Forgetting what 

lies behind


Forgetting what lies behind


I n the 90s, Maureen Wong was part of an elite team assigned to promote confidence in Hong Kong as the territory made a historic shift from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. After 150 years under British authority, tensions were at an all-time high as negotiations between the two political powers escalated.

“It was an exciting time,” Maureen said, “but also demanding and challenging.”  

In 1996, just a year before the transition, Maureen and her family moved to Hong Kong where she played an integral part in the territory’s new administration. 

On the outside, Maureen had it all together. She was competent, successful and on the administration’s fast-track. But at home, Maureen’s life felt chaotic. 

In this season of turmoil, Maureen discovered Bible Study Fellowship. During a pilot study of Philippians, God gave Maureen what she needed most: spiritual confidence rooted in God’s Word. 

“Looking back, it wasn’t easy,” Maureen said, “but God provided for me and protected me through His love. I found joy and peace, and I had energy to do the things I had to do during that time. I couldn’t have done that without God’s strength and the constant awareness of His presence and Holy Spirit.” 

With a renewed focus on Christ, Maureen committed her gifts and abilities to promote God’s glory. Though He didn’t change Maureen’s circumstances, God transformed her heart.

“Not that I have already gained this or am already perfect…But this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  – Philippians 3:13-14

Pressing on toward the goal

In 1998, Maureen had a difficult decision. She could continue her career, earning status and high income, or leave the field altogether by moving to London with increased time for family and God. 

She chose the latter.

“Whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.”  – Philippians 3:7-8

“I had no plan as to what I was going to do,” Maureen said. “I knew that I needed God’s Word to guide me, and I prayed that BSF would be accessible somewhere in London.” 

In answer to her prayer, BSF was launching a Day Women’s Class in London and needed a class administrator with Maureen’s skills. 

“I became CA straight away,” she said. They (BSF leadership) said I was God’s answer to prayer because they didn’t have anyone in London who was familiar with BSF. But I knew this was God’s answer to my prayers as well. 

Maureen was essential in establishing London’s BSF program and helped to start an Evening Women’s Class. But with time on her hands, Maureen was willing to serve the Lord beyond BSF. 

The upward call

While filling her time with family, church friends and BSF, Maureen believed God could use her skills in a broader way. 

“I came back to London and had nothing to do. I was attending church meetings, going to church, hanging out with friends and enjoying the good life,” she said. “In studying God’s Word, I learned to be open to whatever ministry God gave me.” 

When a former colleague asked Maureen to help establish a struggling non-profit, she said yes immediately. Founded by former gambling addicts, The Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation provides emotional support and life-skills training that begin with the gospel. 

“I initially thought it was a short-term role, registering the organization as a charity,” she said. “I quickly realized that they needed someone to help them with administration and government compliance. They didn’t know how to manage an expanding organization, and they just didn’t have time.” 

In this new volunteer role, God used Maureen’s skills and previous professional network for His glory. 

“God made use of my past experience, enabling me to do the work He had called me to do at that time,” Maureen said. “I was privileged to see first hand the people who had been helped, their desperate lives turned around and rebuilt. These people began to flourish, and I saw God’s hand over each one of them.” 

Working for a fledgling ministry meant budget constraints and uncomfortable working conditions in an unfamiliar London neighborhood. 

“We don’t have a bright air-conditioned office,” Maureen said. “And I must admit, these were not the people I was used to hanging out with.” 

But God called the woman who once worked among Hong Kong’s top officials to serve the broken men and women of London.  

“Serving God in the ministry He calls me to is miles better than the one I would have chosen using my head,” Maureen said. Whatever achievement I see is not mine, it’s God’s. It takes a lot of patience, even a lot of time, but to see God change people’s lives so dramatically is most encouraging and rewarding.” 

The prize

Maureen doesn’t describe her move to London as a sacrifice. Instead, she says, “It was true that I had to give up certain material things, but when God opens a door, responding positively turns out to be the right thing to do.” 

Like the apostle Paul, Maureen is simply an ordinary person with faith in an extraordinary God. Her story is a beautiful testament of how God’s plan reaches beyond our own understanding. When we trust the Lord with our jobs, families and circumstances, He is faithful to make our paths straight. For Maureen, that path led in an unexpected direction, but delivered deeper joy and intimacy with Christ.  

When we say “yes” to God, His path may seem unconventional, but we never have to walk it alone.  

“…Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  – Philippians 1:5-6


  1. Diane Lawrence

    Maureen, you are a living testimony of God’s faithfulness. At each crossroads you chose the higher ground, even when it wasn’t as lucrative or easy. Isn’t is wonderful to see how the Lord has used you and also expanded the BSF classes both in London and HK? I remember you from my initial days in the first HK day women’s class and now there are at least 9 classes there, including men’s and a thriving young adults class. God has redirected me as well, and though I’m unable to attend BSF now as I have been care giving my parents for 2 years, it is well with my soul.

  2. Paul Rimamsirufun Bitrus

    Wow. This is so encouraging. God’s work in our lives is in accordance to His perfect will. Sometimes we don’t understand why. But yet He through His wisdom makes us to go through situations that bring the best out of us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elizabeth

    Maurren we thank God for what He is doing in your life the testimony is realily encouraging may we all continue to live a life that will glorify the Lord amen

  4. Shanuntorn

    Thank you for your testimony! It is very encouraging and is definitely something I need to hear in this season of my life. Thank you so much for sharing! May God continue to bless you, cover, and multiply every tasks of your hands!

  5. Muriathi

    Waoh!!!! a great example…



    • Branum kiema

      thanks Susie for a wonderful testimony,have been serving in the churchas an elder since 1999 and I can testify that the work that God started in me he wil it to completion.Amen.

  7. Amina

    What a beautiful reminder that where God leads, he will surely guide and provide.
    I have had to move between countries and cities a few times in the last 2 years and mybsf website has made finding classes so stress free.

    • Bill

      God does the same things in other realities as well blessing one lonely man’s life starting with Jesus in BSF in 1988, serving as DL/GL since 1990 and priveleged to start a Mens Remote Satellite Discussion Group with PPL1, nearly 100 miles from nearest mens class, experiencing His extraordinary divine help and the best personal sharing ever from 12+ men, some faithfully driving 50 miles every week.
      God also provided the technical help to Live Stream the lectures in HD, every class since #1. Some doubted this could be pulled off, with no precedents, no training, no on-site helpers in one year.
      But WITH GOD nothing is impossible
      The pay is good.
      The harvest is Very good..
      The dance is Divine!

    • Carol Kuria

      Thank you for a great testimony Maureen of how God works when we allow Him.

    • Susan

      Thank you for a beautiful story of faith, obedience and love of Christ.

  8. KC

    Somehow, Ester and what she did for her people – the Jews – popped up to my mind.

    At the power switch historical event in 1997, there must be many Chinese moved from Mainland to Hong Kong. Was there any BSF classes you could serve at that time ?

  9. Peledina Musita

    I thank God for his word that does not change. Am encouraged to learn that with faith and focus on him. he can change our hearts even when he doesnt change our circumstances. God bless.

    • Ernester Mboya

      Dear Maureen, thank you for sharing your experience on walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ.
      This has encouraged a lot. I retired since 2005, but I am not settled I keep doing various jobs, volunteering, part time jobs etc. I discovered BSF 2018, and now I see the light at the end of tunnel through Bible study and reading testimonies like yours. God bless you
      Glory to God

    • Pecola

      I so love Maureen’s story, It brings me to this thought, many are the plans of a man heart, But God has the last say. God last say is best.. For me her story ties into what BSF is studying now about the life of David. All the things that David went though, and overcame with his skills and compassion, that he had for God and His people, made Him a Great king.. Am sure at some point and time David would have chosen a different path. Am sure as for Maureen making a chose to move to another country could not have been easy. But your experience and your, relationship with Christ, will inspire many. God Bless you.. and Thank you for sharing

  10. Venessa Raymond

    Thank you for this encouraging testimony!

  11. wanjiru

    To God be the glory! Thank you for your obedience Maureen. God bless you always

  12. Sarah

    This is so edifying and up lifting may the Lord bless you and use you more and more

  13. Jullia

    Thank you so much for sharing. God is awesome! We can never ever figure Him out.

    • Michelle McGahan

      WOW! I’m so humbled by your faith and following the Lord! Thank you for sharing this.

    • Karla Burch

      Thank you for sharing your testimony of fath. Thank you for your encouragement.


    Praise be to the Lord! Thank you Maureen for your wonderful sharing, edifying and up-lifting! God really has a perfect plan for each individual, the clay in the potter’s hands! I remember one principle we get from the Lesson 18 (II Sam 7): “We do not do things for God, God does things through us”. Blessings!

  15. Fay Wright-Wilson

    Thanks for sharing God is awesome ,

  16. Christiana Effie Abban

    God richly bless you for sharing.

    With God all things are possible………………I’m highly inspired.

  17. Juliet

    Great and timely encouragement! God bless you!!

  18. Ann

    Very encouraging, saying yes to God’s call. I pray that when He calls me I will answer .

  19. Billy Mukasa

    May God bless you so much . In fact i am Singing a Chorus by Doen Moen.. Jesus is my firm foundation , I know i can stand for Sure.. Yes I am Sure!!!! I Suggest BSF HQ Welcome Card Booklet be revised from I AM SURE ??? to YES I AM SURE!!! with an appropriate revision cataloging corundum and index to it.

    Billy Mukasa BSF Harare Host – Nazarene Church Building Tues Evening Group Harare

  20. Venkatesh

    It’s wonderful, Maureen took one step withb faith and God honored her and used her to help the Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation. She could impact many people and provided emotional support and life-skills training that begin with the gospel.

    • Zephaniah Mukalere

      Amazing what God does through soft clay in His Hands. Very encouraging and inspiring testimony.

  21. susan Louie

    Thank you, Maureen, for living for Christ and setting an example for us. May God continue to bless you, equip you, and use you for His kingdom to the praise and glory of His holy Name.


    .Thank you does not convey my gratitude for the testimony of today.I believe our Father God wanted to be sure I received this word today. On my 2nd try I managed to get into my email and Voila!! there was BSF!i I’ve never received this before but in my heart I wanted to be connected. Our Father’s steadfast love and the faithful obedience of our sister touched and encouraged me to step into the unknown and uncertainty of my circumstance. I’m suppose to take a special driving test to determine whether I can continue to drive and I’m afraid my licence will be revoked and I’ll be dependant on others. I am convinced that our Father will be with me in this decision and protect me because I know He will always lead and care for me even in places and circumstances and places I don’t want to go.

  23. Debra

    This wonderful testimony teaches us that when God brings it to us, He will see us through it; He doesn’t call us to what’s easy. Thanks you for your willingness to serve.

    • Tan aik min

      When the Lord calls He has a purpose for you n He will give his spiritual support to see it thro. Continue ask for His guidance n wisdom to solve any obstacles along the way.Mauren’s experience gives us a good insight of God call on her and how God guide her in her quest.

  24. Pamela S Smith

    Maureen and her story are inspirational ~ beautiful testimony!
    Thank you Maureen for sharing

    • Lottie Di ckson

      She was meant to be there.All of the skills needed were possed by her.I am happy that you shared it with us.Lottie

    • Bobbie Barger

      We need more testimonies like this.
      God works for you if the heart opens up for the Invitation.
      Prayers can be heard by God. All you have to do is be willing to receive the answer then go out and make a difference to others.

  25. Joana Glover

    Thank God for Maureen”s story. May God’s name be praised.

    • Vicki

      Maureen Wong was part of an elite team assigned to promote confidence in Hong Kong…it seems like more importantly Maureen Wong was and IS a part of an elite team assigned (by her Creator God) to promote confidence in GOD and HIS work on earth. All praise to God for that focus shift!
      Grateful to be part of His team!
      Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…”

    • Anita Lea

      Very timely placed by our amazing and loving God, thank you

  26. Simangele Moyo - Nyede

    Thank you for sharing. I’m encouraged by how you responded to His call- what a God ordained plan all for His glory.

    • Dr. Mercy Gardiner O. Tenkorang

      What a great encouragement! Indeed, “… He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Christ “… God Bless You!

    • muthoni

      What an inspirational story. I pray to God to give me faith to step up and serve without fear.

    • Hezron Masitsa

      The testimony of Maureen is so encouraging and also challenging to me, that when I give up my life to serve God, He will use me in ways that He knows are for His own glory. How I pray and desire that I can truly say “Let His Will be done in my life”

    • Deborah Dobbins

      It is such a blessing to read this! God is always working in the most amazingly perfect ways. What a wonderful God we serve! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Joyce Fong

      Praise and bless our Lord ! Thank you for the encouraging words and motivation for making Christ Jesus the center of our lives!

  27. Solomon Gacece

    Thank you for this encouraging testimony.
    A good lesson on: “straining forward to what lies ahead”.

  28. Ongeche Rose

    Thank you Maureen for a such an inspirational testimony, am indeed blessed and humbly pray the Almighty God
    will enable me let go of my past so that I may walk in his foot step and do his will.

    • Wanda Bias


  29. Jemimah Otido

    The Lord is great. This is a wonderful testimony. My prayer is to trust and obey Him as He leads me.

  30. Gladys Wakhu

    Wow!! Being able to take that first step knowing that God walks with us and beside us is what most of us struggle with even as believers. I am encouraged by Maureen’s message, she trusted God completely and He took care of everything else!! My prayer is to grow in faith of that kind with the things I am trusting God to see me through. Indeed BSF teaches us to trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus

    • LadySmith

      Gladys as you quoted! “My prayer is to grow in faith of that kind with the things I am trusting God to see me through” God has heard your prayer and has given you the gift of growth, continue to read his word, believe his Word and operate in the promise of Philippians 1:5-6 Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:5-6

  31. Christabel

    Beautiful , thanks for sharing

    • Jasper Ouma

      BSF teaches us patience and that all of us has a purpose. It is great that Maureen was able to discover hers and in the process help many other children of God. Thank you for being selfless, for fully depending on God for provisions and for reaching out to the neglected people

    • Charles

      A real lesson in the contrast between trusting God and relying on human wisdom. Thank you for sharing

  32. Johnson N Kimani

    Dear Susie Rowan I thank you greatly for your encouraging message of truth.To forget the past and to soldier on in life by looking upwards to unstoppable God towards the goal of victory.Maureen testimony was empowered by God’s spiritual confidence and prayers gained through BSFers fellowship.Indeed God’s plan and Salvation are acclaimed and proclaimed in Bible and this empower us to discover God’s truth and to gain confidence in our lives and grow in faith and prayers.Yes I am encouraged to join you in prayers for the fame of our Lord Jesus.

  33. John D. Pella

    What a wonderful God’s guidance and Maureen’s obedience to the call.

    • Patrick Ongany Abalo

      It suits very in the assertion recorded under proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding , In all your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight” He did it to Maureen.

  34. Faith Njama

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. It encourages us to put all our hope and trust in Jesus Christ. To allow Him to guide us. Our Lord is mighty.

  35. Robert Gensi

    What a powerful testimony by Maureen. I have learnt in BSF that God works in ways we cant tell.

  36. Rasiman Aguspen

    Thank you for your testimony that really powerful and strengthen my confidence to share His Word to people.

    • Davidson Nyebera

      Powerful testimony.

      It is not about us but about God’s work through us.

      • Zachary

        Thank you for the great testimony.

  37. leester r. reotutar

    Thank you for sharing Maureen, it was really a beautiful and a great testimony, s o encouraging, may the Lord continue to use you to touch others lives and to fulfill His Greatest commission.

  38. Josie

    The LORD be praised. A wonderful testimony!! The LORD our Gracious God Loves each of us, and by His Amazing Grace, has a good and perfect Plan for each of our lives. It is a great Blessing when we not only hear, but listen to the prompting of The Most Holy Spirit, allow Him to Lead The Way, and recognize that we are going in the direction that was meant for our lives, the perfect outcome. By faith, with our trust in Him, we must believe that our LORD has complete Control and we, in turn, gladly submit to His Perfect Will! Thank you for sharing Maureen

  39. Leigh (U.S.A.)

    Maureen’s story is very encouraging and powerful. I love to learn how God is using His followers around the world to help His people and advance His Kingdom. If you ask for God to use you, be ready for a quick reply….He’ll open up doors for you the next day!!! Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless Maureen and use her. May God continue to bless and grow this life-changing program- Bible Study Fellowship!

    • Willette Leach

      “God honors faith and faith honors God.” Maureen’s story is a testament that God will do just what he says. I’m encouraged.

    • Fran Goetz

      Thank you , Maureen for sharing your story. I thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say. We never know what God has in store for each one of us. Always have to be willing to let God use us for His glory.

  40. Carol Whitehead

    Hi Maureen, I joined with over 300 Christian Nurses from 50 countries in July 1996 , hosted by Hong Kong Christian Nurses Fellowship, in Kowloon to Raise the name of Jesus Christ, the Hope of Nursing. What a privilidge it was to hear praises to the King of kings in so many languages. The Americans joined the “locals” at the YMCA for their Sunday morning service.
    God’s Word is the same yesterday, today and forever! So glad to be sitting at the foot of the throne of God, learning along side you and the whole the BSF community. (

    • Pat

      Hi Carol, I’m a retired nurse interested in Christian volunteer nursing. Can you tell me more regarding what you did?

  41. Eileen Condra

    What a great testimony. I loved the part, “God didn’t change her circumstance but He transformed her heart.” God is so faithful.

  42. Elizabeth

    Glory be to God for what He is doing in her life may we continue to live a life that will glorify the Lord

  43. Hannah Alfred

    Am grateful and thankful to God for the powerful testimony over there madam Maureen. It’s a bold step and never in vain.

    • Mary Alice Onyura

      What can be better than serving God with our skills! He has freely given us every skill we use to earn a living and get material things. It is like giving God a tiny fraction back. Glory to God for touching your heart in such a powerful way.

  44. christie price

    Thank you for this. My life has changed drastically since my husband went home to The Lord. In grief I left as a director of a ministry to sorrowful to continue. I too am waiting on God to use me again while opening my life to small ministry at church & family I am discovering that The Lord is in the relationships not always in big ministry. While I miss the business of leading a ministry & my husband I have found that being just chris has taught me more love in Jesus than a million busy days. BSF encourages me that as David waited praying God was active in his life. May all in BSF discover this wonderous relationship with our Jesus!

  45. Peter

    Maureen, Philippians 3:13 is my senior verse and by God’s grace, He has helped me live out on a daily basis.

  46. Priyanka

    What a wonderful Saviour we have in our lives. Who can make ordinary people into extraordinary with His Wisdoms and plans.. really Encouraging to me and I felt very happy to be part of BSF.Glory to God

  47. James

    This is a good example of the fact that God is after Quality not Quantity and personal availability to serve God.

    • olivasoa RAMAVOARIJAONA

      Thank you.
      2very meaningfull things: -all christians may forget what lie behind because God always have news to give to His sons .
      -Our friend Jesus accompanies us in our new occupation.
      Glory to our heavenly Father

      • Melody Schönenberger (Zimbabwe)

        AMEN & AMEN…wonderful testimony Maureen. This one is so for me in this season. Thank you for demonstrating through your own life story, how important it is to forget what lies behind and to look forward to the place that CHRIST is leading me to. No matter how discouraging the task ahead may seem, JESUS promises us that HE will never leave us nor forsake us nor abandon us as orphans.
        Thank you X a million times for sharing.
        HIS love and mine.

        • Shirley Taylor

          Thank you so much Melody. I understand exactly what you are saying. May Jesus help you feel His presence encouraging you today!

  48. Shirly Milton

    God bless you. When we hold God’s hand and walk He is faithful to carry us through. We are precious to our maker. Amen

  49. Shirly Milton

    It is so encouraging. Thank you. Yes I m stepping out with faith in Jesus too. I’ve decided to follow His will. Though I don’t see dry and safe ground before me I am stepping forward only holding God’s hand. I want God’s blessings on my family. Nothing is more precious to me. Thank you for sharing. God provides and protects as He did for King David because he inquired and did His will.

  50. Roselyn Amadi

    awesome testimony. Encourages me to push on and wait on the Lord

    • Joyce Agoro

      Absolutely encouraging.

  51. Rita

    God is good all the time. Your sharing encourages me to trust Him even more and seek His guidance every step of my way. Thank you !

  52. Sam

    Great testimony. God’s will is always the best for us. I pray he continues to open my eyes to his will and give me the courage to walk in it.

  53. Lizzie Shakunthala

    Praise God encouraged by your testimony Prayers for God to continue to use you for His glory

  54. Purity

    Powerful and trully encouraging

  55. Bramwel

    Great and inspiring testimony, God’s work is on going in believers hearts and lives.

  56. Cathy

    Thank you for sharing. We serve a mighty God! This is very encouragingencouraging, touching the lives of the needy is really fulfilling. God bless you as you keep on with the good work.

  57. Margaret

    Its a wonderful and encouraging testimony.. May the Lord continue using His people for His fame..

  58. Ken Bard

    Praise to our Might God – Through Christ our Lord !!!
    To Jesus be the glory !!!

  59. Erma J Reid

    Maureen’s story reminds me of something I read in the BSF Notes this week: “God redirected David’s plan in order to lift high His amazing grace to the world through His Son.” Thanks for sharing

  60. Angie Cheak

    I am so encouraged by what I am reading now. Its very inspiring for me to be with BSF for the 6th year and trust God for His plans for me.

  61. Margaret, Phinsa, Sattasiri

    Perfect timing for me to read your testimony, Maureen. Study of David and the Psalms with deeper interest and understanding, I cannot say how deeply I feel about our Mighty Holy God and His plans for all believers willing to be open, obedient and trust Him alone. Thank you for lightening my journey even more meaningful and purposeful. God Bless to you and BSF

    • Chuck Wisnewski

      This story encouraged me a lot keep studying God’s word going to be open for what he will have me to do in his service thank you so much for sharing with me

  62. Rita Wright

    So encouraging. I’m making a big move in two weeks and this testimony has reminded me of how God always provides for His people as evident in the life of David as we’ve been studying these past few weeks. Praise God for BSF.

  63. Katie

    Neat story! Such an encouragement as I try to seeing God’s will for my life and be willing to submit my plans to Him!

  64. Naylor

    Loved all the feedback that marvolous testimony created !!

    Holy Spirit, Always at work Stirring, and leading us into the Sanctifying process!

    • Jan


  65. Li-Yee Yang

    Thank you Maureen for sharing how God works through your life circumstances for His glory.

    Thank God for your obedience to serve in class administration when called by Him, for if not I will not have the opportunity to develop that deep relationship with the Lord through BSF study during my formative years as a new believer in London in 2002.

    I was subsequently baptized in the host church before returning to Singapore in 2003 and soon after was called to be a CA in a new pilot class here. There is no looking back after that. Am still the CA in the same class, now with > 500 members. All glory and praise be to God! God is faithful!

    Hope to re-connect with Maureen if I could. It’s been a long time since we last communicated!

  66. Suzi

    Thank you for sharing your testimony…it is so remarkable how God uses every experience in our lives to His glory and purpose…even those that we regret.

    He so far ahead of us.

  67. Cindy Lopez

    Just finished reading 2 Sam 8-10
    One of the questions was .. How do you treat the marginalized and forgotten in your society? This is a beautiful story of a changed life who is changing lives. God is good.

    • Tracy Brandt

      As a Christian woman, the thing I love the most about my faith is that I am never alone. Jesus is always with me and because of his work on the cross, the Holy Spirit resides in me for strength and guidance. It is a comfort to know that no matter what, I am loved.

  68. Netting Pauleen

    When we truly listen and obey Gid’s Calling he faithful gives us the knowledge, ability and confidence to follow. Trust in God.
    Thank you for sharing you faithfulness.

  69. Arlene Robinett

    Thank you so much for sharing how God has moved in your life and has done marvelous things for others as you obeyed His calling to you! It gives me to have greater faith in our Great God and to keep on surrendering all to Him!

    • ronald nederhoed

      Wonderful testimony of God’s love and provision. Very inspiring.

  70. Bruce Choy

    Obedience is better than sacrifice and being faithful to HIs calling has and will reap many souls for the kingdom . Praise God !

  71. Margie

    Our God is wonderful careing and loving and never leave us.

  72. Angeline Pazarangu

    Maurine……am encouraged and thank you for sharing, reminded of the song…’when we walk with the Lord, … and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey…’. Intimacy with Christ, O help me my God!

  73. Marlene Curry

    Thank you for sharing such encouragement.
    Is it possible such blogs are sent under the BSF name? The purpose of Bible Study Fellowship is to elevate God’s word, the Holy Bible It seems Susie Rowan uses the BSF platform as her namesake ministry. Thank you.

    • LaDonna Sellars

      I would also like it to be tagged BSF so I don’t delete it as junk mail. I enjoy the blog and would hate to miss it. Thank you!

    • Corrine Sherman

      The purpose of Bible Study Fellowship and God’s Word is the allow the Holy Spirit to elevate Christ in our lives. Maureen’s witness is a beautiful example of how Bible Study prepares us to serve according to His purpose and plan for us.

    • Brenda Pullen

      Brenda Pullen,

      Thanks for the encouraging words. God continue to prepare us for his purpose, as he teaches us patience and how we must surrender all to him. What a story of faith and surrender, loved it!

  74. Don Webb

    The older I get the more I have learned that God is preparing you today for what he wants you to do in the future I was not aware of this till after the fact
    God never leaves us and always has a plan for each life. Loved this story.

  75. Goldie Piatt

    Powerful! What a blessing this obedient child of God is to the English people. Your faith is wonderful.

  76. Annette Mundon

    What a beautiful testimony. It is obvious that your obedience allowed God to do wondrous things through you. There are many lessons to be learned and the one that stands out for me is having a willing spirit.

    • Shirley Taylor

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was recently presented an opportunity I didn’t want. But, the Holy Spirit changed my attitude & I said I was willing but wanted to setup restrictions to help me. Now the Holy Spirit is saying “God’s opportunity, God’s way!” So if they call me back, I will say YES. As Paul said – “letting go of everything in order to gain Christ” – His will, His way! God redirected David’s plans. I want to be willing to let Him redirect mine!

  77. Walter Davis

    What an inspiring story! I had to read it aloud to my wife.

    We had just finished today’s BSF lesson and the last question was “How do you treat the marginalized and forgotten in your society? To whom is God reminding you to show kindness?”

    As two newly retired people travelling in the American Southwest and “living the good life” Maureen’s story inspires us to be open to God’s next calling.

  78. Eva Brunner

    What a great testimony for the glory of God, thank you, Maureen, for sharing! Yes, God will always bless us in a way we mostly didn’t expect when we chose to wait for Him, His timing and His call! There’s so much to gain if we’re willing to let go … I’m left very encouraged!

  79. Evernice Chiramba

    Our God is a wonderful and loving Father. Thank you for a mind-blowing testimony, Maureen

  80. Cynthia Frohling

    What an inspiring story. So thankful that God is so active and alive in such a time as this. Thank you for sharing!!

  81. Janet

    The first BSF principle I ever learned was “Whoever the Lord enlists, The Lord equips” So very true, especially in your instance! All your prior work and career were preparation for the task the Lord has for you! Thank you Maureen, for following His leading and for sharing your story! May God richly bless you as you do His work!

  82. Maryella

    Maureen, Thank you for sharing your inspiring testimony of how you used your God given gift and talent across several disciplines to provide assistance wherever it was needed. Praise God for your light that is shining and reflecting the light of Jesus.

  83. GC

    HALLELUJAH!!! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!!!
    Blessings!!! Keep looking up, listening to Him, and following Him.

  84. Ina Indrawati

    Thank you for sharing. It really shows how God always listen and guide to anyone who believes in him to the right path to serve him for other who needs. God always gives us our wishes to pursue our life at the same time gives us enough energy and spirit to serve him.

  85. Kehinde Olusola Aderinboye

    The Almighty Father who has been your guidance shall continue to be all in all of your desires, in the word He placed into your heart ♥. His peace and love shall always be with you in Jesus’s mighty name, Amen.

  86. Monica Rowe

    God is amazing!! He’s always making those connections for his children. That’s why we need to press on because he has a destination for us to meet. We need to show up in faith and love knowing he has already made a way for us. 🙏🏻

  87. Carla Adams

    Your article is an encouragement & reminds me completely of our BSF study. People of the Promise Land part 1. We’ve seen David go from a shepard to now a king, ruler Of Israel. His path was not easy. However like you, when God says no His yes for you is Greater!!

    • Joyce

      Thank you Maureen for sharing your testimony. It Inspired me. When God calls he also provides. With Him there is no fear.

  88. Kim

    Thank you dearest Maureen for sharing your precious experience with us. … And thanks to all the brothers and sisters who shared comments of God’s faithfulness. I, too, am thankful to the Lord for putting us in circumstances to be used for His glory. Through prayers and fasting…and an illness, I believe the Lord has placed me in a position to stand in the gap (in prayer) for the reconciliation of a dear sister’s estranged family… May the Lord be the Prize. May this family be reconciled to God as well as to each other in love. …forgetting lies behind,…pressing forward to the Prize. To God be the Glory.

  89. Janet Sheko

    I was truly blessed to read your transformation Maureen from self to selfless, from your plans, to His plans! He is more than willing and shows Himself strong and faithful when we step aside and submit. Continue to bless, lead, enspire and protect Your people Lord.

  90. Judy

    That is truly living out your faith! Praise God!

    • Judy Odero

      Where God leads he provides. Truly inspirational ;- we do not need to fear where God is involved

      • Stacy Norcross

        Maureen’s testimony and our current lesson of David has reminded me how our lives are a beautiful tapestry of Gods handiwork. In his sovereignty, he has it all planned before he begins, much like the creation of the world. He ‘knows’ his children and servants intimately, as he did David and has a plan for each one of us. Our father tells us, perfect love cast out all fear and because we can stand on the promises of his holy word, we know he will work all things for our good, even intended evils against us. He sees everything and will always be there providing and establishing us in our calling. I love BSF and am thankful to all my sisters and brothers for your encouraging testimonies, conversations, and sweet fellowship in the Lord. This blog never fails to be a spot of joy in my day for good meditations.

    • Maureen Avitable

      Wonderful testimony of how dependence upon God can be used for His glory and honor. Thank you Maureen for sharing your story of inspiration.

    • Joy

      Thank you for your courage and this testimony of walking in God’s will for your life.

    • Maria Husarenko

      God was all along preparing you to do what was proposed just like in David’s life. You have God’s strentgh, and you have trusted as David did. One day you will truly see the great work God has assigned to you and it will bring you great joy! Not that you have not seen some of it already.This is a pilgrimage in a land that is not our home. God bless you sister!

  91. Leah Muraguri from Kenya

    Thanks be to God who is ever at Work in us to Will, to do and to accomplish His good purpose – Phillipians 2:13
    The Testimony has blessed me.

  92. Adelaide Tilli

    Amazing testimony! God always makes His ways, using people of all kinds, the successful ones, the timids, and even the broken ones for the glory of His name. Thank You Lord Jesus, for using Maureen to change and touch the lives of so many.🙏🏻❤️

    • Tom Baynard

      God’s plans are perfect! It’s God working! Amazing is how God brought Maureen to London early in the stages of this BSF Day Women class needing a CA. Being a former BSF Evening Men’s CA, I know how God’s planning for His glory is evident. Thanks be to God!

  93. Jemimah Kituyi

    Encouraging indeed! Focusing on the Lord is the hardest decision when facing challenges yet very rewarding. May our good God give you strength Maureen as you fulfill his purpose just like He did for David.

  94. Beolia Doctor

    We grow in Christ when we share our testimony with other believers. When we put God first all other things will be added. To know God is to love Him.

  95. Joséphine RASOAHARISOA

    God is so good! When He closed a door, He opens a gate! Good sharing!

  96. Carol

    I love the way God works in our lives. Great testamony. Steadfast is our Lord. Thank you for sharing.

  97. Barbara Jester

    Praise God for His unending Love & provisions for us when we obey His calling & guidance. This blessed my heart this morning as I was studying my lesson & then checked my msgs. Thankful for this testimony!

  98. Anuradha David

    God’s ways are incredible and un-fathomable. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

    • Petinah Gomwe

      The Lord is good indeed,may His name be praised.Thank you for sharing.

      • Noma Gunda

        Thank you for sharing.I have been greatly encouraged, such trust in the Lord, wow!

    • Petinah Gomwe

      The Lord is good indeed , may His name be praised . Thank you for sharing.

  99. Diane

    All things Are possible with God. His will plan and purpose is perfect. If God is for us who can be against us. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and his righteousness. Praise God He seeks us out to know Him and follow Him. Our life is in His hands. We are here to love God honor him in our life and lead others to do the same. Thank you Maureen for your loyal service and calling from God

  100. Debra

    God is good

    • helen

      What an inspiration. Just coming through an ordeal of my own, God has blessed me with more than I asked for. He has opened my mind and eyes to understanding his word. I have changed my daily routine to make God first , before ANYTHING else. He has taught me that the struggles we endure , (if we keep our focus on him), will enlighten your mind, soothe your soul, and you will seek him more and more. He let me know , you can be a victim from now on or you can Trust in me and be Blessed, be stronger , be humble. I choose the latter and within a week what had be going on for months to try to accomplish was achieved . Not only that I was blessed with help, a donation made in my honor to a local ministry from the others party family, they even took me out for a meal. And prayed for me. Trusting in God is not always easy but the Blessings are AWESOME. Keep the focus keep the faith keep the trust.

    • Gloria

      God is good all the time! This is truly a wonderful testimony! It is so inspiring to me as I study about God’s people in my 11th year with Bible Study Fellowship. Thank you for blessing me with the awesome testimony! We cannot do anything but praise God for His goodness!!

  101. Celine

    Amazing how God can use anyone when we are obedient to Him. Thanks for blessing me with this encouraging story.

  102. Donna

    Maureen your experience in being obedient to the Lord mirrors that of David in our current BSF study, showing that God’s way is always our best path! Thank you so much for sharing!

  103. Wacheke

    A great story and inspiration on how God orchestrates aspects of our lives towards abundant life to the glory of His Name. Thank you Maureen for sharing.

  104. Anne

    What an inspiration from Maureen’s story! God’s ways are always the best. The reason we should trust Him unreservedly.

  105. Christian Jensen

    A great story of God’s omnipotent hand preparing our future. He sanctifies us personally even as He uses us to be a blessing to others according to His great plan.

  106. Musa Adamu

    God of possibility is at work in every circumstances of life, am so encouraged.

  107. David Kangethe

    Reminds of my favourite verse proverbs 3:5-6 Trust God in everything and He ll make your paths straight… Its a powerful principle.

  108. Joyce

    Thank you Maureen for sharing this timely testimony of God’s calling, leading and guiding. It’s so good to be reminded that when God calls us to change, He doesn’t show us a picture of how it works out or what the details look like. You stepped forward. And then you followed. Step by step.

    I can’t thank you enough and I praise God right now for showing me something that is so personal to my current circumstances.

    I also thank all above for your comments. They too, are amazing encouragements and speak to me very personally.

    God is SO good. His mercies are new every morning!

  109. Barbara Woolley

    Gods timing of this article is perfect. His Grace in my life has brought a new friend for life. Nichole Rider was in a terrible car crash when in college ,leaving her paralysed from the waist down. She didnt let that shape the way she lives her life, or define who she is,she does not let er circumstances get in the way of herBoating, WheelchairRacing, Driving a Van, or having a Boyfriend. Her Positive Energy and Love that emanates from her from God , Glorifies Him in everything she does, in every person she meets , you can see and feel she is the Salt and the Light of Christ.

  110. Lilian Fujiwara

    May the Lord be praised and glorified. Amazing and encouraging testimony.

  111. Carole

    Wow Maureen!! Very timely message. Moved recently (mid January 2019) to Adelaide,South Australia for studies. I am from Kenya. I applied for BSF class whilst in Kenya and was given two options. We shall have first class on 18th February. Am open to be used by God.

    Thank you for your beautiful testimony. May the Lord enlarge your territory.

  112. Bev Funk

    So encouraging to read this testimony of how God uses those who are obedient to Him. Praise God!

  113. Maureen

    Thanks for your commitment in Christ. We should always decrease while God increases in our lives. Be blessed.

  114. Ruwimbo Doka

    Wow! To God be the glory

  115. OIiver Herrmann

    What an encouragement to read this testimony! May the Lord keep our hearts open to His calls!

  116. Gladys Onamu

    Thank you sister Maureen fr sharing, be blessed as you remain obedient

  117. Eunice

    To God be the glory. I am touched and encouraged that though her circumstances didn’t change ,God transformed her heart. What an amazing God

  118. Abigail

    Thank you for the beautiful testimony!!obedience in God is great gain than material gain. Help me Lord to be obedient to your word when you speak to me Amen

    • ask God for help to be obedience to his word especially when he speaks to us really mean it in our hearts. Your sister in Christ Caroline

      When we ask God for help to be obedience to his word, and especially when he speaks to us, let’s really mean it in our hearts. Your sister in Christ Caroline. I love you, and I do mean it whole heartedly. God bless you

  119. Debra Steele

    What an awesome God we are privileged to serve! Thank you faithful one 😘 for sharing such timely encouragement 🙏.

  120. Elizabeth Mwaura

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey of faith Maureen. Indeed his will be done in my life.

  121. June

    Praise God. Such an encouragement to surrender my gifts and abilities to God and trust Him.
    Bless u Grace

  122. Josephine

    Indeed when God calls us, he just needs our total obedience. We can never walk alone when obeying God’s call.
    Thanks for sharing, very encouraging

  123. Grace

    This is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing, Maureen.

  124. Bailey Cynthia

    Praise God! How wonderful to serve Him when He opens a door for us! Thank you, Maureen, for sharing with us!

  125. Dr Frank Lekey

    Thanks for sharing and stay blessed!

  126. Jane (Kenya)

    We give all the glory to God
    It is an amazing testimony that has really encouraged me.

    Yes, when God sends, HE equips

  127. Francesca

    Maureen, thank you for sharing.

    • Maria Massocatto

      Praise God Maureen. Thank you for sharing it. It is sooo encouraging to see Gods work on the life of those who loves him. God bless!

  128. Joshua

    Indeed, A great reminder that no service to God is in vain.

  129. Gloria

    When you submitt your inner man to God,He guides every step of your path and transform you to do His will. Thanks for sharing such an encouraging testimony.

  130. Maelynn Robinson

    What a mighty God we serve. Amen.

  131. Cheryl Richards

    What a much needed encouragement. Our Lord is so faithful. What a privilege to serve Him

    • Barney

      Remember our Lord never discarded any part of humanity. All fall short of God’s glory. Being a servant and being used for His purpose is what Maureen and all believers should be doing. This is really awesome what this woman of faith is doing! Keep up God’s work!

  132. Judy

    Praise God that Maureen was listening to God and she said “yes”. God is able to use her skills and abilities beyond what she could imagine. What a lesson of God’s plan and purpose for us..if we just listen and follow where He leads. Thank you for sharing this.

  133. Joseph Teo

    I have been so blessed to read this story. I see in Maureen Wong a spirit deeply rooted in God’s Word that shape her faithfulness and her heart becoming in tune with God. So ready is her will to obey God that He calls her to join Him in what He is doing. In that way Christ is make known and God be glorified.

  134. Chandra Immanuel.

    This testimony is useful who are leading corporate life. Praying that they will realize serving God is more rewarding and peaceful.

  135. Karen L. Wallace

    God certainly had a plan & Maureen followed God’s small voice…. We don’t always take the time to sit still & listen to it.

    Thank you Maureen for listening to God’s voice & letting lead the way..

    You are an inspiration to us all.
    Thank you.

    Karen L. Wallace
    West Palm Beach, Fl

  136. Niva

    Awesome testimony to God be the Glory and Honour

  137. Julia Byrd

    God was in control, qualifying you for London.
    Great testimony

    • Carolyn

      This article is meeting many of right at the crossroads of our lives. Thank you for sharing such an encouraging word.

      • LEHR

        I agree that this testimony encourages us to listen for where, when and how got wants us to lead. How He wants us to not look back unless it brings us closer to Him and to not fear the new call. He will provide and be with us along the way. Thank you!

    • Katie

      I never read these. But WOW did God use this tonight to help me rely on him with some life plans. Thank you!

  138. Helen Crusco

    Wonderful testimony, I know that I need to listen more closely and obey. Thank you!

  139. Larry G Mulkey

    So many things come to mind as I’m reading her story. How God provides in every way, opening doors that we may not even see at the time and closing doors for our good. How God puts t the right person in the right place at the right time and most of the time we don’t realise it untill after the fact.

  140. Cynthia

    Amen.Thank you Maureen for your obedience and trusting God in your journey of faith.
    May you continue to be the salt and light for Jesus…wherever you are placed you can sing praise. Whatever we do,we do them for God’s glory.

    Song in my heart

    Take my life and let it be.
    Consecrated Lord to thee.
    Take my moments and my days.
    Let them flow in ceaseless praise x 2

    Let us run our Christian faith with patience.perserverance.peace.
    Till we meet Jesus at His feet.


  141. Sue Gavin

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful message of truth…it touched my heart and soul 🙏❤️✝️

  142. Donna

    What a blessing to read. God is always working ~ we just need to show up and be available. Thank you Maureen for being available.

  143. A Lam

    I love the last point towards the end..”…His path may seem unconventional, but we never have to walk it alone.” What an encouragement that is!!! It is not only a blessing to Maureen and those she serves, but a joy for us all as we read about the Work of God unfold so perfectly for His Will in the ministry He called her to!

  144. Joseph Davaraj

    What an encouragement! God’s ways are mysterious beyond our understanding and Imam confident our God will continue to equip Maureen with His wisdom, power and Spirit

  145. Elaine R

    Glory To God! Thanks for sharing Maureen. Thank for the Blessing Cheryl. 🙏

  146. Carmen

    What an inspiring and encouraging story. Maureen sounds like a fascinating person. She is the type of person we hope to meet and have as a friend.

  147. Rita Kroon

    I love the assurance that with faith and focus on Christ, God can change our hearts even when he doesn’t change our circumstances. Thanks for sharing.

  148. Tara A Rosenbloom

    I have been praying about answering a call to an opportunity to share the gospel and perhaps a painful part of my past because of the platform. I just was not sure what to do and this article helped me! God has opened a door, and I believe my love for the Lord…His love for me rather…will shine through and help others who may be lost or in pain. Thank you

  149. Beverley Rotert

    What an inspiring life story! It takes a lot of courage to walk into the unknown! When we put our faith in God and hear His call, He will provide the way to fulfill His plan. We have to be strong and brave and keep our faith in Him! He will open up the way!
    Trust and obey and stay in BSF! It is there we learn His Word and Will and that we can trust Him with our life!

  150. Angela Pantony

    Thank you for such a wonderful testimony of God’s Grace in our lives. God surely ordains circumstances in our lives to cause us to depend, know and share Him more with others. With God is true contentment and the joy of seeing Him work in us and through us. How kind is Jesus!

  151. Carolyn Kenyon

    See Previous Entry

  152. Donna Bogema

    What a “moving” testimony! I was especially blessed by her use of verses from my favorite book of His Word (which I have committed to memory). I was just reviewing it this morning as I was driving to Leader’s Meeting! God is so awesome. 💞

  153. Deon Van Aswegen

    What a joy and blessing Maureen’s Testimony holds for us – to be obedient and faithful to our God!

  154. Carol Yeakel

    Her openness and obedience to what God had for her is stunning!
    It is an awesome reminder; when God throughly connects (per salvation) your mind to heart properly bountifully ministry is not only sown, but reaped plentiful towards others towards the tools of the kingdom coming to completion!
    Consequently, people r more important than things.

  155. Ellen

    This is a wonderful example of aligning your will with God’s will for your life and being open to the opportunities He provides for you!

    • Bob G

      Yes! God values our availability as much, if not more, than our abilities.

  156. Chrissie Smith

    Confirmation that God uses everything in our lives to fulfill His plans for our lives and for the good of others.

  157. Cheryl Adam

    How awesome, not only did God lead her to a new way of life but totally fulfilled her heart and soul and I am sure helped a lot more people than she could even imagine.
    God is so wonderful and I sure need to answer yes to Him a lot more than I do. Thank you, so much for this inspiring story. Sure gives a lot of room for study, serving and
    listening to my Lord. Thanks, again, very moving testament. God’s blessing on each person who reads this, praises to our Lord, for always being there for us.
    In Christ, Cheryl from VA

  158. Carol

    “In studying God’s Word, I learned to be open to whatever ministry God gave me.” Maureen’s words really resonated with me. I am entering a new season of life, mostly unbound by any specific time or financial constraints. Thanks for reminding me, Maureen, that it is not MY WILL BE DONE, but HIS WILL!

  159. Tay Chay Hua

    It’s amazing how God can use a yes and turn that into amazing journey for that person and also impact and touches life for His glory .

  160. Bethany

    “…But this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead….” – Philippians 3:13-14

    God has been bringing this verse to mind a lot recently. I need to forget what lies behind and strain to what God has ahead for me.

    I can get stuck thinking that God could never forgive me for this or help me with that, but God does care and will turn our failures into victories in Christ.

    • Janet Aiello

      Thank you for sharing your comments. I too want to listen better to God. I know He will strengthen me in my faith as I study His Word. Looking forward to what the future holds as I gain more knowledge of Hiswill for me

  161. Teresa Pridmore

    It’s encouraging to see someone respond to God’s call and count the blessings. Thank you!

    • Anne Onyekwuluje

      This is a beautiful testament to God’s plan of salvation. He uses each of us to be His messager and to do His perfect will. We are all called to serve and to serve others. Amen!

  162. Andrew

    Great and powerful testimony of how God uses simple things and circumstances to make ordinary people shine for His glory

    • Eileen Griffis

      May God be praised for the blessing of your response to His call to respond to a unique opportunity that is a reflection of what our mighty God does in and through our lives! Philippians 4:4-7 resonates down through history as His Story unfolds ! Thank you for sharing, Maureen

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