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2019 marks both BSF’s 40th year headquartered in San Antonio and 60th year since incorporation. God is so faithful and good! January is a time to reflect on the past and look to the future and BSF Headquarters wants to celebrate a few highlights of the year past and preview the year to come.
Three highlights of 2018


New study launch: People of the Promised Land, Part One 

A new BSF study takes years to create.

  1. Theologians and Bible teachers collaborate by poring over the biblical text, commentaries and BSF founder A. Wetherell Johnson’s own notes.
  2. BSF Headquarters staff members pilot the study, followed by more careful editing with an eye for the use of global English that members around the world will understand.
  3. Next comes developing the children’s lessons, Daily Dives and other supplemental materials.
  4. Finally, everything must be translated into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish before lessons can be printed on the BSF press. At the same time, digital versions of the material (audio, e-reader, PDF) are built.

Headquarters staff is currently studying PPL1 alongside you, and we pray this Old Testament history has been as enriching and transformative for you as it has been for us!

Mybsf.org holds all your BSF materials in one convenient location

Only those BSF members who attempted to navigate the old website will fully appreciate the simple beauty and intuitive user experience of the new mybsf.org. It took nine months to design the site, which houses more than 2,000 pieces of BSF material. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Two thousand documents! That includes notes and questions in multiple languages and formats (hello, audio!), lectures, children’s songs, Home Training Lessons, Daily Dives and much more. Take a minute today to explore all that mybsf.org has to offer. It’s a phenomenal (and easy) resource! 

BSF Online Groups 

Do you have a cousin in Supilinn, Estonia, who is thousands of miles from the nearest BSF class but still hungry for God’s Word? Distance is no longer a barrier to fully engage with a group of BSFers in verse-by-verse study, thanks to BSF Online groups. At the close of 2018, 7,600 BSF members studied in online groups throughout more than 110 countries! We have heard amazing stories of life transformation from people who could never attend BSF before. They include those homebound because of severe illness, physically isolated by working on an offshore oil rig, serving as missionaries in remote locations or even those needing a group that speaks their native language. It’s amazing how God uses new technology for His glory! As we continue to develop this resource and must limit capacity in this phase, please pray the Lord provides the proper infrastructure so we can open the door wide to handle the global demand so we can plug in every person who desires to take part in on online group.

Three plans for 2019


BSF Leaders Summit 

Previously, BSF leaders attended a regional Retreat every three to four years. This August, all BSF leaders from around the world will attend the BSF Summit, designed to unite, inspire and mobilize our global leadership team. More than 50,000 leaders will attend local gatherings (let’s all have a collective cheer for easy travel arrangements!) to remain connected (via video) to BSF’s mission, receiving the most current communication, encouragement and support. 

Development of People of the Promised Land, Part Two 

Headquarters is once again in the process of creating a new study, which will cover 18 books (1 & 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles and the Minor Prophets). Each theologian and Bible teacher involved desires to help BSF members better understand God’s Word and God’s heart in today’s world, so pray for them as they continue studying for and writing the drafts of what we’ll all be studying in 2021. 

Word Go 

You probably haven’t heard of this because it’s still in the early stages of development. All we can say is we’re working on developing a platform where small groups (and even churches) around the world can study God’s word verse-by-verse in a format that seamlessly integrates into modern schedules and lives. We realize that’s vague, but you’ll be hearing more this year about this exciting new project!   

As we forge ahead in 2019 – please join Headquarters in taking a moment to praise God for His faithfulness – all He has done in 2018, will do in 2019 and how He chooses to work in and through everyone in the BSF global community of believers.   


  1. I am whom I am because of BSF. It has shaped every area of my life, the way I deal with family, colleague and people as a whole. It is something I would recommend to the whole world.

  2. BSF have been a wonderful blessing to the Christian community in my local suburb in Melbourne. Due to Franklin Graham GOSPEL MEETING this coming Saturday at stadium in Melbourne city, leaders from various Christian background unite in prayer for the Gospel of Jesus. Such is the example of maturity, humility and respect shown Resulting from God’s Word and obedience with Holy Spirit’s enabling. Even the volunteers were very passionate for Christ and some I met have attended BSF. There were more evidences of selfless love shown in my local community like teaching English to migrants/refugees, helping the homeless, caring for the widows and aged and youth mentoring. I praise and thank God for seeing a bigger purpose of BSF in my local community
    I pray with anticipation for BSF new study of God’s Word, that I may gain spiritual insight, wisdom to apply and be in tune with God’s heart to see His perspective in the present world. And also that I can discern and obey His will and glorify Him

    • Praise God for the great things he is doing in the lives of believers and what he will yet do. glory be to his name. Thank you for sharing.

      • Praise The Holy Powerful Living God for member’s sharing and answered prayers, also give glory to Him for BSF works around the world.
        Praise be to God our Creator.

  3. Really encouraged and excited as I read these posts.

    How wonderful to look back,with thankfulness; and forward in anticipation- to our AWESOME God.

    In my home church we are moving to a new (not yet built) building- This involves saying ‘goodbye’ to old ventures and venues……. and planning for the “new” ………
    This, alongside the posts I’ve just read, reminds me of Isaiah 43:19:

    “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up;do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland “.
    I So LOVE the paradox of our UNCHANGING GOD (Mal 3:6) doing
    A NEW THING (Isa 43:19)

    I am SO blessed to have studied with BSF over the years.
    Thrilled (as always) to see the innovation of BSF.

    Thorough enjoying this study

  4. Thank you my LORD and all BSF staffs ! By God’s grace , now I stay in Tuvalu — a little southern Pacific island country, I can study His Word and Truth every week through vSDG .With my leader Wei Hsu and all group sisters, God’s love and light upon me every discussion hour and become my strength to face every day’s challenge. May God bless BSF and guide all future programs, May God bless BSF HQ and all leaders who serve HIM faithful, May God be glorified by all who love HIM!

    • Thank you all for what you are doing for the furtherance of the gospel, and for making it possible for women and men and children to study God’s Word. I sure have been enjoying the study on The People of the Promised Land part 1. Keep up the good work and God bless you all.

  5. BSF has been a huge blessing to me. Weekly, I am I loved in teaching English, witnessing, sharing the gospel to migrants from China. The Lord directed me to be equipped in Mandrin BSF group. It’s humbling for me as I cannot write or read Mandrin. God gave me the ability only to listen and understand. Wi the help of Pinyin and language apps, I persevered. God change my heart to have empathy, compassion and love others as I witness for Jesus. For the first time in Chinese, I pray, share my testimony, share the Gospel and translate for preacher on pulpit fom Chinese to English. In preparing my BSF weekly, my friends who are yet to believe in Jesus, helped me to read Chinese bible on Romans for me to listen. Gradually, they become more interested in God’s Word. I gave them Chinese bibles and they started joining a discussion group on John’s Gospel. I get what Paul says that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. I realised that the I have been changed by theHoly Spirit. May Jesus be glorified ever more.

    • With this new innovations I am personally blessed to study God’s Word getting exposed to Internet stuff. I am most grateful to God for opening grounds for me to Lear using the Internet. It has made me attain some degree of exposure to this technology I used to be afraid of this technological advancement and used to have negative feelings but now I see how I am connected throughout the globe in studying God’s Word. It is overwhelming to be on the same level with my sisters around the world learning the same Word at the feet of Jesus hearing Him speak to me in clear terms. It amazes me that I am learning the same WORD with my brethren around the world I am ever grateful to God for this privilege .

  6. Having been involved in BSF for more than 23 years as a Discussion Leader & class member, I am disappointed in direction we are heading. It has always been a special, challenging study for me & I do not find questions challenging or in depth as before. I miss gathering before class for songs, announcements & not singing before lecture when we return from groups. So many personal questions too instead of more in-depth scripture study. I now have heard from my group back home that next year lecture will come before class!!! I will be praying about my future year & BSF & God,s plans for me.

    • Hey, love BSF. It has been a huge blessing in my life. Just asking, could BSF please, please consider allowing leaders in the children’s program to stay with the same group of kids for more than 1 year at a time?

    • BSF missed the boat when it decided to throw out the gathering in the church before study with hymns, etc… I had attended BSF in Missouri and Indiana and loved it. This new format leaves so much to be desired. I think the part that could have been discarded is the little sermonette after class. Just have prayer and hymns again. I have yet to hear a sermonette that gives me anything new in my spiritual life. Sigh… Also miss the classes that were more diverse age-wise instead of everyone the same age. There is something to be learned and shared at every age.

  7. The online study has been a life saver this year since I have not had a ride to the active BSF class. I have been coming to BSF for about 10 years and have enjoyed each year. So thankful for all the leaders and workers who have put this together. May God bless you as all of you have blessed us.

  8. Am so blessed to be in Bsf and am commited to introducing as many girls as I can to share in this wonderful experience of exploring the word of God together.Thanks Susan for the good work the team at headquaters is doing and I believe the people of the promised land part 2 will be wonderful.
    God bless and enlarge your territories.

    • you for your contact! I feel He is the only way to save our nation and us!

    • Dear Susie – thank you so much for the update on the year gone and promise of so much to come in 2019. God be with you and the team as we get enriched by listening to HIm through BSF
      All praise and honor to God

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