance and fix my eyes on Jesus the pioneer & perfecter of my faith.


  47. Cathy Johnson

    Aren’t God promises wonderful, especially if we actually claim them as true. May God be with you all the days of your life. Praising God for His faithfulness.

  48. Doris Rollins

    Praise God for such a powerful witness of what our sovereign LORD can and will do for His faithful children! Thanks for sharing Joy’s testimony. I pray when I am tested I will keep my focus on Jesus also!

  49. Maryella Sanders

    Thanks. Will keep my focus o Jesus

    • Alice Olawo

      Joy’s story is an encouraging example of how to put our faith into action in difficult circumstances. May the Lord continue to protect you Joy.

  50. Elizabeth

    Joy we give God the glory for His deliverance may we all continue to fix our eyes on Jesus in all situations .Glory be to our unstoppable God who is with us alway

  51. Jannet

    I have been encouraged by Joy. May I too have such faith. Help me Jesus the perfecter of my faith.

    • Mabel Tswana

      This story is remarkable. Joy has inspired me to keep my eyes focused on God and have faith in all things God has planned for me.

  52. Lynn Jacob Cox

    Beautiful story and to end with such a valuable quote from Joy. “you have to do what God is calling you to do”

  53. jan kelty

    Our lives are so small compared to out big and wonderful savior, Thanks to Joy for sharing and lifting our eyes to the heavens and our completed hope in the righteous one who lived and died that we could partake of His joy and peace.

  54. Sarah Olatoyan

    What an Awesome God we serve!! A miracle working God Who delivers His own from both seen and unseen dangers. To HIM be all the glory, honor and adoration for ever and ever. Thank you for this powerful testimony. It shows that our God is always at work in our lives. He does not sleep nor slumber. He remains the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

    • Kangyang

      Praise God for timely lessons.

  55. Vapordeal Sanders

    WOW, what faith Joy exhibited and her worship set others free from grief and fear (or reduced it). God I thank you too and ask that you continue to bless Joy and all who were a part of that experience (including the gunmen with deliverance) – bless them with your mighty presence and intervention in all their good and bad situations, in the name of Jesus, Amen

  56. Sakwa James Malthus

    I praise the Lord for preserving the lives of Joy and her fellow passengers. And may the Spirit of truth sure convict that Muslim passenger to the saving knowledge of Christ at His appointed time.

    I am so encouraged by how JOY’s name rightly fits in Henrews 11, yet at the same time challenged by what could be written of me…

  57. Rubye Kyles

    Yesterday my daughter asked me to pray for her 7-year old son who is being bullied at school. I am going to send this blog to her for encouragement to keep her eyes fixed on the perfector of her faith, of our faith.

  58. Helen

    Thank you for sharing. It is a beautiful testimony of His goodness,His wonderful protective hand and your faith in action.

  59. Anne

    Glory to God for the strength to stay focused on Christ. we thank God He delivered you are the rest of the passengers

  60. Bob Yu

    All praise to God for indeed he is the one who sustains us. Thank you sister Joy for your wonderful testimony to encourage us to put our faith and trust in God.

  61. Elizabeth Gribas

    What a beautiful story and reminder!

  62. Priscilla Kennedy

    AMEN SISTER JOY….You have the JOY of the Lord Jesus and HIS love, protection, knowledge and guidance…
    Thank you for your testimony.
    FEAR is not of GOD! Thank God for BSF and our partners in prayer. I too have had to call a BSF friend to pray for me and many situations…Reminder God is in Control….

  63. Barbara Johnson

    What a mighty and gracious God we have! Thank you for sharing Joy’s story and pointing us to the one who casts out fear, our only hope of peace and protection, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  64. Sarah Guevara

    Thank you, for sharing this story. I can’t tell you how encouraged I feel when I hear these stories of my brothers and sisters In Jesus Christ and how their faith in whom we serve delivers us from every situation. Some are able to return to their families and homes and others truly go home to our heavenly family.

  65. Margie Thompson

    Giving praise to God

  66. Lynda Hubbard

    Thank you Joy for sharing your experience of that day. The lesson from Hebrews 11 is powerful and has helped me understand just how powerful and enduring my faith can be when placed with confidence in our Lords promises and leading.

  67. Barbara Crocker

    What an encouragement to our faith! Praise God even for the situation that gave glory to Him through Joy Machunga’s faith and request for prayer before the hostage situation took place!

  68. Teresa Allen

    I loved your statement “knowing Him and knowing Him through his Word ” is different. Thankful for your intimate relationship with Him and what a difference this made to give you the strength to praise Him through song and turn fear into Praise.
    May God continue to Bless you.

  69. Manasseh Ngumi

    Our God is a miracle worker.
    I’m encouraged by this testimony . Those that know their God will be strong and do exploits.

  70. Shirley

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you for sharing Joy testimony, it was so encouraging and uplifting. It reminded me the He is the God of the here and now. Thank you again.

  71. Denise

    Thank you, Joy, for your example of offering up a sacrifice of praise in the midst of the fiery ordeal.

  72. Lourdes

    Thanks be to God For His protection and faithfulness.

  73. Darlene Savell

    Praise the Lord for This testimony of God’s faithfulness.
    He is our anchor and He is always with us whatever we face. He always shows His love and faithfulness.

  74. Margie Mayne


    Praise God. Keep our eyes fixed on the Author and Finisher of our Faith. He gives me strength that’s not my own.

  75. Susan Mawere

    Jesus indeed perfects our faith. Amazing testimony of faith!

  76. Adorena Escreeza

    Praise God for Joy`s story of faith, thank you for sharing her story to us that inspired me more and more to trust and have faith in God specially in this kind of situation. Truly that our God is in control.

  77. Evelyn Luna

    What a wonderful account of God’s deliverance! Amazing that when we are in dire situations, our Almighty God sustains our faith and gives us the grace to trust and have peace in Him.

  78. Jenny Qua

    Our Lord is dependable, both yesterday, today & forever. He is ever present in such time of need like for Joy.

  79. Ursula

    Great story! reassuring us of his never ending love for us. He is our anchor in happy as well as troubled times.

  80. Linda Lund

    What an amazing story of God’s provision when put our trust in Him ! This is so reassuring and a reminder of His provision in our time of need !! Thank you so much for sharing this story🙏

  81. Patti Hesse

    Praising God for His sovereign answer to prayer! I was captured by the first few sentences, but when I saw Joy’s photo…it really hit me! I’ve been in past AP trainings with her! Thank you Joy for modeling
    the true faith we are studying in Acts! So grateful you are safe!!
    What a JOYous ending to a dangerous situation!

    • Love Ugorji

      Praising God for this miraculous deliverance.

  82. Helen

    Thank you for sharing to strengthen me through Joy’s experience. His love toward His children surely unstopable & amazing…

  83. Ella

    “Without faith it is impossible to please God”…Hebrews 11:6. I am truly grateful for Joy’s sharing of her trust and faith in God. I love that she kept her eyes upon Jesus during that horrific experience. This blog comes on a day of rejoicing for Joy in her situation as well as for me. God is faithful and His plans are unstoppable. Thank you for sharing!

    • Florence

      Thank you so much for sharing this. It really helps me to trust on God more. Cheers.

  84. Terri

    God is soooo faithful!

  85. Phuc-an Nguyen

    Thank you Susie Rowan for remembering me and sent this story to encourage me.
    please google “in the wake of tragic crash, people remember Everett man,” you will see how uncertainty life is and you will see who or what you place your faith does mater.
    King David begun Psalm 23 with his statement of faith “the Lord is my Shepherd,” and the Lord is also my one True God. We can only place our faith in the Lord the God of those in Hebrew 11 for everything else can be “quick sinking sand.”
    My daughter and I completely healed, and our lives will be a living testimony for the Lord. We are living a faith filled life that is overflowing
    joy and encouragement to others. We don’t know what God have in mind for us just as those in Hebrews 11, but we trust Him and His plan is good for us. And yet, it has been good.

  86. Wendy McIver

    What a wonderful example of God love and Joy’s unfaltering love for Gods promises. Very inspiring and much appreciated.thank You.

  87. Dolores Barrett

    What a powerful message in the experience that Joy had, to pray and be confident that she was with Jesus in her present life or in her other life in heaven.

  88. Toni Brown

    Thank you Joy for sharing your harrowing experience…and the power of faith! Biblical examples of faith are encouraging and inspiring; however, present-day experiences really brings faith to the forefront for believers.

    Thank you BSF for providing such deep studies of God’s Word and such supporting shares as Joy’s.

  89. Nancy Dillard

    A wonderful story of faith through fear! God is good!

  90. Beth Lammers

    Thank you for sharing this modern day example of tremendous faith in God. It helped me see the reality of right now in our world as Christians are persecuted AND it showed me how through prayer and faith we can conquer fear and be filled with hope no matter what.


    What an inspiring story! What an awesome belief in the power of God expressed by Joy. The Book of Hebrews planted a revelation in me of God’s unconditional love and compassion He has for humanity!! I am so grateful in being a part of BSF instructions and my Christian walk with Jesus Christ.

  92. Carol O. Allen

    Thank you for all the encouragement you give through the Holy Spirit! Just before I read this a friend, who is all but blind with the help of his wife, sends out a “Bible Blessing” every Monday morning via email. The title of his blessing today was: When The Rooster Crows. The question is: would we stand firm in our faith when tested or like Peter would we deny. I pray that everyone who reads about Joy will understand that what made a difference in her reaction was her daily practice of being in the Word and knowing God, believing God, and giving God all the glory! Intimacy with God brings indescribable and glorious joy!!

  93. Andrea

    Just such a wonderful testament of faith. I was just completing the study of Hebrews this week. God is full of such goodness from Joy’s fearful circumstances and immediate need for rescue to timing this story as I reflect on these chapters today to deepen the teachings! He is so faithful and keeps me breathless with seeing his masterpiece unfold in my life! He is my refuge!

  94. Gloria Hall

    What a dangerous account of God’s love, and faithfulness. As they worshipped and fixed their eyes upon Jesus! He delivered them.
    Our examples of Paul , and Silas, in prisoned they prayed and sang and were released from jail and chains. Thank you sharing this dangerous account of the faith of Joy and all those on bus.
    Mark 9:23 Jesus said to him,” If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”
    “ Praise to our Almighty and Compassionate God”.

  95. Olivia

    Joy, you are living God’s purpose for our lives; To Know Him AND Make Him Known. Thank you for sharing His powerful work in your submitted life.
    All Glory to God!

  96. Shermain Yee

    Hallelujah, praise the Lord. God is trust worthy. May His children all fix our eyes on Jesus day and night. May our faith be perfected through Jesus.
    I am reminded to spend more time to pray and to take courage in the Lord through Joy’s witness..

  97. Anita

    A very great and real testimony to help us all hold on to and trust in our true and real Almighty God, thankyou!

  98. Bob Berry

    A modern day person added to the cloud of witnesses 🙂 Praise be to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

  99. Renee Taylor

    This story was so encouraging—to see real faith in action. I especially rejoiced to see her text her BSF leader and ask for prayer.
    As a BSF leader I definitely want to share this story of faith with my ladies. I want them to see how the Bible is relevant for life today.

  100. Robin Hughes

    Marvelous testimony. The LORD not only protected Joy but also protected those around her because of her faith and prayer for them.

    And the sentence in the third last paragraph “God knows that we cannot develop our faith alone” is a good word and spoke to me.

    Thank you for persevering in what God is doing in your life.

  101. virgie Benson Coleman

    I praise God for his awesome protection, I haven’t experienced anything compared to Joy’s ordeal, but i believe God’s word,

    • Lucy

      Wonderful testimony.The Lord is faithful.All we can do is to trust him.He will never leave us non forsake us.

  102. Julie

    So appreciate you sharing this – THANK YOU!!! As we keep our eyes on Jesus – HE WINS!!

  103. Kristen Childs

    What a powerful testimony! Thank you for the encouragement to face my days ahead and the challenges I have with faith that is confident and sure. Our God can be trusted to take care of what He is calling us (me) to do.

  104. Judith Mary Garaba

    Thanks for the powerful testimony. To God be all glory

  105. Julie

    Thank you for that powerful testimony on conquering fear with faith. Indeed Hebrews 11 came alive in Joy’s case. 🙏

  106. Catherine

    We give God all the glory for his protection by honoring Joy’s faith. Thank you for encouraging me with this testimony.

  107. Joy Fisher

    Thank you

  108. Falina Ainga

    Thanks for sharing! God is unstoppable. If you still believe, God will show that nothing can stop His plan for you to share the gospel , to overcome fear and to live with peace in Jesus Christ!

  109. Elizabeth

    We serve a powerful God.He is in control of all things.

  110. Cathleen

    Oh, what a great testimony, Jesus, our Great High Priest is truly at work, sitted at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us to complete His work on earth. I surrender.

  111. Gloria Matiringe

    What an amazing story of faith in our Lord Jesus. Thank you for sharing this great testimony!! To God be the glory!!!

    • Grace

      Thanks for the great testimony and courage to worship after that traunatic experience!! Praise God who never slumbers nor sleeps..

  112. Florence

    Very ordinary person in ordinary circumstances with extraordinary faith.

  113. Esther Kirengeh

    Faith drives away fear. Thanks Joy for sharing. Very encouraging.

  114. Bang L Rwang

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    Thank God for this testimony of calm in chaos. May our faith continue to grow through every situation

  115. Sylvia K

    Wow, am inspired and my faith is increased by Joy’s story. God bless you for sharing 🙏🏾

  116. Titilola Adepegba

    What an inspiring story by Joy.Her story has deepened my faith in Christ Jesus for He is in total control of our lives and situations.l am greatly encouraged to put my trust in Christ and not on circumstances l may be facing.Faith in Christ is all we need when life threatening circumstances arise.Praise God for confirming His word in Joy’s life.

  117. Basilisa Felix Nambuo

    Wow! what a story! Glory be to God. The story realy in courages me to keep believing in God, His ways and timing. I believe that one day God will surely answer my prayers. It helps building my faith in God.

  118. Doris Attafua

    Faith really did overcome fear.
    Joy we were blessed with your visit of Jan 2020 as part of the area team visiting Ghana.
    This testimony at a time of studying Faith as listed in Hebrews is not co-incidental.
    Praise God.

  119. Claudia

    This story of Joy’s Faith in God
    In courage’s me to continue holding on to God promises, he will never leave us defenseless. He is the mighty protector
    Thanks you Jesus for that assurance. We praised you always

  120. S.Kashiringi

    Thanks be to God. When you call Him, He hears you. Recently, I was denied an opportunity, but when I prayed to Him, I got a better alternative. Amen.

  121. Juliet T

    Glory to God. Am encouraged knowing that when I trust God, He will raise faith in me that overcomes fear.
    Praise Jesus, Amen!

  122. M.K. Ng

    I do believe the Lord’s promises!! If you draw near to me, I will do likewise. If you call upon me. I will answer…… Joshua 1:5 I will never leave you nor forsake you

    I personally experienced God’s grace and protection, when I turned to HIM out of Fear and Desperation

    HE appeared and gave me HIS Word of Knowledge Joshua 1:9.. Praise the Lord forevermore. For His faithfulness, mercies, unconditionally Love and grace

  123. Marian

    PRAISE GOD from who all blessing flow. HE is an UNSTOPPABLE GOD. He has promised, he will never leave or forsake us. Joy keep standing on the promises of GOD

  124. Howard

    Faith is when you feel Jesus holding you in times of trouble.

    • Elsie Krauter

      Thank you for sharing this encouraging story of an ordinary womans faith and courage. I have just lost a precious brother last night. Even though I know where he is tonight I am heartbroken and cant tell you how much I needed this story. Thank you thank you

  125. Sharon Rose

    Thank you for sharing your story. Inspiration story so glad His grace was with you all.

  126. Pamela Goodrich

    We are confident in Jesus, our hope. Our assurance is in God, whom we don’t see. Hebrews 11:1 I grew up in an alcoholic home, where we didn’t talk, didn’t trust, and didn’t feel. I’ve learned through BSF, studying God’s Word and growing closer to Jesus Christ, that, no matter my circumstances, I can talk to Jesus, I can trust Him, and I can feel assured Jesus is with me, always and forever. Thank you, BSF, for focusing on Jesus Christ, the Word. Faith in Him calms my fears and helps me trust Him, assured in His power, protection, and presence. I praise Him for delivering our precious Sister-in-Christ, Joy, in Nigeria. I praise Him for delivering me and you from all of our struggles. Remember: we “will not grow weary and lose heart!“ Hebrew 12:3 Thank you, Joy, for sharing your encouraging testimony of faith in Jesus. He is with all of us believers, delivering us, saving us, and loving us.

  127. Debbie Bates

    Singing songs of Joy in my heart for you! I’m Thankful King Jesus protected you & fellow passengers.

  128. Cheri Krotzer

    What a beautiful testimony!

  129. Sue

    Only God!
    Thank you for sharing!

  130. Liz lee

    Very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

  131. Madeline Ryan

    I am blown away with this story!

  132. Cammie

    What an powerful, well-written story of faith! There are so many similarities in this story to my own journey, that I’m certain God meant for me to read and be encouraged by Joy’s story. I had just been fretting about a bus ride in a foreign country. And now, after reading about Joy’s frightening experience and the triumphant way in which she responded, I feel like shouting: “Get me a ticket on that bus!” Realistically, no, I prefer to avoid that bus, but I do recognize the great benefit in having walked through the fire and felt God right beside you strengthening you–an ordinary person–to stand up and lead the way in faith. Thank you for sharing this uplifting story of great faith!

  133. Friday Mwafuga

    ooh , what a good lesson about faith and trusting in God in the face of challenging situations like this and focusing on Jesus Christ…Thank you very much for sharing this story, it is encouraging.

    • Marie Wambui Thande

      Thank you Christ Jesus for giving Joy the unwavering faith during that difficulty moment. Our God is Faithful and Gracious all the time. He works in mysterious ways we will never understand His Wonders to perform. I pray for the children of God to continue trusting Him for He has promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. I rejoice in Christ Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you BSF team for your continued prayers.

      • Ruth Ngure

        What a testimony of FAITH under FIRE!!!
        Thank you for sharing.

  134. Rosemary Muyira

    Thanks for that testimony God is always faithful to us we only need to have Faith and reach out to him in all our situations.

  135. Lisa Postmus

    Thank you so much for sharing this story!
    I’m so humbled and honored to be part of BSF, which is such an amazing tool to equip us in our faith walk! Joy’s experience testifies to the goodness of God.

  136. Patricia Oketch

    Thank you for sharing Joy. Testimonies build our faith. I can only imagine what a frightening scene that must have been. Your focus on God must have been a testimony to others too especially as you worshiped and thanked God after the ordeal. Glory to God

  137. Roni Schoephoerster

    What a powerful testimony of trust and obedience! What power there is when we worship! For “God inhabits the praises of His people…”

  138. Mary-Alice Onyura

    Wow Joy! This is Faith put into practice. It is easy to study and understand Faith, but it is when we are faced with situations like Joy’s, that we truly internalize what Faith entails; “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see”. May God always guide us to practice our faith by fully trusting in Him when faced with imminent death!

    • Bernestine D. McGhee

      That is so helpful. I have been struggling with some church folk who do not understand my faith and my journey. They are always testing me and assassinating my character. All I have done is try to love them and respect their rights. They do the opposite. I wrote my complaints in my 1st published book, My Journey with Church folk. So they are really after me now. I pray and stay under Gods radar. Thanks so much for comforting me. I can nearly go to church without harassment from pulpit. Be blessed.

  139. Karen

    Our God is forever faithful, he never leaves nor forsakes us. He protects us. All we need is to fix our eyes on him and trust him. Surrender all to him and let him lead.

    • Gbemi Ayansina

      Glory be to God in the heights. I thank God for spearing your life and seven others. Many don’t come out alive but with your faith in Christ like the three Hebrew boys, you entered inside fire and came out unhurt. One thing I have learnt is that in every situation give glory to the Lord and thank Him always. It could have been worse. Congrats joy

  140. Olufunke Bamikole

    Thank God for this awesome testimony of faith. Our God s a covenant keeping God and His promise neither to leave us nor forsake us can never fail. Thank you Joy for your confidence and steadfast faith in Him. Hallelujah!

  141. Phyllis

    We serve an awesome God who is always caring for His children. I am encouraged by your faith my dear sister and your choice to lead in praise to our mighty Father! I want to remember this always for who knows where or what our Lord May allow in the future.

  142. Judy Lemons

    Thank you for this great story of faith!! Thank you God for giving Joy the faith and wisdom and strength to overcome evil with good. She kept her eyes on Jesus!!

  143. Rosette

    Such a great testimony. Bring tears to my eyes. God is an Awesome God!

  144. Patsanee Budtarapun

    YES and Amen he is the pioneer and perfect, yes will keep my eyes on Jesus.
    thank you so much

  145. Pat

    God saved this story in my email box just so I would find it at the perfect moment I needed to be reminded to keep my eyes on Jesus. Thank you for sharing!

  146. Catherine Sullivan

    I am reminded of Psalm 22:3 KJV “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” As Joy started singing on the Bus, even though fear had tried to overcome the group, the Holy One of Israel removed their fear and turned it into praise! Our God is faithful to His Word! Praising God for Joy’s life and testimony to the faithfulness of our Lord.

  147. Deborah Faulkner

    Such an encouragement
    Praise God

  148. Yvonne Williams

    Amen. Press on!

  149. Susan

    From Abuja class, I am encouraged to keep praying for our AP s safety..this is an answered prayer and I know God is Faithful…praise God.

  150. Connie Brooks

    Such a beautiful story about faith and hope in extreme circumstances. I am so thankful for this example from Joy and her words to encourage us.

  151. Beatrice

    I am challenged and at the same time, encouraged b y this. I pray for grace to trust Jesus more.

  152. Elizabeth

    Praise our Lord for such an example of faith. Joy’s story serves as a reminder for me to fix my eyes on Jesus and trust Him whatever unfavourable circumstances arise.

  153. Sue Dunn

    Praise the a Lord for such a great example of faith and trust in God. May I remember her story when I face a crisis situation and remember a God’s promises to me

  154. Earnestine Hollimon

    PRASING GOD for protecting Joy and the other passengers. She is a beautiful women inside and out. Praying for the faith and peace of GOD’s presence in all our BSF leaders as they travel. THANK you BSF for being International. For we are closer in this world than we think.

  155. Faith

    Focusing on Christ makes a difference in our lives, glory to God

  156. Connie Dugan, Oviedo Florida

    Praise The Lord for His protection and your example of faith 🙂 I’m praying for that young man! I love
    all the comments and agree with them all! God is so good 😊 Keep sharing Christ with others and working for the Lord!

  157. Barbara Fasolino

    Thank you for sharing your story and your faith, Joy. Yours is a great reminder of what adversity, often dangerous, others are faced with in their walk with Christ. Nothing is impossible with God.

    • Carol Hare

      Thankyou for this true story of faith in Jesus ! This brave lady trusted Jesus to be with her and Jesus was! He is with each of us and His Word is our hope and Truth from God!

  158. Ivy You

    Thanks for the testimony, God is merciful and faithful all the time.

  159. Helen

    This a wonderful story of faith and trust. We all need to trust God and know that He is with us at all times. Our circumstances usually are not as dramatic as that, there are countless times during the day that we can thank God for being with us and protecting us.

  160. Molly Koops

    Thank you for sharing your story of faith during a very fearful circumstance. Very meaningful, and gives me strength to fear not for the Lord is withe me in all circumstances…

  161. Christine Rice

    Praising your faith Joy.

  162. Sheron White

    Joy, what a timely testimony. Thank you for your faithful walk with Christ. I am sure a host of believers were praying as our Great High Priest and The Holy Spirit were also interceding on your behalf. The power of prayers, praises and worship.

  163. Lee Pak Ying Richard

    Thanks GOD to let us share Joy’s testimony. Yes, undoubtedly FAITH to our LORD is the only way for our Christians to live on.
    Jesus Christ is our road、truth & lives, we’re nothing & we owe nothing at all. What we only have is a devoted heart of FAITH to GOD.

    • Martin Nderitu.

      This reminds me of the song ‘turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of the earth will turn strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.’
      Truly Jesus is above all, even fear. He conquers all. I am encouraged to continue trusting in Him more and more. From Nairobi Eastlands class, EM.

  164. Sandra M Smith

    It is very encouraging to experience the courage and faith of our sister Joy in the midst of this firery trial. To God be all glory.

  165. Geraldine

    I am so thankful that Joy and the others were not harmed during the hijacking of their bus. I am so thankful that they were able to offer praise to God afterwards.

    • Christine Robinson 01/25/2020 @7:08

      God has given us this example of what all of us are to do in times of trouble. And to remind He is still at work. We must open hearts and minds to His reality!!!
      Speak to Him because he is always there. Fear does allow to have a righteous mind. Steadfast on Him. Beautiful example to imitate. As always to God be the glory!!!!

  166. Beth Ewoldt

    Thank you for your faith, Joy. We remember you and your family well from our years in Jos and at Hillcrest School, and remember attending BSF there as well. We traveled both of those roads to Abuja many times, but thank God, were never stopped by armed robbers. Thanks for the reminder to keep praising God when we face difficulty. And we are again reminded to pray for our fellow believers in Nigeria.

  167. carol K.

    Wow!! what an encouragement. I could almost feel my faith growing as I read this story. If I’m ever in a situation like that I pray God will help me recall Joy’s story. Facing some small challenges in my life I feel God will get me thru them as a result of reading Joy’s story, which is a result of God’s Word being taught & believed. To God be the Glory for BSF world wide.

  168. Cheryl Fennen San Antonio, Tx.

    Joy, thank you for sharing your LIFE STORY of our SAVIORS HAND of PROTECTION on you! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve! I see JESUS on your smiling face!

  169. Melissa Johann

    Joy, thank you for your service to BSF in such a dangerous place. What a testament to Paul’s actions of praise when he was jailed and fearful. Such a great reminder that God inhabits our praise and the enemy will flee! I’m thanking God you were on that bus representing our faithful Father.

  170. Shannon’s

    Thank you Joy for sharing your story, I was really encouraged by your strength and compassion for others. God used you that day for His specific plan and purpose, it is clear that he has more plans for you and the other people on the bus as he spared your life’s. Thanks and praise be to God.

  171. Kate

    Focus on Christ, looking unto Christ, our reedemer and heir of out Salvation sets out the platform to live a life of Faith and Victory also shields, us from worry and fear.

    • Barb Jackson

      If God … then He will…

  172. Janet Lash

    Thanking God with you and for you! May God continue to keep His hand upon you and expand your influence for His glory. My prayers are with you!

  173. Ani Naljian

    thank you jesus….I will use her example to face fear and rely on Jesus….PRAY, PRAISE and PROPHECY….

  174. Judith King

    Praise God for His tender mercy and promises.
    Thank you for sharing God’s praise with those in the bus and with me through BSF.

  175. karen

    Blessing and strength for this woman of faith.
    All praise and glory to our savior.

  176. Dorothy Osbey

    Thanks so much for sharing your faith story. So encouraging. More reasons to trust an unstoppable God.

  177. J Thomas from Texas, USA

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. This scripture came to me after I finished readying your story.
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

    Peace be with you!

  178. Bebe Fearnside

    Joy’s story is one that all Christians should hold on to.
    It is His will for us that gives us strength

    “I Am Not in Control but I Am Deeply Loved by The One Who Is”

  179. Ann Taylor

    I have never had such a frightening experience as Joy had, but have faced some difficulties that have absolutely proved to me that only with the strength and leadership God provides could I get through them. Hebrews has shown me that ALL believers have been through tough things, and with unbreakable trust in God, have survived – and will survive into eternity with Him!

  180. Charlene

    I really needed this today. Thank God for the message.

  181. Daniel Zumji G

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story, it pays to believe and lay one’s trust in God. Hebrews 11 indeed an inspiring faith of men of old

  182. Janet

    I neded this message today. Thank you!

  183. Marilyn

    Praise God for his promises to strength us through our circumstances. God is so faithful!

  184. Diana Kiihne

    It is with great “joy” I read of God’s protective love for His children. I knew Joy when as a TL asked to keep open two Jos EW BSF classes while my husband worked on getting visas for their perspective TLs th be trained in TX. She and Sarah were so helpful in my interaction with the Jos women of Nigeria 🇳🇬 Joy is an amazing servant of the Lord.

  185. Dora

    Thank you so much for sharing of this incident in which the Lord protected you and others on the bus. Your singing was so beautiful and it encouraged others to join you, plus God touched the life of the Muslim man. Praying with you that the Holy Spirit touches his life, and he come to know Him as his Savior. Blessings to you in your continued walk with the Lord.

  186. Peggy Garren

    This Hebrew study has been beneficial for me as I tend to choose fear over faith I grew up in a family where fear was as common as eating a bowl of cereal every morning I ask that you will keep me in your prayers that I will surrender my fear so to Hod and choose Faith Thanks!

  187. Debbie

    Thank you so much for your witness, faith and worship! God is so good to give you (and me!) exactly what we need at exactly the right time. Your encouragement to all is so uplifting! Blessed to hear all He did for you that day, including putting the needs of the Muslim young man on your heart to pray for him. Blessings to you as you continue to serve Him!

  188. Judy Lynn Benoit Teel

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It is so encouraging to see how our God given faith in Jesus Christ moves us in these times of persecution of Christians. Praying we all stay strong in our faith in a mighty and faithful God. God blessed you then and will always. Grace, peace and joy.

  189. Linda Wilson

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. As I was reading it I was going through an issue. As the tears came my focus started shifting to see your faith in action and knowing that God is my strength. I love BSF. This is my fourth year and I’m learning there is a big difference in knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him. I want to thank everyone who gives of there time so we can learn. Listening to Leah do the lecture is the light for me. Joy, you are a incredible woman and sharing your story helps me see Faith in action. God bless you and your family. Thank you for being God’s hands feet eyes and mouth.

  190. Terry Conner

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, inspirational testimony. We all have so much to be thankful for. How humbled and grateful I am to serve such an awesome, always faithful God!

  191. Consuelo Castañuela Helbling

    Thank You, dear Jedus, for Joy’s safety and the other passengers to, for her witness tomthenothers, thank You for BAD.

  192. Lisa L

    Praising God right now for his perfect protection! I love how the Holy Spirit prompted Joy to text her teaching leader to begin praying as they went along the treacherous road. God hears our prayers!

  193. Joy & Gil

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful example of faith in action.

  194. Lisa

    You prayed and then gave a God the glory. What a great witness to those around you. May the Lord bless you, protect you and give you more safe opportunities to share Him.

    • Vanessa

      This story is inspiring and encouraging. I praise God for this amazing outcome. To God be the Glory!!

  195. Barb Ranstrom

    Thank you so much for this encouraging testimony and a reminder of what our brothers and sisters in Christ face around the world. We are reminded to pray for them.

  196. Martha Jewett

    Thanking the Lord for His provision! Joy’s witness on that bus will have lasting results… beyond what is seen. My personal devotional today, before I read Joy’s story was “Do not fear! Fear not!” We are told that repeatedly in the Word! I take this as confirmation that God is with me, no matter what. Emmanuel!

  197. Penelope Lyon

    So Joy has joined the great cloud of witnesses that help us stay in the race and not lose heart or grow weary. Thank you for your witness!

  198. Julia Murray

    Deeply moving testimony Koy has showing God’s faithfulness in the most difficult and dangerous times. Praise God for His faithfulness! Live Hebrews 11-13.

  199. Pattie Hewitt

    Praising God with you Joy and praying for the Muslim man as well. Crisis and tragedies are always opportunities to give witness and glory to the Lord God our Savior.

  200. Pam Ogden

    Thank you for those words of encouragement. We all need this in the world we now live in. Praise God for His mercy to you and those on the bus!

    • Jennifer Pigg

      Joy I am so great full for God protecting you and the others.
      Your faithfulness in obeying God is a huge testimony of your faith.
      I cannot fathom what all of you went thru.

  201. Maryella Warner

    Joy, Thank you for your encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness–our God has proven over and over that He is a very present help in times of trouble. With each testimony like yours, my faith is increased. I pray the young Muslim man will have a heart change and turn to the LORD for salvation.

  202. Lucy Zawadi Kitsao

    Without faith its impossible to please God. Thanks Joy for sharing.

  203. Jenny Mallat

    I noticed in the email from Susie Rowan/BSF HQ that Paul is identified as the author of Hebrews. It reads, “As we seek God through His Word this week, let us respond to Paul’s call in Hebrews 12:2…”

    Has BSF taken the position that Paul is the author of Hebrews?

  204. Norma Lubbers

    Praise God! This story came at a time when I was getting anxious about my marriage and knowing that my husband and I were in a spiritual warfare.

    I’m going to spend the next hour praising God in music. God does see, knows and protects. He gives us peace during our difficult circumstances. Thank you for sending me this message today!

  205. Phyllis Parker

    Thank you for sharing . Every one needs to hear these events and How God rescued them.

  206. Myra White

    What an encouragement …your faith in Jesus. What an honor to serve Him. He has a lot more work for you to do…for His Glory. You truly are joy in every way.
    J-Jesus First
    O-others Second
    y-yourself Third

  207. Jim Cooper

    Thank you Lord for mercifully protecting Joy! May her eyes be better fixed on You because of this experience.
    We understandably are inclined to give God praise because Joy survived this dangerous situation… but what if it had turned out differently? Would this story still be bringing praise to Him?
    We learned earlier in Acts 12 that Peter was spared and freed from prison but only after James was killed by King Herod. And we just read in Hebrews 11 that some of the heroes of faith had their earthly lives taken from them as well as they stood in faith…some by choice,”refusing to be released.”
    God has different purposes for different members of His Kingdom at different times in their lives. Peter eventually was martyred for his faith later in life.
    If God delivers us from our earthly trials He is to be praised! If He delivers us to our eternal Joy with Him He is to be praised!
    “Dan 3:17-18 “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and He will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if He does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your Gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

  208. Geovanny Bautista

    Very inspiring. Praise the lord. Bravo Joy 😁😇😇May God renew your strenght and also continue to lead you with the truth of the Words for those in need.

  209. John Morrison

    Remembering Joy and another then ACA from meetings in San Antonio. One particular comment that I have shared with others is that in Nigeria, when these ladies and their families returned to their homes in the evening, that they prayed thanks for a safe day. Most of us cannot understand the risks of openly being a Christian in a truly hostile environment. Thank you Joy and others that are willing to be counted and more so to serve God as leaders in BSF.

  210. Julie Williamson

    Beautiful testimony!! Thank you for sharing your harrowing story and encouraging all of us to look to Christ for hope and peace in times of trouble!!

  211. Elfreda Lewis

    What an inspirational story. Acting based on our faith is sometimes challenging but Joy lived into her faith in Jesus and His promises…..Look beyond the circumstances will be my mantra this week

  212. Mary jackson

    I am trying everyday to have Faith like Joy. By attending BSF, this is helping me to have Faith in God at all times.

    • Sandy cousins

      Thank you!!! In my darkest hours I recite Hebrews 11:1 I love BSF.

  213. Suzann

    What an amazing testimony of faith.

  214. Cindi Brooks

    Your story of this point in your life gives me confidence and courage to move from this place I am frozen in life.

  215. Wanda Raphael

    This study has been sooo wonderful. It has come at a time when I really need the encouragement to not loose heart. Joy’s testimony is a powerful example.

  216. Sarah b. Fowler

    Thank you for this testimony and lesson. I will always read them, for they strength me so greatly. I will be Praying for you all as you bring GOD’s word to us !

  217. Penny moss

    Very moving testimonial! Joy is a strong Christian lady!

  218. Maryanne

    Wow what a great testimony of Gods grace!

  219. Tim Stewart

    Praise God for His mercy and protection for Joy and the other families. Perhaps God will use the situation to move the other passengers and the gang members to come to Christ.

  220. cindy miller

    Thank you to Joy for her encouraging story! Bless you for sharing!

  221. Bonnie Jackson

    Having lived in a third world countryEthiopia. I felt her true fear. only Jesus could save them on that day. I praise God for Joys faith and how she led the people in worship

  222. Neal Dow DuPre

    Stories like this remind me of why my daughter and I have been attending BSF for over 15 years!
    I am so glad to be a part of a group who is so committed to the Lord and His son! Thanks to
    everyone who participates in BSF and helps to lift everyone up to our Lord and Savior!!! Neal D

    • Christine Morris

      Joy, we thank God you are alive! And that God continues to use you no matter where you are. You helped us so much when we were in Nigeria, to see the dangers, but to see God as so much bigger! We pray for you and all the others there , who Faithfully serve God with such vibrant faith and contagious Joy.

  223. Natalie Zanders

    This is such an inspirational story and a story of living faith the kind of faith that Jesus says In His parable about The mustard seed, living faith that can move a mountain. I want my faith to grow so that I will be a living testimony to our Lord’s great and marvelous works.

  224. Cheryl Arbo

    How do we walk through the valley of the shadow of death and yet not fear evil? Like our sister Joy we know He is with us! Praise be to God, for He who calls us is faithful!

  225. Lucinda

    I love studying God’s Word with BSF and really appreciate these posts along with this fine website.

    Her story is so compelling and encouraging us to have faith in Jesus; step out in His name, believing He is with us always.

    Our Lord God is unstoppable. What a gift to be called to serve in Christ’s holy name & study His holy Word!

    In 12:1-2, we are told to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”

    Amen always.

  226. Eileen Daily

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  227. Lynn

    Thank you so very much for posting this. This faith building is exactly what I have been seeking and this article helps so very much with my journey and concerns for others. God’s timing is perfect.

    Blessings to you,

  228. Vivian Raymer

    Such remarkable courage! I will start praying for Nigeria as I have prayed for Burkina Faso where missionary friends were forced to return to the U.S. Thank you for sharing this story.

  229. Beth Lindman

    So moving. So encouraging. Thank you for sharing this. Imagine what it will be like to be with all these believers in heaven!

  230. Kyle Howard

    Precious story of Christ’s faithfulness to Joy and and she used the opportunity to encourage others and. Help drive fear away.

  231. Angela weston

    Thank you for sharing Joy’s story. It is a great example to share of how a person’s faith continues to grow and that God is present and working in every situation we encounter.

  232. Edna Thompson

    Thanking God and praying for His strength through my husband’s illness.

  233. Shirlee Burlingame

    What an encouraging happening of today’s faith in action. what a wonderful encouragement for all people of faith.
    Thank you, Susan, for sharing, and linking it to todays current studies. It truly brings Bible happens of thousands of years ago alive today.
    God works in wonderous way. Thank you!
    I will keep God work thru BSF nation wide in my prayers.


    Thank you for sharing such a powerful testimony. After reading this, I am refreshed and even more determined to focus on increased faith in Christ. After facing recent challenges, I am reminded that CHRIST IS THE ANSWER!

  235. Linda Selman

    So very encouraging and such a powerful testimony. Thank you so much. Thanking God for your faith and love and caring for others in such trying and dangerous situation. Praise God!!!

  236. Yvonne

    I enjoyed this testimony of excellence in faith. I pray that if and when I’m faced with a test of faith my love and strength in Christ will stand firm.

  237. Vicki

    Thank you Joy and BSF for this living story. We all need to be reminded of His faithfulness.

  238. Constance S Hopkins

    Powerful testimony of our omnipotent Father. The faith we have, holds us secure in His hands, regardless of how our circumstances may look. “Through the storm, He is Lord, Lord of all.”

  239. Margareta Claesson

    Thank you for sharing your faith and telling your story. You are a reminder of the power and strength we gain through faith in The Lord. Your courage also reminds me of that God is always at our side.

  240. PAULINE

    What a blessing Joy was on this bus to give passengers support in knowing they were safe in faith of our Heavenly Father. A comfort after a harrowing experience. Thank you for sharing this amazing story.

  241. debra

    I want to thank BSF for sharing Joys inspiring story as a reminder of what Faith truly looks like. Thank God for all He does to give us that leap of Faith in knowing we can still trust what is not seen as long as we continue in our belief and Hope. Please continue to watch over Joy and her family. In Christ!

  242. Sue Sappingfield

    I’m so sorry for your experience & so thankful that you are okay and for your inspiration. I pray others were led to Christ through your strength and example of faith.

  243. Karen Morgan

    Hebrews study is strengthening my faith thru experiencing the reality of God’s grace as I care for a difficult to love older sister. His gift of grace to show love and caring to her in the face of hateful words and actions toward me, gives me unspeakable joy and strength!

    • debra

      I pray that God brings a change to this sister. Turn her anger to joy by softening her heart. Lord please remove these chains that bind Karen’s sister. In your Sons Holy Name Jesus! Amen.

  244. Cheri Carlson

    Praise God for a woman named Joy who, in dire circumstances chose to remember God’s faithfulness and led her fellow passengers to peace and calm in Jesus. May they all remember this experience and how our Hod is faithful.

  245. Ethelyn Blackmore

    Thank God for all your safety and may all grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I pray that this experience will cause those involved to always remember the goodness of God and grow in faith and obedience. Each person will encourage others as they share this victory of life over death. Thank you for sharing!

  246. Judy Fryar

    We serve a mighty God. Praises to Joy’s faithfulness and God’s provision and peace in difficult circumstances. He is always with us.

  247. Heather Parker

    Thank You, Lord God!
    Thank You for Your protection over Joy and the people on that bus and for the amazing peace You gave her! So grateful for this current-day example of faith! Jesus, strengthen and embolden Joy and all of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world who have opportunity to really live out their faith. ( I wonder what song I will sing when faced with a trial…)

    • Patience Afiniki

      wow thank God for his saving Grace.

  248. Dorothy

    Thank you Joy for Sharing your experience . We all pray in time of distress and fear but to take action like singing praise to God after is touching and a reminder

  249. Lisa Kern

    PRAISE and GLORY to God! I see singing in times of crisis in the lesson of Paul this week in Philippi and now with Joy’s terrifying experience as an area team leader. Thank you for sharing God’s goodness!!

  250. Emma

    Wow what a testament to “God our protector”. Joy was an awesome example faith & trust in her Jesus! Very inspirational to me.

  251. Nikki

    Praise God for His Presence, peace and protection in a very scary situation out of Joy’s control! I just want to hug her and be like her!

    • Modupe Aransiola

      All praise to God .

  252. Brenda

    Thank God for your faith and The courage that He instilled in you. I am so happy you and others were safe and that He wrapped His arms around you. This is such a testimony. Thank you for sharing.

  253. Ruth

    Great testimony of faith

    • Chandra Immanuel

      Living testimony of faith.

  254. Jacqueline Lau

    We often worry about many things.But it is God who works.We just need to entrust it. When will God do His plan.we dont know. We just have to trust Jesus Christ. Wait with confidence.

  255. Tabitha

    Truly that was the hand of God. Trusting God in the middle of crisis. Am also by faith trusting God for reinstatement of my son in his job.

  256. Mary Mooney

    What a wonderful encouragement for the faithfulness of God and testimony to the truth He never leaves us or forsakes us. Thank you.

  257. Suranjita Bhanja

    pray for me,I will be able to lift my eyes to my master always. May I see His perfect plan in the eyes of faith.May I conquer all my fears and doubts.

    • Pat Kowalczyk

      Lord, you are with us in all our fears and doubts; we need only take the next step, guided by your love and seeking your will. I lift Suranjita Bhanja to you today and ask that you would fill her with peace and confidence and the knowledge that you will never leave or forsake her. Holy Spirit, show her the peace that surpasses all understanding. By the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, may she find great confidence in you.

  258. Mary Stella Oyat

    Wow our God is indeed an ever present help in times of trouble. We sometimes forget to fix our eyes on Jesus and end up faltering in our faith. It is encouraging to see how God is at work in peoples lives.

  259. Elizabeth Ganaway

    Praise Him! Praise Him Praise Him! Jesus, Precious Savior, You’re worthy to be praised!!! Thank God for Joy’s testamony, her faith in God and her opportunity to witness for God in the most of difficult times. Amen!

  260. Evelyn Green

    GOD gives us examples of people of faith in our lives to live by daily. Wonderful example HE is faithful to us in difficult times if we trust in Him and call upon Him.

  261. Bobette Boone

    God is Amazing and He will always stand on His Promises. It is so important as Christian that we have Hebrew Faith! Thank you God for Joy! Bless her in all that she does for Gods Glory!

  262. Eve Lim

    I know God is speaking to me but I have a stubborn heart. I like to serve God but I like very much my paycheck. But somehow God placed me in a situation where I need to give time, unpaid, to something I am not even comfortable to do. But this last words seemed so clear, or so I guessed.

    “You have to do what God is calling you to do,” Joy said. “If God is calling you to do it, He’ll take care of it.”

    • Faith Itumbi

      Quite encouraging, surely the challenges are t grow us spiritual

  263. Kaneng Pam-Sha

    So encouraging. Our God is indeed faithful. He is with us even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death…

  264. Grace Kambo

    This is a very encouraging testimony. Learning to fix our eyes on Jesus and not the circumstances….thanks be to BSF

  265. Holly Placzek

    What amazing courage you have grown through your time in the Word, Joy! Bless you for your faithfulness to our Lord, in quick discernment and then worship of Him…thanks too for your witness to the Muslim man and sharing it so we may pray for his salvation as well! Praise Yahweh!

  266. Sue

    This is an amazing testimony to God’s unseen presence, strengthening faith to trust and even sing to Him. Today is the anniversary of my mum’s death and I have a peace that passes all understanding. We were studying Revelation when both my parents died close together. It was a great reassurance of the certainty of heaven which we need again as one of my BSF children has died on the road recently. He wrote a psalm to God which was found later and God has strengthened his mum and gran (both CLs) to praise God for his simple faith. I sang ‘In simple trust like theirs who heard beside the Syrian sea’ this week, we join with Jesus’s disciples in that trusting faith. I shall pray for God to ‘take control’ in my interview for a job soon, thank you for encouraging us all.

  267. Plangnan Irimiya Elisha

    Indeed God answers prayer. I am encouraged by this testimony a similar thing happened to my husband last week, through all our challenges, God has help my faith to increase. He surely renews our strength. Thanks for sharing.

  268. Purity Titi Naisho

    Indeed God hears our whispered prayers and answers us. A little simple prayer in the midst of adversities prayed in faith is all our savior needs to come down and help us.

    • Rosemary Kamau.

      Faith really works. Thanks to BSF for this study of faith in Hebrews and such a wonderful testimony from our sister that we can cling on to the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Very encouraging testimony.

    • Lister Omariba


  269. Antoinette

    Thank you for such an encouraging story of God’s faithfulness in the midst of struggle. Joy choosing to praise God with the other passengers is a beautiful response to her trust on the Lord in all circumstances!

  270. Wilson Minja

    By the grace of God Joy fixed her eyes on the priceless prize of all, Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith sitting on the right hand of the throne of God. May the same grace of God apply to all people in all situations.


    Glory to GOD. Very encouraging real life experience. Truly, we need to always focus our eyes unto GOD the author and finisher of our lives while holding firmly on the faith. He alone is our safest hiding place and ever presence in times of our needs.

  272. Steve Nsita

    It is strengthening to see in practice that God will take care of our faith when we find ourselves in situations where we think we do not have the level of faith that is needed to go through

  273. Christina

    Thank you for sharing this story very encouraging. Fear is the work of the devil. If I believe whole heartedly that God is my protector who can be against me

  274. carol

    I hope to have this faith on God Father!
    Thanks for sharing!

  275. Judy Lynch

    Thank you for this powerful testimony!

  276. Lilly Cherian

    Thanking God for His timely presence through His Word and faith of Joy in her death and life situation

  277. Tonyia

    I thank God that he was with you and the other people on the bus. I know that experience was a great impact and test of your faith. I am glad you were able to share this story. I find the BSF lessons in Hebrews challenging me to strengthen my faith. My challenges are not as perilous as yours, but it still is daunting. I have Multiple Scelerosis for 31 years and 4 months ago I had a total knee replacement. These last 2 weeks, I have experienced a flareup where I have loss sensation in feet, calves and hands. I have to pray and hope that Jesus will restore my sensation so I can walk, stand and do some chores without the fear of falling and becoming overwhelmed doing my exercises to keep my muscles strong. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

  278. Diane Clines

    Amazing faith in the most of trying situation. I pray for increase Faith. Thank you for sharing your life experience. It help me to continue studying the word.

  279. Veronica Kirsten

    Wow, the lord promises never to leave or forsake us in time of need. He preserved and protected Joy and all the other passengers.Faithful God.May the lord help us to look to and trust him at all times.

  280. Gordon E. Carpenter

    Oh ! What great story of faith and trust in our Savior by Joy.
    I am so blessed to be involved in BSF at my age of 81 years. It is surely enriching my “thirst for Righteousness”.
    Gord (Isaiah 40:31;Proverbs 3:5,6)

  281. Margaret kirimi

    Thanks for sharing. An inspiring story on trusting God even during tough times. I am encouraged to do the same.

  282. Patricia

    Glory to God! Thank you for sharing this awesome and very encouraging testimony with us.

  283. Molly Stoffer


  284. Susan Manning

    Such faith and obedience to call on our Lord.
    Thank you Joy for your example.
    I pray I remember and practice such faith in such terrifying moments.

    • Mary Anne

      Thanks to all of you this morning who shared their faith with the rest of us —> for me your posts were the most awesome “gifts” to me on my 66th B-D… we have been in some family unity struggles for awhile and I’ve hung on to Hebrews 11 and all of you are part of that camaraderie…

  285. Paul Lwere

    Touching and encouraging experience! Thank you Joy for living out God’s word in a state of despair! True faith indeed*!

  286. samantha sumerlin

    Amen!!! We don’t have to know the details or even how things are going to work out, only that God is in control and where He is in control His mission; desire is always completed in His beautiful time!!!!!!!

  287. Lana Chung

    I am truly thankful for this lesson of faith. Please pray for me that my faith can increase, so I will be able to serve Jesus.

  288. Joyce Agoro

    Wow!!!! What an amazing story. We will run and not grow weary when we believe in our LORD Jesus Christ and when we fix our eyes upon Him, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

    • Byrla Busch

      I loved her story how she chose to trust in God instead of circumstances!

  289. Mercy Samuel

    Sister Joy , I am so glad for your deliverance ! You totally surrendered yourself to the Lord’s control . I am reminded of Shadrach , Meshach and Abednego in Daniel Ch 3: 17, 18
    “ God is able to deliver us from the fiery furnace . But if not …we will not serve thy gods.”
    “ The just shall live by faith.” Habakkuk 2:4
    I heard a godly man say , “ By faith we can walk in the highest of places in the lowest of times .” May the Lord use you much for His glory in the days to come !

  290. Grace powers

    Every season and every phrase of my own personal walk with our a Lord and savior Jesus BSF has been my mentor as well as our leader Carrie Giles whose always pointed the way and the light to me,hearing His word and seeing God at work literally has increased my faith daily,I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Gods Grace upon me and my family,what a privilege it is to know God and truly have an intimate relationship with Him today. He has given me a grateful heart altogether.

  291. Miguel Todd, SR

    What an amazing testimony for every Christian living today! May we all cling to God as our sister Joy did, in troublesome times.

  292. Jula.

    Praise God for this wonderful testimony! Joy, you are a lovely example of faith & perseverance. This has encouraged me to Fix my eyes on Jesus even more firmly. Thank u BSF for sharing this.

  293. Mercy Lipdo

    It’s amazing how God makes a difficult situation seem like nothing because of faith in Him. Very encouraging.

  294. Bose Salako

    Give God the glory for the safety.This is a testimony of who we are in Christ-Great Conquerors!

  295. Bernadette Worden

    Thank you Joy for sharing your testimony of courage and faith in the Lord God, He is faithful to keep us safe in the storms of life. So blessed to hear your testimony.

  296. Yulanda

    To God be the Glory! What a moving testimony Joy shared. She demonstrated true courage under fire by reminding us all of Gods faithfulness, grace and mercy.

  297. Pamela

    What an amazing testimony. Blessed me The love and courage touched me

  298. Joyce Kinaro

    Joy’s faith in Christ strengthens me to be strong and focus on Him alone. Thank you Joy for sharing.

  299. Lizzy Etteh

    Thanks be to God for Joy’s testimony. It has strengthened and encouraged me. God bless and keep you. Amen.

  300. Lorna Stoddart

    So true God is able to do much more than we ask or can even imagine.Only trust him because He already knows our needs and continually rescues us from harm and dangers

  301. John Rajan

    Thank you for sharing your dreadful experience. Our confidence in Jesus Christ and our assurance in the one true God, who would never leave us when we face life”s difficulties.

  302. Kristen Gordon

    God Bless Joy and her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    God Bless her perseverance in God’s Word.

  303. Katie Meyer

    What a beautiful testimony To God’s love, care and protection. Stories like these help encourage all of us who follow Christ. And encouragement to not lose heart and grow weary. May God alone be praised.

  304. Cecilia

    All praise to the Lord for saving Joy and her fellow passengers.

    She was used of God to show his wondrous works as she put her Faith in him.

    We must trust in God beyond our circumstances.

  305. Eliza Yeung

    Thank you for sharing this article with us about Joy’s faith in Jesus. I am grateful for BSF, and the study of Hebrews that really helped me to know Jesus better. He is the pioneer and perfecter of faith. I can testify that when I fix my eyes upon Jesus, I have experienced god’s peace, which transcends all understandings, guards my heart and my mind from my despair and worry. Praise the Lord!!!

  306. Cecelia Thomas

    This is a true testament to what God will do. He stands ready, willing and able to take care of our every need in all situations. Our God is just a prayer of faith away.

  307. Lonzie Symonette

    God is faithful. Praise His Mighty Name!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Joy for telling us your story of His faithfulness. Very encouraging.

  308. Sally Samson

    Thank you for sharing this story! This testimony strengths the faith of all of us.

  309. P V Cherian

    Beautiful testimony…… We all must learn from such people to have similar faith in every difficult situation.

  310. Kambuka Stephen

    Wow this is a great testimony and l thank our God for Joy’s life and others that were saved because she chose to fix her faith in God alone even when it was so tough. God Bless You .

  311. Erma Carter

    I thank you for that encouraging story it was a confirmation for me to trust God more and have a stronger faith in God!

  312. Millicent Idah

    Hallelujah, l praise the lord for my sister joy, the same Bible says, God cannot tempt you beyond what you can’t bear,so lets guard and keep the faith

  313. Serah Engesha

    A very inspiring testimony from Joy. Let’s look at the author and finisher of our faith. Praise be to His Name

  314. Kim Weber

    Joy! You are safe! I am so thankful! Just thinking of you’re strength and prayers gives me gratitude for our Lord and His protection of you and your passengers. So thankful! I will be praying for you! You are truly a warrior Princess!!!

    • Gill Morrison

      To God be the glory!
      Thanks for sharing your testimony – may He richly bless you in your ministry x

  315. Mimi Ho

    Very encouraging and inspiring me to have faith in God. Don’t be shaken by the circumstances.
    I don’t think I would have such faith like Joy but thanks God for this testimony to prepare me to accept the next challenge in life.

  316. Pranoti Kumar

    Awesome testimony….
    My prayers we all experience His peace n strength in trying n critical to times. That we too just look at Jesus n leave behind all that hinders our walk to reach our destiny. That is to be with our dear Lord.
    Thank you BSF…..for everything.
    God bless

  317. Cathy Escamilla

    Thank you so much for sharing Joy’s story. Very encouraging.

  318. Claudette

    Encouraging story of faith. God is faithful to all generations. Col. 3:2 set your mind on things above and not on the earth.

  319. Jane

    I have been able to sing many hymns in English, but no language foreign to me….oh that 2020 would be the year
    I learn to sing a song of praise in Vietnamese!

  320. Terri Dickens

    Praise God for sparing all of you!!!
    Praise God for your calling to the Lord for His help!!! May God call each of those people on the bus to saving knowledge of His mercy and grace🙏🙏🙏 May God continue to protect you as you serve Him🙏✝️🙏

  321. Ann Powers

    What an inspiring testimony of God’s faithfulness in Joy’s life! Indeed, He is the “Pioneer and Perfecter” of our faith! Praise the Lord!

  322. Lany murti

    Thank you that you are such a living testimony for me.I have a very difficult situation right now .You are encourage me to focuse on Jesus’ power to solve my problem,by faith God is able .amin

  323. DeeAnn

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  324. Shirley Ohrtman

    What a woman of faith. We can all use her example praising God in every circumstance.

  325. Gail Sheridan

    Thank you for sharing this story of God’s faithfulness. I pray for Nigeria. Reading often of your persecution, especially from Boco’ Haram. God give you joy and strength and continued faith!

  326. Kin Sun Lau

    Praise The Lord. Thank Him for delivering Joy and so proving He is her true fortress and refuge.

    Joy is admirable in how she handles crisis and make me think of what we have learned from Paul in the prison of Philippi. Joy sung and worshipped The Lord just as Paul did (Acts 16:25). She gave witness to a Muslim, paving him the faith road was just the same as Paul led the Philippi jailer to put the faith of his whole family to The Christ. Praise The Lord.

    Recently, I learn from Judges 1:1-2 that to praise The LORD is the ‘sure-win’ formula in fighting whatever battles because The LORD clearly tell us that Judah (meaning praising The LORD in Genesis 29:35) is to go first. By doing so, He has already given the land (His inheritance for us) to His people. This is The LORD’s will for us. Paul and Joy demonstrated this. Hallelujah, we are really more than conquerors in Christ (Romans 8:37)

  327. Luella Jean Jones

    It’s amazing how God takes control and quiets our hearts when we let Him. Thank you for sharing this story. I will be praying for that chapter of BSF, my favorite Bible study.. Please don’t get far away from Mrs. Johnsons teaching. Having the lecture before the groups, I think takes away from the study. I pray that BSF will go back to the way Mrs. Johnson planned the study. Again thank you for sharing Joys frightening events.

  328. Marcia

    Thank you for posting this. So inspiring.

    • Janice M Walker

      Thank you it has really blessed me and I pray that my faith becomes strong everyday

  329. Efren Tapia


    • Vivian

      Thank you for the encouraging testimony which shows that God does not change. He was faithful in the past, remaind faithful today and will continually be faithful. We can trust Him, always. Amen

  330. Joane Taylor

    Amen. Thank you my sister for allowing yourself to be a living testimony. MY GOD BLESS for sharing for through this HE is lifted up.

  331. Enid

    Thank you for sharing this story. God is good all the time.

  332. Julia Haupt

    Thank you for sharing Joy! Praying for you and your BSF community.

  333. Mary Mudachi

    We thank GOD for saving Joy. Our GOD is faithful when we call on him and trust him

  334. Phyllis Winn

    Thank you, Jesus, our trustworthy and faithful Savior, perfect Father, sustainer, and object of our faith. Thank you for the power of prayer. Thank you for the Holy Spirit, the angel armies and your victory and authority over all heaven and earth. Amen

  335. Pushap Louis

    Thank you…a very encouraging testimony…

  336. Brenda Clark

    Thank you for your testimony. It gives me great encouragement to stand on God’s promises He has for me. Help me to en graft God’s word in my heart daily because you never know the day nor hour you need the word of God. We must always watch, pray and speak what God put on our hearts.

    • Theresa

      What great encouragement this was. Thank you. Right now am praying and trusting God for healing for my friend with cancer. Am holding God to His word and trusting . I know God is good and am trusting and praying. Thank you for the encouragement. May God bless all reading this tonight

  337. ernestine dorris

    God is awesome Great testimon All glory goes to God

  338. Debbi Spriggs

    Thank you for sharing this story of great faith! This Encourages all of to to fix our eyes on Jesus and gives our lives in service to him daily. God bless you and keep you safe.

  339. Selwyn

    Thanks a million for such an inspiring story, God still moves on our behalf as I learned in our BSF group

  340. Marie Albers

    What a beautiful and powerful story. What a testament to God’s love and protection for His people.

  341. Michele Andy

    Joy, what a beautiful testimony about the goodness of our God. It is my prayer that God allowed the bus driver to go down the dangerous road in order to free someone from a dangerous life without Christ. Only God knows whose faith was increased and whose seeds were watered because of the your words and songs of praise. What a mighty God we serve! To God be the glory!

  342. Lou Wilson

    Praise God!

  343. Kent Barber

    I pray for you often as you serve and bring the Gospel of Jesus to so many.

    • Yvonne

      To God be the glory!!! Thank you for sharing your testimony Joy, May the Lord continue to grow your Faith. Love & Blessings.

  344. Teresa

    Such an inspiring testimony. God is so faithful! This encouraged me and put a smile on my face. God bless you BSF.

  345. Sammie

    Praise GOD for His Faithfulness to Joy & to each of us & for her Faithfulness to point others to Him….

  346. Judy Compton

    Joy certainly held unswervingly to the hope and faith she professes. Her response of worship is evidence of the forward thinking that all of us believers are to have. Thanks be to God for His protection over her and her fellow travelers.

  347. Millie Martin

    Thank God for delivering Joy and others so she could share her testimony with others. During her terrible ordeal, her faith in God never wavered. This encourages all of us to remain steadfast and believe God will never leave nor forsake us.

    • Jeffrey

      Amazing things that He enables us to do when we trust and have faith in Him. Also we can hope for answers when our depend and believe in Him.
      Thank God that the unfulfilled dreams and the insurmountable challenges in our lives may not be always answered according to our ways but His which are definitely and surely better.

      • Lucy Njeri mwangi

        What a amazing story! It makes me to trust God more. May be joy was a God send Moses in that bus to stand in the gap for others. I thank God for Joy’s prayer. It’s not in vain when we fix our eyes to Jesus.

  348. Cheryl Thomas

    Praise God! What an God honoring testimony that was! Thank you for sharing it.

  349. Barbara Robinette

    Thanks for sharing your story God is good all the time. All the time God is good your story is uplifting keep your eyes on Jesus

  350. Sherrye Dancey

    Beautiful story of faith and God’s faithfulness. He promised he would never leave us and he proved himself to be true again. I am encouraged by this testimony to hold on to my profession as I grow in Christ.

  351. Margaret Ndiritu

    Faith can move a mountain. Thank you Joy for sharing that great act of faith. God is always pleased with those who call upon him in faith, because it is impossible to please God without faith. I am very encouraged to see how God come through for us because of our faith. May the Lord help us to always put our faith in Him under all circumstances that we experience in this life.

  352. Barbara Roddis

    This was very inspirational! It gives me courage for my current circumstances and the future.

  353. Ruthlyn Webster

    This story was very encouraging. Thank you for sharing. Reminding me of God’s faithfulness.

    • Jewell Funk

      What a beautiful testimony of the lessons we have just studied in Hebrews! Thank God for His faithfulness.

  354. Gail Luce

    This story gives me hope. I struggle with my faith at times.

  355. Dianna Lynn Polinski

    We are being morphed by BSF – so glad you have this among your other testimonies to tell people about the risen Lord.

  356. JIM L BADER

    Thank you for sharing this contemporary act of faith. It increases my resolve regarding participation in BSF. I do not live in an area where the event described is commonplace and I give thanks to God for His grace and protection in Joy’s life.

  357. John W Heutink

    What a story to pass on.

  358. Steph

    Thank you so much for sharing this precious and so very personal testimony. It gave me the chills- Your bravery in those circumstanses is encouraging and to worship on the way home fills my heart…
    Joy – you have a beautiful soul and I know the 8 others on that bus saw Christ love through you, through the worship and comfort you must have provided them in that moment.

  359. Margot Bennett

    It is so wonderful to have Jesus I could not manage without him I rely every minute on him for protection and getting trough the day. your story Joy was again confirmation of his loving care for us.

  360. Rhonda Sells

    How solid is the ground where Jesus has ordered your/ her steps. It is inspiring to be among the witnesses of Joy’s Dependency on God. So far, He has not called me or placed me in dire circumstances but He has prepared us and Joy showed us what it looks like. Thank You Father for the example of Joy in whom you equipped for such a time as this. May we be found faithful as we set our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Amen

  361. Carol Dorsey

    Thank you. Since BSF my faith has gotten stronger, and in your story I see faith leading to hope and love. Again thanks for sharing.

  362. Linda M. Long

    Thank you for sharing this most frightening experience. I pray I, too, have this deep faith. I have been through some trying times and have trusted in the Lord but have never been faced with someone who might kill me. May God continue to be with you.

  363. Thelma Owens

    Dear Joy, I was truly moved by your Testimony and I’m thanking God for His faithfulness . Your story is a true example of what faith is. I was just reading today, how the Hebrew boys were faced with a fiery furnace in front of them but they had faith to believe that God would deliver and if He didn’t, because we never know what His will is, but if he didn’t , they would still serve Him. Thank God for prayer, I thank Him for the angles that surrounded you all and my God bless you and keep you in His care.

    In His Love
    Pastor T. Owens

  364. Sherri

    Thank you… I really need to hear her story today now. God is so good at giving us what we need, if we will take it. I Need to have more faith!!! I seem to fall apart at the slightest upset think the worse. I do go to God in prayer first but I am still so fearful.

  365. Josephine pizarras

    Truly faith will get us through anything even the most difficult times.God is faithful to His promises

  366. Arnold Ronning

    This is an amazing story of applying lessons of faith in our lives. How we react to a crisis in the first few minutes often determines the eventual outcome. Responding in faith rather than fear was not only an example of Christian obedience and humility, it showed resilience and intelligence. May God bless and protect Joy and all of us as we walk in faith with our Lord.

  367. Adelaide Tilli

    Amen 🙏🏻 Our Lord is faithful and true. When He gives us a task, He will guide us through.🙌🏻❤️
    Joy’s testimony is powerful !

  368. Dianne Sheintal

    Joy’s story definitely ministered to my heart!
    I have been struggling with my faith lately, about everyday things, health, marriage, and all things mundane. I know God is sovereign and sees ALL things and knows exactly what I am going through.
    I am just having trouble walking in my faith. I get discouraged and depressed easily, but I know He is the answer for everything!
    Joy really relied on her faith when she faced death, and if she could do that then, I must exercise my faith when dealing with my everyday issues!
    Thank you joy for sharing and BSF for being there in her time of need and our time of need here in the USA.

  369. Essie Daniel

    Thank you for sharing.
    We have a God who loves and protects His own.

  370. Mary Hein

    Thank you for sharing this testimony about how the evil one can rob us of our possessions, but not our faith. Our God is mighty in power and never abandons us. God bless you, Joy, and thank you for richly blessing us and showing us how faith is much stronger than fear. I won’t soon forget your story.Thank you for sharing this testimony about how the evil one can rob us of our possessions, but not our faith. Our God is mighty in power and never abandons us. God bless you, Joy, and thank you for richly blessing us and showing us how faith is much stronger than fear. I won’t soon forget your story.

  371. Barb Swieder

    Thank u 4 such an inspiring story. I was told that True Faith is human reaction to God’s actions and this is Spot On. He always has our backs. We are so blessed and need 2 remember that on a constant basis. Also reading the Bible on a daily basis prevents truth decay. ENJOY🙏

  372. Mary Terrell

    Thanks for sharing the story. All praises to God. He’s good and His mercy endureth forever. Be Blessed.

  373. Peggy

    Thank you for this story about Joy and what true faith looks like today in the midst of a terrifying situation.

  374. Cindy Gonzales

    Wonderful testimony. I have been struggling with despair this past year due to a chronic pain situation. God keeps showing me others with pain and reminding me of His faithfulness and for me to remain faithful. Thank you God, for your words in Hebrews and for faithfully rescuing Joy & her fellow bus patrons.

  375. Jan Gunn


  376. Ken B

    Thank you so much for sharing, Joy! It is inspiring to hear about your faith and then your praise for the Lord afterwards. Hebrews 13:6 says,
    “So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”” and Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” You are an example of both of these.

    • Leann

      This is an incredible story and thankful I was not only on the email lost but took the time to read it! Praise God for His infinite protection and covering over Joy and the 7 people on the bus! We pray this Muslim man comes to saving faith in Jesus Christ and is transformed!!! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  377. Brigit

    God promised he’d always be there, So by faith he will always answer our prayers. All things are working for those that believe. Even things that we cannot see. I know that for a fact as I’ve seen it happen in my life so many times! Believe and know,

  378. Maria Wells

    Just like her name, Joys face shows complete joy and a beautiful trust in God! what a moving story of faith! Praying for her continuing growth and protection!

  379. Cheris Baker

    WOW God! Praise His Holy Name! By Faith..

  380. Julie

    I was thinking the exact same thing as Jill just wrote. We need to continue to pray for Joy and our brothers and sisters around the world who can experience threats of violence much more easily than a “normal” day in the Western world. God bless Joy for her faith. I pray for the same.

  381. Sandra

    What a testimony of faith! Love in action in the midst of chaos as Joy looked beyond her circumstance and helped another woman and child. Her. story is a real evidence of faith in action. It’s the hall of fame in Hebrews came alive in a practical way. I pray that each of us who reads this would be encouraged to act on the confidence of God’s promises in His Word and walk be faith not by sight🙏

  382. Marie Keldjian

    Very Touched by Joy’s Faith ; I am encouraged and I Thank God
    For His Faithfulness in hearing our prayers always , and rescuing us in time of need. Thank you God

  383. Joan Hess

    Joy, Thank you for sharing your awful painful experience. I love studying Hebrews and the faithful people that went before us. But when we hear from someone’s experience in our day. It deepens our Hope threw Faith that God is still with us and will return for us as he promised. Thank You

  384. April Orr

    and Amen!

    I am loving the book of Hebrews. It continues to touch me so.

  385. Catherine Kuykendall

    I just read Marva’s comment, and she said EXACTLY what I was praying…”Lord please strengthen my faith, and renew my spirit without fear and anxiety.”
    I am so grateful Joy was not harmed. And thank our Heavenly Father for His love and protection. It’s a privilege to pray with my BSF sisters so far away. 👑🙏🏼♥️

  386. Sharon Gardner

    Praise God for His faithfulness, Grace and mercy. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story Joy and thank God for his hedge of protection over your lives

  387. Lyn Brandon

    Thank you so much for this wonderful, encouraging story. I am really blessed to realize that so many brothers and sisters are serving Jesus with joy, in spite of severe persecution. To God be the glory!

  388. Jill

    what an amazing, inspiring story! many of us in the ‘western world’ do not comprehend the very real danger of simply loving Christ that many of our sisters in BSF classes in other parts of the world experience. I pray we all take a moment to celebrate Joy’s safety and happy ending, but to also pray for those who are in danger on a daily basis because of their focus on Christ.

  389. Janet van Houten

    What a great modern day example of the life of faith in Hebrews 11!

  390. Sudea Romo

    To God be the glory! Praise God. What bold faith! What an incredible testimony! The Thanksgiving and the joy in the midst of such scary times.

  391. Glenn Walthall

    BSF had Hebrews in its teaching just recently. God be praised that Joy had learned the lessons of Hebrews 11 and 12, where faith gave her courage and hope and the ability to help others in their time of difficulty too.
    Hopefully the bus company will not take the shorter, more difficult road. Maybe the police, army, or authorities could take the road to catch these road warriors.

  392. Emilia S. CA

    Such an inspiring sharing! Thank you Lord for choosing Joy in many ways on that day and for many years!
    Through her courageous example we can truly see how you God value Faith and always answer Prayers! So that Your Infinite Plan prevails all the time everywhere and through your chose people like us at BSF!
    May we continually rely on You alone as we live by faith not by site.
    Can’t wait to share it with my group of ladies.
    Many blessings to you Joy and ur Country of Nigeria.

  393. Rita Thomason

    How God must have been full of love for joy as he saw her faith not her fear. She shared him with praises and song all saw this and praised him with her. Maybe these people will want to know her God a strong tower in a time of great danger. Great story

  394. Nuru

    Wow what an inspiring story from Joy . I am really challenged to respond with calmness , faith and praise when caught in battles . Joy has encouraged me so much to always see everything through Christ.

  395. Lurea Benedict

    Praise God they were kept safe. Joy was a powerful witness for Jesus in a difficult, scary situation. I’m so glad BSF is in Nigeria.

  396. Thomas R Miller

    Thank you for sharing a present day narrative of one encountering a situation in which she was called upon to trust in God and thus grow in her faith – much appreciated the story in today’s troubled and confused world.

  397. Magalene Greene

    To God be all the glory. Each day that I am tested I feel my faith growing because God reveals Himself in some remarkable way. I am so grateful that I know Him and He is my Lord and Savior. I have LEARNED through some recent experiences to keep my eyes focus on my Savior!

  398. beverlee hays

    that,s not the first time God saved 8 souls!!!!!! noah, will confirm that one day to us…….Joy, you were born for such a time as this!!! Praise God…..We should all pray for her muslim friend, to see such strength through Christ!

  399. Susie

    Thank you for sharing Joy’s experience that is so applicable to our current study. Praise God for her faith and for protecting her and the others on that bus. May God bless Joy for her service at BSF in a country where Christians are persecuted in a way that I cannot understand or fathom. This was a good reminder for me to include the international BSF’ers (and all Christians) in my prayers for God’s protection.

  400. Lamont Moore

    Wow Glory to his name, thank for this story (Joy) it has help strengthen my faith even more god is so wonderful in all that he does thank you lord

    and thank you “BSF” for letting Joy share here story

  401. Nancy Bryant

    All praise be to God the perfector of our faith! What a testimony of our Lord’s faithfulness. Thank you for sharing.

    • Deborah Grant

      I just echo your words, Nancy. And I add these from Psalm 72:
      Praise the LORD God, the God of Israel, who alone does such wonderful things.

  402. Lori Chang

    Wow what a story of an amazing faith filled woman. Joy is so inspiring, courageous & brave.

    I could only imagine being in her shoes that it is trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to persevere through those most darkest & scariest times where we have no control of anything & the situation seems so dismal & life threatening! Praise God for getting her & the other passengers through that circumstance relatively safely!

    I’m sorry what was that driver thinking taking the short cut!!!!!!!!!

  403. Marlene Go

    very timely and inspiring.. will share to my bsf group to inspire them as well.

    • Nikki Fenske

      What a testimony of true faith. I Praise The Lord God Almighty for being the same yesterday, today and forever more.
      May we all ask for increased faith during these times, In Jesus Name.

      Thank you Jesus, thank you Joy!

  404. Harriett Bye

    I needed that testimony, thank you! We are traveling in a foreign country, we need to trust God to protect and help us, so many things we are not used to, oh God show us the way, use this time to grow our faith in you. We are working on our lessons we brought with us

  405. Carol Hildebrand

    Thru one persons faith, all 8 were saved! Not just Joy, the faith of 8 people was once again shown to be reliable by her prayers. How many lives can we affect with our prayers? God is so faithful to His children’s needs. She is a beautiful example of His faithfulness.

  406. Barbara Bloomquist

    Remarkable story! Thank you for sharing it and giving us such great encouragement. ❤️

  407. Marie Box

    Thank you Joy for sharing your incredible story of courage. God was surely hearing your prayers. Your strong faith helped others to see our God is so good! A fellow BSFer Marie. Ll

    • Za

      Thank you Joy for sharing your story of great faith. It gives me courage to pray for greater faith.

  408. Sylvia L. Peters

    I so value the study of Hebrews. It has deepened my understanding of faith and what is required of me personally to be a christian. I was a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church for many years and joined a christian church in 2012. I joined BSF in 2015 because a neighbor invited me to go with her. It was a struggle at first I felt so sad because I didn’t understand all that was being said, or even what I was reading. As each year has passed I’ve become more fluent and willing to speak about my acceptance of Christ as my savior. The past few weeks have been very exciting for me because of the study of Hebrews. My eyes, heart and spirit have been opened and lifted upward to God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. My faith in Him has caused me to pray for others, study the word of God more and be a more loving person. Faith…is my rock, Christ is my hope and God is my Father. Thank you BSF.

  409. Sharon Choto

    God is good
    All the times

  410. Folake Phillips

    God, just by grace alone, we are thankful. For Joy and all the lives saved that day, Christian or not, again, we are thankful.

    Thank you for sharing your story Joy. It’s helped me shift perspective.

  411. Beth Williams

    What a beautiful example of faith and God’s faithfulness! Every leaders meeting, we pray for our BSF family around the world-having real stories of how He is working encourages us to continue praying for BSFers and the lives they touch.

  412. Joyce JonJones

    Joy’s faith strengthens my faith…instills desire to stay connected to God through His Word-Who is with God. Jesus gave us everything we need and Joy’s faith is a testimony for me.

  413. Luanne Palmer

    What a Wonderful story of how God cares for His Children. Praise His Holy Name.

  414. Marva Jones

    Thank you for this testimony. I need to strengthen my faith and cure my anxiety and fears. I stopped and prayed for the Lord to increase my faith as I read this. Thank you again. God is good!

  415. Lucy Primrose

    Wow. What a testimony. May we all learn and grow in our faith from her example.


    Thank you, Joy, for showing us and so many others what faith is. How many lives are changed because of their witness. How God used your strength to strengthen others and calm them! What a beautiful and courageous testimony.

  417. Lilian adisa

    Just this evening, I was full of fear and worry fir the future of my family. Then I opened mail and saw this testimony of faith. Thank you for sharing, I feel challenged about my faith. Nothing is beyond God. He is truly faithful.

  418. Kaye Reid

    What a powerful testimony, I was glad that God protected everyone on the bus. Thank you for sharing.

  419. Edie Burquest

    So thankful for this testimony from Joy of God’s protection and peace. Let’s all pray for the persecuted Christians especially in Nigeria. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They need to know we are standing with them.

  420. Patricia Lovelace

    Thank you for sharing that great story of trust and faith and what God will do for those who love and follow Him. Joy’s story will be a great witness for those who struggle to find faith to just trust Him.

  421. Susan mungiiria

    God is true to his word,but wanted to trust and align ourselves with his promises always

  422. Kris crane

    Faith that is never tested is never true faith at all! Praise God for Joy’s beautiful faith!!

  423. Sandy Ann Rozumny

    As my husband lies in a hospital bed assaulted by liver cancer, a blood clot and an unknown digestive problem. I am reminded to have faith in God’s goodness to us. Thank you for sharing this story today.

    • Judith Clark

      What an inspiring testimony illustrating the power of God protecting you all and giving you such a peace in a dangerous and terrifying situation. The power of praying saints and the praise in the face of death has blessed me with such hope and faith. Thank you dear sister for your courage and faith in our God. I can almost feel the peace that swept over that bus when you started singing and the others began to feel the peace you were radiating. Thank you for the work you are doing there. God is working here and I can say BSF has lifted my spirit to know new peace in my life. God bless you all there as you spread God’s Word and Love.

  424. Nancy Petak

    What an amazing testimony of God’s protection, love and care. May this story bring many to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and strengthen those whose faith may be wavering.

  425. Gail

    Real people, real faith, real rescue and protection from a God who hears us and knows us by name. What greater love is there than this? Inspirational and a clear picture of God working now and loving us. Hebrews is an incredible study of God’s truth. Amen and Amen! Thank you for sharing. 🙏

  426. Barb

    OH what a Mighty Awesome GOD we sever. Joy, your experience is the testimony that will reach many and strength so many in faith and growth. God word tell us continually stay obedient and Faithful. I will continue to keep you lifted in prayer daily. Thanks you for obeying The will of God. To God Be Glory.

  427. Susie

    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! What an awesome and faithful God.
    Thank you Joy for sharing an inspiring and amazing story.

    • Eunice Falola

      To God be the glory. My prayer is God increase my faith in Him and help me fix my eyes on Jesus no matter the what.

  428. Charlie Louden

    I’m certain that tying Joy’s experience to Heb. 11:1 is not correct. Heb. 11:1 isn’t “the” definition of faith, nor do I believe it’s even “a” definition of faith. Rather, this verse is a description of what faith does: When I trust what God has revealed, I bring the future into the present (“sure of what we hope for”), & I make the invisible world visible (“certain of what we do not see”). That’s a far cry from a “definition.
    Heb. 11:1 reminds me that although it’s such a blessing from God that He gives me senses to experience Him & His love, I’m not to rely on those feelings. Instead, He wants me to have confidence in Who He tells me He is & not my feelings.
    Faith, therefore, must be defined as: to commit to what we know. For Christians today, that means what he has revealed of Himself & His faithfulness in Scripture. This complete dependence on the Word of God is the one constant in Heb. Chap. 11, which in many instances was direct conversation with God or one of His emissaries. Not one of the persons listed there in the catalogue of faith exemplars was asked
    to take a step out in the dark. Nevertheless,for absolutely all of them, their faith was measured not in what they did but in their trust in what God had done & what He said He would yet do. Believes all share this same promise.
    While I don’t know Joy, her account certainly reflects her willingness not to prove herself by attempting a spectacular “leap of faith” in her horrible circumstance/situation. She seems to have relied on what she knew to be true from her reading/understanding of the Word of God–“Jesus take control”–believing that He IS & His Word is reliable, “here , now”–not on Heb. 11:1!

    • Ann Taylor

      I used to read the Bible and any commentaries with an eye to nit-picking. It was a way to keep myself from getting too serious about the message it contained. Thanks to BSF I am now reading for what the Bible SAYS, not what someone says about it. Whether it is a definition or not, Heb. 11:1 is an important statement about faith, and I will read it as such. One of my “things” is to always read the word “hope” as a noun which refers to Jesus – makes a lot of passages more meaningful!

  429. Martha Jenkins

    I read your testimony w/tears…thankful for your faith and focus on Jesus and eternity as well as your prayer for the Muslim man.

  430. Laura Logan

    Praise be to God who provides all our needs. Thank you for this message. It gives me great confidence in my trails to read about how our Great God provides for us. BSF is one of the best study tools I have. I enjoy going to the study group each week. I enjoy the intimacy I have with my father each day. I love that BSF has enhanced this.

  431. Titilayo Kupoluyi

    What a testimony of God’s goodness! Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus…. Increase my faith Lord Jesus. Amen.

  432. Melissa

    You are inspiration and I hope my faith would be so strong in that situation. Praise God for his protection for you in that scary moment! Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. I hope you continue to receive blessing and God’s favor in your life.


  433. Barbara Davis

    Thank You, your story is encouraging, keep our eyes on Jesus
    as we run this Christian race.

  434. Barbara E Jackson

    Thank you for sending this. It is difficult for me to fathom. I am so proud of her!

  435. veronica

    what a great testimony, wow the word of God is real and true. It is in time of trials and tribulations you know if you have the real faith,
    because fear and faith do not go together. Joy believed Jn 14:14 and Matt. 7:8 and saw god’s faithfulness

  436. Debra

    Beautiful testimony – thank you for sharing so others may be encouraged and know that Faith is believing and Trust is knowing. They go hand in hand!

  437. Dorothy Zimmerman

    Thank you for sharing Joy’s witness of faith in very trying circumstances-a great reminder of the faith God expects from me!!!

  438. Ron Simpson

    An powerful/amazing encouragement for our faith in Christ. As a frequent traveler to Uganda I remember one trip particularly where we were headed to a small village…near the Congo border where there had been recent violence in the area. The night before I was praying in my room…in essence if something happened I did not believe my wife would ever know where I was. Next day we were preaching/teaching in one of the nicest Ugandan facilities we had ever visited in our travels. The point: God often has plans different from ours…if we simply take one step in faith…then another…then another. Joy…Thank you for being a living example of faith!

  439. BJ

    “Lord take control”, what a wonderful plea to remember in bad situations.
    Thank you for sharing. And to have the state of mind to sing praises to God.
    Your example to others in this situation is a blessing to them.
    Praise our loving Lord for your deliverance from a bad situation.
    In His name.

  440. Glenda

    How great is our GOD. How Awesome is our GOD. What a privilege it is to carry everything to GOD in pray. What a powerful testimony. I like that Joy called for prayers to go up when she realized the situation. She focused on others while in danger and talked to GOD. Then she gave all praises and thanks to GOD which drew others to realize her faith.

  441. Mar Harris

    What a story of courage and faith!

  442. Anne Samuel Bennani

    BSF is an answer to prayers. I live in a country where I have no Church or fellowship. I prayed and the online classes opened. I love the in-depth study of the Bible. I pray for the Holy Spirit to open my mind to the understanding of His word. I love my group leader and each and every member in our very International group. Our discussions are such an enlightenment to me. I thank God to Him I give all glory and I thank the people of BSF for all the work done to offer us this in countries where we are thirsty for His word.

  443. Helga Hoppes

    Thank you for sharing this awesome and inspiring testimony!!
    May Almighty God strengthen every one of us as He prepares us with courage and endurance, wisdom, insight and understanding for the road ahead of us.

  444. Beatrice Hood

    Joy’s story is such a beautiful one! She is well-named, because of her faith in Christ, her wisdom in crisis, and her love for the Savior. His word brought “joy” to the other passengers as well, knowing that they could have very well lost their lives that day. What an excellent testimony to the power and mercy of the Lord through his people!

  445. Isaiah Olatoyan

    Thank You, Jesus! Our lives are in your hand. Give us the grace to trust You the more and like Joy, may we worship You, even in the midst of difficult situations.

  446. Nancy christian

    Praise God!

  447. Becky Roach

    Thanks for sharing! This is very encouraging.

    • Christa Ozoya

      Praise God for His faithfulness!

  448. Virginia Harvey

    What a wonderful testimony! I thank our God for the teachings of BSF and the encouragement to study the Bible more deeply and the experiences of fellow Christians.

  449. Kim Johnson

    Thank you for sharing Joy’s story of faith – her looking beyond her life threatening circumstances to Jesus. Joy’s real and scary experience has helped me to refocus and stop getting caught up in the small grievances in planning my daughter’s wedding to trust God to guide us and enjoy this joyous occasion and make fun, loving memories.

  450. Sorour Hashemi Tehrani

    Psalm 46:1-3 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.”

    The point is believe His promises by all of our hearts then with confidence stand firm in front of difficulties

    • Cristina Smallwood

      Joy’s great testimony calls us to remember “God is good, always.” Let ‘s give thanks to Him, no matter the circumstances!

  451. Lyz Mbugua

    Wao! “Panic prayer” like that of Peter when he thought he was going to drown and Jesus stretched His hand towards him. Lord help us like Joy to fix our eyes on Jesus and not on our circumstances

  452. Mary Ann Calegan

    What a testimony Joy has.
    My friend and I do devotions every Monday
    with men & women in a
    Assisted Living facility. I’m
    planning to share Joy’s
    story and the scriptures she used to conquer her
    fear. Some of these wonderful people I’m sure
    have their own fears.
    Thanks for sharing Joy’s

  453. Dorothy Wade


    Thanks for sharing your radical leap of Faith and God’s astounding protection to encourage us along the way. Plus, the sweet time of praise and thanksgiving on the bus.
    It is true ” that God is not a thing among other things” . He is God… When he appears he is in control.


  454. Deb Palmer

    Thank you for sharing Joy’s powerful testimony. Her praise for answered prayer is the step I want to never forget!

  455. Barbara Galoob

    Very powerful testimony! Thank you for sharing! God is always in control of everything! All we have to do is to trust Him in everything. He knows best! His thoughts and ways are way much better than ours. May God Bless you!

  456. Jane

    Wow! I praise God.

  457. Arlene Shaw

    Praising God, knowing He is always at work in our lives and in the world.
    Thanking God for BSF + His drawing me closer to Him through BSF study.
    Thank you.

  458. Zadzisai

    Glory to God

  459. Rebecca

    Praise God ! I am encouraged by Joy’s testimony.

  460. Sammy Oguche

    Praise God, am inspired by this testimony.may God strengthen our faith to conquer all fears

  461. Verla Gresset


  462. Wilma

    What a beautiful testimony of faith, grace and mercy. I can only imagine being in such a situation….but I hope and trust my faith will be as strong and such a witness to others. Thank you for sharing.

  463. Carol Burnett

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. We must remember God is always in control, there isn’t enough room in our minds for both worry and faith, trust God hold onto His promises.

    • Janet Mbugua

      What a testimony! truly God is a present help in trouble the peace and courage He gives His children is beyond understanding, glory to His name. Thanks for sharing.

  464. Marilyn Rushin

    Thanks for sharing Joy’ story! Her faith! She focused on The Lord! Her faith reminded me of Paul & Silas how they prayed and song hymns in jail. Trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees!

  465. Mindy Thomas

    Thank you for sharing this act of faith. I have just prayed for that young Muslim man that witnessed your courage while praising God. You are a fine example of turning over your fear to faith.

  466. Mindy Thomaa

    Thank you for sharing this act of faith. I have just prayed for that young Muslim man that witnessed your courage while praising God. You are a fine example of turning over your fear to faith.

  467. Marlos Bates

    What an encouragement! It again shows God is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER!

  468. LIZZIE


    • Truphosa Hapisu

      Glory to God for his doing.. If it wasn’t for God, where would we be today? .We celebrate God for his new mercies that are new every morning.

  469. Chris

    I want to be like JOY! That was well done! What a great example of what we are learning in BSF and can apply to our own lives whatever part of the world we live—keep our EYES ON JESUS in all Circumstances! That’s our goal and our PEACE.

  470. Nadia Kassongo

    Thank You Lord for the living testimony of our sister Joy. How wonderful and marvelous You are. I am so amazed by seeing Your Word in action, transforming our lives through testimonies like this one. We are the witnesses of Your marvelous grace and mercy, a testimony like this one gives me hope and motivation to keep going, to keep walking the race knowing that Jesus Christ is in control and He will make sure that I finish the race, He who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith.
    I give You all the glory, Lord Jesus, for what You have done for Joy and the passengers in the same bus. May this experience soften the heart of the young Muslim who was in the bus, I pray for the hijackers, may the Lord show Himself to them and transform their hearts.
    Thank you Joy for sharing, in all we give praise to the Only Son of God Jesus Christ!

  471. Tassie Sumner

    Louisville, KY
    Thank you, Joy & Bennett, for sharing this encouraging story. I almost felt like I should answer a BSF question afterwards:
    How would you respond in Joy’s situation?
    What a great way to prepare ourselves for when God tests our faith. I pray I will remember to praise Him in every situation!

  472. Richard C Hill

    Alleluia ! Alleluia !! Alleluia !!!

    • Cathy

      Give God the Glory🙏 Thank you Joy for sharing

  473. jane Hathaway

    What an inspiring story.! I am thankful for BSF and the wonderful teaching and sharing it brings in our small groups. Joy’s example of trust and prayer gives me hope that in my trials I can be as trusting and persevering as Joy proved to be. I love the Hebrews study!

    Thank you for sharing this incredible “evidence” of faith; “things hoped for.”

    Jane Hathaway

  474. Helen Lynn

    Thank you for this inspiring message. It re- enforces what we have learned in this study. That God is with us in what ever circumstance we find ourself in. We just have to have faith and trust!

  475. Laura Goethe

    Thank you for sharing your story Joy, and reflecting your faith in the Lord . Your story of faith shows how much comfort we have from our Lord when we have faith. I will remember to pray for those suffering persecution in Nigeria.

  476. Harry

    Thanks for sharing. Our God is UNSTOPPABLE

  477. Rachel C

    Beautiful story of faith! Thank you.

  478. Fortunate

    What an encouraging story. Praise be unto Jesus the founder and pefector of our faith🙌

  479. judy thornhill

    THANK YOU for sharing May we ALWAYS be grateful for our MANY daily BLESSINGS!!!!!

  480. Michael Stecher

    Matthew 6:33: But seek first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

  481. Joanne

    Thank you for your faith and encouragement .

  482. Vicki brock

    Wow Lord… what a great story of faith today!!

  483. Kathurima Mugambi

    Everybody can sing, everybody can preach but not everybody can WORSHIP God,therefore lets worship our Lord in truth and Spirit.

  484. Mattie Winn

    Thank you for sharing this story. This is such a good story that compliments those in Scripture. Hebrews 11-13 have been so uplifting. Praising the Lord in spite of fear brings glory to the Lord, Paul and Silas at midnight offered praise and worship to the Lord many heard and the Lord saved the Jailir and his house. Perhaps the young Muslim Joy mentioned, might experience the power of God in his life and bring him to salvation.

  485. LYDIAH Mwirigi

    Rely on God seek His guidance in prayer and learn what he is saying about that situation.

  486. Debbie Howell

    Joy’s faith is a great encouragement to me. I will pray for Jesus to grow my faith.

    • Deanna Coppoc

      Thank You for sharing God’s faithfulness to Joy. His mercies are new every mornin and great is his faithfulness unto us!

  487. Shirley Styes

    Beautiful story of faith. Will carry that with me.

  488. Glenda Mungle

    Praise God for Joy’s prayers not only for herself but for the others!

  489. Nancy Coble

    Thank you for sharing your story and your witnessing to your people is their blessing.

  490. David A Braun

    It reminds me of Paul and Silas, jailed for spreading the Good News, singing as they were in the night darkness yet praising God. It’s so counter-culture (any culture) to sing during times of distress. Knowing that God’s Providence for us is always used for His purposes and we can trust Him. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  491. Shannon Brennan

    What an incredible encouragement your testimony is, Joy. God put you on that bus, on that day, with those families for a reason. He has used your faith to encourage me and many others that when things look impossible, we can still be courageous. The Holy Spirit enabled you to do what was necessary. He protected a precious baby and her/his mother. Who knows what that baby may grow up and become? Who knows what that bus driver will tell his family when he returns home? And, the list goes on……………

    The LORD uses each one of us every day to make disciples of every nation. May we each ask Him right now what we are to accomplish for His kingdom.

    Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

  492. Rufaro Nyambuya

    Many thanks for the powerful testimony on Faith and Glory be to God Almighty for His Word, Jesus Christ! Thank you God for BSF.

  493. Mary Jane Johnson

    This is so true. There have been so many times in my life God has been there for me. Looking back , I realize this and now the first thing I do is start praying for His peace, strength and guidance . He is always there.

  494. Edna P causapin

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in our own understanding.
    Joy trusted God regardless of her tough circumstances!
    Praise God !

  495. Nancy Jonsson

    Awesome testimony. I have a woman in my BSF group from NIgeria, and I thought of her throughout the story. I’m so glad God kept you safe and that faith resulted so quickly in praise!

  496. Grace CHOU

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Praise dear Jesus; He protects us!

  497. Joan Dunn

    Wonderful story . Brought tears to my eyes and encouraged me. Oh to be as faithful as Joy!

  498. Elizabeth Garcia

    Loved this message, as I hold on to Gods promises!

    • Sunitha abraham

      What a beautiful true story. The lord’s name be praised. In our weakness His strength is perfected!! Thank you for posting this !!

  499. Bapitak Tali

    A powerful testimony, trusting God to build my faith more on him by looking up to him alone.

  500. Laurie

    When I think of where my faith has been applied, many are 1st world decisions or challenges, none involve my basic needs for life or protection. Thank you for sharing your situation & how you are applying faith. I’ve read of the horrendous persecution against Christians in Nigeria and begun to pray for you our classes and God’s people there. You all are truly modern day examples of faith for us.

  501. Joanne Miller

    Another reminder of needed grace to walk by faith just when we need it! What a faithful God we serve. How thankful I am for His divine protection over Joy and others on that bus.

  502. Maxine Arvidson

    How encouraging Joy’s experience is to me. Her faith in the God who protects her irregardless of the circumstances. How she made fast her eyes on Jesus.
    Thank you Joy❤️🙏

  503. Sandra Stiles

    The Word became flesh, lived here and then left His Word in us to carry His Love to the ends of the earth. I’m thankful for Jesus the Word and how He grows our faith as we study Him. As Joy says Him, not about Him. This is surely a mystery! But all the more tried and true – in Joy and all who believe.

  504. Kim Hall

    What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. We all need constant reminders to keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on Jesus.

  505. Rose

    What a wonderful testimony that Joy has shared. I am encouraged. Praising God for protection of sister Joy and the rest of the passengers. Glory be to God.

  506. Candy Arth

    So amazing and what an example to us in the United States. True example of keeping your eyes on Christ.

  507. Natalie Weigle

    What an inspiration! Joy’s story is just one way God has been working on me lately to remove fear and fix my eyes on Him! Thank you for sharing this! God bless Joy and all the people on the bus who benefitted from her faithful response to the circumstances!

  508. Jan Smith

    Oh what a beautiful testimony of God’s love and protection and timing! Living out what she has just been taught and was teaching!! A true Hebrews message we are living out today! Faith that God provide all we need!!

  509. Cynthia

    What beautiful God honoring faith. He put you, Joy, in that situation “for such a time as this.” Many blessings to you, the other passengers & the driver that you ministered to.

  510. Linnie Porter

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring and the beautiful faith of this Christian lady, Joy. I have spent some time in East Africa and can understand the dangers that many faithful believers can face. I greatly admire and appreciate her courage and boldness.

  511. Rebecca S.

    Joy, I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this but I am so thankful for this avenue through BSF blog to be able to read this from a fellow sister in Christ from across the world. I am so encouraged as a believer in Christ that He is faithful. That he is working in us and in our circumstances though we may not be able to see it at the time, to sanctify us and grow us in faith for the road ahead. Continue on dear sister on this pilgrimage towards home. I can’t wait to meet you. He is worthy!

  512. Donna Klumb

    Powerful testimony. May God grant me the faith and confidence that Joy has.

  513. Keisha Coggs

    Such a beautiful reminder to thank God immediately as He pulls us through harrowing circumstances. Joy’s story is such a wonderful testimony of faithful obedience and certainty of God’s love.

  514. Hanna L. Walker

    This was a heartwarming testimony in faith. We who live in America don’t face these particular situations. I thank God for that snd pray for Joy, her family and others in dangerous places during the work for which they are called to do. I pray for continued protection if them by Jesus Christ.

    • Elaine C.

      Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face
      ….yes a wonderful reminder in testimony how we can overcome fear with faith on our journey in Christ.

  515. Karen Kennedy

    What a powerful testimony! I’m reminded of the words of Revelation 12:11 – “They triumphed over him (the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

  516. Helen

    How encouraging! I don’t want to waste any faith lessons I am having now!

  517. Sylvia Fetter

    Beautiful and encouraging! Thank you, Joy, for sharing. You have the perfect name, Joy!

  518. Lorren jewell

    Interesting. Just doing lesson 17. Acts 16:25-34. Paul & Silas reacting to being imprisoned by worshiping God.
    Saw your email & read Joy’s story. God is good! Makes me smile!

  519. Becky Allen

    Wow! What a testimony. God gave faith, wisdom and rescue. Praising Him for His indescribable Gift & gifts!

  520. Doris Johnson

    To GOD be the glory

  521. kristine

    Perfect timing for this as we are enveloped in news of this pandemic virus .
    And also selfishness as the person who left china with the disease. And spread it.

  522. Debbie

    Joy’s name reflects the Christlike character within her! What an amazing testimony!

  523. Wes Schlenker

    In this week’s BSF lesson, we hear how Paul and Silas sang hymns while in jail, after receiving a severe beating. The other prisoners listened to them, and did not run to escape when an earthquake opened the gates. Hearing about Joy singing hymns after being robbed and beaten, it made me think of this passage. And it made me think, “What hymn would I choose to sing at that moment?” For me, “Amazing Grace” came to mind.

    • Hugh R

      My faith in His word is strengthen by Joy’s testimony. God bless you!

    • Jacqueline Erwin

      Thank you, Joy, for your courage to fix your eyes on Jesus in the midst of a life threatening experience! My husband & I spent 10 years in Nigeria as missionaries from 1980-83 & 85-93. I had the privilege to participate in the first women’s BSF class & witness women who would walk from a long distance to come to class every week! My husband & I never feared for our lives but had missionary friends who were held up on the road & escaped unharmed by a miraculous intervention. We know things are much more dangerous since we left. Thank you for reminding us to offer up prayers for our Nigerian brothers’ & sisters’ protection as they bear testimony for Jesus!


    Thank you for this encouraging real and present life story of Joy (a woman of faith) of her faith walk .

  525. Beth Miner

    Praising God for His great faithfulness and Joy’s trust and confidence in Him!

  526. Alice Majumah

    Indeed God’s word is unstoppable. Through it all Joy believed and had faith that all was going to be ok.
    Thanks for encouraging some of us.

  527. Ify Mosugu

    Thank God for his protection. I followed that same road and kept praying until I got into Jo’s safely

  528. Kathy Hickey

    I want faith like that!

  529. Linda

    So thankful Joy chose to pray instead of giving in to her fear. What a testimony. So encouraging, inspirational, and challenging.

    • Susan Marsh

      Amen to that! Proof of God’s faithfulness to those that believe in Him.

  530. Maryann VandeKieft

    What a beautiful testimony!! I just had a biopsy done that I greatly feared. I pleaded with God for an excellent report. He answered my prayer; no cancer. And as I ponder I realize that either answer would be within God Goodness to me. Hebrews is my favorite book of the Bible.
    BSF keeps me in Gods Word. Praising Him !!!!

  531. Cassetra Robertson

    This is a Wonderful Testimony, and my prayer is to remember to respond just as Joy did in any terrifying moment in all of our Lives in the Body of Christ. Praise God for Answering Prayers, when we Pray. ❤

  532. Elaine w Cannon

    We serve a powerful God!! Awsome testimony.

  533. Ruth

    Thank you for this testimony of God’s protection.

  534. Susan

    Praise God. What a beautiful testimony and so encouraging to everyone


    Tremendous inspiration!

  536. Erma J Reid

    What an inspiring story. I have sid her prayer many times….”Lord, take control.”

    • Judy Drake

      Her faith ran deep as her belief in Gods Word is secure. Wonderful message of how our God works.

  537. Kim

    WOW!!! What a great God we serve!

  538. Jeanne Wunderle

    What a powerful testimony. Thank you God for your protection and for Joy’s expression of faith as she ministered to others.

  539. Jeff Swope

    This is very uplifting and confirming. Thank you!

    • Folake Ekundayo

      What a powerful testimony. We give thanks to Almighty God for His miraculous rescue for Sister Joy and all the other eight passengers that day. Thank you for sharing this.

      • Ros Long

        To God be all the glory for the great things He has done and is yet to do thru us His people !

      • Gloria Batts

        Oh. Praise His Holy Name ! There is no God like our God. Thank God for the grace He showed toward Joy and her group. He was gracious to her obedience of her faith. And in return God gets the glory 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽💞

      • Judy Stokes

        How wonderful and grateful we can be that God has prepared thousands of men and women in Nigeria through BSF to know and teach and reason with those who God placed them with.

        I lived and served with the earliest teams of missionaries bringing BSF to Nigeria. It is a familiar story of danger on that road indeed, and this is a better outcome of many a story. Thank you Lord for allowing Joy to be your witness that day. Yes indeed. By faith, joy has persevered and is surely demonstrating her faith and Jesus’ love daily in Nigeria.

        May Jesus receive the fame and our devotion.

        • Margaret

          Wonderful testimony on faith and a privilege to be part of BSF family

          • Marian

            Thank you for sharing Joy’s testimony of faithfulness which helps me very much.

        • Jacqueline

          Thank you for sharing, Judy. I’m wondering if we may have actually known each other?

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