Embracing Our Weakness


L ying in a hospital bed, weighing just 89 pounds, Susan Smith was “a total wreck.”

“I fell apart. Our marriage fell apart,” Susan said. “I was truly at the end of myself.”

For four years, Susan and her husband, Lindley, had cared for their daughter, Elizabeth, who was born severely brain damaged.

“We began an intensive therapy program in our home 16 hours a day, seven days a week, with 200 volunteers from our community helping us around the clock. After four years of this strenuous lifestyle, my marriage failed, Elizabeth’s progress was minimal, and I found myself completely broken,” she said.

As a competent and successful occupational therapist, Susan thought she was prepared for the challenge of meeting the special needs of her daughter after she was born.  But being a health-care professional, whose job is to make everyone better, “It just made it worse,” she said. “Without me realizing it, [Elizabeth] had become my god at the expense of everyone and everything.”

In that season of despair, Susan’s entire identity as a wife, mother, friend and professional fell to pieces. Yet while she struggled under the weight of her supposed failure, Susan had no idea the God of grace and mercy was about to change her forever.

A New Beginning

“I finally truly surrendered everything to the Lord,” Susan said. “He gently convicted me of my sin of putting my child before my husband and putting everything above Him.

“I began a slow climb upward with Him leading instead of me. I worked on my relationship with God first, my husband second and discovered a new acceptance of Elizabeth’s condition. It was a two-year process of getting healthy.

“During all of this, a friend invited me to BSF. BSF was the foundation I needed to keep all these relationships healthy and in the correct priority.”

 Susan poured into her BSF study. As God transformed her heart, He also transformed her marriage.

Thirty years later, after serving in several BSF leadership roles, including as teaching leader, Susan retired from BSF. Her four children were grown, and as Elizabeth’s needs intensified, Susan took a step back from the ministry she loved. 

BSF was the foundation I needed to keep all these relationships healthy and prioritized correctly.

“When Elizabeth started failing health-wise, I didn’t want her to die. I didn’t want to let go of her,” Susan said. “I surrendered to the Lord and re-surrendered. I finally gave her over to God. I had watched her suffer so terribly for years. I finally said, ‘Lord, you’ve got to take her.’ ” 

But God still had plans for Elizabeth’s life, and after Susan’s moment of surrender, Elizabeth started to recover.

With a renewed commitment to live each day for God’s glory, Susan and Elizabeth prayed for direction.

“I just tell her, ‘You have to be the one who teaches us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You are the one we get to serve, and you teach the rest of us how to serve,’ ” Susan said.

A Given Purpose

Since then, Susan and Elizabeth have started several ministries for people with special needs. They have hosted a prom at church, started a line of bath and body products produced by disabled adults and hosted Friday night Bible studies on the family’s farm. 

More recently, the two have become involved with a local ministry for women who are recovering from addiction.

“A year and a half ago, a friend brought some of the women to the farm once or twice a week. Elizabeth is a big part of this,” Susan said. “The women learn how to cook, care for goats and chickens, how to work and how to serve. At the time, God was speaking to me more and more about biblical hospitality in Romans 12 and 13, how to open my home and life to others.”

“Elizabeth has the joy of the Lord in her, and they can see that as they work,” Susan said. “We always talk about Matthew 25:40, ‘What you’ve done for the least of these you’ve done for me also.’ ”

An Abundant Life

Through all of this, Susan has discovered what she calls “an abundant life.” Elizabeth’s diagnosis has not changed, and her challenges are just as difficult. But since Elizabeth’s early days in the hospital, Susan’s life has not been her own.

She surrendered her identity as a wife, mother, friend and professional long ago, when it could not rescue her child or sustain her in dark moments. And through the loss of her worldly identity, Susan is complete in Christ.

“I was a strong and resourceful person, but I learned how to submit. I truly came to the end of myself,” she said. “I think that if you’re not in the Word every day, transforming your mind, you have no power. If you aren’t in the Word, you aren’t empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

1 Corinthians 1:25 tells us: “For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”

In Susan’s desperation, God’s wisdom was revealed. And in Elizabeth’s condition, His strength is evident.

“I think that if you’re not in the Word every day, transforming your mind, you have no power. If you aren’t in the Word you aren’t empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

Elizabeth’s life and Susan’s work are remarkable, but when asked about her ministry, Susan just says:  

“It really isn’t us. I hold on to the fact that God can use the least of these for anything. My flesh struggles, but I know my time is not my own. Abundant life in Him is obeying every step of the way, giving away everything that’s in your fiber, that’s when you know the fulfillment of joy.”


  1. Mary M, Brown

    Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony. God will renew our strength when we think we can’t endure. We must trust and obey him and not let our will interfere with His Plans for our lives. He will delivery us every time.

  2. jeannie

    Thank you for this. As I prepare to retire, from a normal everyday 9a-5p I ask God to please lead me to serve Him. I just want total surrender in Christ Jesus, to serve Him and to know the abundant life you speak of. Thank you again.

  3. Kay Ziegler

    Praise the Lord for your story. How powerful is our Almighty God. What a blessing you and your story has and is being for so many people probably not just in the states, but around the world.
    Thank you for being so open to sharing your story.
    May God above look down on you always and give you His perfect peace.
    Love, blessings, and hugs.

  4. Joan

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this encouragement at this time in my life. God is faithful and He will do it!

  5. Grace Liu

    This is such a beautiful and powerful story. It really gave me a lot of encouragement and reminded me again that no matter what Our circumstances are, if we surrender our life and our whole being to God we can still be Blessed and become his special instrument to bring blessing to others. Thank you for sharing this story with me.

  6. Carol

    Thank you for sharing Susan’s story of submission to God totally and completely, and the overcoming victory and healing that happens. I needed this. God bless you and the BSF family. I have not been able to attend classes this year. Thank you for the blogs.

  7. btrue141@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much for the honesty in this post. It reminds me of so many friends who seem to have lost their identity after they retire and are no longer in the work world. Our identity is in Jesus Christ and our love of HIM is all that is important! This is the sweetest love story!!

  8. margaret st sauver

    Thank you, Jesus. We have an awesome God who will never fully understand…He is so good and I praise him for stories like that of Elizabeth…

  9. kattie campbell

    Thank you for sharing – thank you
    I am learning slowly oh so slowly (according to my standards, and yet that is God’s grace at work in my life) …learning to totally and surrenderly’ lean on my Lord – His grace and mercy is keeping me 69 years and still HE LOVES EVEN me! Hallelujah – Hallelujah – Hallelujah- Hallelujah!……

  10. Karla Lapinski

    Thank you for sharing your incredible story of a life lived for Jesus. It’s an inspiration and a reminder of how very important it is to hear God’s voice and to submit oneself to His plan’s rather then clinging to our wants and desires. We lost our son 4 years ago. It was devastating. Turning it over to the Lord has made all the difference. It has opened doors to share the great love, mercy and grace that our Father in heaven has for all. God bless you in every way.

  11. Fran Goetz

    God bless you for sharing your story. How it is important to submit your live daily to Him.

  12. Florence Ijagbone

    God bless your heart for sharing. Through your testimony I have learnt the power of total submission and surrender to the Almighty God through faith in His word and His son Jesus Christ in order to fulfil our purpose and enter His rest. I pray that the Almighty God will pour fresh oils upon you, renew your strength and give you a new song concerning your daughter Elizabeth and ministry in Jesus mighty name.

  13. Patricia M Williams

    How encouraging to read of the joy of releasing all control and following God’s lead in your marriage, family and Work at BSF as well. I trust you will be blessed as others share a similar situation.

  14. Hope

    Thank you for sharing your encouraging testimony! Your message confirms our need for God’s Word to daily transform and direct our thoughts by his powerful Holy Spirit. He is never finished with us and wants to use us for his purposes. BSF has been my foundation to keep me disciplined in balancing my priorities and relationships. To God be the glory!!

  15. Judy Steinbrecher

    Thank you, Susan, for this sharing. SO helpful, so rich.
    May the Lord pour out His blessings on you, in all that you do for Him, including those times of quiet when you simply sit in His presence.

  16. Sylvia Gibson

    Thank you for sharing it was very encouraging to me and it was something I needed to read,because it helped me understand my purpose for God . The verses are also very helpful. Thank you very much you’ve helped me more than you know.GOD BLESS!!

  17. Lucy

    Very encouraging story. God bless

  18. Julie

    Thank you for sharing your faith journey with a child with special needs. Our granddaughter has a condition that has just been diagnosed and we know God has amazing plans for her to bring Him glory. He never makes mistakes and His way is perfect!

  19. Linda

    Thank you Susan for your testimony. It a testimony of our power vs. God’s power. BSF is an awesome Bible study.
    What a blessing you, Elizabeth and your family are to other people.

  20. Lucy

    Thanks Susan for sharing. Reading the Word of God transforms our mind. That’s powerful.

    • Lucia

      Thank You Susan for sharing your testimony; The Lord has blessed me to be able to read it, He always knows what we need and He is never late .Thank you for being sensitive to God voice.

  21. Connie

    Thank you for sharing your story and how God makes use of the least of us for his glory. May God continue to bless you and use you…our life is not ours but his…

    BSF also has played very significant role in my journey of faith…the timely help and deeper understanding of our God and the fellowship.

  22. Judy

    What a great testimony of faith and live and strength and God’s power.

  23. Kathy

    I am so encouraged by Susan and Elizabeth’s journey. I have an adults one who suffers from Autism and it is a daily struggle. Thank you for sharing. I would like to know if there is aBSF group in St. Louis for individuals with developmental disabilities.

  24. Conrad Wilson

    Thank you for sharing your story. As I read it, all I could do was think of all the other people I hoped could read it and be blessed. Then the truth of it all came vividly clear, this story was exactly for me. It blessed me, opened my eyes and heart to Gods awesome power . Romans 8:18 says it best !!!
    Thank you so much for your honest view of your pain and frustration that God used to enlarge his territory, totally an amazing heartfelt expression of what God will do when we don’t know what’s next or where to turn. Jeremiah 29:11 also comes to mind as I embraced Elizabeth’s journey through your eyes. Powerful I must say. I’m truly thankful and honored that you shared such a powerful message of hope and what God will do to bless our brokenness in this life, especially when what we see isn’t what we hoped for. I pray that God will use my story to bless someone just like yours blessed me today…
    My life prayers are that God would enlarge his territory through me for his glory in Jesus Christ name….

  25. Jess Cole

    God bless you. Your testimony blessed me.

  26. Mandy Confer

    This beautiful story touched my heart. My son is on the autism spectrum and life is a struggle for him and for us. Although his problems are not nearly as severe as Elizabeth’s in this story, his weakness is also my weakness. I know that God has made us both strong in the surrendering of self and embracing of His strength and power. I agree that time in God’s word every day makes ALL the difference. The Holy Spirit empowers me to encourage my son to become who God planned him to be despite his differences and difficulties. The Holy Spirit also empowers me to press on as an STL for BSF. This is what God has designed for my life and I have resolved to persevere when it is hard and when the world tells me it is okay to give up. Thank you for sharing this remarkable story!

  27. Rosita Au

    Elizabeth and Susan’s story have touched my heart. My family have faced many challenges for the past 3 years since my daughter’s brain surgery. I thanks bsf has been a channel for me to build a close relationship with God. Everyday God gives me strength to go and He assures me that He is there for me and my family one day at a time.

  28. Polly Hurdbrooks

    Thank you such a beautiful story. After joining BSF, I loved the way you finally submitted to God. For faith in Jesus through the Holy Spirit working in our lives is the way back from spiritual death. Enjoyed how God lead you to open your heart becoming a vessel He could use for the kingdom. Beautiful story of submission to the leading of God. Blessings to you and your family.

  29. Jeni Anggreini

    Thank to God that gaved you strengthened, empowered spirit to becoming new family . God will use your family to bless others.

  30. Margaret Mwaniki

    God the Creator of all truly uses all circumstances n situation For His own glory
    Thank you Susan for encouraging message you have shared with the whole world. God Bless you

  31. Falina Ainga

    What a beautiful story! thak you for sharing this to us. God is unstoppable. I believe that!

  32. Luci

    The quote under the bride and bridesmaids picture is SO true. What a beautiful inspiration this story is and a powerful testimony of God’s grace❣️

  33. Gloria Bako

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me.Now I know better that my time and my life doesn’t belong to me.May God use all I am going through for his glory and honor.Amen

  34. maryella Sanders

    powerful and encouraging. thanks

  35. Lucy Ngechu

    Amazing grace…may God keep energizing mom as she love her wonderful girl

  36. Kathleen Dillashaw

    Thanks for sharing this story made me think about what more I should be doing.

  37. Clem Wixted

    Thank you, Susan, for being a good example, to me and so many others.

  38. Shirley Cotton

    Glory to God!!!!! He can use the weak and make them strong. Your story is evidence of that. I just love how you spoke of total surrender to God and His faithfulness! I thank God for you and your family. The Glory of the Lord is shining in that bridesmaids picture. What a testimony!!!!!!

  39. Neila Elgin

    Praise be to God for BSF. What a blessing to be led by God in the community of other believing sisters. Your testimony spoke to my heart when you mentioned making someone (or something) a god.

    Praying for you and your daughter’s ministry.

  40. catherine mwangi

    Oh yes, our God secures believers in His unshakable fellowship of peace, grace and love. hold on to Him!

  41. Mardi Newman

    This is such a powerful testimony and really spoke to my heart. Life is not easy,
    but God is able to supply our every need and will equip us for the journey. He
    is faithful and I have seen His hand in my life every day and I give Him all the
    glory and praise.

  42. Mary Alice

    An extremely powerful testimony! Thank you for sharing your life and Elizabeth’s. It’s a true acceptance of God’s will to share this. When we forsake everything else and all we are left with is faith in him, then we allow God’s power and grace to manifest. I am still praying for courage to share the story of my son! God is able!

  43. Vongai Joyce Musaka

    What an amazing testimony Susan you are an angel I’m really challenged by your strength
    Our God is faithful I have seen great love
    God bless you Elizabeth and the family
    Hats off to you Susan

    • Steffy Samuel


      • Steffy Samuel

        Real eye opener….God can use anyone for His glory and abundant Life is all about Him.I always long for abundant Life and I realized it’s my ‘self’ that is hindering this abundant Life in Christ.

  44. Susan Malone

    My son is almost 36 years old and has Down Syndrome and stage 3a kidney disease. Little did I know when he was born what a blessing he would be to our family. Of course we have had many challenges, but God has been faithful through them all, especially when my husband started exhibiting signs of Alzheimer’s disease when he was 49 years old. Through the 7 year battle that ensued, my son was there caring for his Dad, laying out his pajamas each night, keeping an eagle’s eye on him when we were out in public, etc. His heart was tender and he showed much love. Now that I am a widow, he is a great companion when he isn’t working or out with his helper Gordon. I realize how grateful I am to have him with me. I pray the Lord will keep me healthy so that I may care for him until I am very old! BSF ministered to me in the years before my husband’s diagnosis. God gave me the opportunity to serve in the children’s ministry for 6 years. I am so glad I obeyed and said yes to this wonderful opportunity!

  45. Maureen

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing testimony . Our God truly reigns. Am challenged to surrender my all to Him🙏🏾

  46. Wanda Dearing

    Amazing lives.
    I am so grateful to read this and see how they made it through such difficult circumstances.
    We can do anything when we surrender to God.

  47. Juanita Shaw

    What an amazing story! What an amazing God! Very encouraging and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  48. Teri Bierman

    I cannot even begin to tell you how very much I needed to read this today. Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus, Elizabeth and Susan!


    Thank you Susan for sharing your story.

    I am a mother of a 31 year old Special Needs son who lives with me and my husband.

    When he was a child I thought the trials and the heart aches were so overwhelming. Kids his age that were non disabled set him at the back of the line while they put themselves above him because they had no limitations.

    Now as an adult his struggles are different. He struggles with fitting in. My husband and I can get so overwhelmed by his clinging to us. I lose my way and my purpose as to why we have a child with special needs. I more then my husband get consumed by the loss of my own personal time, wants, and needs.

    More and more through the BSF study I find that it’s an opportunity to turn to the Lord in a fresh way, realizing that though God allowEd the handicap to occur, He in someway works it for the good of all. (ROM. 8:28)

    I was able through God’s word find PATIENCE (Is. 40:31; 1 Thess. 5:14) GRATITUDE (5:20) FAITH (2 Cor. 12:9) and KINDNESSES (Heb. 12:2)

    My story differs from yours as all our stories do with children that have disabilities because there abilities are different.

    I am still a work in progress honoring God when I find it difficult to bear the needs of my son verses my own.

    Again, thanking for sharing it gives me a new perspective in the beautiful gifts God provided to us.

    Blessings to you, your husband, and Elizabeth.

    In Christ name.


    • Jenny Currin.

      Elaine and Susan your selfless love is a perfect gift from God. I will pray for your continuing strength in Him. Your faithfulness is a blessing to the Church. Press on in Him soldiers.


    Let go and let God. I have a similar story; finding a BSF class through an invitation from a neighbor in my time of desperation. I had done it all on my own since I was very young and now there was something I couldn’t do. I didn’t know God, I didn’t understand. As I learned through BSF about God I began to understand more about myself and began to see God in my story and how He used this horrible time in my life to bring me into His family. Thank you so much for sharing your powerful testimony. Very encouraging.

  51. Nica

    A very inspiring testimony n a reminder/confirmation of Romans 12:1-2. In letting me know how I too must crucify all my ungodliness for God’s will/purpose in my life.

    Thank u for sharing.🙏🏽✝️❤️

  52. Teresa

    I have chills running down my entire body and speechless. Your testimony is simply beautiful!

  53. Patrick Abalo Ongany

    This is quite encouraging, clearly telling us that the life we live is not our own, it is just like the content of that meditative song “What a friend we have in Jesus” Truly Elizabeth was bodily in this world but she was with Jesus in her Spirit, Susan got it wrong at first, however when she connected, she soared. This is beautiful. We have so many people in our Community like Elizabeth who needed to be fished out and their parents encouraged.

  54. Vangie Cantu

    What an amazing testimony. I have a sister with a child that is brain dad since he had an accident at 4 years old he is 19 now . Plz keep them in prayer my sister and her husband haven’t been out in a vacation. I just feel for them and my nephew Robert that doesn’t have no hope off good quality off life until he goes with The Lord.

  55. Linda Parker

    What a amazing, life story!! This has truly ministered to me!! My son Sam, is 23years old, and has special needs. And my flesh struggles, with what’s going to happen to Sam, when I am gone, Will he truly be loved, and cared for a 💯? So your story reminds me, continue to be in God’s Word. And B.S.F. grounds me ,in this way!! I have to do it a lot give it over to God. God is in control 🙏 Thank you Susan, for sharing your story!!

  56. JoAnn

    Amazing and inspirational story 💕

  57. Janice Frasier

    What an inspiration!

    • Edna Selvaraj

      Spoke so so deeply to my heart. In every circumstances the Lord is glorified,

  58. Naveen Kumar Samuel

    I was filled with emotion & Joy. I learned & realized that I should surrender myself to God with all my heart in all the situations as Susan did. God uses us for his glory. I’m happy that I read this blog seeing Susan’s living testimony. God’s love is unconditional, he lives in us when we purely love him. BSF gives me strength to overcome my struggles & taught me how to love one another. I’m ready to glorify God alone.

  59. Georgan Reitmeier

    Powerful story for those of us you are or have been involved in service with persons of challenging health issues. Jesus is the hope for daily living and BSF has provided a venue for strengthening caregivers/therapists in the journey. Thank you for this testimony.

  60. Susan Gordon

    Wonderful and beautiful story! Thank you for sharing!

  61. Carole Rainey

    Thank you for this , so relevant, “true” illustration of I Cor1:25. God is up to showing how wide, long, deep and high Christ’s love is ( Eph 3:18) for those who submit to Him.

  62. Margie Mayne

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful testimony. We praise God as he so lovingly provides for each of our needs so personally. Thank you dear Lord for strength that’s not our own giving us your power in our lives, your victory and eternity.

  63. Annie

    While I find it tough to shoulder my identity as a wife, convener of church children service, engineer and BSF CS, Susan’s sharing reminds me to live in God’s Word every day so as to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. I do need to read God’s Word aloud in my heart every day.

  64. Nellie johnson

    Thank you, God’s grace in the midst of our challenges n cross you have to bear in Christ! FIAT!

  65. Mary Anne Wagener

    I am looking for a group that is close to my home in Port Charlotte, FL. The closest one is in Venice, which is about 45 minutes from me. Is there any in North Port or Punta “Gorda?

  66. M. Rochelle Shoemaker

    Avalon’s “where Joy and Sorrow meet” was playing as I read this. God’s grace is awesome. Truly supernatural strength is given by the Holy Spirit and staying close to Christ through His Word. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your life with others who may look to God, accept Him and know Him.

    • Annabelle Iraki

      God’s grace is sufficient. Susan’s & Elizabeth’s story is truly a reflection of His sufficient grace & love. I have a passion for starting inclusive Sunday programs in church for children with disabilities. Please let me know how you started. Thank you & God bless you

  67. Connie

    I needed this reminder; to be in the word everyday. I’ve been physically challenged and know it is really only by being in His Word and spending that time with the only One who can renew our strength when drained. He alone is our healer.

  68. Laurie Brasnett

    Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciated the emotional connection to God when we surrender all to him, including our children, careers, schooling, and community life and many other social entities. The heart surrendered to God’s kingdom and his glory walks a path often alone and without endorsement or encouragement. Having a child born under difficult circumstances allows for fewer seeds sown earlier in life and challenges in later seasons in life. Your expression of the brokenness required to rebuild reflects the words from Christ today in my heart. We wait and let the Lord direct the rebuilding of the ruins from our own journey from ashes to joy and the expectation that we help other rebuild. God expressed through Isaiah to rebuild. Yes, we need support structures like BSF that teach us how to know God better through his Word and provides the extended fellowship of believers there. How grateful I am for all the participants (children too) in the BSF groups, I have served with and attended.

  69. Grace

    Thank you for sharing, what an amazing testimony. I have been challenged to completely trust God in every situation of my life

  70. Abigail Zinyengere

    thank you for sharing i really needed a reminder for the need to surrender my all to God. May the Lord continue to use you all in a mighty way. God bless you and thank you

  71. Grace Mulondo

    Thank you for sharing this testimony of your journey since Elizabeth was born. I am in awe and speechless. Your journey has taught me so much; one thing especially is not to complain about things seeing how you have persevered. It re-emphasized the power of surrendering everything to God . Praying for your ministry to continue touching and changing lives in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior . Amen

  72. Nancy Goyette

    Thank you. Needed to read this testimony today.

  73. Claudette

    Beautiful story and especially in a time when the world is separating personhood and humanity to determine which lives count, the gospel gives incredible value to all. God is glorified.

  74. Bev

    I was deeply humbled by Elizabeth’s and Susan’s story! These two women are truly conquerors in Christ! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  75. Clara

    I needed that testimony, sometimes even reading the word daily, but when I put my mind on what’s going on in my life I dont let the word enter my heart. To much focus on self can remo e you from the present of God. Thank you so much for your testimony.

  76. Donna Klingensmith

    Beautiful testimony of what God can do with a life totally surrendered to Him and His love and plans for His children.
    All praise, honor and glory unto Him!

  77. Becky DeHaven

    To God be the glory. Your testimony is so uplifting, touching and a strong reminder of the mission the Lord has for each of us when we give the reins to Him. Isaiah 40:11 speaks to the heart of the love you share, Susan, with All those around you: “He tends His flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart. He gently leads those who have young.” Thank you Elizabeth and Susan.

  78. Shannie

    This was a very inspiring and a beautiful story. Thank you for your sincerity and your transparency as well as you willingness to share what you learn with us all. May the Lord continue to strengthen you as you take care of this beautiful daughter of yours. May He provide all that you need to be more like Him. May He bless your heart in everything that you offer him and yes! The Lord can absolutely make use the least for anything!!

  79. Katherine

    Praise be to the Almighty God for He is who he is in Hebrew 4:12. Continue to trust in Him as you Journey your life with Christ. Submit and we need to choose to Roll with Christ. REMEMBER WHEN WE CHOOSE CHRIST , HE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US , In us . MAY THE LORD CONTINUE TO LIFT UP ALL THOSE WHOSE FAITH , TRUST AND HOPE IS IN HIM N HIM ALONE. I AM ENCOURAGE BY YOUR SHARING SUSAN .

  80. Joy Machunga

    what a powerful testimony of total surrender. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me through your story to totally surrender and let God.

  81. Peledina

    Yes, its true all of us are created in God’s image. He has great plans for us, plans for prosperity and not destruction. Following this story am encouraged to press on knowing very well without a test, there is no testimony. God bless you so much.

  82. Nyengeterayi Manyere

    All glory to our heavenly Father. Your testimony has transformed me this morning. I was reading 1 Corinthians this morning and Paul says God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. I am encouraged to serve the Lord despite what I term challenges of this world. Thank you for this sharing.

  83. peter ngugi.

    praise be to God, God is concerned so much with our mental status that is really focusing on him.mathew 6:33.Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

  84. Willard (Bud) Brewer

    It is a Christian obligation and duty to share, look after and help those who can’t do for themselves or need help caring for others. Stay in the word, follow our Lord Jesus Christ Example. For we are empowered by God the Father,The Son and the Holy Spirit.

  85. Mary

    Thank you, Susan, for your powerful testimony on surrendering to the Lord in your suffering. Thank you for your transparency. May God be glorified through your story.

    • Joyce King

      Thank you for this eye opening, heart wrenching story. I have not made God a priority in my life despite being in BSF. He never fails us, but I fail Him more than I would like to admit. I agree, if we not in the word transforming our minds daily, how can we be empowered by the Holy Spirit. I thank and praise God for BSF and it is time I stopped giving him my leftovers. I am in awe of what Susan was able to do once she surrendered her life completely to God. May God continue to bless you Susan and all of the lives you have touched.

  86. Patty

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of commitment, sacrificial love, and living lives that give glory to God. It is very inspirational.

  87. Eugenia

    God is truly glorified every time a person reads your testimony!
    Thank you for blessing others; the LORD has really touched my soul and blessed me through you!

    • Carol Hare

      Thankyou for your beautiful story💝

  88. Sandra Persaud Tellini

    What a testimony of the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit sanctification in my dear sister in Christ life! You are a true inspiration in many ways. I love this testimony because it shows that sanctification is not immediate and God can use anyone once we have a surrendered heart to Christ. Susan grew in wisdom and knowledge of God’s ways and Elizabeth is able to live fully in her purpose and plan God for her. May I be more flexible to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as Christ humble servant!

  89. Elizabeth Brooks

    What a beautiful story about submitting yourself to God and letting Him lead you where He wants you to go. I was very humbled by your story and realized that I have been struggling with my marriage also. I love the faith that you have received. I will be praying for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your lovely story. God be with you and your family.

  90. Neema

    I am so humbled by your story, I have been struggling with marital issues for 15 years now. It’s worse when children witness abuse, I have been broken but still trusting God to change my story.Total surrender is what I pray God for.

  91. Cheryl

    Your testimony really resonated with me. I have a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter who was born with H.I.E. (special needs) we had never heard of it. It is severe brain damage which include Cystic Fibrosis and there is no cure. Kennedi is a quadriplegic. She can only move her head and is unable to speak or sit up. She’s unable to swallow therefore she has to be fed intravenously. We have to suction her continuously to keep her from choking. She is the prettiest little girl. She cries when she’s in pain or wants to be held. Kennedi has nurses that care for her in 12 hour shifts but no night nurse. My daughter is carrying guilt and is very depressed. Your post was a blessing to me. I retired to help out with Kennedi. My daughter had a very close relationship with the Lord until this happened. She’s 30 yrs old and she’s stopped going to church and seems angry with the Lord. She won’t even discuss it. I know God is able not only to heal but to give strength to the weak. My daughter loves Kennedi but she doesn’t understand why this happened to her child. I will share your testimony with my daughter. I realize the Lord’s ways are higher than ours so with me receiving your post I have to believe it is meant for my daughter to read. May the Lord’s richest blessings cover Elizabeth and your entire family and bless you for sharing.

    • Sylvia

      And bless you for sharing, Cheryl. I’m praying right now for you, your daughter, and Kennedi. I know without a shadow of a doubt that each one of you is precious in God’s sight. We are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus… Love from a BSF leader in Detroit, MI.

  92. Phyllis

    So timely. We found our Pastor’s first grandchild was taken early 5 at 1/2 weeks with C section this week because of heart issue, then to find at two and half pounds he needed to gain weight for the heart surgery. Then the next issue came, Judah would be a special needs child if he survives. The family is strong and loves the Lord. I will print this story to have on hand for them. I do believe “nothing is too difficult for the Lord,” HE can heal Judah if it is His will, on the other other hand, these giving people may see a way to use his life to help others as Susan and Elizabeth have.

  93. Johanna Csiszar

    AMAZING GRACE!! How sweet the sound; came to mind. Truly inspiring witness for the power and love of Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. THANK YOU for sharing, you’ve touched my heart.

  94. Mike Hall

    Who is this Jesus???.. Ill tell you… He is a God that meets us right where we are… There are no exception to the rule… He uses us in a special way… with special needs… only He can… Amen

  95. Jim Temple

    Praise God for Elizabeth, Susan and their ministry to others.

  96. Roni Schoephoerster

    I can so identify! At age 10, Rachel, our oldest of 4 girls, sustained a severe closed head injury.. for over 20 yrs. we cared for her, had many caregivers come into our home. 1 of them had our entire family in her wedding, Rachel being a bridesmaid! 2 1/2 yrs ago, surrounded by family and an amazing caregiver, she went home, into her Savior’s arms, on my moms birthday! She taught us soooo much!

  97. Kamela Janke

    What a beautiful and encouraging testimony of Gods faithfulness and what it looks like to fully surrender to Him. Thank you for sharing this!

  98. Deahnna Washington

    I appreciate your story more than you know. I am a widow now almost 6 years and it has been a difficult time without my husband because of the grief my son and I would experience together and separate. The truth is that I was married to the wrong man for 20 years and I tried to make that work because of my commitment. God used my husband to aide me in the work He had for me to do. Our son is not biological to us and he is a high functioning Autistic who has other diagnosis. Everyday now especially I see how beautiful my son is even with the hard challenges. Protecting my son opened a door to helping other children and I was not prepared for the retaliation that would come onto my child.
    I have rebounded with a different vigor and I am prayerful asking the Lord for His strength and protection to do the work He sends me to. I struggle in my flesh towards the injustice and harm that comes to our children who are different in a world not set up to greet them. Many people in their fear of what they do not understand do great harm. I was looking at this all wrong at first as they caused my son such great harm. Yes there is justice to be had and a change in policy, procedures, and law but more important that God’s will be done and the magnification of His greatness and more importantly the salvation of those who have done deliberate action. I pray for forgiveness as I am propelled into a work I fought against doing. I realize that I was telling God I was tired of all these tumultuous jobs He sends me to and I laugh now because the Holy Spirit responded….” Whatever Todd you think you were being trained and molded for.”

    • Deborah C. Goodrich

      Thank you Susan for sharing your remarkable story. It, along with my bsf study helped me to realize how selfishly I live. I fell in love with you an Elizabeth, as you both gave way to the Holy Spirit. I’ve recently been challenged with caring for a sick loved one. Feelings of “poor me” had driven me further from Gods truths However, your story has shown me how God bless us as we become a blessing to others. Again, thank you both.

  99. Leticia

    Thank you for telling your story and reminding me of God’s immense power and the importance of being in His Word.

  100. Deborah spry

    That was such an amazing story of your life thank you for sharing. I think that my pain is far more less than the pain you have endured. I’m on my journey with God and hope I can commit all to him for without that I have nothing.

  101. Laura Little

    Thank you for the example of surrendering to the Lord. A hard & beautiful surrender. We must honor Jesus daily, die to self & pick up our cross and follow after him. His plans are not our plans and we must remember that. May you continue daily to surrender and shine for Jesus in your everyday no matter what comes your way. To God be the Glory! So Thankful you stuck to your vows & promise you made before God. Blessings to you & your family as you serve our King of Glory. Laura Little

  102. Cynthia Hefner

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us of this daily and deep surrender to God, which is a continuous lifelong process, where we die to ourselves and Christ is alive within us, Galatians 2:20❤️

  103. Phyllis Kirkman

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and your blessed triumphs. Our God is awesome!

  104. Sherry Johnson

    Thank you for sharing this. I have been encouraged greatly by the lessons gleaned. God bless you for abandoning yourself to the Lord.

  105. Dave Wise

    I found this article extremely
    uplifting; I’m dealing with marital issues that over 28 years have not really gotten better but have intensified
    .I am taking this further into 2cor 12:9 and10 where Paul boasts that God’s power is made strong in his weakness. what you shared gives me motivation to allow God to work through my personal weaknesses. God bless and keep up the good work.

    • Susan

      Dave, My marriage took two years to heal and my Biblical counsel was to make Christ my everything, love and forgive unconditionally and not expect my husband or children or anyone to meet my deepest emotional needs. It has helped me in all relationships. Praying now for God to give you His all as you continue to seek Him for wisdom. He has been faithful to do this for me for 43 years.

  106. Johanna

    Susan, thank you for opening up the deepest areas of you…they have touched the deepest areas of me. I struggle with “letting go” of my husband and letting God and the Holy Spirit take over and do their work in him. I am believing that they have a lot of work to do in me too. Your story has given me the encouragement to seek God’s strength and not try to do it on my own. May God richly bless you and your family.

  107. Janice Loggins

    Thank you for letting us view your struggles (weaknesses), so that we can see God’s goodness and strengths. May God’s love continue to strengthen you and your family.

  108. Cheryl Sopcich

    God’s power at work

  109. John Harder

    I have been trying to see what God is doing after the loss of my wife to cancer two years ago and MS in myself. God does not make mistakes!. Everything He allows in my life is there to mold me into a better dad, grandpa and outreach for Him. Thanks for your testimony today. It was what I needed to read.

  110. Janie Forsythe

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Susan. Through the testimony of people like you, who have had to let go and surrender to God completely, others who have no idea what you go through each day can find hope and understanding of His perfect grace and love! Thank you, again! You and Elizabeth are truly inspiring!

  111. Robin

    Thank your sharing your journey and love for Elizabeth. My niece is special needs and just celebrated her 25th birthday. She has brought so much joy to our family. I admire my brother and sister-in-law for loving and raising Lilly. There are challenges and sacrifices that come with their needs. God bless!

  112. Betty Jean Smith

    I haven’t had the challenges you’ve experienced to overcome. I was devastated when my daughter gave birth to my grandson damaged mentally and blind when mistakenly given too much oxygen. If it had not been for my belief that the Word of God makes a definite difference in how we go through these times we could act in such a way that would put despair in both the child’s life and my daughter’s. Later, my grand daughter had a very premature child who the doctors even thought was dead until they realized she had life. She was immediately given supports and medication to maintain her but during the process a week later her arm had to amputated from the elbow up. She is now 20 years old and my grandson 34. As I have matured in the Word I can look back and see God’s part in it all. As the Word says, “It is marvelous in our eyes”. I’ve taken BSF classes for 2 and half years and I am growing even now at 81 years of life. You show a tenacity that’s beautiful.

  113. N. G.

    I really needed to read this story! I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so out of touch & so easily irritated till I realized that for two weeks I have been unable to attend BSF & have really not been in the word much. It’s so true that in order for the spirit to fill us we need to be in the word daily, it does make a difference.

  114. Shari Taylor

    As a 35 year Occupational Therapist and a retired BSF Teaching Leader of 16 years, I have seen families such as yours too. It’s been my privilege to work with many people like your daughter and always there was a “genius” within; some miraculous person whom God strategically placed in mine and others’ lives to teach us. I remember in my internship a moment that changed me forever, I was designing a bed positioning program for a severely disabled young lady of 22. I had no connection to her but was going through the checklist in my head when I noticed that we were not only the same age but born on the same day. I was stopped in my tracks and journaled on that day, how this young lady was in fact the teacher and I the student, that I would from this day appreciate each person served> In fact, if their genius was well hidden, I must for it harder. I consider the wisdom of Ms. Johnson, when the Lord reminded her not to “despise the day of small things”. From this small beginning, BSF is what it is today. May God continue to bless your family and your ministry.

  115. ernestine dorris

    Amen All glory goes to God

  116. Kimberly mcgee

    Beautiful testimony of Gods Grace and strength . Thank you for sharing. I’m blessed by it !
    God bless you and keep you .

    • Shirley Cunningham

      Thank you for sharing that beautiful testimony.God is good. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  117. Valerie Jerew

    I am in awe a d humbled by this story. Thank you for sharing a d may Jesus continue to transform lives through you and your daughter. May He transform lives as your story is read.🙏❤

  118. Debbye Brown

    Thank you Susan for sharing your families life journey. Your experiences has given me the strength, faith and hope I need to endure what I’m going through now with my daughter and her two children. I am a believer and I have no doubt in the power of what God can do. God can do anything but fail,
    and I know what prayer can do. May God continue to bless you and your family and all those who are supporting all the things you are doing and sharing.

  119. Julia Lawrence

    A true testimony of strength, love,and obedience to God’s leading.
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  120. Judith Omenya

    The story of Elizabeth and Susan has greatly encouraged me as I too have a son who has problems with his eyes. He has challenges with his vision due to glaucoma. His name is Daniel. I believe that God will restore his vision fully. He is 40 years. Pray with me for complete restoration.

    • Susan

      Dave, My marriage took two years to heal and my Biblical counsel was to make Christ my everything, love and forgive unconditionally and not expect my husband or children or anyone to meet my deepest emotional needs. It has helped me in all relationships. Praying now for God to give you His all as you continue to seek Him for wisdom. He has been faithful to do this for me for 43 years.

  121. Maria Duck (Margie)

    Beautiful testimony of God’s patience, love ,grace and infinite blessings if we just let go and let God.

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story. God bless you.

  122. Lillian P. Smith

    What a joy to read of the peace that God gives and the purpose that He reveals for our lives when we surrender all to Him. It was because of my experience having two children with disabilities and a husband who deserted me and the children that I surrendered all to Him. The Holy Spirit led me to start studying God’s Word and trust Him to be a father and husband to our family. What a glorious journey it has been for me and my children. If I had not been afflicted and my children as well we would not know the Lord’s love, power and mercy demonstrated though His Son, Jesus Christ. It thrilled me to see what God does in a situation that is surrendered to Him.

    • Sylvia

      Thank you for sharing your story, Lillian! The Lord is allowing great difficulty in some areas of my life right now and the testimony of God’s saints to say “What a glorious journey is has been” means so much to me. I know He will show me the glory in my journey, too, if I’m patient and keep following Him.

  123. Barbara Mecham

    Thank you for sharing this heartfelt and inspiring testimony. I have shared it with many of my Facebook friends. God can work miracles through our weaknesses. May God continue to give you strength as you trust in his mighty power and grace. God bless you & Elizabeth.

  124. Vanessa Suarez

    Beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness, power and grace towards us when we reach the end of our rope and decide to trust solely in Him. He never fails.

  125. dorothy johnston

    Total surrender is a lifelong, daily process as we walk with our Lord; it becomes almost second nature as we turn to Holy Scripture and claim God’s promises and thoughts as our own.
    Great sharing of the reality so many of us want to discard and not embrace.

  126. Catherine

    What a great testimony of how God reaches on us even through challenges. Have picked a lesson on surrender and yielding fully to God’s will not easy though. Thanks Susan for sharing, you’ve encouraged my heart.

  127. Jane

    Susan thank you for sharing your story with the struggles of mothering a child with special needs. My son has a very rare genetic disease and has many physical challenges so I understand the constant struggle of surrendering it all over to the Lord. Thanks also for the reminder that we have no power from the Holy Spirit unless we are in the Word and communicating with God daily. I pray that you and Elizabeth will be able to continue to inspire and point others to Christ.

  128. Barry Johnston

    Thank you

  129. Elaine Calendrillo

    A powerful testimony of how staying in the word can keep you in the spiritual realm and able to face the most extreme difficulty .

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  131. Betty Brooks McCollum

    I just want to say Thank GOD for this message, it is so needed for so many of us and for so many reasons.

  132. Carletta Smith

    What an inspiring story. I am going through some struggles and this is what I needed to hear. I too have surrendered all to God and waiting expectantly, trusting Him totally!

  133. Lynne

    What amazing grace-filled lives. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

  134. Harry White

    This is a story every mother should read who has either a physically or mentally challenged child, who often wonder why God would give them a child that is lacking the ability to ever become what the world calls “normal”.

    After enduring many chaotic events that were devastating, Susan came to realize that once she submitted to God’s will, she arrived at the realization that God never makes any mistakes. Every thing God does always has a definite and divine reason for His every decision.

    • Mary Wambui

      What a powerful testimony of what God can do when we totally surrender our worries to Him. Surely God is faithful. Thanks for sharing.

  135. Will Ng

    Such an incredible story. Very encouraging to read about how God tempers us to keep Him first in all that we do. Thanks for sharing !

  136. Bonnie Olds

    Amazing, thanks for sharing, as we read in our lesson, sharing encourages and strengthens us and others. We need each other! This is beautiful how from a need came a way to help so many!

  137. Monica

    Thanks for sharing this story. It is not only an encouragement but a testimony to the power of our God and how He works to bring us closer to Himself.

  138. Karen Brown

    Susan and Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your faith and journey in your life’s challenges. You motivate me by your example to surrender, pray, read and study the gospel, trust God is in every situation.

  139. Laura Graff

    What a beautiful testimony of the Power of the Holy Spirit.God will transform our lives if we let Him!

  140. Clair Surgeont

    This BSF blog was a great inspiration for me. I have a thirst for God’s Word that’s beyond measures. At this time the story gave light to my trsnsforming and renewing of my mind.

  141. Sharon Pinkney

    Thank you for sharing, I also needed to hear this

  142. Heather

    Needed this! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  143. Deborah

    I realize that I have much to learn and farther to go than I thought. Thank you for sharing part of your journey and struggles with us. It is inspiring!

  144. Beverly Bishop


  145. Barbie Pappas

    Thank you for letting us into your life so we could see the beauty, necessity, and abundance of surrender!

  146. Marja Kamencik

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!

  147. Jan Semon

    What an inspiring story! I will remember this when I start to feel overwhelmed by life! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful example of God’s love.

  148. Fletcher Cockrell SR

    What an inspiration. In my latter years, I pray to let go & let God have His way & for me to follow.

  149. Peg

    I must say your reliance upon God thru all these trials is an encouragement to my situation. Your life is an awesome example of when we think we have lost everything, that we truly find the best gift is a totally surrendered life to HIS desire for His glory.

  150. Tabatha Robinson

    Thank you for being transparent and letting me see what complete surrender looks like.

    • Kim Bazzano

      Tabatha… I am also thankful to see what total surrender looks like. Just wondering, are you from Meriden? I had an friend growing up with your name, first & last name!

  151. Sue Lutes

    What a blessing this story was to me! It truly puts my life in the order it needs to be:submissive to my Savior! Thank you

  152. Worried Mom

    Thanks for sharing this story, I myself try to fix things myself, I end up saying God I put it in your hands please fix what needs fixing. But then still worry and stress over it. I suppose I’m not truly giving it to God or I wouldn’t keep worrying over it.

  153. Violet Leung

    I have been so blessed by this message of submission, love, inspiration and courage. Thank you for sharing at a time in my life when I needed to feel the presence of God.

    God’s Abundant Grace!

  154. Ruth Hirschmann

    I thank you for your wonderful story and how prays and spending time in the word makes you stronger in the Lord. BSF has keep me strong in the Lord

    • Jerry Lance

      B.F.S has carried so many of us threw troubled times. I am so happy for you that God our father and our Lord and savior Jesus and the Holey sprite has been with you and given you a sprite filled life. with out the love of Christ for my wife and I we would not been able to face the challenges that came before us. Your story help so many of us to keep up the good fight and to know that God is there for us. as my wife and I set down each week and do the questions I get a new incite each week. it has been 10 years for me and 4 years for my wife. with out any prodding she came and said maybe I should try this. and it is wonderful. it has helped us thru our family problems (the death of a son) and serious health issues. thank you God for people like Susan and her family that we can learn from them and we can all learn together. but Lord only with your love and forgiveness. When I am having a bad day I go to psalm 25:1-13. To the o lord I lift up my soul. o my God in thee I trust, Let me not be put to shame; let not my enemies exult over me. Susan thank you for your story.

  155. Veronica Fox


  156. PETA Mashinini

    The joy of the Lord is my strength . He is a wonder
    Running to him when we are heavily burdened , he gives us rest and grants us Peace .
    He is God for everything

  157. Michael Ndiritu

    It is so inspiring and worthy emulating.

  158. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing. I think if the song with the line “I’m a child of God. Yes, I am!” Thank you for reminding me to surrender each day to Him.

  159. Margaret Thiongo

    Its truly inspiring.

  160. Alberto Milo Jr

    Truly amazing story about faith.

  161. Judy

    Powerful testimony

    Embracing our weakness. My prayer is that God continues working in you and for us to embrace our weaknesses

  162. Joseph Andati

    Thanks for sharing with us the life of Susan and Elizabeth. It is quite encouraging. Joseph Andati

  163. Gay Pryor

    A wonderful testimony. Thank you susan, for sharing.


    Beautiful testimony! It really encouraged me at this point when I am struggling with my family and life challenges. Learned from this testimony priorities in life, in my weaknesses God will make me strong, in my foolishness God will give me wisdom, total dependence in God. Thank you for sharing this testimony.

  165. Hepsibah Jonnalagadda

    Very encouraging..thank you for sharing..learnt to give the right place such as God first then husband & children..I too have some challenges with my family,but I learnt to surrender everything to Christ.

  166. Ofelia

    God’s word is so powerful to change our mind set into a fuller, productive life. Thank you Holy Spirit for empowering us, so we can do and fulfill His calling.

  167. Tony Warukira

    God bless you.

  168. Ofelia

    Thank you for sharing your life. What an encouragement.

  169. Molly


    • Nyasha

      Remarkable testimony. Thanks for sharing. You really inspired me. God bless

  170. Cheah Lay Lin

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Susan and Elizabeth. Indeed the Word of the Lord strengthens us to do His good and perfect will.

  171. Penny Greenwood

    Thank you!

  172. Jacquiline

    I am so encouraged reading the testimony. I am struggling to read the word everyday because of the tight schedule and my baby needs special care. But I need to surrender to God. God bless you

    • ming miley

      I admire you young mothers, struggling to read God’s word while caring for baby and while sleep is so easily deprived. May God give you proper rest and His Spirit walk with you and give you nurishment and encouragement.

  173. Letizia

    It is a great and encouraging experience. Sometimes is difficult to understand the priority. It’s important to begin with a intimate relationship with God first of all and He will do what we need to grow up and glorify God with our life.

  174. Nancy

    Thank you for sharing. This is a great encouragement for me to focus more on Christ and let him guide me.

  175. Roger Ahroon

    Thank you for the encouragement in this story of priorities and how God uses us in ways we can’t imagine.
    I have been associated with BSF for over twenty years and to this day I glean more from His word everyday.
    I praise Him for his abundant grace and faithfulness.
    Peace, Roger

  176. Roger Ahroon

    Th a

  177. Sarah Kutai, BSF Nairobi West

    Comment Am so encouraged, this piece gives me hope to know that everything which happens in my life is to bring Glory to God and to make me a better believer.

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    I for all time emailed this weblog post page to all my friends,
    as if like to read it next my contacts will too.

  179. Darreleen

    Praise be to God that He gives us strength to press on to the beginning of our new birth. This brand new life is abundant in love and forgiveness. I’m so thankful to God for being with me during my care of my mom with Alz for 12 yrs. This would not have been possible without the Holy Spirit power. Thank You for sharing and caring.

  180. Joshua Sim

    Thank you for an inspiring testimony n witnessing for our Lord Jesus.

    In Him there is hope. With His Words darkness of life will no prevail.

    Thank you again. Glory to be God

  181. Jackie Lewis

    I am thankful for the time you took to share your story I am trying to learn how to surrender
    Please pray that I can restore my home and live there again
    It will take a great deal of funding to get the work done
    I would like to show hospitality too
    I have asked for forgiveness in taking the house for granted in the past

  182. Henry E. Rugendo

    To God be the glory for he does great things in our lives.
    Thanks for sharing your story which I believe is a great encouragement to many going through struggles of this life.
    god’s ways and thought are different from ours. May we learn to put our trust in God in all circumstances.

    Have a blessed day.

  183. Paula Chapman, Dumfries, VA

    Thank you Susan and Elizabeth for sharing your inspiring story and ministry with all of us giving Glory to God. Obeying and reminding us to stay in the Word everyday is crucial to our minds being transformed and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk by faith. Not by might not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord. Zechariah 4:6 It is not by our might, power, or abilities, but by the Spirit of God, that we will live fruitful lives in the Lord’s service on this earth.

  184. Marilynn Nagel

    You both are ambassadors for Christ .

  185. Paul M

    This is my take away…. & I wish all believers, even I, discover this early in our salvation….

    “Abundant life in Him is obeying every step of the way, giving away everything that’s in your fiber, that’s when you know the fulfillment of joy.”


  186. Yu Mei Ts'ai

    Thank you for the sharing, I was encouraged by the story and by this sentence:

    “I think that if you’re not in the Word every day, transforming your mind, you have no power. If you aren’t in the Word you aren’t empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

    It reminds me to be in God’s word every day in order to transform my mind, and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. In my circumstances now, this is what I do need very much.

  187. J Duaina Fejerang

    This is so amazing, exactly what we pray for but never seem to achieve. Thankfully it’s Christ in us that is working to do His will, not our own. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful testimony.

  188. Fran Smith

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. What an inspiration to me.

  189. Gina Dennis

    Beautiful testimony, God is so Good!!

  190. Priscilla Wright

    Thank you for sharing your story, very inspiring. I am apart of BSF in Cary, NC

  191. Anita Johnson

    What an amazing testimony to what God can do with us if we only submit and trust him in our weakness and joys!
    You are strong through his strength and his Word. Thank you for sharing and blessing so many through your story and vulnerability.

  192. Sammie Taylor

    Praise GOD for His Work in your life & for sharing with us.

  193. Donna Noble

    What a beautiful, amazing, inspiring testimony that affirms the power of God to complete His good work in us when we totally submit to Christ Jesus!

  194. Jan Baldwin

    Dear Susan, Lindley and Elizabeth,
    Your story is one so many need to hear. When difficulties strike in ones life, the tendency to blame God, withdraw, or try become super mom for your fragile child, taking on all the responsibilities and ignoring others in your midst who feel isolated and helpless to do anything to help.
    By reading your struggle and seeing what God and His word and BSF have done in your life, others will know there is help and encouragement within reach.

  195. pat morris

    beautiful love story about surrender and trust. I pray to trust God everyday and stories such as this one inspire me. thank you

  196. Cathy Recker

    What a beautiful story about some very beautiful women. God must be so pleased.

  197. Kerri J Colbert

    thank you for a beautiful story of how the Lord equips us to do what is in front of us. He works beautiful things in ways we don’t understand. Thank you for blessing me with this story!

  198. Dianna COLEMAN

    So good to know and be reminded that our weaknesses are inspired opportunities for divine strength to Christ when we allow the Holy Spirit to reign!

  199. Mrs Chapman

    This is a story of living in Christ and for Him. I admire the courage, perseverance and love this family put into practice. God will reward them some day for their sincere faithfulness. What a beautiful personal testimony!

  200. Deborah

    It is so apparent that Jesus makes all the difference in the lives of Susan & Elizabeth. Praying that a loved one in similar situation who presently rejects Christ will yield to His love & guidance.

  201. Nancy Miles

    What a God we serve! Thanks for sharing your story.

  202. Dottie Keeney

    What an amazing story.

  203. John and Lil Dealy

    So thankful to both you and Lindley for welcoming us to Jonesboro and blessing us richly in BSF LEADERSHIP

    God’s sovereign grace be upon you and your entire family. Elizabeth’s life has impacted so many.

  204. Helen

    What an amazing heart filled testimony of a loving mother and her child. Counting my blessings and God’s power in everyone of us if we obey. We have everything to gain!

    • Sally

      This is encouraging thank for sharing . I want to surrender everything to God. I am deeply touched with your testimony. God bless you

  205. Charissa Wong

    A very encouraging story that strongly reflects the wonder of God and His amazing plan for everyone. You can boast of your weakness which has been transformed by Lord to show His grace on you. May God’s blessings carry on to shower on your household with abundant peace and joy.

  206. Janice, Shu-Hui Chee

    What a beautiful and encouraging story and truly God’s strength is experienced in our weakness. How sovereign, powerful & merciful He is. Thanks for sharing. God continue to bless you, Elizabeth & family.

  207. Sherrian Westfall

    To God be the Glory, We learn a lot from others.

    • Songcha Kazen

      This story, move my heart so deeply.
      Thirteen years ago , we lost our daughter “Sami”
      One bright sunny day, sami fell down and
      Not getting better, can’t stand still..own herself.
      All the appointment, denied.
      Last appointment, Physical therapist. Picked up the phone Called emergency hospital for , and explained M.D.
      Since then, she diagnosed.
      Malignant tumor/multiform cancer.
      As a Mother, how things worse than Doctor told mom, your young 15 years old ,got malignant cancer..
      I do not know , What to think what or do for her..
      Well I was only stay- home -mom for my two kids , my son was only ten.
      Since, Sami was in Hospital, they do not let her go home..
      All of the oncologist, have had emergency meetings for need to surgery as soon as possible..
      After ten long hours of surgery..
      We thought, she might be die, but she made through, only become a paraplegic , waist down..
      Sami become , wheel chair bound , always lying down bed..
      we were depressed….deeply..
      She wears diaper, surgery was called spinal cord injury: the surgery made lost her sensations/ feelings
      But still, My Sami is a my hero,
      that situation, always, encouraged me.
      “Mom I will be okay, We Can Do”
      Three Month later , we bring her home from hospital.
      Sami looks like robot , her legs and arms with supporters very heavy materials..
      Well, after comes home , back to the hospital, back and forth.
      I started become her care taker, changes and bathing,, Helping for meal’s .
      I pushs her wheel chair..
      I remember this , LORD my God , please, give me a great strength for my daughter and never tears infront of her..
      Sweet time is flying, year after spinal cord injury ( her brain tumor hide in spinal cord)
      Her Oncologist, told us, time to give up..
      My husband is Hospital professional.
      He told me that how bad her cancer is..
      But I just can’t give up my daughter.
      My only daughter..
      Sadly. We live Georgia, all the hospitals said samething.
      Go home and have good tme with family.
      But , Sami and I were , keep thinking.
      We are going to fight at last breath,God given us..
      We inup @ md Anderson.
      Big Houston ,TX..
      We supposedly, coming for md.anderson few days, looking for their prognosis .
      “We will fight as long as she breath ”
      Her Oncologist said..
      “Thank you, give her best and effective medicine for her”
      I said.
      While we were there
      I started , Praying , oh Lord please , this Doctors are great but, never my life see them again ”
      While We were @ md anderson, so many patients , family members, nurese.. physicians..
      I do not know, how they doing , what they doing.. but sure moved my heart.
      As Some patients so much worse than Sami, : we seen as two years of child ., my Sami started Praying for kids and their Doctors..
      While, sami was @md . Andeson , they have also school, soon teachers , they have learned that how smart, Sami is,
      They did not know ,
      Beginning to the 1st grade and high school , her school’s level her”gifted child” and the Church, she involved children program as a puppeteer, avid swimmer..and as soon as high school graduate going to the Air force Academy.;supposed .
      well, four short months later, her oncologist@md anderson, told me, same as Ga’s Doctors,
      “Time to go home Ga, and “goodbye to
      Friends and Family ”
      we bringing her to Ga at night , @hospice care,
      And Sami passed two days later..
      I was there, until the her last breath gone..
      Well, I do not use word ” struggles”
      But , I was , after my only daughter passed , I do not have a hope , or purpose in my life,, for three years .. I was at bottom.
      I was weak inside and out..
      My marriage getting falling apart..
      But I did not care…can’t thinking straight…
      My friend suggested me oil painting , it helps me a lot and someone in my neighbor..
      Talked to me into hard for BSF..

      Act 2 : 21
      It shall come to pass that whosoever call on name of LORD, shall be saved.
      I like this verse.
      And , for bsf, we study;Act , PAUL, unstoppable preaching gospel for everywhere, anybodies , and whenever: and Paul never tired of talked about Jesus.
      My daughter, I still have moments .
      But , right now my sight come back to my LORD and my marriage is healthy..
      I do not cry in front of others nor talk about my daughter,
      Still , I cry for my heart to Jesus.
      Thank you ” Jesus.”
      That I was stay home mom and ,we made a great memories, also,I was available entire of My daughter’s life..
      I have learned born againChristian
      means ..
      And great appreciated BSF.
      making the Note, and Questions.;every weeks!!!
      They Helps me greatly, and draw closer to the Jesus.
      Thank you.

      • Sharon Carney

        Wow, you had a journey that I’m thankful you shared. Only thing I think you might do for healing is always speak of your daughter as she is a part of your life.You loved and cared for her, share her stories!!And your husbands and sons! She will always be apart of your life. Only trying to help you .

        • Songcha Kazen

          @Sharon Carney
          Thank you for kind comments.
          Last night, I was writing about my daughter, I stopped one hundred of times, wipe my tears..
          It was more that , I wrote down.
          That year and half; journey..
          I ( we)am still progressing..
          But better.. than thirteen years ago.
          And I got to said this, as many friends and strangers willing to prayed for us, while sami was battling cancer,
          I am not forgotten those ones..
          And, when I am painting
          Always sign , S.J.K. my daughter’s initial .
          She is still the “ONE ” our heart.
          Thank you ,” Jesus”

  208. Joyful Jan

    Very uplifting, encouraging and convicting…..

  209. Karen

    I truly needed to hear this as I face a new journey with my health. Thank you for sharing this amazing story of yielding to God for His Glory, and how His Best is your Best.

  210. Marlys

    Wow that’s powerful

  211. Sylvia

    Encouraging story of what happens when we surrender all to Him.

    • Sylvia

      Hi Sylvia, from another Sylvia 🙂

  212. Debbie

    Enjoyed reading story. I have a special needs granddaughter. She is the love of our lives. I must send this story to my daughter-in-law.

  213. Monica Bean Lanos

    Thanks for the encouragement you offered to others that are struggling and don’t desire to share there stories. I am a caregiver and my family has finally stepped up to assist me after my days and nights of praying. Beautiful Story Be Blessed.

  214. Linda

    Thank for sharing this great powerful story

  215. Valerie

    Thank you Susan ..and Elizabeth for showing us how true commitment to the Lord brings more blessings than we can imagine! May God continue to bless your family

  216. Jean

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  217. Leslie Gipson

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

  218. Jim Anderson

    Thank you for sharing this powerful story of what it is to submit and to live life in the “spirit” and not in the “flesh”. The power in the Spirit that Paul writes about can only come through a life that has been “humbled” before God. It seems that God has a way to teach us what humility is and that can be hard to understand outside of the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. God can bring these difficult things into our lives not to punish or test us but to actually bring us closer to Him. I am always reminded that the story of Job is in the Bible to show us how God works to instruct us and teach us Who He Is and to grow our relationship with Him. How many of us need to be taught to say as Job did, “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you; therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.” This is what true repentance is and only God can Sovereignly provide the circumstances of life to bring us to true repentance.

  219. Donnell Baer

    God is so awesome – we are blessed to hear Elizabeth’s story. She is a wonderful servant of God serving with pure love of God and the people she has touched.
    Truly our weaknesses make us better servants to God.

    Given the diagnosis of aggressive liver cancer from the head of the Mayo liver transplant team (1998) of “six weeks” to live – my liver was covered with cancer and thee was covered with cancer with two large cancerous tumors. They closed me up. Blessed with many many prayers, plus a number of prayers lists – 21 years later I happily serve the Lord. A true miracle. Sandra Cornelius was my teaching leader. Being in BSF since 1989.

    In 20007, I was struck in the eye by the point of a palmetto prong. I went to the doctor and received Rx. 2011 I fell off my kitchen counter and hit my head. I had a concussion and bleeding on the brain. 1 1\2 weeks later – I had a stroke in both my optic nerves (they had taken me off blood thinner) and went completely blind in my right eye and lost 3/4’s of my vision in my left eye (the blood clot went around the scar tissue where I had pointed myself in the eye). If I had not stuck myself in the eye, I would be 100% blind. I function extremely well, my only issue is I can’t drive. God is a awesome, a God of miracles if you only trust His Will Be Don

    Almost continuously attending BSF, moving from Jacksonville to St. Augustine, Fl, learning and TRUSTING the Word of God from BSF. God truly has inspired the leaders at BSF.

  220. Hellen

    ‘I know my time isn’t mine’…thank you for sharing! May refresh us with His Word and cause us to see His plan for ya, clearly. It’s the best option…always.

  221. Pamela Anderson

    I am so moved…thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It help others in many different ways of course, I think for myself, gives me courage and strength in what lies ahead.

  222. Renee Williams

    This story was absolutely inspiring to me ! Thank you for sharing with all of us. My daughter lose her 2 little boys. One to Down Syndrome (early delivery) and the other to SIDs. He was 8 months old. She was devastated to say the least. She is still hanging on to the past but the grief does not overtake her as much as it did before. Since then, she has had 3 beautiful healthy children. A boy and two girls. Ages 9, 5 and 3. She still struggles with “why”. I am praying that she realizes that God does not make mistakes. He is a God who loves us unconditionally. We are not going to always know “why”. What we do know is that God will certainly see us through. Providing us with peace, comfort and love. I am praying she will surrender and put her living children in the hands of God. She commits a lot of time to protecting them from harm and danger. She is a stay-at-home mom. She shelters them and has placed them above her husband. She loves the Lord and she is raising her children to believe in Jesus. They are a praying family, but there is still that underlying control of not putting her children fully in God’s hands. Trusting God to take care of them. Trusting God to protect them. Knowing that God loves them too. I am new to BSF. Over 2 years now. I love it! She use to belong to BSF and I would love for her to return. It would be so very good for her to be with others who belong to BSF. Praying God sends someone into her life who can convince her to return.

  223. Helen Wu

    Susan, You are my mentor and be courageous to do God’s will.

  224. doug smith

    This is the story of Job.

    This is the story of Jonah.

    If you read the King James Version the words jump from the pages!

    Gods Word is… The Holy Spirit…And Jesus…And God!

    Read John1:1-5…. in the KJV…

    “and the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

    Satan is a looser! Always was …Always will be …in the Lake of Fire!

    What’s cooking at your house?

    Make it Satan! Over Cooked!

    Love is, Christ in Us, The Hope of Glory!

    Doug Smith

  225. Lara Famakinwa

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. Truly enjoyed your teaching at BSF .God bless your family.

  226. Lizzie Shakunthala

    Blessed by reading this thanks for sharing god bless you and your family

  227. p Jones

    What an inspiring story. My pray is that God continue to bless the both of you. Your story reinforce my desire to do God’s will and learn of him. Thank you for sharing!

  228. Patience Afiniki

    Wow ,the story is touching and encouraging.

  229. Joan Reid

    What a beautiful story!

  230. J.How

    While on earth, we are saved by Jesus Christ to become children of God to do good works to glorify Him. The Holy Spirit empowers us to endure suffering to do extraordinary work. God bless Susan and Elizabeth and their ministry. We have the blessed assurance of eternal life and perfection in the glorious heaven which awaits us. Praise the Lord.

  231. Janice Holmgren

    Excellent article and story of true snd full commitment to Lord.

  232. Mattese Lecque

    A beautiful testament of living and surrendering your life to God. Through Him we can do all things. God bless you Susan and Elizabeth for being the beacon of light in the lives of others.

  233. John Hopper

    Wow, what an encouragement to me an others.

  234. Susan Yeager

    God is a God of power and love and I relate to your story. May God continue to bless you with his Holy Spirit! My son has brain cancer and I’m sitting in his first infusion appointment as part of a phase 1 clinical trial after brain surgery nu 1, full brain radiation, two and a half years of chemo therapy and soon To be brain surgery number two as I read your moving story. My name is also Susan and I pray God will help us run our marathons in His grace and power.

  235. Linda Lam

    Thank you for sharing your testimony! Powerful, real, and give all glory to God, Amen!

    • Marguerite Quinn

      Thank you for sharing so beautifully. My story is very similar to yours and , like you, when I finally surrendered , The Lord opened doors we did not know there were and
      God’s plan for my son’s life unfolded May God co to ue to bless you and we know that He who has begun a good work will finish it.

    • Fredrick

      That the genuineness of our faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise and honor and Glory at the revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ

  236. Colleen Remein

    Beautiful story! To God be the Glory!!!

  237. Jane Chu

    Please pray for me. We just sold our old house for millions and I let my husband has full say on how to use the money. I do not question and go along with his purchase of a new house. Now he wants me to share my pension which is just a couple of thousands a month and I had been glad to pay for all household expanses. Do I turn it all over to him trusting my Lord will bless me regardless?

    • Susan

      Jane, One of the books that helped heal my marriage was “You can be the Wife of A Happy Husband“ By Darien Cooper. It is an older book, but of course the scripture snd Biblical truths are timeless. You might find it very helpful. I learned that as I submitted to my husband’s leadership even if I didn’t think he was making the wisest choices, God always intervened and protected me. Praying now for God to give you wisdom and protection as you pursue Him.

  238. Julie

    Thank you. This is so encouraging and reminds me to surrender each and every day to God, and let Him do what He does best: love us, guide us, provide for us. What Susan said about being in the Word every day is right on. When I am, I feel better and have joy; when I am not things become more chaotic. When I am open and listen to His guidance things are calmer, I have more peace in my heart and have the joy of knowing I am glorifying Him in the role He has for me as I submit to Him and obey. This story also reminds me that although we all have challenges that can break the heart – God is there in the midst of them. Praise Him for who He is, our wonderful Creator and sovereign Lord.

  239. Melanie Parker

    Wow!! What a beautiful story of God’s glorious grace and redemption!! Thank you for sharing this testimony!

  240. Joe DeBoo

    This is an awesome account of the work of the Trinity in an individuals life. It makes me wonder ‘how am I letting God do His work in my marriage?

  241. Felicita Rueda

    Praise God for this story, and God knew I needed this, I’m a single-parent to two beautiful kiddos, my son, is fifteen, and in high school, my daughter, is eleven, and has Down Syndrome, I can relate to this story so much, my life is not mine, and I just started BSF Sept 2019, and it is transforming my mind and heart, and I need to be in The Word everyday, and I need Jesus everyday.

    • Judy

      This story reveals suffering ,success And the abundance of live grants us when we finally give all totally to God an inspiration to not give up on prayer for my struggle and concerns.

  242. Mary Gurley

    Yes, Susan’s story tells it all. We all belong to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This time on Earth is not our own. I must make the most of it every. I plan to be in His Word daily and let God’s love and guidance prevail.

  243. Vicki Stine

    Wow! Enjoyed reading this so much. God is currently drawing my heart to a different place in Him. It may include individuals w/special needs. I worked in that field for 32 years & have been retired almost 4 years. This is my first year in BSF and I want to be open to His call on my life.

  244. Tammy slack

    Beautiful reminder to me to serve the Lord. Acts of service is a gift of Love. It convicted my heart.
    It’s a privilege and of purse being in the word does transform and the book and study of Romans last year changed me.
    Thank you,
    Tammy Slack.
    Temecula ca BSF

    • Kudzi Chifamba

      Thank you for a very touching and encouraging story. God is active in the lives of His people. All glory to Him!

  245. Laura

    Wonderful testimony of how I must keep my eyes on Jesus. I have no control. None! I want control so everything goes my way. So I get what I want when I want it. Root… selfishness and self-centeredness. Pride and arrogance to think the entire world, including God must do, produce, for me!! I put myself above the Creator! Wow! Who do I think I am!

    Forgive me God, I am full of sin. I don’t deserve the breath I breathe.

    Help me to be less, and you more.

  246. Naomi Randazzo

    Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing with us. Your story restores my Faith and Hope. Thank you again and God bless.

  247. Joey

    What a powerful testimony of true faith in God and God’s saving grace. What a powerful testimony of obedience to God and full trust in him that everything works for the good in all who trust in him.

  248. Diana A

    Thank you Susan for such a beautiful and heartwarming testimony. Once again, you have shown when we put anyone above Him, no matter how much we love them, we have made them an idol for us!
    God bless you and your beautiful family❤️

  249. Bonnie Doane

    Thank you for this story about Susan and Elizabeth. Truly a genuine love story by and through God. These stories are so powerful and are so meaningful for everyone who hears them. Very inspiring and uplifting in how the Lord uses our weaknesses. We seem to forget that it is not us that is able, but Him in us that is so extraordinary, and it takes a lot of pruning of self, to realize just how powerful and amazing He is , and He can and will do what ever He wants through us if………….. we will just let go and let God.

  250. Marcia Elmasian

    Thank you for this amazing and powerful testimony of God’s plan and purposes beyond ourselves.
    He truly is working g His wonders to perform. All glory to God. Even this testimony strengthens so many.

  251. Purity

    This is great testimony. I surrender my life totally devoted to Christ. We serve a miracle working God.

  252. Kerry

    What a beautiful testimony of Gods Grace and your faith. Was your marriage restored as well?

    • Susan

      Kerry, It took 2 years and a lot of work to rebuild my marriage. I applied Biblical truths and scripture outlined in an old book called “You can Be The Wife Of a Happy Husband” by Darien Cooper. As I reprioritized my life.
      letting Christ be first while loving forgiving and submitting to my husband to help him grow into the leader he needed to be, as well as having my deepest emotional needs met by the Lord, he rebuilt our marriage into a very strong one . But even if our marriage had permanently failed, I was stronger and equipped to live alone only with the Lord as my constant companion and guide. This has, and will continue
      to serve me well throughout this life with all relationships.

  253. Nancy Spoolman

    Your story of submission and obedience, Susan and Elizabeth, is remarkable. I love to visualize God’s hand in your walk with Him. Elizabeth was the focal point of love, peace, giving, and surrender to God’s Will. We are servants of Christ, with the wisdom of God, not the world’s foolish wisdom. I can relate to the surrender and re-surrender, over and over again. Thank you for your beautiful story; you have blessed me in so many ways today.

  254. Nancy Cannoy

    Since my husband of 51 years died 1 year ago the 25th I have been floating and felt so lost. We were so close which makes it hurt all the more. God is remaking me to his purpose.I am totally dependant on him and I now see thats how he wants it. Total faith is his goal for all of us. It’s a learning process for me and I have to let go of fear and follow his lead. The lady’s of BSF pray for me to find strength and I am so grateful for this organization. We can’t lose if we cover each other in Prayer.

    • Susan

      Nancy, I pray for you as you move into this difficult season. I know the Lord promises in John 10:10 “ I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly”. He desires to meet our deepest emotional needs and fill every void in our lives. It takes continual dependence and being in the Word, learning to hear his voice and making him as real as your husband’s presence was. I’m sure you will always miss and grieve for your husband but the abundant life and joy in Christ will fill so many holes that you will be able to endure the loss with overwhelming peace and contentment. Praying for you now!

  255. Trish Ward-Hall

    So thankful for your testimony! As a mother of a special needs daughter it’s easy to become overwhelmed with life! So thankful I have BSF as my lifeline and the precious word of God and the Holy Spirit to guid and strengthen me🙏

  256. Kelly r bishop

    Wow! So encouraging and powerful!… The take away for me was SURRENDER…. Stay in the word every day… we do nothing in our own power but with God all things are possible.. and His amazing Grace Is indeed sufficient .

  257. Debra Palmer

    Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony!

  258. Jeneene Houstman

    I am speechless as to how to express my feelings, except to give all glory to God. He blesses us with strength at our weakest moments, when we fully surrender. Amazing testimony of a humble, willing servant to be used by God for His glory. God bless you dear one! 🙏😍😂

  259. Bethany Roy

    Wow <3 "Abundant life in Him is obeying every step of the way, giving away everything that’s in your fiber, that’s when you know the fulfillment of joy.”


    A loving GOD who USES ALL THINGS for his Glory!!!

  261. Beatrix Bantey-Muno

    The wonders of God
    Amazing and very inspiring story
    God help us with such great testimonies. God bless Susan and Elizabeth and their family

  262. Cheryl Fennen

    Thank YOU for sharing your life with us! SURRENDERED & POWERFUL YOU ARE!! Leading with your life example of BEING ONE with Jesus!

  263. Carol Allen

    Thank you for your testimony! I have a dear friend who has MS and inspite of this she is one of the happiest people I know. She is always smiling with a Joy-filled attitude. I believe that our Father allows us to have people such as my friend to cause us to be thankful and rejoice in His sufficiency and grace!

  264. Shirlynn

    Embracing weakness is strength on so many levels. Thanks Susan for sharing Elizabeth and your weakness (strength). This story is like our study in Acts- God will choose us & He is so very faithful to each of us.
    Much appreciated,

    • Joan C. Andrews

      Thank you for your story.

      I am a member of a small deaf church. One member was born with CP and is deaf. He is nearly always smiling.

      Many years ago I needed to approach him and confess before I could participate in Lord’s Supper. He so kindly forgave me on the spot.

      And more recently I had opportunity to meet up with a dear deaf blind friend whom I had not seen in several years. But, as soon as I spelled my Last name into her hands, she broke into a beaming smile and threw open her arms for a hug.

      In both of those instances I was brought low in humility as they showed forth God’s love.

  265. Kathleen Ricke

    Amazing testament!

  266. Becky Duckworth

    A beautiful story of how God’s work in the lives of His children touch others, ever expanding, like ripples in the water. Thank you so much for sharing.

  267. Jan

    What a beautiful family!! And beautiful hearts after God❤️

  268. Geoff Wehe

    Thank you so much for the timeliness of this message, as a group leader I have been struggling how to share a little extra for this week 1 Cor 1-4. Without God you can’t even get off the starting block, with an insurmountable task how to complete becomes something amazing as He leads you through it and orchestrates the entire thing. That was the problem for the people in Corinth, they hadn’t truly accepted God in their heart yet so they hadn’t even begun the Christian life as Paul was made aware and wrote his letter. We too think we have God but really we haven’t sunk to the depth to let ourselves get out of God’s way so He can do His will for us. We think it is our will for Him but really it is His will. This story shows you when you sink to your lowest you are usually pretty close to the floor in tears, that when you confess to God at that moment is when you are at your strongest through Him. Be Blessed, G


    Thank you for sharing. This comes at a time in my life that I needed to be reminded of how to live a surrendered life to Christ. My prayers are with you and your family. Praise God for His love, mercy, and grace upon His children.

  270. Alyce

    A beautiful story of surrendering your troubles to God’s loving mercy and spending time each day in the Word to strength the spirit within you.

  271. norm somers

    I would be interested in hearing how Elizabeth worked through all this.

    • Susan

      Thank you for asking about our Elizabeth. Oh my what a joy she is! Spiritually she’s very whole even though she has never spoken or been able to do one thing for herself. She cannot even turn in the bed. We feed, clothe , diaper, and have done everything for her for 40 years. But she is the inspiration. She understands everything and is such a picture of Christ. She’s loving, generous, forgiving and fun!! Once I learned how to serve her “as unto the Lord”, my joy has nearly always matched hers! It has helped me serve others without expecting anything in return. She teaches everyone around her how to find joy in the Lord, his creation, the work he gives us to do and the people around us. She is a delight! Her health has been fragile the past 6 years, so not every day is good. But most days our farm is filled with people whom we serve and she is helping contribute to the ministries and projects He’s called us to do here. Amazing how her presence has helped the women with drug addiction we serve, to inspire them to seek God to find their purpose. We just started flower farming, which Elizabeth loves!

  272. Sharon Rose

    Your story is a testimony of so many fruits of His spirit that gives light to someones darkness. The Holy Spirit in us doesn’t make us better than someone else but it does make us better than ourselves. It’s Amazing how super naturally He is when we totally surrender. He is real and alive and working non stop. Thank you for sharing your story. I pray that you receive more of His favor and Joy of the Lord. Thats where our strength comes from. We are so Blessed to know Jesus and His truth through His Spirit.

  273. Gail Reamy

    What a wonderful lesson about what God can do with a life totally surrendered to Him. Causes much examination of my own life and commitment.

  274. Shirley Calloway

    I was truly blessed, thank you for such an inspiring story. God bless both of you. And continue to work for the LORD.

  275. Pam Dailey

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of you and Elizabeth. You are truly an inspiration as how we must surrender everything to God. He is definitely in control. God bless you!🤗♥️🙏🏻

  276. Janet Laluk

    What a remarkable story. The heart ache and the joy. I pray I would surrender like that and am convicted about staying in His word daily which I mostly do and encourage others as well. Being a mother, business women, wife and BSF leader holds many challenges around balance. The word of God does really put it all into perspective. God bless you and your ministry.

  277. Mary D Lowe

    God’s work through the HS is always Beautiful!! Everything about this is wonderful.
    I hope all who need encouragement and Hope which really only comes through Christ; will get it.

  278. Lorilee King

    Susan and Elizabeth’s story touched me to the core. How amazing our God is! In our weakness HE is strong. He carries us through the battles and HE reigns in us through our testimonies. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. Giving God all the Glory for all HE does in and through us.

  279. Janice Robinson

    Susan, thank you for sharing a beautiful story of God’s grace that gives us strength in our struggles in life. This story allows me to put my priorities in perspective.

    • Lorilee King

      Amen! Yes I need to prioritize my life as well. Many Blessings

  280. Marsha Hatton


    • Fay

      This was also for me a very timely word from the Lord. I have a special needs grandson who I absolutely adore and needed to be reminded that God loves him more than I could ever imagine and there is no way God made a mistake. I am desperately wanting to learn to trust God in every way as I am very much aware that it is too hard for me to handle on my own. I thank you so much for sharing the goodness and faithfulness of God our Father. I am also thankful for the restoration He has done in your lives for the up building of the Kingdom. Your story is a true testament of His strength in our weakness. Should I never meet you on this side, I look forward to meeting you in glory.

  281. Artice Ledbetter

    This story was just for me because it is me! It reminded me that I’ve got to get my priorities in alignment and totally surrender to God. Thanks for sharing!

  282. Kathy Carroll

    Susan, your beautiful story hit very close to home for me. My youngest of 3 sons, now 17 is disabled due to his brain not developing normally. I have been a group leader for 9 years and so grateful for this role. It’s all I have and I have learned more than I can say from what God is teaching me in His word and what God is teaching me through care of Sam. I cried through the whole article. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement that God has more to do through Sam and I. I love your ministry. May God continue to strength you and give you hope and sustaining perseverance.

  283. Melisa

    What a wonderful inspirational story of how GOD can use us.

  284. Sheila N Wavamunno

    “I was a strong and resourceful person, but I learned how to submit. I truly came to the end of myself,” she said. “I think that if you’re not in the Word every day, transforming your mind, you have no power. If you aren’t in the Word, you aren’t empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

    Learning to submit!! To be totally dependent on God, who owns us. Who owns me. That’s my current struggle and prayer

    I am ever so encouraged by Susan and Elizabeth!!

  285. Mary

    Thank you so much for sharing this story of your friend’s struggle to surrender In the midst of such hard and heart wrenching circumstances. I love that God transformed Susan’s life through a deep and challenging study of His Word, not a study simplified and glossed over to fit her time needs. God works like that. He did for me as a young mother in BSF with four young children. I praise Wetherell Johnson and her vision of commitment to God and deep study of His Word first, knowing that all else will then fall into place. Susan said that “ BSF was the foundation I needed to keep all these relationships healthy and in the correct priority. “ What a testimony to God’s Grace and hearts desire to transform lives through His Word

  286. Karen Shie

    Thanks for sharing. I am deeply moved. Our youngest child Jonathan suffered from HLH when he was 34-month-old. I thank God for opportunity going to BSF the fall semester after his illness. Through the learning in BSF, God Word has strengthened and empowered me while we were walking through the Valley of Death and in my daily life as well. Praise the Lord, through the prayers, he became the first long term survivor without a relapse from the illness in US and he is 29 years old. You have encouraged me to serve the Lord more. Many thanks and Blessings

    • Robert Cook

      This is a heart felt testimony and I praise God for your steadfastness. I had just completed my morning meditation on Behold the Lord and the scripture used was Roman’s 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world” but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The word transformed is translated from the Greek word from which we get the term “metamorphosis.” It is found in Scripture in two other places, when Jesus was transfigured on the Mountain and the other is found in 2 Corinthians 3:18. So , praise God for these women of God described what will happen to you as you spend time beholding God in the Word and prayer. I pray God continued blessings in your lives as you grow closer to Him.

  287. Wendy Chiu

    Oh Lord, please forgive me for what I have just thought and said right before I read Susan and Elizabeth’s story.
    “…My time is not my own. Abundant Life in Him …is fulfillment of joy.”

  288. Cristina Smallwood

    Dear Susan, thanks for be willing to share your story. It touched my heart and made me cry. It made me feel so small in the presence of our mighty God. This assurance that He cares for each one of us, no matter our weakness or brokenness, helps me to persevere in deepening my relationship with Him. God is good and is always there for us! Let’s continue keeping our eyes on Him and submitting ourselves to Him. By God’s grace we are part of His people!

  289. Elayne

    Wow!! Amazing work. It wouldn’t be something I would choose for myself, but I know if God would, it would be for a reason, and He would be there too, as He was for you. I praise God that he brought you to where He did and worked it out for you both. It is an amazing gift to have a teachable spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  290. Pamela McCain

    What a powerful story and testimony of a journey of surrender to God. May Susan and Elizabeth and family continue to be strengthened in he Lord.

  291. Catherine Mumbe Musyoki

    Very powerful testimony. For sure when you surrender your life totally to God and put your trust and hope in God alone, He will guide you and lead you through out. He will give you rest and peace.

    • Stellah sareto

      Thanks Susan for sharing your testimony indeed our God is God of possibilities,everything He created is perfect and wonderful.To God be the glory

  292. Bert


  293. Bruce Beadell

    Our God IS a God of grace and mercy, and He uses our weakness to bring Himself glory. Paul says in 1 Cor 1:27, “…God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” He used Susan’s weakness (as He uses mine) to draw her near, and to demonstrate His power for the world to marvel at.

    WELL DONE, Susan and family!

    Phil 4:13

  294. Cassetra Robertson

    Beautiful, Wonderful Testimony. Praise God for his Wonderful Works.❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤

  295. judy thornhill


  296. Toni Brown

    Even the least of us have a purpose in this life. I often think that the least of us are the most useful To God and His purpose…His Master Plan… because the least of us don’t usually get over our most damaging obstacle…SELF! – Toni Brown

  297. John Morrison

    Susan, thank you for sharing your great need and Source of strength. I know you continue to suffer, but have used that suffering to find purpose and to encourage others. I am ashamed of my poor attitude toward the petty things that bother me. You are an inspiration.

  298. Joyce

    So encouraging, the power of holding unto faith and keeping eyes focused unto Jesus

  299. Susie Rowan

    Susan, thank you for being a constant example to me of surrender and sacrifice. Thank you for showing me the Spirit-filled life. Thank you for being one of the women God used 30 years ago to get me to a BSF class. Thank you for still being my dear friend, I love you! Susie

  300. CiCi Schnakenberg

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. What a beautiful blessing you shared that our Divine Savior guided you through. So many times I will find an excuse to not join this or help with that. I always use my illness as an excuse, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to the challenging journey you have encountered. You through our Lord have reminded me of my priorities and I thank you so much for that blessing. May you and Elizabeth your family continue to shine in our Lord’s behalf. Only through Jesus are all things possible, we must always keep His faith deep in our souls lift it up all to Him.
    Thank you my Sister-In-Christ<

  301. Clayshia A Willis

    Thank You Christ for such inspiration and God-given wisdom showing through Susan and Elizabeth how the Holy Spirit can bring us through the most difficult times in our live. Blessings to BSF for so much encouragement in everything you share in His Name!

  302. Natalie

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is so encouraging what God will do!

  303. Nikki

    Crying. I am so in awe of what Jesus has done in all of your lives. That, in itself, is a true miracle. Thank you for being such amazing people of faith. You encourage us all.xoxoxoxoxoxo

  304. Betty

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, it speaks to a need that I struggle with surrendering all to the Lord.

  305. Peggy

    Thank you. This story and the words shared are what I needed to hear today in this very moment. Thank you for the opportunity to ask who is in charge and the reminder that God is at work. I need to surrender and live for him moment by moment.

  306. Lillie Carter

    Your story is so inspiring. Thank you for the courage to share it with me and so many others; while I was touched by it, one thing spoke to my heart, when you stated that you have to stay in Gods word daily. I thank God for BSF my life is so different in a good way; I have learned to depend on God and keep the faith no matter my adversities.

  307. Thanh Bencriscutto

    A true heart and trusting the Lord with all his/her might. The rewards came that we can not count. The reward are Peace in our heart and the understanding God’s will: Which recognize our life on earth is not our own, God put people in our lives for a reason, walk in the light of Jesus as LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE LOVES US. But without the Holy Spirit we are not able to reform and renew our heart to do God’s will.
    I can see the true submissive heart of Susan to God. Yes! When we put God’s first everything is falling in line. All we have to do is praise, pray and asking for guidance when we face any obstacles comes our way. Empty the worry, sorrow, concern in our head, God will pour in our heart with a new outlook and we will see HIS work clearly laid out for us to follow. I have tasted the Love from God that is why I am not surprise how Susan can change her way of doing her way and let The LORD guide her. YES WE ALL GO SEE HIM one way or the other, but while we are on earth what should we live to not shame our father.
    God is Great.

  308. claudia olson

    WOW! What an incredible testimony of servant hood and surrender to God!! Everything we surrender to God, He blesses and rewards…here or in our Heavenly home. Thanks for your sharing of your story…HIS STORY! It touched my heart and God spoke to me!

  309. Ken

    Amen! Surrender totally and be obedient. Nothing is impossible with God. He can heal. What a beautiful story of restoration!

  310. Marjorie Williamson

    This was beautiful story to see JESUS at work.

  311. Susie Morris

    What a beautiful story, thank you, and God bless you.

    • Ferral Quick6210

      What a wonderful testimony. I enjoyed your blog very much and wish you and your family God’s blessings.
      I just joined BSF a year ago and my life is changing too. Praise God!

  312. Sally Kirkpatrick

    I cannot tell you how your story Parallels to my brother and his wife, and the ministry the Lords built out of the birth of their 3rd child Jessica.
    I’d love for you to read of the Christ centered homes for special needs people they have in York PA. In addition to prom, a bell choir, a huge center with multiple activities for these dear souls to go and spend their days, the list is endless. www. jandfcommunity.org
    I hope you’ll read about this ministry. God bless you for being Christ like examples to a lost world!

  313. HC EST

    What a story, thank you for sharing

  314. Elaine C

    Powerful testimony! It is not a coincidence that in our BSF lesson this week we are in 1 Corinthians and I received this to read…God’s wisdom revealed in The Cross. Thankful for sharing your story Susan Smith.

  315. Sandra Johnson

    God is awesome in so many ways! His ways are not our ways. His wisdom is not our wisdom. Thank you, Lord for showing us the difference.

  316. Sally

    Thank you so much for sharing your life, your struggle, and your victory with us. It’s encouraging and inspiring testimony to all of us, with a great reminder that anyone and anything we put above God is our idol. May God continue to lead you and bless your ministry!

  317. Ginger Foster

    A wonderful testimony to your faith, your endurance is amazing-stay in the race but know you have already won!

  318. virgie Benson Coleman

    Praise God!! I have surrendered my life to my Father in heaven, sometimes it is an everyday surrender, I became a widow in 2016 and what a change this had made in my life, this testimony encourages me

  319. Olivia

    Am truly inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  320. Harriett M. Smith

    What a beautiful story and awesome display of God working out things for our good and His glory when we surrender “all” to Him. I was reminded to just trust Him for guidance, and leave the outcome to Him. God can do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us (Eph. 3:20). Praise His holy name!

  321. Faith Davis

    This is an amazing and encouraging testimony!! Putting GOD FIRST and letting Him lead and guide and give HIS PEACE!! Not being anxious or worrying about difficult situations but praying and give it to GOD..HE IS ALWAYS WORKING ON HIS CHILDREN’S BEHALF!!🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏

  322. Jan

    Susan’s story is truly one for those of us who need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We were never meant to be independent, going off and doing our own thing. We are supposed to walk hand in hand with Jesus “who will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19

  323. Vivian Langston

    I needed this testimony so much at this point in my life and what I thought was my Christian journey. I can identify with so much that has been said, yet, on totally different levels. I thank Jesus for this opportunity to receive this account of how The Holy Spirit is working in your life. Pray my strength in the Lord, that in these last days, I will continue to be the daughter that the Lord desires to use, and I will pray for you. Love Vivian.

  324. Nancy Coble

    I took care of my brother, Harold with special needs. He lived to be 70 years old and was a joy to all who knew him. Harold’s main focus was his church and he would preach to all he thought needed it. We had to have 2 services when he died because of the people at Wesleyan Home where he lived for 27 plus years and his adopted church all wanted to attend. The second service was at his home church. It was amazing to see how many lives he touched in his 70 years. He was truly God’s “special child” from the beginning of his life and our mother included him in every part of her life.

  325. Jennifer Powell

    I really needed this today. Thank you for being open and real with your story.

  326. Pat Estes

    A message we all need to hear. Thanks for sharing the story

  327. Mary Tripp

    Wow! I needed to “hear” this today — so poignant, deep, heart-wrenching and apropos to our study of I Corinthians. Susan and Elizabeth have put arms, feet and heart onto some of the scriptures I hold dear. This is my response to the Day One question of how I have seen God manifest Himself this week. Thanks so much for sharing. I will encourage the ladies in my group to read this.

  328. Sharla Tinsen

    Yes, so loving Susan’s “truth”. In our weakness, He is made strong! Though my walk with the Lord is much different, I too had to come to the end of self to serve Him as He asks me to serve. Thank you for sharing!

  329. Samuel Keige

    From the story I learn that God works through our hardships to grow our faith and causes us to trust in Him more and more

  330. Maurine

    What an inspiring story. That Susan and Elizabeth chose to fix their eyes on God for strength. No pity party. Shalom

  331. Rita Sessoms

    Thank you for sharing your heart, I needed to read this today .’Sufferings can birth a desire for the word of God , humility to obey God and desire to do His will by His Spirit . Thank you for the encouragement and hope to see past my pain and by faith look for Gods glory in the circumstances !!

  332. Susan Carollo

    Thank you for this story! My daughter with high support needs just turned 9 and we are still groping our way forward with no idea how the journey will look next month or next year. We want God to be glorified in our family and our daughter to know she is loved.

  333. Becky Allen

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
    How very touching and encouraging. He is unlimited.

    • Barbara Comstock

      What a beautiful story of what our mightyLord Jesus will do when we truly give Him our total hearts and time. Thank you for giving God the glory.

  334. Janet Walker

    What a truly inspirational story. Thank you for sharing how the Lord works through every situation when we fully surrender to Him. Your testimony is an encouragement to us all. Thanks again. 💗💗

  335. Joy

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  336. Lavada Georges

    I love this store and it came just as I needed it

  337. Rebecca Kincaid

    How inspiring. I had a son who had brain damage from a tumor which was treated with radiation. The treatment caused problems including depression, impulsive thinking problems, addictive problems, etc. He died in 2007. I understand how they can become your god. Your life is consumed by taking care of them and trying to fix them. Praise God for Elizabeth’s story of how God got the victory.

  338. Claudia

    Such a powerful testimony to the power of God through our submission to Him! Thank you for sharing your story. It is a great example and reminder to me (and I’m sure are many others!) that with our LORD all things are possible ……….often times what is possible through Him is not exactly what we were looking for, but SO much more than we ever expected!

    • Julie

      Lord teach me how to rely on you and not on me. Thank you for this family and for sharing their lives with us.

  339. Monica Madison

    Thank you for sharing this awesome testimony.
    You are truly a beautiful daughter of the Lord God Almighty!!!

  340. Brittany

    Beautiful Story

  341. Michiko Yamasaki

    Thank you for sharing. Your story encourages me. Blessings,

  342. Nita Nickell

    A powerful witness for Christ. Thank you for sharing it.

  343. Susan Petrillo

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging story and your trust, faith and love of the Lord. I needed to read it and God planned it that way. May the Lord continue to abundantly bless all of you.

  344. Roci Butler

    This is a powerful testimony to the transformative work of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for sharing your story. I am inspired and encouraged in my own circumstances to surrender the things I cling to and draw near to God through the study of His word! His grace is sufficient and His power truly is made perfect in weakness! 2 Corinthians 12:9 Praising God today for Susan, Lindley, Elizabeth and all who are a part of this story!

  345. Violet

    Very timely and encouraging.May God continue to bless this dear family.

  346. Walker, Shirley

    Really touching story! Thanks for sharing!

  347. Eunice LI

    What a powerful read and testimony.

    Keep up the good work, Elizabeth and Susan.

    And really hope that your story will continue to inspire more people to come to know Christ.

    • Sally Ann Howard

      What a beautiful and inspiring story!

      Thank you for sharing it with me !

      May God continue to bless you!

      • Rose Williams

        Thank you for writing your story. What an encouragement to the rest of us. May God continue to richly bless you and your family. Blessings,

        • Alice Freeman

          Susan and Elizabeth God will work miracles in our struggles and when you look back you may wonder “how did you make”. God bless and keep you.

          • Millie

            Thank you for sharing such a powerful story. I raised an Autistic /MR daughter as a divorced parent. I realized over the years that God gave her to me for a reason, and it was to keep me humble and depending on Him for strength and guidance. Today, I share my story with others so they are encouraged. God’s creation is perfect; He makes no mistakes.
            May God continue to bless and keep you us my prayer.

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