Forgetting what 

lies behind


Forgetting what lies behind


I n the 90s, Maureen Wong was part of an elite team assigned to promote confidence in Hong Kong as the territory made a historic shift from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. After 150 years under British authority, tensions were at an all-time high as negotiations between the two political powers escalated.

“It was an exciting time,” Maureen said, “but also demanding and challenging.”  

In 1996, just a year before the transition, Maureen and her family moved to Hong Kong where she played an integral part in the territory’s new administration. 

On the outside, Maureen had it all together. She was competent, successful and on the administration’s fast-track. But at home, Maureen’s life felt chaotic. 

In this season of turmoil, Maureen discovered Bible Study Fellowship. During a pilot study of Philippians, God gave Maureen what she needed most: spiritual confidence rooted in God’s Word. 

“Looking back, it wasn’t easy,” Maureen said, “but God provided for me and protected me through His love. I found joy and peace, and I had energy to do the things I had to do during that time. I couldn’t have done that without God’s strength and the constant awareness of His presence and Holy Spirit.” 

With a renewed focus on Christ, Maureen committed her gifts and abilities to promote God’s glory. Though He didn’t change Maureen’s circumstances, God transformed her heart.

“Not that I have already gained this or am already perfect…But this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  – Philippians 3:13-14

Pressing on toward the goal

In 1998, Maureen had a difficult decision. She could continue her career, earning status and high income, or leave the field altogether by moving to London with increased time for family and God. 

She chose the latter.

“Whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.”  – Philippians 3:7-8

“I had no plan as to what I was going to do,” Maureen said. “I knew that I needed God’s Word to guide me, and I prayed that BSF would be accessible somewhere in London.” 

In answer to her prayer, BSF was launching a Day Women’s Class in London and needed a class administrator with Maureen’s skills. 

“I became CA straight away,” she said. They (BSF leadership) said I was God’s answer to prayer because they didn’t have anyone in London who was familiar with BSF. But I knew this was God’s answer to my prayers as well. 

Maureen was essential in establishing London’s BSF program and helped to start an Evening Women’s Class. But with time on her hands, Maureen was willing to serve the Lord beyond BSF. 

The upward call

While filling her time with family, church friends and BSF, Maureen believed God could use her skills in a broader way. 

“I came back to London and had nothing to do. I was attending church meetings, going to church, hanging out with friends and enjoying the good life,” she said. “In studying God’s Word, I learned to be open to whatever ministry God gave me.” 

When a former colleague asked Maureen to help establish a struggling non-profit, she said yes immediately. Founded by former gambling addicts, The Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation provides emotional support and life-skills training that begin with the gospel. 

“I initially thought it was a short-term role, registering the organization as a charity,” she said. “I quickly realized that they needed someone to help them with administration and government compliance. They didn’t know how to manage an expanding organization, and they just didn’t have time.” 

In this new volunteer role, God used Maureen’s skills and previous professional network for His glory. 

“God made use of my past experience, enabling me to do the work He had called me to do at that time,” Maureen said. “I was privileged to see first hand the people who had been helped, their desperate lives turned around and rebuilt. These people began to flourish, and I saw God’s hand over each one of them.” 

Working for a fledgling ministry meant budget constraints and uncomfortable working conditions in an unfamiliar London neighborhood. 

“We don’t have a bright air-conditioned office,” Maureen said. “And I must admit, these were not the people I was used to hanging out with.” 

But God called the woman who once worked among Hong Kong’s top officials to serve the broken men and women of London.  

“Serving God in the ministry He calls me to is miles better than the one I would have chosen using my head,” Maureen said. Whatever achievement I see is not mine, it’s God’s. It takes a lot of patience, even a lot of time, but to see God change people’s lives so dramatically is most encouraging and rewarding.” 

The prize

Maureen doesn’t describe her move to London as a sacrifice. Instead, she says, “It was true that I had to give up certain material things, but when God opens a door, responding positively turns out to be the right thing to do.” 

Like the apostle Paul, Maureen is simply an ordinary person with faith in an extraordinary God. Her story is a beautiful testament of how God’s plan reaches beyond our own understanding. When we trust the Lord with our jobs, families and circumstances, He is faithful to make our paths straight. For Maureen, that path led in an unexpected direction, but delivered deeper joy and intimacy with Christ.  

When we say “yes” to God, His path may seem unconventional, but we never have to walk it alone.  

“…Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  – Philippians 1:5-6


  1. Maureen, you are a living testimony of God’s faithfulness. At each crossroads you chose the higher ground, even when it wasn’t as lucrative or easy. Isn’t is wonderful to see how the Lord has used you and also expanded the BSF classes both in London and HK? I remember you from my initial days in the first HK day women’s class and now there are at least 9 classes there, including men’s and a thriving young adults class. God has redirected me as well, and though I’m unable to attend BSF now as I have been care giving my parents for 2 years, it is well with my soul.

  2. Wow. This is so encouraging. God’s work in our lives is in accordance to His perfect will. Sometimes we don’t understand why. But yet He through His wisdom makes us to go through situations that bring the best out of us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Maurren we thank God for what He is doing in your life the testimony is realily encouraging may we all continue to live a life that will glorify the Lord amen

  4. Thank you for your testimony! It is very encouraging and is definitely something I need to hear in this season of my life. Thank you so much for sharing! May God continue to bless you, cover, and multiply every tasks of your hands!

  5. Waoh!!!! a great example…


    • thanks Susie for a wonderful testimony,have been serving in the churchas an elder since 1999 and I can testify that the work that God started in me he wil it to completion.Amen.

  7. What a beautiful reminder that where God leads, he will surely guide and provide.
    I have had to move between countries and cities a few times in the last 2 years and mybsf website has made finding classes so stress free.

    • God does the same things in other realities as well blessing one lonely man’s life starting with Jesus in BSF in 1988, serving as DL/GL since 1990 and priveleged to start a Mens Remote Satellite Discussion Group with PPL1, nearly 100 miles from nearest mens class, experiencing His extraordinary divine help and the best personal sharing ever from 12+ men, some faithfully driving 50 miles every week.
      God also provided the technical help to Live Stream the lectures in HD, every class since #1. Some doubted this could be pulled off, with no precedents, no training, no on-site helpers in one year.
      But WITH GOD nothing is impossible
      The pay is good.
      The harvest is Very good..
      The dance is Divine!

    • Thank you for a great testimony Maureen of how God works when we allow Him.

    • Thank you for a beautiful story of faith, obedience and love of Christ.

  8. Somehow, Ester and what she did for her people – the Jews – popped up to my mind.

    At the power switch historical event in 1997, there must be many Chinese moved from Mainland to Hong Kong. Was there any BSF classes you could serve at that time ?

  9. I thank God for his word that does not change. Am encouraged to learn that with faith and focus on him. he can change our hearts even when he doesnt change our circumstances. God bless.


      Dear Maureen, thank you for sharing your experience on walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ.
      This has encouraged a lot. I retired since 2005, but I am not settled I keep doing various jobs, volunteering, part time jobs etc. I discovered BSF 2018, and now I see the light at the end of tunnel through Bible study and reading testimonies like yours. God bless you
      Glory to God

    • I so love Maureen’s story, It brings me to this thought, many are the plans of a man heart, But God has the last say. God last say is best.. For me her story ties into what BSF is studying now about the life of David. All the things that David went though, and overcame with his skills and compassion, that he had for God and His people, made Him a Great king.. Am sure at some point and time David would have chosen a different path. Am sure as for Maureen making a chose to move to another country could not have been easy. But your experience and your, relationship with Christ, will inspire many. God Bless you.. and Thank you for sharing

  10. Thank you for this encouraging testimony!

  11. To God be the glory! Thank you for your obedience Maureen. God bless you always

  12. This is so edifying and up lifting may the Lord bless you and use you more and more

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. God is awesome! We can never ever figure Him out.

    • WOW! I’m so humbled by your faith and following the Lord! Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you for sharing your testimony of fath. Thank you for your encouragement.

  14. Praise be to the Lord! Thank you Maureen for your wonderful sharing, edifying and up-lifting! God really has a perfect plan for each individual, the clay in the potter’s hands! I remember one principle we get from the Lesson 18 (II Sam 7): “We do not do things for God, God does things through us”. Blessings!

  15. Thanks for sharing God is awesome ,

  16. God richly bless you for sharing.

    With God all things are possible………………I’m highly inspired.

  17. Great and timely encouragement! God bless you!!

  18. Very encouraging, saying yes to God’s call. I pray that when He calls me I will answer .

  19. May God bless you so much . In fact i am Singing a Chorus by Doen Moen.. Jesus is my firm foundation , I know i can stand for Sure.. Yes I am Sure!!!! I Suggest BSF HQ Welcome Card Booklet be revised from I AM SURE ??? to YES I AM SURE!!! with an appropriate revision cataloging corundum and index to it.

    Billy Mukasa BSF Harare Host – Nazarene Church Building Tues Evening Group Harare

  20. It’s wonderful, Maureen took one step withb faith and God honored her and used her to help the Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation. She could impact many people and provided emotional support and life-skills training that begin with the gospel.

    • Amazing what God does through soft clay in His Hands. Very encouraging and inspiring testimony.

  21. Thank you, Maureen, for living for Christ and setting an example for us. May God continue to bless you, equip you, and use you for His kingdom to the praise and glory of His holy Name.

  22. .Thank you does not convey my gratitude for the testimony of today.I believe our Father God wanted to be sure I received this word today. On my 2nd try I managed to get into my email and Voila!! there was BSF!i I’ve never received this before but in my heart I wanted to be connected. Our Father’s steadfast love and the faithful obedience of our sister touched and encouraged me to step into the unknown and uncertainty of my circumstance. I’m suppose to take a special driving test to determine whether I can continue to drive and I’m afraid my licence will be revoked and I’ll be dependant on others. I am convinced that our Father will be with me in this decision and protect me because I know He will always lead and care for me even in places and circumstances and places I don’t want to go.


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