Finding God in the Midst of Crisis


D uring this time of a global pandemic, it can be easy for adults and children to be anxious and fearful about what might happen. It can also be difficult to know how to talk to your children about what is happening and know how to calm their fears. Children might not understand why they can no longer go to school, to BSF or to Grandma’s house. They will definitely need reassurance that life is not out of control because God is always in control.

These are unprecedented times. We will not always fully know how to handle everything that happens. We will make mistakes. We may temporarily give in to fear. But through it all, we must remember we have a gracious, loving heavenly Father who knows everything and who controls everything. Our God is unstoppable!




Take the following steps to guide your children through this time.

Click on the text below for scripture references and helpful tips.

Listen to your children's fears.

Then validate those feelings but assure them that believers in Christ do not need to be afraid, because God is sovereign. Explain that Christians do not need to fear death. For the believer, death is not the end. “Death has been swallowed up in victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54). Jesus came to save us from our sins. When we trust in Him, we know we will have eternal life with Him in heaven when we leave this earth.

Know what is true.

Many details are being disseminated in the news media and social media. Some are true. Some are not. Rely on experts and established organizations such as your federal health department and the World Health Organization (WHO). Communicate these facts to your children in a way that is appropriate for their age and emotional capacity. Explain that these are the reasons life has changed in such drastic ways.

Limit your news consumption.

While much of what official news outlets report is true, it is often sensationalized. This can increase your children’s fear and anxiety, as well as your own. If your city, state or nation hosts an official news conference, tune in, but limit little ones’ exposure to the details.

Follow the guidelines.

Romans 13:1 says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” If your federal government says to stay inside, stay inside. If your city says to not gather in groups of more than 10 people, follow the rule. Wash your hands. Enact social distancing.

Love your neighbor.

Whether you need to stay home or not, there are ways to love the people around you. Check on elderly people who might need food or medicine delivered. Call someone who is stuck at home alone. Video chat with grandparents to keep them connected. Don’t “panic buy” things that other people might need more than you. Take groceries to someone who has lost their job. And do not take risks that might expose you to the virus that you might then pass on to someone more vulnerable than you. Involve your children in these activities in safe ways.

Pray with your child.

Use some of these options or come up with your own creative prayer ideas:

Popcorn Prayers

Pray one-sentence prayers.

A-B-C Prayers

Take turns praying for something or someone that starts with A, then B, etc.

Bag of Prayers

Write names of family members or friends on slips of paper and put them in a bag. Pull one out before each meal and pray for them.

Picture Prayers

Draw or paint a prayer.

Remind your children of God’s Attributes.

Click on the text below to read more about each attribute.


God controls all things. There is nothing outside of God’s wise control, even the exact time and place for each person to live.


God has unlimited power, authority and influence. Nothing can stop God. Evil and death will not win. God has promised a day He will raise all His children to life that does not end, and God has the power to keep that promise.


God knows all there is to know. God knows the past and the future. He knows the number of our days and all the plans He has for us. Only God knows all things.


God does not change. We can count on Him always to be good, always to be faithful, always to love us. Because God never changes, we can trust Him always.


God in His mercy does not give us what our sins deserve. He limits the extent of pain. God seeks those who are lost, alone, hurting and in need.


God’s children experience His goodness even when bad things happen. God promises to make all things work together for our good.


  1. Thank you! I miss seeing my bsf children, & pray for them & their parents. TY especially for reminding us of God’s attributes.

  2. How helpful and encouraging this will be for family and friends ~ children and adults! I love everything: scripture references and helpful tips; prayer suggestions; and how each attribute is presented ~ beautiful picture, attribute and easy to remember definition.

  3. I love the prayer suggestions. My family struggles with open prayer time. I think those ideas make for more attainable, less intimidating prayer time.

  4. This is very encouraging. It dissipates fear… I will share with friends who have children. It encouraged me so much! In this very scarey times of COVID 19 it helps to be reminded that God is still in control and can do all things.

  5. Thank for the msg so encouraging to our children.Keep the fire burning.

  6. This is very useful not only for the children but also for us adults. Most of us this is our first exoeriene and we are in a dilemma of how to deal with the fears & anxieties and how to explain it to our children& grandchildren. Being reminded of God’s naure and character gives us hope and confidence to hold firm in our christian faith.Our hope in Him does not disappoint.

  7. Thank you for being there.

  8. Thanks great lessons indeed

  9. Great lessons. Thank you very much.

  10. This is so helpful, thank you BSF!
    Sending this to my children and grandchildren…we all need some encouragement and God’s love ?

  11. I’m so blessed this evening. Thanks for the lessons and guidance. Powerful scripture for this season and God’s attributes. I will do a wassup conference with my foster children tomorrow evening, is what we agreed. We don’t live together at the moment

  12. We decorated prayer bags and have used them for the past few days. Our little ones (7,4,2) have LOVED it! Thankful for an easy, practical, way to pray!

  13. Thank you! This is just what families need.

  14. This is very handy at such a time. May the Lord protect us all

  15. Susie, I agree. maybe this is God’s way of challenging us to finally “Get Down on our Knees”! Yes, Pray without ceasing, Listen to Christmas music. Read His Word daily, often, stay strong and believe each and everyone of His promises in The Book. Yes He does truly love us and shows us this through His loving word. He allowed His one and only Son to die for our sins. Yes, we can say yes to Him if we haven’t before. Now is the perfect time to do this while He has all of our attention. Thank you Lord so much for allowing Him to die for me.
    In Jesus Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  16. This is so beautiful & useful jn a time such as this.
    Thank you!

  17. Insightful. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you for these encouraging word’s as we confronted with these unforeseeable challenges of today. I am so thankful to BSF leaders, administrators and sister’s seeking after God’s on heart. We may not understand what when or how to do in these trying times but one thing we do know is to hold on to His unchanging Word and all we need to do is trust it, for Our Loving Sovereign God is always in control and His will , will be done. For He is our unchanging unstoppable Heavenly Father. We can look forward to the day we are with Him face to face.


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