WordGo: A New Generation of Bible Study 



I n 2018, a cross-country move left me feeling lost and alone. I desperately missed fellowship in God’s Word and longed for the BSF group I had left behind.

As the wife of a college football coach, moving to different teams in different states is part of our family rhythm. Whether we move to a small town in the Southeast or a major city in the Midwest, I can depend on a new BSF class to provide friendships grounded in God’s Word wherever my husband’s career takes us.

But BSF is more than just Bible study and fellowship. God uses each study to magnify Himself and mature His people. 

Personally, God used the Matthew study to transform a difficult family relationship. He used Revelation to renew my longing for Christ’s return. And in Romans, He affirmed the promise that nothing “will be able to separate us from the love of Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39b).

In the middle of that Romans study, a job change took us to southern Utah, where the closest BSF class was hours away.

Even as I prayed, “Lord, why did you move us here?,” God was planting a seed that would change hearts and impact a community.

Bennett and her family

Introducing WordGo

Just weeks after we moved, I was asked to test a new BSF model called WordGo.

Tapping in to BSF study material and four-fold approach, WordGo is designed to reach primarily young adults, those of us who were raised in a culture that claims, “The Church is outdated,” “The Bible is irrelevant” and “Religion is right if it feels good to you.”

To be honest, I was skeptical. Could the app possibly be as effective as an actual BSF class?

But I prayed, said “yes” and looked for opportunities to invite women to join me in studying God’s Word. Without knowing anyone in our new area, I relied on God to provide participants.

He did. Abundantly.

WordGo brought in-depth Bible study to the Utah desert. It introduced the gospel to several women who were not willing to walk into a church. It brought safe harbor to fellow believers who thirsted deeply for Christian community in a barren land.

WordGo brought in-depth Bible study to the Utah desert. It introduced the gospel to several women who were not willing to walk into a church. It brought safe harbor to fellow believers who thirsted deeply for Christian community in a barren land.

God is on the move

Just eight months after we arrived in Utah, another coaching change moved our family to southern Illinois. Once again, we landed in a town without BSF. But God used a second WordGo test phase to draw several women to Himself.

Our group included two former BSFers, a new believer, a skeptic and an atheist. We explored God’s promises, His power and His commitment to establish His people in the book of Joshua. By the end of our study, one woman tearfully shared how the experience transformed her entire family, and another is planning to be baptized this month!

In Isaiah 55:11, God promises, “(My Word) will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

During the initial tests, WordGo sprang up in unexpected places. Groups gathered in corporate offices, including Facebook’s headquarters, in homes, in coffee shops, college dorms and local churches.

Though the setting, technology and length of studies might look different from a traditional BSF class, the impact of God’s Word is unchanging. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is not limited to a church sanctuary. I experienced that truth in Utah and Illinois, and I can’t wait to hear how God uses WordGo to reach people with His Word.

“For the Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joint and marrow …” – Hebrews 4:12

What is WordGo?

WordGo offers the questions, notes, lectures and training materials we love in a mobile app so people can launch a study with their friends anytime, anywhere. At the outset, WordGo offers Joshua, Ruth and Acts 1-5 in a library of studies that will steadily grow.

How is it different from a BSF class?

WordGo is designed to meet unique needs, targeting those who aren’t able or willing to attend a traditional BSF class. The app meets many of the needs BSFers have been voicing for years, especially for the rising generation of believers.

With the app, people can start study groups. As Group Guides, they can:

· Start anytime, without a waiting list.

· Invite friends easily through the app.

· Benefit from online training resources and continued support to keep the group on track, all from within the app.

· Keep members updated with any location, date or time changes by sending notifications.

Group members can:

· Customize daily study content to a specific number of minutes per day.

· Receive study reminders and notifications to stay focused and on track.

· Store notes, thoughts and study answers to be used during group discussion.

· Study on the go by listening to custom Bible teaching, audio notes and a built-in audio Bible.


Who can start a WordGo group?

Unlike planting a BSF class, which can take years, WordGo accelerates that process by allowing anyone interested in leading a group to access the app. WordGo Group Guides are simply focused on inviting members and hosting the group.

We believe God will faithfully call, equip and convict the men and women who are committed to facilitate these studies. The material remains true to God’s Word, regardless of cultural context. The four-fold approach ensures that those studying with WordGo do not depart from the text.

Will you partner with us?

There are three things we would like to ask you, the leaders and members of BSF classes, to prayerfully consider:

Share WordGo

Right now, as you read this, can you think of someone with whom you could share WordGo? A friend? A family member? Someone from church? Or work? Who are the people in your life that are hungry for God’s Word and would enjoy the opportunity to gather a few friends for a study?

Pray for WordGo

Would you commit to pray for the ministry and impact of WordGo? Join the WordGo prayer list for regular info and prayer requests.

Give to WordGo

Would you like to support this new ministry of BSF as we move to reach and resource believers around the world with in-depth Bible study? Your support of this new ministry will help BSF reach and equip new believers around the world with in-depth Bible study.


  1. Hannatu Dushu

    Thank God for this new initiative, may God Almighty grant deep understanding and conviction in the lives of all who will join BSF Word go in Jesus name.

  2. magliette calcio

    I think the admin of this website is actually working hard in support of his web page, since here every material is quality based data.

    magliette calcio

  3. Sue Ng

    This is so utterly inspiring! I can think of endless opportunities to use this kind of study with neighborhood groups, contacts overseas or even my family.
    I’m currently a CL in the student program, but have an opportunity to teach Bible clubs in the public schools. The idea of teaching the unchurched is inspiring to me and with Wordgo I can enjoy BSF as outreach as well as teaching in the public schools. I will definitely be following the development of this.

    • Magdalene koki

      I totally agree with Mary Alice. BSF has matured and empowered many women. Let’s not water down the great gains that have been made. My prayers.

  4. Beth

    I am interested in learning more specifics about the leadership commitment. I have been in children’s and small group leadership and had to leave BSF this year because I now travel 250+ miles every other week to care for my grandson, which is a wonderful blessing and privilege. This does not allow me, however, the ability to commit to a weekly leaders meeting nor a weekly, physical location, Bible Study. What are the requirements for the leaders meeting and the weekly study?

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Beth, the leadership training is online and on your own time. For more info, check out wordgo.org. It sounds like it could be a great fit with your travel schedule!

  5. Dawn Buell

    Do you know how many weeks you should allot for each of the current studies available? Just wondering. Thanks, Bennett!

    • Paul Meneely

      Hi Dawn, great question! The current studies range from 4-5 weeks

  6. Pamela Parham

    Unable to get into app. Keep getting server error. Help

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Pamela, if you go to the WordGo help page, you can open a support ticket. Hopefully that will be resolved quickly!

  7. Carl

    Tapping in to BSF study material and four-fold approach, WordGo is designed to reach primarily young adults, ….why not middle-aged or older age groups of people?

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Carl, while the target is primarily young adults, WordGo is awesome for all ages! In fact, our oldest group member in Illinois was actually the one who helped the younger members download the app 🙂 I loved being in a multi-generational group! Such a gift.

      • Carl

        Bennett, I’m just repeating what I picked up on the wordgo application. I’m on board with the multi-generational approach. I am presently with an online BSF group that is multi-generational.

  8. Stacie Adams

    I have read everything and would like to start a group in my neighborhood at my home. What do I need to do?

  9. Margie Hemingway

    As a former BSF member, who is now unable to attend a traditional class due to ill health, I am thrilled that I will be able to participate in Bible studies from my home! Thank you for meeting the needs of those of us who are forced by health issues to give up BSF.

    • Carl

      BSF offers online groups. I have enjoyed one for the past year. Choose a day of the week and time. We have people from all throughout the world on the calls once a week for one hour.

  10. Susan Russell

    Sounds like a great idea but I’m not seeing the plan for leader selection and training? I know BSF is concerned about the Word being taught accurately and promoting discussion that is facilitated by leaders who all agree with BSF statements of faith, represent the Scripture accurately as they facilitate discussion, and have been trained to facilitate. I remember learning that the Romans study was added to the BSF course because it became apparent that many BSF leaders did not have right thinking about some of the major doctrines of the Bible and so I am wondering what the plan is for that doctrine to be dispensed to all of these new leaders. It is exciting to think of all the places this new technology will reach people! I’m sure BSF has some sort of plan to maintain excellence in all they do, including this new technology.

    • Mary Alice Onyura

      I agree with Susan that the much as this is a way to reach more of God’s people faster, we must be careful to maintain the integrity of God’s word and the way it is delivered. So far BSF has done so excellently well. We must guard against what could be misconstrued as relaxing the study so much that we lose out on the fact that God’s word must be accurately shared. Let us continue praying that God will give the best direction and guidance on how to roll out WordGo.

      • Bennett Rolan

        Thank you for your continued prayers, Mary Alice!

    • Paul Meneely

      Hi Susan, great question! As you have said we place high value on training. We have developed resources including videos, articles, blogs, FAQs, a support website and more to ensure Group Guides have access to BSF approved training content. You can view some of this here https://wordgo.freshdesk.com/support/home

  11. Neva St. Louis

    Great news that this will be available. It sounds like it will help fill a huge need.

  12. Kathleen

    This is a wonderful idea! I live in a very rural community where bsf is about an hour away. With this tool I can bring bsf to my community.

    • Eddie Lau

      Praise The Lord for giving BSF such a powerful tool to reach out and to witness The Lord. Pray that it will bless more and more until The Lord returns.

      On he other hand, I also pray that the ‘in-depth’ of BSF Bible studies will continuously go deeper and deeper so that loyal BSF fans like me can benefit. I suggest if this contradicts with the present aim of reaching to the general, why not adding supplementary notes for our further studies?

      I trust The Lord will surely satisfy all of us in our Bible studies. Praise The Lord.

  13. Plaxedes Mahwahwa

    Wow this great and will be suitable for my children who desired to be part of BSF.
    Thank you

  14. Susan Dawes

    Tried to get on but it failed!!

  15. Susan Dawes

    I feel this will be an awesome app. I love the BSF group I study and share with but would also love to share the video teaching with others who I don’t think will ever come to a group!

  16. Hudung Gyang

    This is a great idea. Certainly some people will never show up at a traditional class. I pray that it brings in a bountiful harvest.

  17. Maricris

    I tried creating account – email verification was supposed to be sent but I have not received it.

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Maricris, here’s a link to the WordGo help page. You can search FAQs or open a support ticket. Hope this helps!

  18. Alice Sudiptha Roy

    I would like to be a part of everything BSF does for The Lord

  19. Tamara

    Is the app working yet? I also went through the log in process and it is not allowing me to create an account

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Tamara, here’s a link to the WordGo help page. You can search FAQs or open a support ticket. Hope this helps!

  20. Caroline Burns

    I think it’s a great idea for those who would benefit greatly from this app to explore God’s word and will for their lives as it would draw them closer to God and bless them and the people they are sharing it with.

    • Cindy Compton

      Sounds exciting. It will definitely appeal to young people. Particularly to our daughter who is now deaf in one ear. Also our son, daughter in law and son in law. Thank you for Wordgo and everything you are doing to spread God’s Word. I will definitely pray and look forward to getting the app myself.

  21. Nelson Kariuki

    This is a wonderful App that will accelerate the reach of the bible to many as part of in fulfilling of the great commission in Mathew 28. May the Lord breath life into it for his own glory.

    • Laide Adewusi

      I like this new development. Thanks to the team and the visionaries. Praying for grace to reach more souls for Christ through this app. I will also get the app myself and start a group beside the traditional class I attend.

  22. Raj

    I down loaded the App.
    But it is not working on my smart phone
    It takes longer time for App to open
    Will you be look into it .

    • Mathew Ruck

      This is great. I will share it with the youth pastor. I have been praying for the young adults in our community to find ways to connect with each other through Christ Jesus. May God Bless this app to send out the Word of God it will not return empty

      • Lynne McVay

        I am thrilled with this new avenue for reaching people with the word of God! I have spent many years in prayer for BSF in my area. I have driven over an hour each way twice a week for years in order to be a part of BSF and a leader. Just this year, God finally answered my prayers for a BSF satellite nearby. Wordgo would have made a local BSF study possible much more quickly!

  23. Patricia Lee-Jenkins

    I would like to become a leader

  24. Patricia Lee-Jenkins

    I would like to be a leader

  25. Bruce Ensign

    I love how BSF is becoming relevant through technology and changing the way they always do things. This will make this great Bible study available to people – wherever they are and when they can make the time to study/participate! It is so encouraging to see changes in this organization – to the praise of His glorious grace!

  26. Catherine Mwai

    This is an excellent and marvellous doing of our unstoppable God in the life of our relatives, friends and neighbours.

  27. Mabel Tswana

    I am interested, l have people in mind whom l want to invite. This is a very good move

  28. Cathy Wagner

    Is WordGo available for immediate use? I did the login process, but it’s not accepting me. 🙁

  29. Sara

    Hello! I also live in Utah, but northern Utah. I moved here this past July for my husband. I can 100% relate to Bennett’s battle with the culture and questioning of “Where is God here?” I’m ecstatic about the release of this app and its potential impact in my life and my small group of fellow believers. God is here. His presence is felt!

    • Bennett Rolan

      Sara, praying for your community there! I found the most wonderful group of Godly women and I miss them dearly. God is so good 🙂

  30. Linsey Knueven

    Hey Bennett!!! Thanks for sharing your story. This is awesome. I met you at Moms group in Cincinnati OH and am in my first BSF now. I love it! Good to see you are doing well! Bless you friend!

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Linsey, I’m so excited you found BSF! It has been such a gift to our family also. Love to you and the Cincy crew!

  31. Rose Kimani

    Amen. This is great. God will create a hunger and thirst, not for bread or water but for His Word.

  32. Joanna

    Praise to the Lord! What a big move!
    I installed the app but only open when I got invited or I create a group?

  33. Carol

    Thank you for offering a BSF experience, that meets my and my family’s needs. I haven’t been able to attend regular classes. This opportunity is a God-send. God bless you.

  34. Vanessa

    Looking forward to sharing this with my family! We have been praying and sharing scriptures over the phone together one morning a week for ten years. Word Go sounds like a great opportunity to deepen our time while growing us in the Word!

  35. Ginny Brooks

    I really miss my BFS during the summer months. Is this something I could use only six weeks in the summer for a neighborhood summer Bible Study?

    • Debbie Tiensivu

      Great reason

    • Bennett Rolan

      Ginny, WordGo could be a perfect fit for a neighborhood summer study! I’m planning to use it in January for a shorter study with a group who isn’t familiar with Bible study. So excited for the possibilities!

  36. Helen Lee

    Whilst this is an opportunity to reach the younger generation and people who do not attend a church service where they can be in fellowship with other believers; I sincerely believe this is what most people say – the Message is the same but the method must change. To keep up with technology & mindsets, this is a great tool. However, do keep it to the confines of an overseer who is a spiritually matured coach to realign to biblical truths & beliefs.


    I have access to my current mail adress at office but I’ll try to go into WordGo as often as possible

  38. Mary Nyaga

    This is a great insight and will make Bsf reach many out there. I love the whole concept. Glory to God and this is a blessing.

  39. Christine Lucas

    I thank God for enabling you to use various innovations to enable people get into the Word.

  40. Kaycie

    Are there any ‘open’ groups that I don’t need to be invited to?

  41. Vincent Raj

    This is a great move. But certain aspects of the BSF culture should be continued. Gender segregation is a must. Though I am all for gender neutrality, ( my wife stil keeps her maiden name), one of the best things I like about BSF is gender segregation. All the more now required since cultures around the globe are not beholden to gender mixing and all the attendant problems.
    I foresee in spirit, there is going to be a great surge in studying word of God.

    • Vincent Raj

      This is a great move. But certain aspects of the BSF culture should be continued. Gender segregation is a must. Though I am all for gender neutrality, ( my wife stil keeps her maiden name), one of the best things I like about BSF is gender segregation. All the more now required since cultures around the globe are not beholden to gender mixing and all the attendant problems.
      I foresee in spirit, there is going to be a great surge in studying word of God.

  42. Pat Maxwell

    I have the WordGo app, but need an invitation to open it.

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Pat, the WordGo support page should be able to help. You can search Frequently Asked Questions or open a support ticket:

  43. Betty Martin

    I am hearing impaired but can hear on my iPhone with special devices. I would like to be part of Wordgo and BSF!

    • Paul Meneely

      Hi Betty, if you turn on Accessability Mode on your iPhone you will be able to use WordGo. Hope this helps but if you’ve any questions raise a ticket with us here https://wordgo.freshdesk.com/support/home


    Thanks for informing me about this new endeavor. I am blessed to be able to attend a BSF study in Chennai,India. In a few months I encouraged my daughter-in-law to join . She was happy to also be part of it, however 3 months later my son relocated to Pune where they don’t have a BSF facility. This endeavour would indeed help her.I would certainly recommend this to her. Praise God for His Wondrous ways.

    • Debbie Tiensivu

      Also all our military

    • Bennett Rolan

      Praying for God’s continued work in India!

  45. Kim Goehring

    I’m very interested in doing my BSF work from home.

  46. Manasa Talakuli

    Hallelujah,thank you for the wisdom.

    • Shirley TerryLopez

      I think this is a great Idea. I can see where this would be anawsome tool to use in a work environment for those wanting to start a bible study class and has never done one before

  47. Maria Lewis

    Would current class leaders talk more about Wordgo…for a better understanding …is this JUST online or people still have to meet???

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Maria, BSF does offer online classes that meet online, but those are full for this study year.
      WordGo is designed specifically to allow groups to meet in-person when and where they are able. For more info or to ask a specific question, check out the WordGo support page:

  48. Jennifer rector

    Sounds like great idea! I will consider.

  49. Eva Chow

    Hi there,
    I am currently a group member of BSF group , do we still have Support from any membership circles?
    Also, does WordGo app have different languages like Cantonese and Mandarin?
    I will pray for WordGo to reach millions more people who seek the truth of Jesus.
    Thx so much for your amazing in WordGo!

    • Brenda Hessel

      My daughter was a part of that first group in Southern Utah, and is still meeting with her group. This has been such an answer to prayer to bring the living water of God’s Word to a spiritually dry desert. Thank You BSF for your willingness to try new approaches Thank you Bennett for saying Yes to God’s prompting. Allison and I are so grateful!

      • Bennett Rolan

        Hi Brenda, those women are amazing! So thankful for my time there, and for Allison especially. Hope you all are doing well!

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Eva, great questions! For specific information, check out the WordGo support page:
      You can read through Frequently Asked Questions and open a support ticket for more detail.

    • Paul Meneely

      Hi Eva, great questions. You can access support for WordGo here https://wordgo.freshdesk.com/support/home

      Currently WordGo is available in English but we will be looking at adding additional languages as we grow.
      Thank you for your prayers 🙌🏻

  50. Joan

    This sounds like a great idea!
    However, in this world of internet tracking, scams and targeted advertising, are there security measures in place to protect users?

    • Bennett Rolan

      Joan, great question! The WordGo website details the privacy policy and for more specific questions, check out the support page:

  51. RichardChow

    Praise the Lord!

  52. Ginny Noble

    This is an amazing way to bring BSF to more people. Will pray for its implementation and the impact it will have.
    Am so excited to hear more. may God bless this endeavor.

  53. Cindy Avenell

    I think this is a fabulous way to reach the out-of-way places. I applaud the IT team at BSF headquarters and will pray for WordGo to reach millions more people who seek the truth of Jesus.

  54. Immuda

    Hi there,
    I am very excited and interested in this initiative, I am currently a group leader, do we still have Support from any leadership circles?

    Also, does Word Go app have different languages like Cantonese and Mandarin?

    Please keep me post on any BSF development. I love BSF.💗

    • Bennett Rolan

      Immuda, thanks for asking! The WordGo support page should have answers to your questions. For more specific information, feel free to open a support ticket:

  55. Christine .A.Ogesa

    This is a great idea that will help us reach many souls .May the Lord bless His work .

  56. Gwendolyn Rogers

    Can wordgo be used in the prison system? I am in contact with a chaplain and want so much for lives to be changed there. It looks like it would be up to the chaplain to run the bible study since prisoners may not access the computer. Any ideas you can provide? Thanks and Blessings!!

    • Cynetra

      I’m in and I think this would be a great opportunity to study and share God’s word. Sounds amazing!

    • Bennett Rolan

      Gwendolyn, that’s an amazing idea! For specific ideas and support, visit the WordGo help page. There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or you can open a support ticket:

  57. Joe Foster

    Is there any criteria to ensure that the leaders are saved and doctrinally sound, similar to the interview process for BSF GLs?

    • Gwendolyn Rogers

      I have no way to validate their Christian experience since the prison ( where my nephew is) is in another state – Texas

      Do you have any ideas’?

    • Gwendolyn Rogers

      I have the Chaplains’ email, maybe someone from BSF can forward a form to him. You can email him and futher communicate with him with someone from the Texas BSF Leadership group. I reside in Chicago and I am a Group Leader with Orlando Park DW.. Calvary Church.

  58. Rose Lyons

    This is a real blessing for the younger generations! Thinking outside the box can bring unbelievable results!

  59. Christine

    Wonderful! Love how studying the Word of God thru BSF is becoming more and more accessible in so many ways!

  60. Maggie Short

    What a fabulous direction!!! Any chance WordGo could extend to children?!!!

    • Bennett Rolan

      Maggie, the WordGo support page answers some of those questions. As a mom to little ones, I hope that’s in the works! The BSF children’s program is an amazing gift!

  61. Deanna in Sammamish, WA

    I am very excited about this and the opportunities it provides for SO many!

    I have downloaded the app, created an account, verified it, and now I need to “Choose your account type”. This is where I’m hesitating… because my options are to (1) set up a group or (2) reply[ing] to a group invite. Right now I just want to get in there and familiarize *myself* with the app, as I’m sure many others do. 🙂 I know this is geared toward the younger crowd but those who are less tech-savvy might stop right there in their tracks. Just a suggestion for maybe a future update?

    I’m going to choose “I want to set up a group” because, well, I’d love to eventually!

    • Paul Meneely

      Hi Deanna, thanks for this feedback. We will keep this in mind as we develop WordGo. Thanks 🙌🏻

  62. Erich Schulman

    Please upload the Android version to the Amazon App Store. In doing so you will allow Kindle Fire users to download the app.

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Erich, check out the WordGo support page for additional details. If you can’t find Amazon info there, feel free to open a support ticket. That’s a great question!

  63. Michele Marchetti

    Where do I find app and how can I sign up. I don’t see app available on my iPhone or Mac Air. I just had to drop out of BSF Study Group due to schedule and this contact online would be a blessing. Thank you 🙏

    • Robin

      Michele, I downloaded the app from the Apple app store to my iPhone as soon as I got the email from BSF. It’s there. I typed it in all as one word and it popped up.

    • Bennett Rolan

      Hi Michele, it looks like someone has already responded, but if you need additional help, visit the WordGo support page:

    • Paul Meneely

      Hi Michele, great question. You can download WordGo on iPhone and Android here http://www.wordgo.org

  64. Sandy Hutzler

    This is fantastic! I just spoke to some family members 2 days ago about starting a bible study group together and this is perfect! There would be about 12 to 14 in total. This is my second year attending a BSF group in my area and I enjoy the in-depth study and clearer understanding of the Bible that I receive throughout the program. To be able to lead a group with this app and the materials you provide is a true blessing. I am excited about taking all training and reviewing all materials in preparation for starting this small group. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to bring more people to Jesus Christ and removing barriers!

    • Bennett Rolan

      Sandy, that’s amazing! Praying WordGo can meet this need.

  65. Hilary Rouse

    Wow GOD! Absolutely transforming for the next generation.

    • Barnaby Foong

      What a great innovation!
      Currently studying in a BSF class. I expect going to class will increasingly be problematic as one ages. Driving at night in heavy traffic and finding parking will be a huge problem in the not-too-distant future. WordGo would be a most timely solution! PTL!

  66. Terrie Eisenmann

    What a brilliant idea for our young people! I can think of many who will be excited about this! Thank you BSF leadership!

  67. Linda Stewart

    This sounds awesome. I know several women this would be great for.

    • Tassie Sumner

      Love this story! Love this family!!!

  68. Martha S NEILSON

    I can already see how this would be helpful to 4 or more young women I know whose schedules don’t allow them to attend a traditional BSF class.

  69. Cathy Hoerth

    How do I sign up for word go? My travel and work schedule are preventing me from attending my local BSF class this year

      • Cindi Brooks

        This is great. Our class in our small Southern town has grown for the day time ladies but shrinking for our night time class. With other reasons if this class does fade, this gives me great joy to know my daughter and I can offer to some other ladies in our area to continue BSF study.

      • Carolee Cook

        I also think Wordgo is a great idea as I am challenged with health issues that keep me from attending classes. However I am not in a position because of my health to lead a group and am very interested in finding out about the BSF online program you mentioned. How can I learn more about the online group?

      • Kim H.

        I hoped it would be mentioned that there are currently online groups.

        I live in a town with a 1 hour drive to the nearest bsf, and it is only available Tuesday mornings, which doesn’t work for us. I have wanted to be part of BSF ever since I heard about it. Now I am studying with women from Virgina to California, most in Montana! What a blessing!

        I can certainly see and am excited about how this app will be a great tool for so many believers in a busy world and also in places where an open Bible study might not be allowed or would be shut down, even in the U.S.

        I can see myself making use of Word Go. 🙂

        Praise God, and bless those who step forward in faith.

  70. Jon Ann Wells

    I plan to share this new opportunity at our fellowship next week. That will give us time for sharing how and with whom we will use it!

  71. Kelsey Bowman

    Such an exciting time! <3

  72. Mary

    I look forward to trying this during the summer months.

  73. Erma Wiginton

    Sounds wonderful!. Might also be good for shut-ins and those that work irregular schedules. I plan to share with others.

  74. Laurie Ramón

    This is just what one of our class members needs as she moves to a small town w/out BSF. I can imagine BSFers using it during the summer w/ friends in their neighborhood or social circle, too. Will definitely share this.

  75. Christine

    How safe is this app to be used with Mainland Chinese Christians?
    And what is the maximum of a class member you recommend to have?

  76. Kim Greene

    This is amazinj

  77. Marcy

    I just shared this with 7 people. 5 live 2 hours from a BSF and two are nursing students. I also have friends to share this with that work 12 hour shifts. I’m so excited.

    • Dr. Carl Panasik

      Praise the Lord, Marcy! Praying that your friends will welcome the app and participate. God’s Word is unstoppable!

  78. Delilah Rossotti, CA

    I love technology and am very excited that BSF is using it as a tool to integrate the Word of God into the lives of our younger communities. I downloaded Wordgo a couple of weeks ago and invited my Admin team for training purposes. I love every bit of it! The tutorials online are great for anyone to start a small group on their own. I can’t wait for our current lessons to be launched. My Admin team is familiar, excited and ready to assist our members if and when they ask about it.
    Glory be to God!

    • Bruce and Robbie Hendrix

      My Husband and I are both BSF leaders. He is an ACS, I’m an AL and former GL of a Satellite group. We live in the country and would be interested in forming a couples group. Is this something we could use to start that type of group? We would be interested the beginning of the next study.

      • Bennett Rolan

        Bruce and Robbie, a WordGo couples group is a great idea!

        • Bruce and Robbie Hendrix

          Is this something we can start for the next BSF year study?
          Would we use the app to set it up?

  79. Darlene McKethan

    This ia absolutely amazing. I am so excited for this. I believe it will grow kingdom people. Thank you for all your diligence. This is my 3 rd year to be a part of BSF. I treasure it. Thanking God to be a part of it. Blesiings on BSF.

  80. Cash Calaway

    I’m a Group Leader in Keller BSF Class 1391, acting as both a UGL and an On-Line Ldr. Where do I actually get to see the Wordgo App to see how it works & what’s there? None of your introductory comments direct you to the actual app- I have difficulty with advocating its use to someone when I’ve never seen it myself. Pls provide a location for those, like me, who are interested in knowing about the app so we can be conversant with others about it. Thanks.

  81. Suma Chackola

    Good Afternoon,
    I am so excited to hear about this. For years now my sister who lives in Vasai, a suburb of Mumbai, India has been wanting to start a BSF for women in her town. Is it possible for me to share this with her so she can now truly have access to the material and host a meeting?

    • Bennett Rolan

      Suma, please share WordGo with your sister! Praying that it will be a blessing to the women in her town

  82. Sharon Kirby

    This is fabulous!! Can’t wait to hear more stories of transformation.

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