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S  usie Rowan slipped her prayer request between the giant stones of Israel’s Western Wall. Taking a step back, God’s presence was almost overwhelming as she reflected on the history of that holy place. It represented the fullness of God’s plan: His faithfulness to Israel, His sacrifice on the cross and the final restoration still to come.

And there, Susie’s request rested safely, tucked in the wall.  

“To know that Jesus would have also been right there,” Susie said, “I experienced His peace and presence, knowing that He heard, and He would answer those prayers. Not just for my good, but for the good of the whole, the good of many, which would also be for my good as well.”

As the executive director of Bible Study Fellowship, Susie has witnessed God’s amazing work in and through His people worldwide. But in 2011, Susie experienced the truth of God’s Word in a new way during her first visit to Israel on a BSF Trip.

“It’s something I wish every Christian could experience,” she said. “Maybe the most memorable site was Gethsemane. One of the olive trees was even thought to have been there at the time of Jesus. You live through His prayer and begin to feel the agony of anticipating the cross. It’s a very quiet time of reflection. Then you walk into the church, called the Church of Nations, on the Mount of Olives. People are just worshipping together, in so many different tongues and languages. It was an extraordinary experience.”  

Leaving the church, the group stood and surveyed the Kidron Valley where Jesus walked and where David wrote in Psalm 125:2, “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people both now and forevermore.” 

“Your heart really does just soar,” Susie said. “You remember the promise that God has given us, that on the day that’s coming, the feet of Jesus are going to stand on the Mount of Olives and you’re standing there. It’s pretty powerful, pretty emotional.” 

Throughout the trip, while worshipping on the Sea of Galilee, walking on ramparts surrounding the old city or praying at the possible site of Jesus’ crucifixion, familiar Scripture took on a deeper sense of reality.

“I really love cities,” Susie said. “I love their energy and their tension. I’m a city person, so walking through Jerusalem, feeling the Jewish, Muslim tension at the Dome of the Rock was pretty powerful. Thinking through what the future would look like, where a temple could be built to prepare the way for the return of Christ, was extraordinary.” 

Entering the trip, Susie expected to learn from the experts leading the group. But she left with more than just knowledge. For Susie, God’s Living Word came to life in a new way. Since that time, Susie and Roger have already made a second trip to Israel with the BSF Travel Connection tour and are eager for the next opportunity God provides to return to His land.  

If you’re interested in a trip to Israel, several BSF trips are available throughout the year. To learn more about a trip of a lifetime, check it out here.

Susie Rowan at The Western Wall

Roger Rowan on The Sea of Galilee

BSF Israel Tour Group

Upcoming Israel Trips with BSF

May 17 – 30, 2019

Dr. Carl Laney

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May 31 – June 12, 2019

Dr. John Hannah

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October 1 – 13, 2019

Dr. Mark Strauss

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  1. tumurebire beneth

    Reading these comments has stirred my heart its my wish and prayer to go the holy land

  2. Afiniki Patience

    Thanks for sharing this with me
    I hope to travel there someday

  3. Levi Abosede Omowunmi

    Susie,thank you for sharing this with me,its so inspiring,going for this trip is my aim .

  4. Levi Abosede Omowunmi

    Susie, thank you for sharing this with me,it’s so inspiring. I wish to go and know more about this ancient truth. how much should I need to plan for, for this trip?

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Connection Committee

      Dear Levi,

      The tours vary in cost. They usually are anywhere from $5500 to $6200 depending on the time of year and the length of the tour.

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Connection Committee

      Dear Levi,

      The cost for BSF Israel tours vary due to length of tour and the time of year. Currently they range from $5500 to $6300 plus optional trip insurance.

      • Geary Ellen Armosino

        Good afternoon Shirley, My friend and I are interested in the May or June Israel trip that will be held next year in 2020. How soon can we sign up? Thanks, Ellen

  5. Wendy Ransom

    Susie, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is my hope and prayer to go one day. I will seriously think about the trip that is taking place in October.

  6. เซียนสเต็ป

    Hi there, just became aware of your blog through
    Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels.
    I will appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing.


    Indeed it is a wonderful experience and planned for more than 3 decades and it became true.
    But I couldn’t climb the mount zinai fully. for that purpose I intend to go thru BSF if god permits
    may I know how much we would require to plan thru BSF

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Connection Committee

      Dear Patricia,

      The costs vary. They usually cost anywhere from $5500 to $6200 depending on the time of year and length of tour. In addition it is recommended you buy trip insurance in case you have to cancel for any reason.

  8. Jane Ruth M wanyama

    Great inspiration to plan to have an experience in the promised land.

  9. Ngengi

    Thanks Susie for sharing this information wit us and may God bless you

  10. CAREL Maryse

    Thank You dear Sister SUSIE,I went to visit Holy LAND last Year end of April,beginning of MAY 2018 and also climbed up the Hill Mount NEBO where MOSES saw the Promised Land but didn’t enter and died there,in JORDANIE.The contrast between this Land and the Holy Land of ISRAËL was so strong! May The LORD bless all the People who love ISRAËL ! We pray for PEACE and WISDOM given to the Autorities,a Shield of protection from El SHADDAÏ ! The 18 to 21 years old,Young Soldiers giving 3 years of their life to serve their land Israel need our Daily prayers.So many in Israël NOW are discovering their Messiah!in YESHOUA ! Alléluia !

  11. Kathleen Schlosser

    My husband and I have the privilege of going to Israel in 2011. It was a trip of a lifetime. To walk where Jesus walked and to read scripture everywhere we stopped was amazing. Many comments made. On the blog mirror mine. The one huge difference I notice,, and can’t stress enough, is that scripture just comes off the pages of the Bible. It makes it come alive.

    Kathleen S

  12. Solomon Gacece

    Praise the Lord and thank you for this wonderful report.
    It encourages me to know Jesus came to save us. This is love

    • Rick Webster

      My wife and I toured Israel for 12 days with a group from our Church. Yes Susie we did feel God’s Spirit several times at
      the Wailing Wall, the Garden of Gethsemane, the streets of Jerusalem, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and many other places.

      Seeing and touching the Tree the guide said was there when Jesus was there was a physical and spiritual experience.

      Seeing Israel brings the Old Testament to Life.

  13. Reatha Butler

    Thank you. I believe that my and I will make this trip in the near future and I would love making it through BSF

    • Ongeche

      Thank you Susie for continuous updates and inspirational messages. A trip to the promised land of Isreal has been my dream for decades now. still praying and trusting God that resources will be available at his own appointed time. i would love to make it with BSF KISUMU
      (Kenya) fellowship in the near future . God bless you abundantly.

  14. Maureen Okonkwo

    What a glorious testimony Susie. Knowing your experience will helo me prepare better as I look forward to the opportunity to be part of this trip with bsf at God’s time. God bless you ma.

  15. Elizabeth Rimdans

    Israel! Looking forward to the day I will go & I hope it will be with the BSF tour. Have enjoyed reading on your experience Susie. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Tippy Johnson

    The 19th of January I came home from Israel tour ( w/Baptist of Israel ) 12 days of sttudy.
    It was the most blessed trip.

  17. Sylvia Kangwana

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience with us Susie, its a testimony of Gods goodness and faithfulness. I have a feeling the prayer you stuck in the Western Wall has already been answered.
    I have never been to Israel,it has always been a dream of mine to travel there… in Gods time.

  18. Johnson N Kimani

    Dear Susie Thank you for encouraging words as well as invitation to consider a trip to the Promised land of Israel.No doubt this a noble trip for all believers to witness where our Lord JC was born,walked,lived and crucified to redeem us from all inequities.Hopefully we will be able the join other BSFer’s fraternity whenever the resources are available in future.To God be the glory for ever.Congratulations for the good works you and your husband are doing empowering us to share Divine wisdom.

  19. Ron Seckler

    I went to Israel in October. Was there 8 days …the Sea of Galilee, being baptized in the Jordan River, eating St. Peter’s Fish, the Dead Sea, Masada, the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, the Valley of Armageddon, the Temple Mount, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mt. of Olives, and, most importantly the empty tomb were all highlights! What an incredible experience. It has made God’s promises come alive! I highly recommend this trip to all!

  20. Genell Hendricks

    Susie,I so enjoyed reading about your beautiful , beautiful trip I have always wanted to go, with your description I felt like I was there , I am so fortunate to have had you as the lecturer of BSF for four years you tell beautiful stories, hope to go someday.

  21. Marie Farr

    Have always wanted to make this trip but the years when I could travel have passed, I am now 96 years old and do not walk without assistance.

    • Linda Erickson

      We have been looking at videos of Israel on u tube and they are wonderful. You get a good idea of The places Jesus experiences in his days on earth.

  22. vivian moose

    I was fortunate enough to get to travel a fair amount after age fifty. Of all my travels my trip that was the greatest was 12 days in Israel. I only went because a friend in another church needed someone to share a room. Sad, but she was unable to go at the last minute but I had the most meaningful time of my life. I was baptised in the Jordan River and I will re-live this trip forever. It made my studying the bible much easier as I had a visual picture of the places I was studying about that I actually had seen.

  23. Carolyn Shular

    My dream trip, on my bucket list. Was going this February and because of financial changes in our life had to cancel my trip. Maybe someday I will get to go!

    • Fran Goetz

      Thank you for sharing on your trip to Israel. I was their in January

      of 2016. It is very emotional while I was the there. God’s Word has really opened up to me.

  24. Benedicta Nazareth

    I have visited Israel twice. What is the cost for the entire trip including hotel, food, plane fair, insurance etc ?
    Considering the ongoing war getting more nastier can you GUARENTEE our protection?
    Hazbollah and Hamas are getting more and more aggressive.

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Committee

      Dear Benedicta,

      Each of the tours is a little different in cost due to the length of the tour or the time of the year. If you will click on each of the tours, you will see an itinerary and the cost. Each of the BSF tour costs include airfare from Newark, all hotels and food. Insurance is an extra cost, but highly recommended in case you must cancel. Unfortunately, BSF cannot guarantee your protection, but people who have gone have stated that they felt safe the entire tour.

  25. LADY

    Si yo pudiera ir sería una bendición, el ver y recordar que por esa tierra y por nosotros Dios nos dio un Salvador que me ha enseñado su amor tan misericordioso a mi y a todo el mundo.

  26. Nancy Humes

    Thank you for sharing your experience as well as the information regarding future trips. I pray that my husband I will be able to make this tour some day.

  27. Silvia Regina Ferreira Machado

    I’d love to join you on a trip to Israel and I’m waiting for the Lord’s stamp in my passport

  28. NELSON Sinnappan

    This is surely in my bucket list praying that I will have an opportunity to step into the promise land before meeting the Lord in His heavenly home.

  29. Christine ogwang

    As a Christian in Africa and in U Gandalf,I would love to visit this second heaven before I die,I wish someone could help me realise this dream- my prayer request for 2019 as I approach it with faith.

    • Tim Aagard

      Christine Ogwang. God has given us no basis that we should consider this place a “second heaven. It will be destroyed. There is no experience with God that can be gained there than where you are now. God’s heart is for those who have never heard the gospel to hear, than for his resources be used to gain “experiences” for themselves. Serve the Lord, not experiences claimed by others. Lay up treasure in the real heaven. Wealthy American believers are very bad examples of stewardship of the gospel for those who are rich in faith in Africa.

  30. Princess Olisa

    I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, may we who love you enter the Good Lord’s rest and prosper .

    • Denise Kungle

      I would love to go to the Holy Land it’s been a desire of mine for a long time …..Denise Kungle

  31. Cynthia Hope Muhinda

    Thank you Susie, for the message and the photos of the Holy land.
    I also visited in 2015 while doing the book of John, it was quite an experience. Easter time and we went early morning to see the empty tomb The city of Jesus Capernaum. Saw the sheep following the Shepherd just as the scriptures tell us. ‘My Sheep know my voice…’ Great experience.

  32. Mponjoli mwakiposa

    Wow this is so good and I wish to go. But I wonna know the cost and how we can meet ?

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Committee

      Dear Mponjoli,

      The cost of the tours vary due to length of tours and time of year. You may see the costs if you click on the available tours. People who live outside the USA fly directly to Israel and meet the group there.

  33. Valerie McNair

    This trip is on my bucket list of things to do. It’s a calling it has been for a long time. I wish I had the money to go.

  34. Judy Pugh

    I also visited Israel April 2018. It was a trip of a lifetime. The Bible has come alive to me now. I also left aprayer at the western wall and some of my tears. It was beyond words to describe the joy and the peace of being in God’s Holy Land. The Bible Study this year is so rich and rewarding after going to Israel.
    I would love to take another trip but not sure of the cost. Please send brochure. God bless Bsf and it’s staff.

  35. Nell

    Would love to do this trip. How can you join from outside US?
    Does the cost vary? Please let me know

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Committee

      Dear Nell,

      Yes, you may join a BSF tour when you live outside the US. You make your own flight arrangements and meet the group in Israel. Raptim Travel will quote you the land cost minus the airfare.

  36. Rudo Phiri

    Thanks Sue for sharing. It’s my wish come true to be able to visit Israel. My sister and I are planning to go on this trip when Funds permitting. To walk where Jesus walked is an experience that I would like to get.

  37. Margaret Nyaga

    Thanks Suzie for sharing, I went to Israel in 2011. Truly it was my best tour ever in life. A real life changing experience. My experience from Egypt to Israel made such an impact in my life, . I felt like I was walking through the bible . God willing, I will revisit Israel with BSF which I joined last year.

  38. CIndy Morrow

    I’m a long-time member of BSF and very interested in these tours. Can my husband join the tour? He’s not in BSF. We often travel with a couple who are past-missionaries. Would the tour be open to them, too? I’ve been waiting for you this! Thanks!

  39. Shirley Seibert

    Susie thanks for sharing – our last trip (last May) was life changing I encourage all to go if they are able We have been twice and my husband and I are planning on going again this Spring

  40. Carole Albert

    I would like more information on the up coming trips to Israel

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Committee

      Dear Carole,

      If you click on the available tours for 2019, the information for each tour is posted.

  41. Sonia

    Wud really love to join BSF group to Israel . If I am in Malaysia … how do I join this trip ? Is there a meeting point ?

    • Shirley Mills, BSF Travel Committee

      Dear Sonia,

      Yes, BSF members have joined tours from outside the USA. They meet in Tel Aviv, Israel. Raptim Travel can quote the land price, then you would purchase your own flights to Israel to meet up with the group. You may click on one of the tours to get the initial information and then contact Raptim directly.

  42. Rubyphilip

    God gave me an opportunity to visit Israel 4 years ago. I really wish it would have been with my precious BSF group. Never knew BSF had plans of travelling to Israel. Its an awesome experience just to see the Bible coming true. Loved the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, singing songs with praise. Our Lord is coming soon. In our study now, Just love to read about David and how he handles matters on his journey to become King soon. Love my BSF… Thank you….

  43. Marie Shaffer

    I agree with you, Susie! A trip to Israel brings the Bible to life in glorious living color!! A WONDERFUL, LIFE CHANGING experience! I believe reading and studying scriptures IN the very location where they occurred gives us revelation and understanding we can not get any other way. An unforgettable joy! I am transported back to the wonderful places I visited EVERY TIME I read or hear certain scriptures or teachings! Who can sail on the Sea of Galilee and fail to remember the feel of the sun and the wind; the sounds of birds, and the smell of the sea air, and the sights of the towns, the rocky shores, the mountains! WOULD LOVE to go back anytime!

  44. Joséphine RASOAHARISOA

    Thanks for sharing. Me to, I have always this desire to visit this Holy Land buit till now it’s like a dream! Maybe one day I could realise it if God has this plan for me!

  45. Mariluz Sommer

    Thank you for sharing,,, I been there, ,,, is absolutely unique and powerful , I really felt the Holy Spirit and I will delight to encounter that experience again.,especially knowing that my Savior was there. When is the next trip?

    • Shirley Mills


      Future tours have not been published yet!

  46. Mercy Kanhongo

    Thanks for sharing for sharing your experience Suzie. Going to Israel will be a dream come true for me.With God nothing is impossible.

  47. Betty Leah Krug

    I have been to Israel with my husband, in various groups three times; the first was with Walk Through the Bible, shortly after we were first married. On two trips we worked in and around Bethlehem; we followed Brother Andrew to Gaza and heard him preach. Also, I worked for our government in the Middle East for two years and at that time Israel was divided and the West Bank was part of Jordan. I was able to walk through the old city of Jerusalem and beyond with a Christmas in Bethlehem. What a blessing it was to see where Jesus walked and lived; to be able to see Hebron and all the villages that are described in scripture.

  48. Beth Miner

    I was incredibly blessed to travel to Israel with a BSF tour this past July! Encountering the Holy Land in the context of scriptures and Jesus’ incarnation was a joy and privilege. Thanks to Bolinders, DeLeenheers and Olga for shepherding and teaching.

  49. Mary Shead

    I have always wanted to to isreal! Maybe I will get there someday. How much does it cost?

    • Shirley Mills


      The tours vary in cost due to the length. Each brochure will show you the cost.

  50. Deborah

    Thank you so much for sharing

  51. JoAnn Dick

    This blog I can relate to,Susie, for I,too have been to Gethsemane and I came away so so great experience!!! Also, prayers left at the wall being answered from 2012.
    The tour was not with BSF but I would if possible folks loving the Lord this blessed trip.

  52. Atu

    I want to one with my daughter who is 15 months old but will be 2 years in October, is that possible please..
    ? Thank you

    • Shirley Mills

      Dear Atu,

      Unfortunately, these tours are not appropriate for small children. A child needs to be 16.

  53. Gloria Dickerson

    Thank you Susie for sharing; I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about individuals trips to Israel, my sister’s been I think twice in one year she loves it and I love to hear her share about it. Maybe the Lord will bless my husband and me to go sometime in the future right now he is ill and can’t travel. Thank you for the offer. I love BSF and what better way to go and experience this event.

    • Jo Woodall

      Susan I am so happy you got to go to Israel. My husband and I had the honor of going in 2000. It was a trip of a life time. I came home telling all my friends you will need to go. I am so happy BSF is offering this trip. God Bless you.

  54. Lisa Douglass

    How many people are on these trips? Is it a bus of say 50 people? Just wondering thanks!

    • Shirley Mills

      Dear Lisa,

      Each tour is only one bus of 45-55.

  55. Barbara Gunter Richison

    I have been to Israel twice, and my spiritual eyes have been opened in ways that words cannot express. The first trip in 2009 was The Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem, plus Mesaida.
    The second was several days in the Negev, where I looked to the SW and could just see Moses leading a million slaves out of Egypt into the promised land. My husband proposed marriage to me on the Temple Mount in 2013 in front of the Eastern Gate, and we have now been married almost 5 years. We are in our 70s, and can testify that ‘love never grows old’ !! God is so good!!!
    I have been a BFC faithful since the 70’s. Love God’s Word!!!

  56. Janice Lim

    Dear Susie
    I would love to visit Israel sometime but not decided when. I do hope & pray that my daughter Jamie living in Houston could join me on the trip too. She needs BSF & I pray that she will be contacted or a miracle will happen so she gets to join a BSF class.

  57. Karol Hadick

    I went to Israel with a church group in 1981 and yes is was life changing. Everything we read in the word seems to come alive to you and you see why Jesus used familiar things in his parables. For me the most wonderful and spiritual experience I had was on the Mount where the sermon of the mount was preached. We began to worship as a group and sing praise songs and then all around us people from other countries began singing the same praise song in their native language. I felt like I was in heaven with the Lord and all of us people from all over the world were truly one in Him. It was awesome.

  58. Jessica Tan

    Would really love to join a tour but I noted it’s mainly depart from the US.Are there any tours organised from Australia?

  59. Vivian Miller

    I just got back Jan 4th this year. It was an amazing trip. I loved it all, especially the Garden of Gethsemane and the communion at His empty tomb. A special blessing to me was being. baptized in the Jordan River. Yes, the Bible has come alive, and this past week I was able to show my class some pictures of the area we were studying. I do hope many will go with you. It is a life changing experience that will just get better with time. This is only my second year of BSF, and I am so glad I am getting study to God’s Word in depth and work on my heart too.

  60. Emilia Cozma

    Thank you for sharing,

    I would like to go there some time.This year I will not be able to join the trip. Maybe next year. Thank you.

  61. SJ Manning

    I first visited Israel from Zimbabwe a year after the death of my husband. God touched me in so many places but firstly and very strongly as I looked over the old city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. I wanted to weep and weep and weep. At first I didn’t understand. I then learnt that Jesus had wept as he rode down on Palm Sunday. God laid a deep love in my heart for his chosen people. I now pray for Israel and her people. I have been blessed to return twice to Israel. I cannot believe how it is like travelling around with my Bible open, especially the old Testament. I now avidly follow all that is happening in Israel where our Lord and Saviour will return.

  62. Misheck Muza

    Thank Susie for sharing

    Did travel to Israel in 2011 just like you and the experience was life changing. I can now put a picture to the places in the Bible whenever I read it.

    Would love to go back again as one person once told me if you go to Israel once you would want to go for the second time.

    Moreso now having been empowered by BsF with a lot of knowledge I would really look forward to visit again since 7 years ago.

    Stay blessed

  63. Molly Ooi

    Tq for sharing Susan. I would love to visit Israel one day when my husband and I are in better health.

    God bless you.

  64. Theuri Muchiri

    Than you Susie,

    I attest to the Bible coming alive and real when one visits Israel. I travelled there in 2009 for a 2-week short course. The middle weekend was reserved for a guided tour of Jerusalem. I got to visit the Western Wall,walk ‘the Way of the Cross’ with the identifiers of the critical moments of that last night when Peter disavowed Christ. The entry into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was surreal and I remember having goose bumps just being inside the place.
    Our training was taking place at Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev(The Arava Institute for the Environment). Genesis 25:1 comes to life here- “Abraham had taken another wife…Ketura.” The professors were awesome, relating the high-level course to Bible truths; they had propagated some old date seed which actually germinated into a palm nicknamed ‘Methusellah’! ‘Meth’ was protected and monitored day and night. Another was a plant that Jacob and co. travelled with to Goshen that was a treatment for Bilharzia which was common along the Nile.

  65. Kimberly Miles

    Good evening Suzie,

    Wow just reading these amazing stories this has always been my heart’s desire to walk where my Savior walked what Wonderful adventure hoping to go, Thanks for sharing. I Love my BSF classes and
    amazing staff.

  66. Garland Alley

    Dear Susie,
    I am a 72 year old man with Atrial Fibrillation and congestive heart failure. I was in Viet Nam and was exposed to agent orange and unknown to me as a result eventually had hashimoto’s disease which is an autoimmune disease that destroy’s the Thyroid. I didn’t discover it until I was 65 yo and so you don’t get vitamin D and end up with congestive heart failure. I have been dealing with the CHF since age 59. I have been blessed by the Lord and wish you the blessings in all of God’s power. I am being maintained with exercise, medicine, and being blessed by the Lord. I pray for my Children and Grandchildren, and lots of other things pertaining to God’s Will. I go to BSF in Torrance, California. God is so kind to me. I would like to go to Israel, but my wife of 44 years doesn’t want me to go on any more foreign missions or anyting that could harm my health. She has gone on many short Term Mission trips since we were young. Gwynn Lewis who started Sowers was with me on Two of the trips to Medellin, Columbia. I wissh you the best on future trips.

  67. Wong Kam Yok

    I would love to join the trip.

  68. Mini Thomas

    Would love to go there some time .Now both me and and my husband are not in good health .I am sure if it is in the will and plan of God ;He will make it happen. I am praying about it.
    Thank you for sharing .

  69. Jenny Chimanikire

    I went to Israel in 2014 It’s truly a trip of a lifetime.Life changing indeed The Bible really comes alive.Am forever grateful to The Lord for this.

  70. Rev Daniel

    Thank you so much Rev Rowan for sharing your holy land experience with us. It’s really inspiring and thouhgt provoking one.if God’s will there will be a possibility of visiting Jerusalem and its regions. Thank you all may God bless you all from mount ZION Rev Daniel Otcc Pastor Oman

  71. Evelyn V.Espina

    It’s been my heart ‘s desire to visit Jerusalem now that we are studying the life of David from Lessons 10-18.The fulfillment of God’s promised that he would become king of Israel.

  72. Grace

    Thanks for sharing. Going to Israel is my dream, I hope it can come true.

  73. Edeline sun

    I was in israel last may 2018 , n i alwayshear people saying that if u join a holy land tour ur views n understanding of the bible will never be the same , n i can truly attest to that , it light up my spirit as iam reading His words now .n more so as im studying the people of the promise land . Thank you Lord

  74. Betty Nhachi

    I want to go in October this year, I am still sorting out my diary to accommodate the October trip. I was waiting to be ready mentally and phsycologically. I am ready and would like to take this opportunity being offered through Bsf.

  75. Visser Janie

    I’m going to wait for the “New Jerusalem”🙏😊

  76. Christine Lucas

    I have been to Israel twice, the last visit was in November 2018. The visit to Shiloh was the highlight. It was an awesome experience. I pray that I will be able to go in October this year. Going to Israel is an experience that money cannot buy.

  77. Tanya Villani

    That is so powerful Susie!! Thank you for sharing your precious experience with us. Someday on Gods timetable I know He will provide so I can make the trip. I patiently wait with great eagerness and supernatural expectations of what the Almighty El Shaddai has for me, all for His glory.

  78. Gigi Morrison

    I am saving to go in 2020. I’ll be an empty nester after raising 5 kids. Now I can do something that I’ve always wanted to do.
    Keep me posted on the bsf trip.

    • Todd Wethall

      Wonderful, Gigi. We are working on a blog page to which you can subscribe and receive notifications about plans for future trips. We hope to have that up and running in the next couple months. We’ll keep you posted.

  79. Greg McCarthy

    Breathtaking Story!

  80. Judy Baker

    Medical issues with myself and my husband so this year I cannot plan a trip such as this – would love too. Please, please keep me posted for possibly something you might have next year.

  81. Christian Parry

    I want to go there but,I’m too poor financially to afford it.

    • Gloria gardner

      Chrisrian Perry, i can relate to what you said. God grants me enough to keep me feed and housed but no extra for travel. Im sure if i prayed about it he would probably grant it but as much as i would live to go its not necessary as i can find him in any garden or street or anywhere. As long as you love the Lord you can find him everywhere.

      • Suzy Andrews


  82. Carrie Hampton

    I also visited Israel in 2011, and it is the best trip I have ever gone on. As we walked around and visited the many places where Jesus walked and taught, it made the words of the Bible come alive. I even climbed to the top of some of the mountains.

    • Eve Thorburn

      I have been to Israel twice and it is a life changing experience.

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