Finding God in the Midst of Crisis


D uring this time of a global pandemic, it can be easy for adults and children to be anxious and fearful about what might happen. It can also be difficult to know how to talk to your children about what is happening and know how to calm their fears. Children might not understand why they can no longer go to school, to BSF or to Grandma’s house. They will definitely need reassurance that life is not out of control because God is always in control.

These are unprecedented times. We will not always fully know how to handle everything that happens. We will make mistakes. We may temporarily give in to fear. But through it all, we must remember we have a gracious, loving heavenly Father who knows everything and who controls everything. Our God is unstoppable!




Take the following steps to guide your children through this time.

Click on the text below for scripture references and helpful tips.

Listen to your children's fears.

Then validate those feelings but assure them that believers in Christ do not need to be afraid, because God is sovereign. Explain that Christians do not need to fear death. For the believer, death is not the end. “Death has been swallowed up in victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54). Jesus came to save us from our sins. When we trust in Him, we know we will have eternal life with Him in heaven when we leave this earth.

Know what is true.

Many details are being disseminated in the news media and social media. Some are true. Some are not. Rely on experts and established organizations such as your federal health department and the World Health Organization (WHO). Communicate these facts to your children in a way that is appropriate for their age and emotional capacity. Explain that these are the reasons life has changed in such drastic ways.

Limit your news consumption.

While much of what official news outlets report is true, it is often sensationalized. This can increase your children’s fear and anxiety, as well as your own. If your city, state or nation hosts an official news conference, tune in, but limit little ones’ exposure to the details.

Follow the guidelines.

Romans 13:1 says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” If your federal government says to stay inside, stay inside. If your city says to not gather in groups of more than 10 people, follow the rule. Wash your hands. Enact social distancing.

Love your neighbor.

Whether you need to stay home or not, there are ways to love the people around you. Check on elderly people who might need food or medicine delivered. Call someone who is stuck at home alone. Video chat with grandparents to keep them connected. Don’t “panic buy” things that other people might need more than you. Take groceries to someone who has lost their job. And do not take risks that might expose you to the virus that you might then pass on to someone more vulnerable than you. Involve your children in these activities in safe ways.

Pray with your child.

Use some of these options or come up with your own creative prayer ideas:

Popcorn Prayers

Pray one-sentence prayers.

A-B-C Prayers

Take turns praying for something or someone that starts with A, then B, etc.

Bag of Prayers

Write names of family members or friends on slips of paper and put them in a bag. Pull one out before each meal and pray for them.

Picture Prayers

Draw or paint a prayer.

Remind your children of God’s Attributes.

Click on the text below to read more about each attribute.


God controls all things. There is nothing outside of God’s wise control, even the exact time and place for each person to live.


God has unlimited power, authority and influence. Nothing can stop God. Evil and death will not win. God has promised a day He will raise all His children to life that does not end, and God has the power to keep that promise.


God knows all there is to know. God knows the past and the future. He knows the number of our days and all the plans He has for us. Only God knows all things.


God does not change. We can count on Him always to be good, always to be faithful, always to love us. Because God never changes, we can trust Him always.


God in His mercy does not give us what our sins deserve. He limits the extent of pain. God seeks those who are lost, alone, hurting and in need.


God’s children experience His goodness even when bad things happen. God promises to make all things work together for our good.


  1. Julie A Jurkovich

    Thank you! I miss seeing my bsf children, & pray for them & their parents. TY especially for reminding us of God’s attributes.

  2. Cheryl Diane Carter

    How helpful and encouraging this will be for family and friends ~ children and adults! I love everything: scripture references and helpful tips; prayer suggestions; and how each attribute is presented ~ beautiful picture, attribute and easy to remember definition.

  3. sheila

    I love the prayer suggestions. My family struggles with open prayer time. I think those ideas make for more attainable, less intimidating prayer time.

  4. Joyce Keige

    This is very encouraging. It dissipates fear… I will share with friends who have children. It encouraged me so much! In this very scarey times of COVID 19 it helps to be reminded that God is still in control and can do all things.

  5. Carol

    Thank for the msg so encouraging to our children.Keep the fire burning.

  6. Lucy Hombe

    This is very useful not only for the children but also for us adults. Most of us this is our first exoeriene and we are in a dilemma of how to deal with the fears & anxieties and how to explain it to our children& grandchildren. Being reminded of God’s naure and character gives us hope and confidence to hold firm in our christian faith.Our hope in Him does not disappoint.

  7. Wanda

    Thank you for being there.

  8. Stellah sareto

    Thanks great lessons indeed

  9. Mercy

    Great lessons. Thank you very much.

  10. Barbara Tompkins

    This is so helpful, thank you BSF!
    Sending this to my children and grandchildren…we all need some encouragement and God’s love 🙏

  11. Winifred Joy Wito

    I’m so blessed this evening. Thanks for the lessons and guidance. Powerful scripture for this season and God’s attributes. I will do a wassup conference with my foster children tomorrow evening, is what we agreed. We don’t live together at the moment

  12. Bennett Rolan

    We decorated prayer bags and have used them for the past few days. Our little ones (7,4,2) have LOVED it! Thankful for an easy, practical, way to pray!

  13. Dolly

    Thank you! This is just what families need.

  14. Joyce Eshiteti

    This is very handy at such a time. May the Lord protect us all

  15. Mary Kaiser

    Susie, I agree. maybe this is God’s way of challenging us to finally “Get Down on our Knees”! Yes, Pray without ceasing, Listen to Christmas music. Read His Word daily, often, stay strong and believe each and everyone of His promises in The Book. Yes He does truly love us and shows us this through His loving word. He allowed His one and only Son to die for our sins. Yes, we can say yes to Him if we haven’t before. Now is the perfect time to do this while He has all of our attention. Thank you Lord so much for allowing Him to die for me.
    In Jesus Precious and Holy Name. Amen

  16. Jacintha Jebakumar

    This is so beautiful & useful jn a time such as this.
    Thank you!

  17. Tofarasei Mukorovi

    Insightful. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Debra

    Thank you for these encouraging word’s as we confronted with these unforeseeable challenges of today. I am so thankful to BSF leaders, administrators and sister’s seeking after God’s on heart. We may not understand what when or how to do in these trying times but one thing we do know is to hold on to His unchanging Word and all we need to do is trust it, for Our Loving Sovereign God is always in control and His will , will be done. For He is our unchanging unstoppable Heavenly Father. We can look forward to the day we are with Him face to face.

  19. Tina L.

    Thank you for such a practical and effective way to stay fixed on God and His character during these challenging times! ❤️🙌

  20. Linda Hardway-Waddell

    I value the on-target instruction of BSF leadership. As an elderly widow with no children, my neighbors have offered assistance with anything I need. I’m blessed to have all I need right now—in fact, I have enough to share. I take the advice of my local government. I KNOW that God is in control, and I believe that He is exposing things that we as a people must acknowledge to ensure goodness prevails.

    • Mary Nyanguku

      This is very timely.Thanks bsf

  21. Sharon WTson

    Thank you! This is so helpful!!1💖🙏💕🙏

  22. Darlene Warring

    Thank you Ron. May you and your family continue to be blessed.

  23. May Li

    Thanks BSF, the notes and discussion group, leaders and sisters. I am praying for God’s mercy and Grace be with everyone.

  24. Mary Jo Evans

    I do so love the teachings of BSF. Thank you for sharing these thoughts today.

  25. Terri Clemons

    I loved this article. It’s very informative and encouraging. I’m grateful to BSF and the impact it continues to have on my life. May God continue to bless your efforts to keep us informed , encouraged and connected!

  26. Jacinta Abwoga

    Indeed God will always give us wisdom on how to deal with every situation ain’t nothing too big for God.

  27. Eugenia

    What a blessing to be able to have such tool! God bless you!
    Thanks for allowing us to share it!
    Already sent to many friends and relatives!

  28. Ruth

    This is very informative. I love the different ways to pray .Thanks

  29. Lency Pedro

    Thank you, will share
    with my whole household🙏

  30. Lency Pedro

    Thank you I will with my whole household🙏

  31. Jane Vanworth

    As my husband and I shared this resource, he replied as he read the attributes, thinking as child, he is a pastor & therapist…..Sovereign: “God is in control? why doesn’t he stop this? or Does that mean, God caused the disease to start? we are grandparents of 7 & 6 year old grandchildren.
    At what email could he share his thoughts with HQ?

  32. Cindy Dawson

    Thank you!!!

  33. Cheri Andrews

    Perfect timing! Thank you for the encouragement

  34. carolyn foster

    Love it. Thank You!

  35. Patricia Barnes-Cannon

    This is good not only for little children but older children and young adults who do not know God.

  36. Jonna McGarity

    This is great for adults as well as children. This was awesome. Thank you and God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  37. Angel

    Thank you for this awesome resource. I don’t have children but this will help me as well. I will pass this on to friends and family who have children.

    Our God is Unstoppable.

  38. Tammy Reavis

    Thank you for the encouraging message. Our God is unstoppable and in control.

  39. Liberty Brake

    Such an on time message of encouragement. Thank you for aiding the shift of focus onto our unstoppable God and His unfailing Word. God bless you all

  40. Brenda

    As always, BSF encourages & challenges us through God’s Word. I will be sharing these ideas with young parents in my small group at church.

    Praise be to our unstoppable God!

  41. Mary

    This is timely and encouraging. God be with you too.

  42. Solomon Gacece

    Praise the Lord and thank you for encouragement to all of us including the Children in Christian Love.
    In the Midst of Crisis which we are experiencing today, we are assured of His continued presence.

  43. Nakris

    I love bsf, it has changed my life tremendously.

  44. GIDEON

    I just happen to see this in my email. Have not started but I know BSF has something good in store for HIS people.
    Many thanks to you and entire team of BSF admin, leaders, staffs and members!

  45. Veronica White

    Great resource! I will be sharing with my granddaughter! I love the prayers idea! Thank you BSF!

    • Nora Hankinson

      Have no children of my own, but what a beautiful way to explain & calm children, especially in this current situation. Our faithful God is always in control. Thank you.

  46. Dennis Schaumann

    Thank you

  47. Millie

    It’s real comfort especially in the time like this! Thanks be to God and Bsf.

  48. eunice

    thank you for this very timely , at this time we want to strengthen our relationship with God .be blessed

  49. Nicola Brown

    Love this! Thank you for the res ok sources and encouragement

  50. Jon Nelson

    Very well done. Good information.

  51. CAREL Maryse

    Tank You so much Susie and BSF Headquarters in San Antonio ! We need The TRUTH ! And BSF is in love with The TRUTH ! Trustworthy is our GOD! Through BSF we are anchored,rooted in The SCRIPTURES ! So we live ! ALLÉLUIA ! Abraham,Daniel,Joseph,Rahab,Jesus as a man on earth,all were victorious through terrible Time! Esther what a Queen ! My BSF LESSONS were so helpfull for me to stand firm in faith through all the struggles in everyday of life during hardships ! Thank You dear Susie for this vidéo You prepared to encourage us ! May our LORD PROTECT YOU till His RETURN !

    • Sara Reeve

      Thank you so much for the children materials. They’re timely provisions as most of the children are now out of school.

  52. Joan Sheehan

    Thank was lovely , I used to attend BSF . Very comforting & biblical .
    Be well, God bless,

    • Sara Reeve

      Thank you so much for the children materials. They’re timely provisions as most of the children are now out of school.

  53. Claudette Fisher

    This was so Beautiful! Thank you, I am sharing this with others who could benefit from such sound, Godly advise.

  54. Lisa Whipper

    Thank you for these resources! My grandchildren will truly be enlighten during this time. I will also share with the parents of my Sunday School class. What a BLESSING from God.

  55. Nancy L. Bond

    O, what a gift to us parents & grandparents!
    Thanks for/to you writers!
    Much Love!

  56. Elizabeth Beck

    Thank you so much for the “Home Training Lesson”, I read it and I decided to spread it among my family, friends, etc. They all have young children and haven’t yet experience the blessings of being a Christian. It is my humble desire to bring God’s message to my loves ones in any way, shape or form. I praise God for the given theological message given to us through BSF.

    Thank You!

  57. Nina young

    I love this. Can’t wait to share with my 5and 6 yr. old granddaughters.

  58. Don Wilson

    God is on the throne and in full control!!! Keep our gaze upon Him and know where each one of us will be at the end of this race!!!
    To God be the glory!!!

  59. Cindy Ramos

    Thank you for these encouraging truths. My 5 yr old grandson lives with me and he is well aware of the changes in his little life with regard to the “Komona” virus.
    Be safe and continued blessings to everyone at BSF❤️

  60. Cathy

    Love this!!! Can’t wait to share with my grandkids.

  61. Christina Gonzales

    What a wonderful way to get closer to the lover of our souls. Thanks for these helpful tips.

    • Milly Tai

      Love the reminder of God’s attributes. Not just an assurance to my girl but me too.

  62. Joan Boutwell

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You are in my prayers.

  63. Brett Slater

    What great reassurance for children and adults!

  64. Fran Walker

    Thank you for these encouraging words & scriptures that I can share w/my children & grandchildren.
    May we lean fully upon our God to see us thru this difficult time. He alone is our hope & strength.
    God bless you all & keep you well both physically & spiritually.
    In Christ,

  65. Laura Logan

    Thank you for this resource. I am using it as information for those in my church and not yet in BSF. I am also sending it to those who are nonbelievers. Praying each one loves their children to turn toward our loving God.

  66. Nina Mathew


  67. Marchyco

    Even for adults who are babes in Christ.

  68. Gayle Aronson

    Thank you, Father God, for Your Amazing Love & this wonderful ministry that points us all back to You. All Praises & Glory to You who sent Your dear Son to die in our place & cleansed & filled us with Your righteousness. We need Your help to keep our eyes on You and away from fear. Thank You that Your Perfect Love casts out all fear. Please continue to strengthen, protect, & bless all the administrators, leaders & members of this wonderful ministry. Please wrap your arms around all of us & our family & friends. Please fill us with Your Love & protect us from illness. Please give extra strength for those with young children & protect those young hearts. Help us all to be in constant prayer & be shining lights to help & draw others to You, especially those that don’t know you. Please strengthen, remind & help us to keep our eyes focused on You moment by moment. Please help us to remember to quickly forgive others & ourselves & draw back to You quickly if we fall into stress or fear. I ask this in Your Precious Son Jesus’ Name. Amen

  69. M Allen

    Thank you for helping us to keep our family grounded in the steadfast love of God in the midst of this worldwide crisis. I love the creative ideas for prayers. God’s blessings of continued good health and protection to all of you at Headquarters and around the world.

  70. Elle ( Linda)

    Do y’all have lessons for teens?

  71. Teresa R

    I’m so grateful to the Lord for sisters all over the world who encourage and remind me that our Great God is unstoppable!! When everything around us seems chaotic, He has given us hope I pray we all take this time to be still and remember that He is God!! May we glorify Him by our witness! Thank you BSF for keeping us focused on what is true ❤️

  72. Diane Truemper

    loved this page for current time, & all times for myself as a time with the Lord today.
    Fun & helpful ideas for online teaching in school program on what is prayer and attributes of God,
    which could be used also on other weeks topics too.
    Thanks You

  73. Kaye Kruetzman

    Thank you for such an encouraging and uplifting message during this difficult time. And, your beautiful smile was really a blessing as I listened to you speak. I’m so grateful for my BSF friends, leaders, and administrators. And, mostly thankful for the Word and its message. BSF helps me understand that message more deeply every day I study. I learn something new with each lesson (even though I’ve been a Christian since I was 12 and have been in BSF many years.) Many thanks for all of the time and hard work that goes into our studies. So glad BSF is in my life!

  74. Carolyn

    Thank you!
    As a CS, I actually feel like I need this more then my boys!

  75. Jessica West

    Thank you so much! My senior daughter’s world has been turned upside down with being isolated and prom and graduation probably canceled. These are truths we can cling to as we trust God’s timing in all things.

  76. Rosie

    Thank you 🙏🏻 Although my granddaughter is still a baby it’s never to soon to start learning about God’s Word.

    • Tanya Maria Villani

      Thank you for sharing such valuable insights to rely on God and not ourselves. I loved all the creative ways to teach children about prayer as well as how to pray. This is a timeless resource I needed as well as all of us during such a time as this.

      Corrie Ten Boom once said, “We do not need to fear the unknown, because we have a known God.”

  77. Barbara Grogans

    This is beautiful and truly needed in this time of uncertainty. Thank you.

  78. Frances Groves

    Excellent advise

  79. tammy mielke

    Thank you for providing these resources!!!

  80. Betty Meneses

    This is excellent! Thank you hor sharing. I wish I had children at home to practice with.

  81. Toni Walker

    What a wonderful resource!
    The Lord is my hope & anchor in the storm. Blessed be His name!
    Thank you.

    • Sylvia Kangwana

      Thank you for this resource,
      Truly God’s spirit is Unstoppable 🙏🏾❤️

  82. Dorothy Lee

    This is so helpful. I am caring for my 10 year old grandson while his mom is working. After reading the above, I asked him if he was concerned about this virus. His response was, “Yes, I am scared of this virus because I don’t want to get it, I don’t want to die, or get sick”. We went through the steps outlined above. He was encouraged. Thanks. I never thought to seek his thoughts and feelings about the virus or the changes he is having to adjust to. I give praise to the Holy Spirit of God for working through our leaders in giving them guidance that helps all of us.

  83. Loretta

    Thank you 🙏 so much!!

    What a mighty God we serve!! Nothing is too hard for HIM!!

    Viruses And

    • Cherina

      Let us seek his face. Trust Him during this time and rejoice because he is God!

  84. Bethany

    Wow! My children are preteen and teen, but these resources help at any age…even for me. We can always be reminded of Biblical truths and who God is: unchanging and unstoppable!!!

  85. Carmen Miyares

    Thank You
    Great resource, provides so much comfort.
    God is Unstoppable!!!

  86. Regina

    Praise God for these! Praying for our leaders at Headquarters and your tireless example to follow Jesus and feed the flocks in all circumstances!

  87. Linda

    Thank you so much for this support in these uncertain times❤️

  88. Sheri Lyle

    What a wonderful way to continue connecting with our children! Love BSF!!

    • Janet Patta

      Quite timely! Made it easy for me to reassure my Children as they relayed their concerns and fears and questions regarding the current situation. I shared with them God’s attributes as explained and I saw a relief in their faces. Quite helpful indeed!

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