Looking back and forward at BSF



2019 marks both BSF’s 40th year headquartered in San Antonio and 60th year since incorporation. God is so faithful and good! January is a time to reflect on the past and look to the future and BSF Headquarters wants to celebrate a few highlights of the year past and preview the year to come.
Three highlights of 2018


New study launch: People of the Promised Land, Part One 

A new BSF study takes years to create.

  1. Theologians and Bible teachers collaborate by poring over the biblical text, commentaries and BSF founder A. Wetherell Johnson’s own notes.
  2. BSF Headquarters staff members pilot the study, followed by more careful editing with an eye for the use of global English that members around the world will understand.
  3. Next comes developing the children’s lessons, Daily Dives and other supplemental materials.
  4. Finally, everything must be translated into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish before lessons can be printed on the BSF press. At the same time, digital versions of the material (audio, e-reader, PDF) are built.

Headquarters staff is currently studying PPL1 alongside you, and we pray this Old Testament history has been as enriching and transformative for you as it has been for us!

Mybsf.org holds all your BSF materials in one convenient location

Only those BSF members who attempted to navigate the old website will fully appreciate the simple beauty and intuitive user experience of the new mybsf.org. It took nine months to design the site, which houses more than 2,000 pieces of BSF material. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Two thousand documents! That includes notes and questions in multiple languages and formats (hello, audio!), lectures, children’s songs, Home Training Lessons, Daily Dives and much more. Take a minute today to explore all that mybsf.org has to offer. It’s a phenomenal (and easy) resource! 

BSF Online Groups 

Do you have a cousin in Supilinn, Estonia, who is thousands of miles from the nearest BSF class but still hungry for God’s Word? Distance is no longer a barrier to fully engage with a group of BSFers in verse-by-verse study, thanks to BSF Online groups. At the close of 2018, 7,600 BSF members studied in online groups throughout more than 110 countries! We have heard amazing stories of life transformation from people who could never attend BSF before. They include those homebound because of severe illness, physically isolated by working on an offshore oil rig, serving as missionaries in remote locations or even those needing a group that speaks their native language. It’s amazing how God uses new technology for His glory! As we continue to develop this resource and must limit capacity in this phase, please pray the Lord provides the proper infrastructure so we can open the door wide to handle the global demand so we can plug in every person who desires to take part in on online group.

Three plans for 2019


BSF Leaders Summit 

Previously, BSF leaders attended a regional Retreat every three to four years. This August, all BSF leaders from around the world will attend the BSF Summit, designed to unite, inspire and mobilize our global leadership team. More than 50,000 leaders will attend local gatherings (let’s all have a collective cheer for easy travel arrangements!) to remain connected (via video) to BSF’s mission, receiving the most current communication, encouragement and support. 

Development of People of the Promised Land, Part Two 

Headquarters is once again in the process of creating a new study, which will cover 18 books (1 & 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles and the Minor Prophets). Each theologian and Bible teacher involved desires to help BSF members better understand God’s Word and God’s heart in today’s world, so pray for them as they continue studying for and writing the drafts of what we’ll all be studying in 2021. 

Word Go 

You probably haven’t heard of this because it’s still in the early stages of development. All we can say is we’re working on developing a platform where small groups (and even churches) around the world can study God’s word verse-by-verse in a format that seamlessly integrates into modern schedules and lives. We realize that’s vague, but you’ll be hearing more this year about this exciting new project!   

As we forge ahead in 2019 – please join Headquarters in taking a moment to praise God for His faithfulness – all He has done in 2018, will do in 2019 and how He chooses to work in and through everyone in the BSF global community of believers.   


  1. Elizabeth

    I am whom I am because of BSF. It has shaped every area of my life, the way I deal with family, colleague and people as a whole. It is something I would recommend to the whole world.

  2. Joseph

    BSF have been a wonderful blessing to the Christian community in my local suburb in Melbourne. Due to Franklin Graham GOSPEL MEETING this coming Saturday at stadium in Melbourne city, leaders from various Christian background unite in prayer for the Gospel of Jesus. Such is the example of maturity, humility and respect shown Resulting from God’s Word and obedience with Holy Spirit’s enabling. Even the volunteers were very passionate for Christ and some I met have attended BSF. There were more evidences of selfless love shown in my local community like teaching English to migrants/refugees, helping the homeless, caring for the widows and aged and youth mentoring. I praise and thank God for seeing a bigger purpose of BSF in my local community
    I pray with anticipation for BSF new study of God’s Word, that I may gain spiritual insight, wisdom to apply and be in tune with God’s heart to see His perspective in the present world. And also that I can discern and obey His will and glorify Him

    • joy machunga

      Praise God for the great things he is doing in the lives of believers and what he will yet do. glory be to his name. Thank you for sharing.

      • Meriama Michael

        Praise The Holy Powerful Living God for member’s sharing and answered prayers, also give glory to Him for BSF works around the world.
        Praise be to God our Creator.

  3. Margaret Fleming

    Really encouraged and excited as I read these posts.

    How wonderful to look back,with thankfulness; and forward in anticipation- to our AWESOME God.

    In my home church we are moving to a new (not yet built) building- This involves saying ‘goodbye’ to old ventures and venues……. and planning for the “new” ………
    This, alongside the posts I’ve just read, reminds me of Isaiah 43:19:

    “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up;do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland “.
    I So LOVE the paradox of our UNCHANGING GOD (Mal 3:6) doing
    A NEW THING (Isa 43:19)

    I am SO blessed to have studied with BSF over the years.
    Thrilled (as always) to see the innovation of BSF.

    Thorough enjoying this study

  4. Patricia Fan

    Thank you my LORD and all BSF staffs ! By God’s grace , now I stay in Tuvalu — a little southern Pacific island country, I can study His Word and Truth every week through vSDG .With my leader Wei Hsu and all group sisters, God’s love and light upon me every discussion hour and become my strength to face every day’s challenge. May God bless BSF and guide all future programs, May God bless BSF HQ and all leaders who serve HIM faithful, May God be glorified by all who love HIM!

    • Frances Florence Goetz

      Thank you all for what you are doing for the furtherance of the gospel, and for making it possible for women and men and children to study God’s Word. I sure have been enjoying the study on The People of the Promised Land part 1. Keep up the good work and God bless you all.

  5. Joseph Teo

    BSF has been a huge blessing to me. Weekly, I am I loved in teaching English, witnessing, sharing the gospel to migrants from China. The Lord directed me to be equipped in Mandrin BSF group. It’s humbling for me as I cannot write or read Mandrin. God gave me the ability only to listen and understand. Wi the help of Pinyin and language apps, I persevered. God change my heart to have empathy, compassion and love others as I witness for Jesus. For the first time in Chinese, I pray, share my testimony, share the Gospel and translate for preacher on pulpit fom Chinese to English. In preparing my BSF weekly, my friends who are yet to believe in Jesus, helped me to read Chinese bible on Romans for me to listen. Gradually, they become more interested in God’s Word. I gave them Chinese bibles and they started joining a discussion group on John’s Gospel. I get what Paul says that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. I realised that the I have been changed by theHoly Spirit. May Jesus be glorified ever more.

    • Kate Ali

      With this new innovations I am personally blessed to study God’s Word getting exposed to Internet stuff. I am most grateful to God for opening grounds for me to Lear using the Internet. It has made me attain some degree of exposure to this technology I used to be afraid of this technological advancement and used to have negative feelings but now I see how I am connected throughout the globe in studying God’s Word. It is overwhelming to be on the same level with my sisters around the world learning the same Word at the feet of Jesus hearing Him speak to me in clear terms. It amazes me that I am learning the same WORD with my brethren around the world I am ever grateful to God for this privilege .

  6. Sandy Etnyre

    Having been involved in BSF for more than 23 years as a Discussion Leader & class member, I am disappointed in direction we are heading. It has always been a special, challenging study for me & I do not find questions challenging or in depth as before. I miss gathering before class for songs, announcements & not singing before lecture when we return from groups. So many personal questions too instead of more in-depth scripture study. I now have heard from my group back home that next year lecture will come before class!!! I will be praying about my future year & BSF & God,s plans for me.

    • Bobby Stogner

      Hey, love BSF. It has been a huge blessing in my life. Just asking, could BSF please, please consider allowing leaders in the children’s program to stay with the same group of kids for more than 1 year at a time?

    • Jane Maule

      BSF missed the boat when it decided to throw out the gathering in the church before study with hymns, etc… I had attended BSF in Missouri and Indiana and loved it. This new format leaves so much to be desired. I think the part that could have been discarded is the little sermonette after class. Just have prayer and hymns again. I have yet to hear a sermonette that gives me anything new in my spiritual life. Sigh… Also miss the classes that were more diverse age-wise instead of everyone the same age. There is something to be learned and shared at every age.

  7. Betty Tow, Amarillo, Texas

    The online study has been a life saver this year since I have not had a ride to the active BSF class. I have been coming to BSF for about 10 years and have enjoyed each year. So thankful for all the leaders and workers who have put this together. May God bless you as all of you have blessed us.

  8. Mary Nyaga

    Am so blessed to be in Bsf and am commited to introducing as many girls as I can to share in this wonderful experience of exploring the word of God together.Thanks Susan for the good work the team at headquaters is doing and I believe the people of the promised land part 2 will be wonderful.
    God bless and enlarge your territories.

    • Mary Kay easterling

      you for your contact! I feel He is the only way to save our nation and us!

    • Vivek Harinarain

      Dear Susie – thank you so much for the update on the year gone and promise of so much to come in 2019. God be with you and the team as we get enriched by listening to HIm through BSF
      All praise and honor to God

  9. Richard Wilson

    The Summit in local areas sounds great. How can we get approved to have a local Summit in our town? We have a location that would be available and there are probably 250 or more leaders within 70 miles of the location.

  10. Donna

    The online class has truly been an answered prayer…..it had been several years since I attended any type of Bible study; declining health and partial blindness prevent my driving to any on site study groups. A dear friend in ited me to join the BSF online group and I’m so thankful! BsF has reconnected me with both His word and fellow believers and just completely rejuvenated my walk. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and such a fantastic study this year, BSF!

  11. Chelsea

    I’m grateful for the online access of BSF! I had the opportunity to be a part of a physical group this past fall and was challenged to go deeper in my Bible and make time in my schedule to God. I now work on a ship through Disney Cruise Line and no longer have access to my physical group on Thursday’s, but am committed to continuing my study through the online resources as I sail the ocean blue. Thanks for what you all do!

  12. Karen Rohde

    Dear Ladies, I want to share the blessing BSF has been to me using the MY BSF web-site. This year after being away from BSF for ten years and after being involved in BSF for thirty years, the study of “People of the Promised Land” was very interesting to me. The class I realized was at my daughter’s church, which was an added incentive. She actually attended the pre-school classes in Bakersfield, California where we lived at the time. GOD provided three new friends that attended with me, also, none of which had experienced the benefits of BSF studies.
    However, my husband had a heart attack December 29th and had a quintriple bypass operation December 31st, so the web-site has been invaluable to encourage me and keep me focused during this challenging time.
    I am so thankful for this wonderful addition to the BSF classes and am looking forward to being back in class without missing the material. My husband and I saw GOD’s hand of provision and protection during this time and we are so grateful to our Awesome GOD who provides for HIS people!

  13. Gale Toufexis

    I thank the Lord for bringing BSF to Montreal, my life has changed so much. l never realized how spiritually dry our province is until l experienced the training and in depth study of the Word of God,( with
    This method. )
    I have been a Children’s supervisor for 4yrs,
    the children’s program is an amazing opportunity to learn and teach children at their level. BSF has helped me be a committed and joyful Sunday School teacher in my Church.
    I am so grateful to the Lord. All Praise To Him.

  14. Heta Gathuru

    Thank you Susan and the entire BSF team for accepting to be used by God as vessels to help His Children interact with Him in His word. It has been a great journey for me both as a leader and a member. I really appreciate the tireless effort of the team that has helped me grow deeper in God’s word.

  15. Kayode Oluwasanya

    Studying the Bible through my BSF class has tremendously enriched me body, soul and spirit. It is in having quality devotion to the study every morning that I have a sense of fulfilment and purpose. To God be the glory.

    • Stephen Rajkumar

      I have been blessed by the study – People of the Promised Land Part 1. Specially the life of Saul and David. MyBSF.org is really a blessing. Thank you HQ for all the changes in the procedures, without compromising on the Policies. Many thanks for all your support.

  16. Tonya Church

    Thank you Susie and all the staff at BSF Headquarters for continuing to be led by the Holy Spirit in the spreading of God’s Word. I am so thankful this year BSF has everything available online. I am finding my work schedule is not allowing me to attend class as usual, and this allows me to stay with the class, wherever I am. I also appreciate being able to listen to the lecture again, to pick up the notes that I missed the first time. God has done marvelous things over the years through this ministry and may God do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine.

    • Ongeche Rose

      Thanks to the BSF, its indeed a good place to be. how can i be enjoined to online study to enable me study at my convenient
      since work/life pressures cannot allow me to consistently attend to the BSF classes. I desire for the word of God to be immersed in
      my life as i age gracefully.

      • Modupe

        Hello Rose,

        You can join an online class through this link: bit.ly/BSFonline

        You will instructions on how to register and join a class that fits your schedule

  17. Janis

    I have gone to BSF about 5 years and have grown through it. However, this year I feel the application questions.are wasting valuable time , in that they don’t pertain to us as much as the old questions did. For instance, they ask us to compare ourselves in matters of murder and other sins that don’t pertain to us. I realize a sin is a sin, but I think Our shortened time could be better spent and more beneficial. You do a tremendous. Job of preparing all the material, and I thank the Lord for you, but as we go into the second half of the year, I am hearing more people making the comments I am thinking.

    • Susan Lehman

      I am hearing the same concern about the increased application. In fact it was a big discussion with a group of friends (couples) who were together for dinner last week. My own experience–in and out of BSF for 20 years now–is that the number and amount of application questions is watering down the impact. The studies are in danger of becoming “touchy-feely,” waivering on the edge of “me/us” focus vs. God-focused. Don’t get me wrong. Application is essential! Otherwise, what is the purpose of the learning, right? And I appreciate the move to build community and relationships. But I believe the scale has now been tipped too far. Fewer, but more pointed application questions will be just as beneficial. Please don’t water down the depth that is the unique blessing of BSF. Please!

      • Deborah

        This year is my first in BSF; however, I attended a women’s bible study in my hometown where the leader/lecturer had attended BSF for years and then launched her own women’s bible study. Her application questions had me studying more and probing for the answers. I’m surprised by how many of BSF’s questions are of the touchy/feely nature, too and don’t focus on any additional studying of the Word. So I’m, too, hopeful that the questions will cause more individual investigation going forward.

      • Sandy Cox

        I also have the same concern about too many application questions, too quickly. I love BSF and have been in it for about 10 years. I looked back at older lessons and realized that there has been a change. I don’t like to be negative…after all BSF has blessed me so much. However, please give heed to this concern about focusing too quickly on our application of things before we have truly absorbed the truths of the Word of God itself, analyzing and truly understanding what is being said. It is very easy to make wrong applications if the basic truth is not rightly understood.

        Thank you soooo much for all you do! May God bless your enormous efforts for his glory and fame!

  18. Jeri Ann Browne

    Today in church our pastor spoke about creating a sacred place in our homes to be with God. I believe whenever I open my Bible I have created a sacred place for God and I. I feel the same as I sit down and do my BSF lesson each day. I am amazed and pleased with the changes BSF has made in accessibility to materials in the last 13 years I have studied. I am an RVer and have loved traveling from state to state and city to city to attend BSF classes where ever I go. Now with satellite classes and the new mybsf.org I no longer have to ever feel disappointed I wasn’t able to connect. I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for the future. THANK YOU! BSF

  19. James Chan

    Any plan for BSF men group to have a DAY class? As we all get old, our vision is no longer as good as we were younger. Driving at night is becoming challenging. Unlike the women Day Class, the Day Class for men should be primarily targeted to retired men, who will have more time to chat and discuss about life issues. So, it can be a two-hour session. Just as a suggestion.

  20. Solomon Gacece

    We thank the Lord for your hard work – more materials and effective communication.
    God bless you.

  21. Tierney Skahill

    I am excited to learn about Word Go. I have a heart to attract more working women in our town and have been thinking about how awesome it might be to be able to have a one hour format over the lunch hour. Thank you BSF for continuing to provide a format for everyone….so there can be no excuses not to be in His Word!

  22. Tanzie L Harris

    Thank God for the opportunity of studying His Word with BSF. It is both a priviledge and a serious responsibility for those who present His Word in notes and lecture. I have found the notes in this study lacking scriptural support and including more interpretation. I pray that BSF would be careful to give distinction between God’s Word and interpretation. God’s Word is the final answer. God’s way is narrow and exclusive. Matt. 7:13-14,
    1Tim.2:5 ; John14:6 God gives the way – follow it for success.

    • Laurie Steele

      Tanzie, I think it’s so interesting how the same material can hit different people differently. There have been years in the recent past that I felt the notes were not as deep or rich as they were 30 years ago when I first attended BSF and Miss Johnson had written everything. But this year’s have once again seemed deep and insightful and relevant to me, and they have refreshed and challenged my soul! I agree that the notes, and all layers of BSF, need to stay in line with and true to Scripture, but I hope it encourages you to know that the notes ARE helping many, even some of us who consider ourselves purists where Scripture is concerned :).

  23. Tanzie L Harris

    Thank God for the opportunity of studying God’s Word with BSF. It is both a priviledge and a serious responsibility for those who present His Word in notes and lecture. My prayer is that BSF will be careful to present God’s Word separate and distinct from man’s interpretation. I have found the notes in this study lacking the previous quality found in scriptural support and includes more intepretation. My prayer is God’s Word above all is given as the final answer. God’s way is narrow and exclusive. Matt 7:13-14; 1Tim 2:15, Following God’s direction leads to success.

  24. Thea

    This year’s lessons and notes are the best written and most meaningful of all the years that I have been in BSF. Great job headquarters!!! Oh, and the Tulsa Day Class at Memorial Baptist has the best teaching leader EVER!!

  25. Carol

    Wow, I can’t believe I read all those comments, but am so glad I did. I think I fall into what I might call the minority or there may be others out there that feel the same but haven’t voiced it. I, have had challenges with some of the new changes & verbiage. I have been in BSF since ’92 & in leadership since 2006. I can’t imagine my life without it. BSF & my sisters in it have brought me thru many painful times. With that being said, I do believe this years lesson & questions are missing the mark. There are at least 10-12 application/personal questions in each lesson. When I do my HOMILETICS I love doing the application questions. So after being negative & ;miserable the first half of the year, I prayed & vented to like-minded leaders & class members. Still miserable to the point of dropping out. BUT GOD got hold of me & I prayed some more re my studying of the WORD & questions.This week has been so rich for me I can’t believe it. Thanking & praising God for all He does to keep me from straying. Oh how He loves us.

  26. Paul Lwere

    This is my 23rd year in BSF and I can testify I am getting even more passionate to my commitment to Christ with every study! Thank you all at HQ for the tireless efforts and amazing wisdom applied as you inquire from the LORD! Having been to the prayer tower at HQ, I can tell the best is yet to come! The drive to globalization isn’t easy but its evident that the God we serve is global and will certainly reach out to His people as we apply His word! Just can’t wait to participate in the summit this August…am thrilled!! To God be the glory forever and ever!

  27. Saholinandrianina Rajoelisonina

    I have been a BSF leader for 22 years, and TL for 11 years. I have seen the big changes in BSF, and first, I wondered if me, at my age and in an underdeveloped country with sometimes connection difficulties could still follow it. Many of the leaders in my class had the same worry! But now, as we have one GL online and as she shared her experience, but also as I see how BSF can use high technology for God’s glory and for maturing His people, I thank God and praise Him for giving you, at Headquarter all these wonderful ideas. I even have some close family members who did BSF before, but who are now living in places without BSF and who can enjoy tne online groups.
    There is an aged leader in our class who thought she could never be in that Facebook thing, but now, she enjoys it, as many of our leaders do.
    We keep pray for all you those who work hard to advance God’s Kingdom through new technologies. May God bless you all and may His Name be always praised in all BSF classes and by all BSF leaders and members!

  28. Ajit Moses

    Praise God for the way God has been transforming me through the study of the Word in PPl. Praying that God will bless all the new initiatives of Bsf for the extension of His kingdom and His Glory.

  29. Lorraine

    Thank you, BSF, for creating the online discussion groups. Your vision and creativity is a blessing and I welcome the changes. I was a leader for 9 years, but now I’m taking several months to travel the US in a travel trailer. The online discussion group makes it possible for me to log in to my group from whatever campground I happen to be staying in. I’m loving this study and appreciate being able to have a discussion group from virtually anywhere.

  30. Lillie

    Thank you, Praises and Amen..for all the BSF Classes in Austin, Tx and throughout this Nation and the World! Asking God’s continued blessings upon everyone involved! Love and Prayers!

  31. Patricia Kraay

    I would like to know if the new materials are designed so that someone who is blind, but can use a computer, can participate from home.
    I would love for my blind brother-in-law to be able to do BSF.
    Please let me know how that could work for him.
    I belong to a women’s evening class.

    • Monica

      I also have a nephew who is deaf and has cerebral palsy. I too hope that one day, bsf will have something available online for him to connect with others through the study of God’s Word.

  32. Reatha Butler

    Praise the LORD for the Vision. I know He will carry it forward into manifestation. HIS word will cover the entire world and it is so great to see BSF leaders, Administartion, and others boldly and courageously creating so many ambassadors for Christ. I am so thankful to God to be discipled by/through so many great BSF women and to be getting such a quality “education”/knowledge and with all that getting I am getting understanding from the Holy Spirit. Would not exchange this gift. I will pray for the Vision and for God to make the crooked places straight and clarity as WE go forth. In God We Trust.

  33. Nancy Brewer

    Change is hard! For me change is difficult. I use to have a rotary telephone that hung on the wall, and now I have an iPhone! Praise God! I clearly see the need for BSF to make changes to attract the younger generation. Thank God there are younger people who thirst for the LORD! I will adjust and adapt. I do believe that the questions are not in depth as in the past, but I remember how I struggled to answer those questions many years ago. God works in wonderous ways. I love my group, but everyone wants to share so much that we never get to answer all the questions which is a little disappointing. I am sure this “new” way will evolve and become richer and better in time as leaders learn how to navigate the changes. Any time, spent in his word is a blessing.!

  34. Donna Richards

    I am so thankful for all the people at the BSF, the workers, prayers warriors and attendees. I feel so blessed to have a great class right in my neighborhood in Warwick, RI. I am also thankful to have a place to invite woman, after I have had the opportunity to witness for Christ, and to have a great place for woman to learn more about the Holy Word of God, if they choose.
    THANK YOU! God is GOOD!

  35. Sarah Ward

    I will forever praise the Lord for Bible Study Fellowship for the past and for the future. I, too, started when dress codes were stringent and facilitators were thought of as more “Godly” because they lead the small group with refrain, but caring. The changes to dress code were welcomed, but the style in which we have begun to lead is hard for an ole dog! However, I believe God never makes a mistake and He is always working in and thru all of us as believers. BSF raises up leaders, using God’s word in a timeless fashion that rolls forward. This outward stuff doesn’t matter, for God is working on the inside. I am not a group leader at this time, but I can promise you the leadership skills I have learned thru the study of God’s word has changed me forever and enabled me to lead others just as I am. I love the study of God’s word and I am not opposed to the changes! Just takes some getting used to. GO FORWARD, Bible Study Fellowship….Journey on and may the blessings of God flow over each and every person engaged in administrating this power study. Amen!

  36. Shonna

    I’d like to inquire about BSF lessons getting in the hands of incarcareted individuals in juvenille halls, jails and prisons.

    • christine

      Yes, I agree. I believe that people who are incarcerated should be able to do a BSF Bible Study as well.

    • donna richards

      I always had a heart for people who failed, got in trouble and then the world doesn’t give them many chances anymore, or forgiveness. I am interested in this too, and would love to help out.

    • Jeanine Lerten

      I would love to facilitate such ministry to incarcerated women. God is using BSF mightily in my own everyday life since starting just 19 mos ago here in Portland OR. I love co-teaching homeschool youth with the new PPL material!

    • stan bradley

      As a prison chaplain I have been able to take BSF to the inmates. I did have difficulty with Jails as they are housing folks that are not permanently there as they are temporary waiting a trial or some other disposition.

      So for jails, I used the questions similar to those in the BSF lesson and discussed them with the inmates which requires me to do some of the teaching which is not the BSF way to do BSF. The work I did was similar but did not infringe on BSF copy right.

      Prison is a better place to do actual BSF lessons and depending on the warden, you may be able to take a DVD or go on line for the lecture from one of the Teaching Leaders. That helps to cover all four parts of the BSF method.

      Chaplain Stan

      • Russ Key

        Thank you Stan for taking God’s Word to the prisons, and for accomplishing God’s calling to grow His Kingdom in the hearts of those who are incarcerated! We were ALL chained in the bondage of our sins until Christ redeemed us! Praise and glory to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    • Lorie Swearingen

      Satellite groups! The Group Leader will still need to attend Leaders’ Meeting, but the group can have their discussion anywhere and listen to the lecture on my bsf. Our class has two satellite groups that meet in a church across town. It’s made it possible for women with tight work schedules to come because they are only their for discussion. It’s also a great opportunity for women who might be uncomfortable in a church.

    • Katy

      Shonna, ask your teaching leader about starting a satellite discussion group, they can meet anywhere!

    • Patty

      Shonna, there are SDGs in prisons. Talk to your TL! Her Area team will help her set one up!

  37. Lynne

    I have faithfully studied God’s word with BSF for many many years. Back in the days of strident adherence to “Miss Johnson’s guidelines,” I balked and whined but complied most of the time. I accepted the discipline as a benefit of the training. With the progressive relaxation of the dress code and other superficial constraints I was at last hopeful that I could actually be “myself” and study the word of God with integrity and enthusiasm while not offending Miss Johnson’s sensibilities. However, the recent onslaught so many significant changes have produced in me an unpleasant sense of instability. In the context of our national and global instability I found this extraordinarily disheartening! What was uniquely basic to BSF has now been thrown over for some energetic new design and with it alterations in methodology etc to fit the new design. I have now stepped out of leadership and joined the group as participant, no longer as facilitator. I must admit I spend much of my study time following my own curiosity rather than any stimulus from the questions. I am enjoying the time I have to do this but disappointed that the questions are so “leading” and/or less academically stimulating/challenging. I can appreciate the desire to promote good conversation BUT without the standard for deep study of the text as required in the past, we have become like any other Bible study-heavy on the talk and light on the discovery of God’s person. I fear the proverbial baby has been thrown out with the proverbial bathwater! May it NOT be so!

    • Annie Chumbler

      Dear Lynne: I have been in Bible Study Fellowship since 1983, on and off, in all kinds of positions God has placed me in. Yes, in that span of time, have seen many changes that it takes a little time to become accustomed to. I would encourage you to just relax, take a breath, and go at your own pace. God has His hand on everything in BSF and is prayed over for such a long time before the change is implemented. I don’t think we are to get to comfortable in our routines as their is always change for the Glory of God. And it is for the good of all who are blessed to have the opportunity to study in this way. When I started we were way under l,000 classes around the world and that was the goal. I think now we are over 2,000. Not completely sure but whatever it is , it is for God’s glory and to bring His light around the world. All change is challenging in every area of our lives, but when we pray for God’s will, He will see us through, as He knows the big picture and we don’t. God bless you and I hope you will not be discouraged, but press on, continue the race to the finish. I am also talking to myself. In Jesus love, Annie

    • Nancy Lorello

      I absolutely agree…very little time spent n God’s word. We generally skip over the most pertinent question and go straight to the feelings” questions. I know way more about someone’s 2nd cousin than I care too. Learning very, very little about the Bible. I have/am considering trying to find a more Bible based study.

      • Jacque

        I too agree we are spending time talking about our experiences and feelings to much it takes away time that could be spent in study of scripture

        • Rhonda Ray Bell


      • Cathy

        This is my first year in BSF. I’m trying to remain committed to finishing but it will also be my last year. All I’ve heard my whole life if how BSF is this great Bible focused study and what I’m doing is a feelings focused study. There is minimal focus on learning the scripture beyond reading it through. One could probably answer 1/3rd of the questions without even reading the passage. I dig into the scripture every week but can tell that isn’t the universal standard (even some of the BSF questions themselves are written by someone who didn’t pay attention to the scripture and don’t have scriptural facts correct. Like Lesson 15, Question 6 calling the Lord’s of the Philistines Achish’s “men” when they were his equals). Nobody can honestly have 6-10 life changing revelations every week. Change takes time in any area of life and pretending you are going to start a daily journal, build a rock garden to memorialize God’s promises, apologize to 10 people, start a new ministry, get up an hour earlier to do a daily devotional forever, and keep a spotless house in one week is just a bunch of women trying to figure out how to please the author of the material and putting on a happy Facebook persona to themselves and each other. Sorry, BSF but nobody is going to make more than 2-3 actual, sticking life changes in an entire BSF year and certainly not in a week. I refer to my homework as “the lies I’m going to make up in response to the application questions this week” and the experienced BSF people I know all reply to that with “just figure out one or two actual things you learned in the passage and write them over-and-over to all the questions because you won’t get called on more than twice, that’s what I do.” Well, if everybody is actually getting 1-2 applications from the passage, why are we wasting time answering 8 application questions the same when we could use the space for 6 more questions that actually teach us the scripture? I can see the good of the BSF organization and that it brings women together and has a heart for the Word of God. But not the good of much of the homework format.

    • Susan

      I agree. The questions do not seem to be as challenging. What I always appreciated about bsf was the in-depth study – way more than I ever got in a church bible study group. Now it feels no different. Lots of discussion but women not really focused on gods word

      • Susan

        I agree. Having been involved with BSF for many years I am finding the changes allow for half hearted attempts at the questions or even no attempt, since group members can still participate,often at length, and with little relevance to the study.
        Change is seldom easy and time is needed for getting used to a new format but structure and an expectation of what is required is also essential and this I felt was BSFs strength, an in depth study to challenge growth.
        I’m finding it hard to be excited about going these days. I’m really sorry to admit this but the baby has indeed been lost with the bathwater for me.

        • Jeri Ann Browne

          It must be hard to find the balance between too easy and too hard when dealing with many cultures, those with lots of study and Bible experience and those who have never read the Bible or the un-churched who we try to reach without them getting discouraged. Trial and error is how we learn what works. Keep up the good work BSF!

    • Diana McCleary

      I agree.

    • Marcy L Wells

      I couldn’t have said it better – I agree with you 100%.

  38. Nick Hernandez

    BSF going digital is a big deal. Well done delivering mybsf.org! Think about it. When Moses had his 1 on 1 in the Tent of Meeting, the glory of God appeared as a cloud. After Jesus Christ suffered death and was resurrected, the Holy Spirit then came to all of humanity. This could be called distributed cloud! Bottom line-The Holy Spirit of God is omnipresent; and BSF is scaling virtually. Praise God for our ability to change with the times!!!

  39. Noemi Graham

    Blessings to BSF and their staff/team for their excellence in teaching God’s word!

  40. Lori

    My first year in BSF was Genesy in 1973 . How different it was then!
    I love the changes over the years but am a bit overwhelmed with new technology etc but grateful for it and all the young “moms” who now attend this timeless , beyond compare study of our awesome God and His love for us!

  41. Tammy Schweizer

    I have been with BSF for 5 years with a few years hiatus between 3-4. I was ecstatic when i heard about the Emmaus night group. God is a right on time God. I was searching for something to replace BSF Monday group which ended several years ago and i was unable to travel to Reading, God was right on time in starting the Emmaus group. I am privileged and honored to be able to come back for 2018 as the study has run right along with many parts of my life and i have been encouraged and guided at times. I hope the leaders are blessed as much as I have been blessed by them all, in person and telecast.

    • Linda Cadwell

      I am confused when you speak of the “Emmaus Night Group”. Is this a pilot group of are you referring to evening classes or evening SDG?

      • Jane, CS EW HCM

        I believe she means the town of Emmaus, PA. Does that help ?

  42. Daniel Sikes

    I longed to have a Christmas Song. God gave me one this past December linked below. He gives me songs to share even though I’m not qualified just willing. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to listen and let it touch you. https://youtu.be/QcwN3qt5y64 Stay blessed.

    • Meagan

      Thank you for sharing what the Lord gives you.

  43. Melaine Davis

    Looking back and Facing Forward – began BSF in 1995 and loved everything about BSF – God’s Word, the women, and the leaders have been life changing. I am amazed and excited to see the expansion of utilizing technology and more application / heart questions that help us dive deep in His Word. May our prayers be united in pressing forward to promote God’s Word.

  44. Margaret

    I joined BSF last year. It has helped me greatly in understanding God’s word and Hus great love for His people.
    My life has been transformed and I see my life changing .
    May the God bless and inspire all BSF staff and Leaders.

  45. Isma Amelia

    Another shout out for 2018 is the social media actively used to spread the Word of God through the lesson we learn. I am and many are blessed with the posting that content lots of creativity, encouragement, testimony, insight, illumination, … All for the fame of Christ’s name.
    #wearebsf #mybsftribe #mybsffamily

  46. Patty

    I have been with BSF for 10 years now, and I am gratefully not the person I used to be thanks to my daily walking with and studying God’s Holy Word. The Lord God will, and has, kept His Word alive and active in the hearts of His followers in this world, and He has graciously used BSF to be a part of His plan and purposes to do so. I Praise our Lord God for BSF and all those He has placed in leadership roles. I thank God for all of His chosen BSF advisors and leaders for their service in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. God bless the BSF changes being made, in His Name, for His Glory and the good of His people!.

    • Nancy J Lindle

      Amen and Amen!

  47. Wendi Kawy

    In 2018 I decided to challenge myself (and my relationship with God) by reading the entire Bible (for the first time). It was such an emotional experience learning so many things I didn’t know about God, the Bible and His people. Coincidentally, I also joined BSF for the first time in September 2018 and the lessons helped me to understand what I had read and cement my foundation with God. I am forever grateful for what BSF has done and continues to do. I am so much alive, full and in love with God and His word I feel words can’t fully express this.
    I was initially afraid that re-reading the word of God would be boring but it turns out that no matter how many times I read His word, there’s always a whole new meaning, understanding and application to a current situation.

    I know you’ve been told this before but I truly pray for God to bless BSF, the staff and everyone who is part of bringing the word of God to us. I have greatly benefited in your 2018 accomplishments especially with mybsf.org where I get my weekly lessons.
    I will be praying for you and I can’t wait to read your accomplishments come 2020.
    Be truly blessed and know that I am forever thankful.

  48. Julliet Ndlovu

    May the Lord continue to inspire BSF HQ staff and all who support them. I personally thank God for BSF. My life has not been the same since I joined more than 10 years ago. I just wish and pray that many get to study His word. Online study has given me the chance to continue BSF in a place without Live BSF. It was an answer to prayers.

  49. Samson Miti

    I personally thank the Lord for taking BSF this far, glory be to God. I also thank God for BSF and its teaching, really I am enriched by this type of studying the Bible, may the name of the Lord be praised. I have personally taken the name of the Lord high by being engaged by a certain church here to teach them Leadership course and I named that course, “PRACTICAL PRINCIPLES LEADERSHIP COURSE”. Glory be to God. i will always pray for BSF.

  50. Richard Thilagaraj

    Dear All,

    I take this opportunity to thank all the BSF Head quarter staffs and especially Susie for her excellent planing and smart delivery of God Word to this generation through Social Media modes. May God Bless her and reward her richly.

  51. Vincent Soon

    God be praised & loved for moving men into action
    into forming BSF that has gone worldwide to feed
    & strengthen believers with His words by grouping
    them, so that they can enjoy studying & sharing with
    one another in a learning enviroment one may not
    find elsewhere. BSF provides a great & pleasant way
    for starters to learn about the loving God & our great
    Saviour without pressure & with opportunity to ask
    questions. BSF has been an excellent way all these
    years to spread the gospel worldwide & thus hasten
    His coming to redeem the world! Long live BSF till
    His glorious return! Thank you BSF.

  52. Wambui

    Studying the word has transformed my life. I have grown to love God and his word the more l get to know him. I pray that you will find joy in serving God at headquarters and elsewhere.

    • Richard Livingstone Ochwo

      Richard Livingstone Ochwo – February 1st, 2019

      As I used to hear people say the word of God, the word God, I rushed my thought into thinking that it is just like any other word we always speak. Not until 2015 when I joined BSF during the study of life of Moses is when I started understand that the word of God is totally different and special. May I put in a prayer that He who is different and special meet our needs.

      • Muthoni

        Yes, there is Life in the word of God. I love how the notes this week start with the question on whether life’s troubles draw us nearer to God or away from Him, makes me really think of what I am doing with my challenges. Also awed that all around the world God raises men and women to freely serve Him, grants them blessings of ideas for their generation, grants the finances , etc. Such a Great and Able God, what can’t He do!

        • Wendi Kawy

          I also like the challenges. They make me reflect on my actions, words and thoughts. I am in awe as well.

  53. Thomas Tse

    I am blessed by a brother in my Online Mandarin Man Group. He has to attend the discussion group 1am as he lives in Brazil and he has almost perfect attendance! He has to work at 6am.

    Thank you so much BSF for the Online Group. Without the online version, most of my 15 brothers won’t be able to attend BSF.

    • Marilyn

      Thank you for sharing your brother in Christ’s commitment to the Bible!

    • Wendi Kawy

      I am never a fan of online groups but with BSF it brings a whole new meaning. Am happy for you and what BSF is doing to you and your Mandarin brothers.
      See God. See how He works. AMAZING!

      • Thomas Tse

        Thank you Marilyn and Wendi. I was never a fan of online groups neither. In fact, I have tech phobia as I am a tech dummy! Thanks to the encouragement of Michael Guo, my buddy TL and the leaders at the Bellevue BSF Chinese Man Center, I am now a fan of BSF Online! 🙂

  54. Darlene E Johnson

    i have attended and organized bible studies for about 35 years with the bible study Friendship bible Coffees and enjoyed them a lot , I happened to sit next to a gal at our AZ winter home computer class and she invited me to visit BSF, I was greatly impressed with how much the ladies in the fellowship group had studied their lessons and such good sharing. also impressed with have young leaderss give thelecture on the bible study lessons.

  55. Nyasha Zhou

    Indeed to know God’s Word and God’s Heart is what BSF has taught me over the last few years. Thanks to the Women and Men behind the scene who invest soul, heart, mind and skill to make the word simpler and easy to understand. So many insights come t9 the fore each time one goes through the notes and questions. God is made alive in His heard to me!

  56. Portia Reimer

    What a joy to see the translations making such an impact. God does that which He has called us to do! Praise the Lord!

  57. Shirly Milton

    Thank you for your email. I thank God for his grace and mercy towards me. I believe that I have been put in a class with a leader and group that is given by God himself. I wait to read hear and understand the word that gives me a better revelation and understanding. There are so many things I was not aware of until I read the notes. I bless BSF in the name of the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for their efforts. I trust that this study is and will transform my life and personality that is is expected of by God. I pray each one who is working to spread the word in the least way possible.
    Thank you
    With much regards and prayers,
    Shirly Milton

    • Sara Joseph

      It was just as if I was penning down my thoughts -my prayers with BSF as it progresses to spread the word of God.

  58. Nancy Smith

    BSF is demonstrating to me growth continues whether new to the study or a 30 year veteran. What a wonderful way to share joy.

  59. Grace Tse

    Praise God for the wonderful work at Bible Study fellowship. Praying for the leaders and all who serve the Lord there, and for the good news of Jesus to reach all who are in need of Jesus’ undying love.

  60. Velma Grant

    Thank you to all that spend so much time in helping us understand God’s word, from HQ out to satellite sites. You are truly a blessing and may God continue to bless you all.

    • Marie

      I am so thankful for BSF and the opportunities I’ve had to share my faith with my group. I love the variety of Bible versions used by my group. It gives us an opportunity to read different translations and hear different points of view. BSF has given me an opportunity to share my rich Catholic faith with so many ladies. How beautiful to know we are one in our faith in Jesus Christ!

    • Thokozile Saungweme

      This is my 20th year in BSF and I will always thank God for helping me know him in his fullness through the study of his word but the highlight was when my daughter, who lives in Australia, could finally join a BSF online class! She lives and works far from BSF classes in her city and my prayer was always that she would somehow get to one! God is so faithful and I am so thankful!

  61. Verna Brown

    Thank God for BSF. This had been a wonderful experience for me. Coming to BSF. I learned how to go deep into my bible study pulling out the key points. Meeting wonderful women’s that love God as myself. I’m forever grateful. I thank God for opening up the door to meet wonderful peoples.

  62. Gayle

    Heartfelt thanks and blessings to everyone at BSF! I have a chronic illness that prevents me from attending classes. I’ve had a desire to be a part of BSF for years.

    PPL1 is my first class and I cannot begin to express how much the online classes mean to me and are helping me in my daily walk w/Christ. The lessons, lectures, notes, etc. always speak to my heart and bring encouragement as well as soul searching.

    The leader of my group and all the members are a tremendous blessing. I treasure their friendship and count them as enormous blessings in my life.

    Thank you, BSF! May God bless each and every one of you as you continue to spread the Good News around the world. You’re making a huge difference today, tomorrow and most importantly, eternally!

    • Wendi Kawy

      PPL1 is also my first class. Way to go. Can’t wait for future classes and more in depth study of the word.

  63. Grace

    I am daring to be a king David in my daily activities; humbly asking and accepting the wise and true pathway that leads to Christ as I study the history of the people of this great Promise!

  64. Sharon Lajer

    A dear friend invited me to BSF many years ago and, due to that blessing, I am now re-taking the lessons for the second time; each time I learn more and feel more blessed. If it were not for BSF I would not have gained the knowledge and wisdom that comes from studying the Word of God as only BSF is able to teach it. I am excited to share what I have learned and continue learning for as long as the Lord allows and I thank EVERYONE who makes this God driven group available. Now it is and will be available to even more souls that are searching for TRUTH. God bless you all.

  65. Patty Corwin

    A special praise for our own Omaha Evening Women’s leader Amanda Elbert, who was led to start an online American Sign Language BSF group. The deaf and heaped for hearing populations has not had a venue to really study in BSF. Not only is Amanda’s group growing, but we also have sign language interpretation for our lectures. And, hopefully, we can have a hearing impaired group at our evening meetings in the near future. God is moving!

  66. Sally McGirk

    Bsf Thornton (North Campus) Colorado and Northglenn (South Campus, Colorado
    * 2011 – 2012 ACTS, Doris P.
    * 2012 – 2013 GENESIS, Judy L.
    * 2013 – 2014 MATTHEW, Cathy B
    * 2014 – 2015 The Life of Moses, Exodus, Peggy B
    * 2015 – 2016 REVELATION, Peggy B.
    * 2016 – 2017 JOHN, Sharon C.
    * 2017 – 2018 ROMANS, Sharon B
    * 2018 – 2019 People of the Promised Land, Part I, Gloria J.
    Lecturers: Ronna and Maria

    But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.
    🌷2 Peter 3:18 📖 ESV

  67. Shara

    Praise God!! Praying for the next generation. May God give wisdom and clear instructions to the board members and leaders and volunteers. Thank you Jesus for your servants.

  68. Beverly Reynolds

    Thanks a lot to BSF. Through online classes I have met a whole new group of Christian friends all over the US and abroad. I look forward to our class each week. God is blessing all of us. Our ASK draws us much closer together and we pray for each other.

  69. Rosa Johnson

    Praise God for leadership commitment to do all things in accord with His Word, and to reach and share the Word to people everywhere. To God be the glory.

  70. alice oakes

    So grateful to God for all he is doing thru BSF people, materials, technology!
    He is demonstating His love for His people to teach us in such wonderful ways!

  71. M, L.Mills

    I have enjoyed BSF. Now I have varies illness that I can’t make it to night classes. So happy to know I Can study right at home. Thanks be to God for new technology.

    • Patrick Rutten

      The concept of adaptive small study groups is on the mark. What I really am waiting to see in the U.S. is the launch of Word in the City. If BSF is going to educate young adults in the Word, BSF has to provide the generational forum. A sad statistic,…75% of Christian kids leave the faith after high school graduation.

  72. Brenda Jones

    Thanks for all you do. Much love and blessings to the BSF team.
    Cant wait for Part 2….(been studying ISam-2King in my personal study). This study means the world to me.
    You have truly took the commission and ran with it…GO, TEACH, BAPTIZE!!!!


      Yes indeed, we give Our ” Savoir “all the credit .Happy New Year to BSF. And May God continue to Bless each one of us. And encourage us to spread the, “Good News “.

  73. Joanne Tseng

    Praise he Lord! And thanks a million to BSF and team. Your goodness is beyond description! You are demonstrating God’s unconditional love to mannnnnnny !!!

  74. Lidia Reyes

    Estoy muy agradecida con Díos y con el Ministerio de BSF por lo que es tan haciendo en compartir y estudiar la Biblia juntas en grupo empeze hace un año este es el segundo año y me ha sido de mucha bendición en mi vida espiritual con mo familia y con la congregación donde asisto porque también he tenido la oportunidad de compartir con las damas de mi congregación algunos estudios y la verdad son de mucha bendición. Gracias a Díos por usar a la hermana que empezó este estudio que Díos la siga usando.

  75. Joyce Dantong

    Bsf is a family I love so much, 2018 was great, I learned to trust God with my life and future just like Ruth. 2019 will be awesome with word study.

  76. James Denneny

    I am recovering from a fall and have been unable to attend classes at Kent Covenant Church for about six weeks. My bsf account was apparently closed due to not attending class. I could not have access to Lecture or notes – only questions. We were able to access BSF from her account.

    BSF’s mission is to bring men and women into the Word – not chase them away. My request is BSF carefully validate account removals and not simply accept input from the class before closing on-line accounts. My account has been reopened for full access by my Men’s group leader who ran the issue down.

    BSF is a big part of my wife and my life. We share God’s Word from BSF together. It has been a great joyin our spiritual life. It is interesting her ladies group did not close her account. She is my caretaker and has also been absent from her class also.

  77. Hazel

    I really praise God for BSF. It helped me know more about my Creator, my Father, my Savior, my Redeemer, and how He loves and cares about me and His children. Indeed God’s truth enables us to be the person God designed us to be. Glory to God and blessings upon blessings be with BSF. 😍

  78. Winnie Chan

    Thank you for daring to change and for making BSF more accessible and relevant than ever. Now new people don’t have to wait for a particular week to attend a Welcome to plug into a group. I like how the first and last questions each week allow remembrance and sharing of how we saw God work the past week, and the main takeaway from the current week’s study. The online and audio resources in My BSF are great–now I can re-/listen to any lecture, and hear the notes read by a man with a nice accent! Online study materials and Virtual Groups allow people who can’t go to a regular class, to study/learn and to share online with a group wherever they are, at whatever time works for them; they don’t even have to be in the same country! Wow, the many ways God is at work in and through BSF! What next?

    What will be the study for 2020?

    What will be the next language that BSF materials will be translated into? Korean? Arabic or another middle-eastern language…?

    • Linda Harris

      I am so grateful for BSF. This past study 1Samuel has really brought me to my knees… Seeing myself from the inside out. Just so happy to have a family that Loves Jesus and His word. Blessings BSF!

      • Ginnie

        Amen sister.

  79. Gayle Wilson

    Thank you to those who develop the lessons for the BSF studies. As a seasoned Christian I have been more aware of God’s word coming alive and more active in my life through the studies I have participated in.

  80. Earnestine B. Turner

    Praying for everyone that has a hand in making BSF into a great Biblical study. Praying that our nations will be changed. I love being a part of BSF I am growing to be more like Christ weekly. Thank you! Blessings!

  81. Mitzi white

    I always enjoy reading what God is doing in and through BSF. I’m excited for the new possibilities in 2019. To God be All the Glory!!

  82. Corinne Place

    I love BSF, although the Old Testament is intimidating to me! I love my class, leader and learning from them!

    I so hope we will have a “live” lecturer soon! Guess I’m old school!

    God Bless!!

    • Michelle

      So happy to hear you are sticking with it despite the intimidation!

  83. Avery

    What a transformation from reading the Bible to studying it! The Lord keeps blessing me with insight that I have never experienced before.
    Thank you BSF for the amazing groups, lectures, lessons, ease of studying on line, etc., etc.
    God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

    • Michelle

      As Paul writes, “the eyes of your heart are enlightened!” Super cool!

  84. irene gichohi

    BSF has been a blessing to me.
    I have learnt to wait upon the Lord and be patient.
    I am learning to trust the Lord always.
    mybsf.org is easy to navigate
    Thank you

  85. Chan Chu Chye

    Looking back at 2018, firstly, I thank God that He directed me to love my wife His way! Next, the courage to speak about God to my neighbours and others; how good God is to me! Thirdly, God The Holy Spirit is still fanning my love for His Word; that is why I will be in BSF enjoying ‘The Peoples of the Promised Land Part 1’.
    Thank you and your team for this new module.
    May God bless all the works of all the hands in this ministry of enriching the saints in His Word!
    Chu Chye,

  86. Bibiana Njeri Nkonge

    In 2017 I moved from the city to the village and missed studying BSF as there was no class near my home village then my friend Grace Mwangi told me about the on line study. This is the best thing ever and the steps to access the lecture, notes and questions has been made so easy. Am grateful to God for this. Am also grateful to the Headquarters and BSF community for this new method which helps people like me to study God’s word in places where there are no physical classes. Praying for Headquarters and the whole of BSF fraternity. Thanks all.

  87. Juliedy Francabandera

    This brings tears to my eyes. I never heard about BSF until some months ago. Metting other people who are in love w God’s word and are fighting to get its transforming power to saints around the globe is a blessing beyond words. Let’s help brethren we need to give more. The Gospel most reach everyone.

  88. Janice Cox

    I was part of BSF 25 + years ago, studying Matthew, Genesis and The History of Israel (I forget what it was called). I was disappointed coming back this year to study PPL1 with one thing……I remember former studies being very challenging and requiring a lot of time to complete. More time was spent on the text and less on application. Now, it seems, the questions are sometimes shallow and applications are forced from the text. Some principles certainly apply to all people, at all times, but we are not King David and some of the specific ways God dealt with him should not be forced to directly apply to us, in my opinion…..Would like to hear more about the cultures and peoples of the time the Scripture was written to better understand the text before trying to make applications. This is meant to be constructive criticism. BSF is truly a gift from the Holy Spirit and blessed by God as it continues to grow and adapt to a changing world…..

    • Judy Williams

      I have been a BSF leader for about 17 years. I was so excited to see the application of the Scriptures as part of the lesson! As we prayerfully study our lessons, the Holy Spirit leads us to applying it to our lives. How wonderful and what a blessing as we grow in our faith.

    • Claudia Linder

      I feel the same way.

    • Kelly Stockton

      I thank God for His extravagant gift of allowing me to serve Him in BSF for almost 31 years. As I have walked through the changes over the years I just marvel how people are moving from just knowing information and about God…to seeing their lives and hearts transformed as they move from information to application. I grieve for the ones in my life who only want the information. We learned this year that God looks at the heart. I want God to see my heart as one who knows Him and looks more like Jesus as I have applied His Word.

      • Sharon Tungate

        Well said! I am striving to learn how to apply God’s Word into my daily life and to turn to Him in all things. This is a work in progress and I am so blessed to be with the women in my group, my leader and all the other women involved. Thank you BSF for your efforts in bringing Scripture alive and applicable to today’s world.

    • Penny Roberson

      Janice, some of what you say is my experience also. The BSF of the past seemed deeper somehow. I remember being so impressed with the Godly women I was surrounded by in my group. The Godliness
      of those responding today is not evident – they are speaking of their experiences, but they are with people and not with God’s Presence. Having said that, I know BSF wants to reach current generations,
      and I think they have a good approach. We “old-timers” have a rough time because we tasted BSF ambrosia, and newer generations WANT jello!!!!! That is not BSF’s fault and BSF should be commended for making the study a vehicle newer generations can comfortably use to learn about The Trinity without frightening them with BSF’s past structure and intensity. It is society, not BSF, and God is still guiding BSF.

  89. Evelyn Scott

    This is my seventh year to study with BSF. I am so thankful for their diligence and commitment to get the Word out. It has changed my life. I knew a lot of Bible, but I wasn’t applying it. Now I see how important it is to live it, and to worship God in it.

    I appreciate your reach into the 21st century with technology. I feel “hip”!

    I’m praying for y’all and especially praying for a men’s class to form nearby.

  90. Rita Kroon

    This is my fourth year in BSF, and I love learning more of God and more of His heart. As a small group leader, I have grown so much in my understanding of God’s Word through homiletics. It took me a few months to get the concept of homiletic studying, but the rewards are fantastic! I am excited to be a part of God’s extended grace through BSF to the world.

  91. Diana Smith

    Just returned from a 6 week cruise during which I was able to continue with my BSF studies thanks to the many new formats incorporated into the study of God’s word by BSF. I even watched the videotapes of my leader’s lectures. It was such a comfort to stay in the loop of my studies. Thank you for your innovative approach to spreading God’s word!

  92. Judith (Judy) Southwood

    I have been attending BSF for (4) four years. It is the most in depth and thought provoking study I have ever taken part in.
    I have attended Bible Study groups for approximately 35 years. I always learned from the pastoral teacher and the
    participation of attendees. Nothing compares to the knowledge and understanding I have learned in BSF. Thank you
    for the time and effort from everyone involved providing this study. Not only for the adults but for the hundreds of
    preschool children who are learning the same lesson, but at their level. In my group their are over 125 infants to (5)
    five year old boys & girls learning God’s Word.

  93. Alice Freeman

    I have enjoyed classes at BSF for many years. God bless your ministry.

  94. Bonnie Dorsey

    With this study I have been in BSF nine years. All the studies have been great. Looking forward to see what God has planned for our class in Stuart, Florida.

  95. Kathy Gray

    BSF has been a game changer for me! I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for being introduced to BSF. I am on year 3; my first study was the book of John. I didn’t know at the time (God knew), I would receive news from my doctor “this is what you have and there’s no cure.” God gave me BSF. A slippery slope is doable with a team. I’m not alone. What a strategic God we serve! It’s hard to unravel your faith in the book of John, among leaders and fellowship prayer warriors. My heart is grateful for joining BSF. I am now equipped to spread the Good News!

    • Joyce Eslinger

      I became ill 24 years ago, half-way through my first year in BSF. I was diagnosed with an illness which is incurable, mostly invisible, and has a deep stigma attached to it. Somehow, I managed to complete the year with my four-year-old son in tow. I kept attending BSF after dropping all other activities in my life. I enjoyed a years-long remission in which I became a group leader, serving for 12 years in two different classes. Then I had to stop because my health was again deteriorating. I came back for Revelation, but was unable to continue the next year. I’m now housebound, and was so grateful and excited to learn about online groups. I signed up right away, and am being so blessed by my group. It’s been a wonderful study, and I love my group. I’m so grateful that God led BSF to develop online groups.

      • Michelle

        Wow, Kathy & Joyce – thank you for honoring God by sharing your lives and your story!

  96. Chandra Immanuel.

    PP1 questions are thought provoking. Notes are extremely good. Sad to hear P P2 will be only in 2021. I will be 79 years old. Praying that I should be able to do.

    • Jeanice Holtzer

      Hey Chandra, I am 79 now in PPL1 and looking forward to PPL2 in 2021!

    • Marge Farmer

      Hey Chranda,
      This is my 10th year in BSF this time. Did 5 sessions about 30 years ago. I am 88 and going strong. What could be better than BSF? Being in the near Presence of Jesus! The BEST is yet to come!
      In HIS grip, Marge

      • Michelle

        You all are going strong AND leaving comments on our blog! I am so impressed. I would love to be in a discussion group with you ladies, any chance you can come study with me in San Antonio in 2021? Or online group, anyone?

    • Pat

      You will be 79 years young and going strong. 😊Remember Caleb. He was 85 when he asked for his mountain. And he felt no different than when he was 40. God willing you will be pursuing His word with us. Or you may get to be one of the saints cheering us on through the study. Looking forward to hearing again how you are doing.
      Blessings always.

  97. Clara ines

    I have received a lot of support from my leader,Elisabet in Spanish.

    The program is amazing, I love ❤️ to continue with BSF.

    Thanks God,

  98. John

    I went through BSF as a young father with my children, and ended up finishing as a childrens leader. I am now attending with my son and grandchildren. BSF is good, God is great!

  99. Anita Young

    God is amazing this week’s lesson in the CP his attribute Incomprehensible just makes me even more appreciate what he has done for us. His ways and thoughts are truly above and beyond Ours. What God has done through BSF in my life is amazing. Draw me to a closer relationship with him deeper understanding of his Word while impacting the next generation! Praise GOD from whom ALL Blessings Flowing. May God continue to expand his work through those he has call and be glorified to Him All honor and Praise👋🏽👋🏽

  100. Debbie Miller

    As a first year member BSF has helped me to have a better understanding of God’s word and His love for all of us. Although I’ve studied and read through the Bible the last two years, there’s no comparison to the difference BSF has made in my truly getting a deeper understanding of His word and growing into a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I appreciate it’s impact on my life, and for every leader who has devoted their time. I pray Gods continued blessing on each person. and BSF. Thank you

  101. Judith

    I have received great encouragement from attending BSF. My group leaders have prayed and been so caring. The studies are so well written and it has truly helped me dig deeper into Gods word.

  102. Lynn Ewbank

    In February 1976, a college sorority sister brought me to the Little Rock Evening Women’s group of BSF when I moved to Little Rock for a 6-month job that became a career. I was 24, a graduate of the U of Arkansas, and grieving the loss of my father to cancer the previous September. Studying God’s word and learning to hear His voice myself made a huge difference in my life. I had the privilege of hearing Miss Johnson live twice on two of her trips to Arkansas! Once was at Robinson auditorium and the other at Lake DeGray when Carl and Lib Winger brought her to Ozark Conferences. I got a signed copy of her book at OC!

    Many of my BSF mentors are “absent from the body, present with the Lord.” I still value memories of them and their influence in my life and look forward to the day I will see them again in Jesus’ presence!

    I spent 17 years in BSF then. I returned this year to discover I could do my lessons with my YouVersion Bible and listen to the audio notes on my iPhone. Because my iPhone is with me everywhere I go, my lesson and YouVersion Bible are with me everywhere I go! I don’t even take a printed lesson!!! In 1976, we didn’t even have computers much less iPhones! Bravo, BSF!!! Thank you for the work you do:-)


      was Mary Jane Smith you teaching leader in Little Rock?

      • Lynn Ewbank

        The two LRWEC TLs from the late 70s and 80s that are no longer with us are Lou Calhoun and April Rush. Fond memories of those godly women and all the others from my early BSF days, too!

  103. Carolyn Cappo

    I am a second year participant in BSF and am so VERY THANKFUL for the new format. It has totally change my life in reference to the BSF studies. I am legally blind and was having to type every question and answer(which took a great deal of time) in the note app on my iPad so that when I got to class, I could see them and be able to take part in sharing. Because of the size of the text it takes in order for me to see the words, printing them takes about 4 sheets of paper. I wanted them to go with my notes for possible future use. I year was a 3 ring binder full to the brim. If I had to do that every year, there would be no room for me to store them. NOW I am able to download the notes, lecture and questions and create PDF’s and put my notes,( which I am so THANKFUL for the audio reader because I read everything with a magnifying glass and now I can underline and mark things on my notes while being read to on my iPhone. Having the notes on my iPad allows me to enlarge the text. THIS IS HUGE!!) lecture notes, and questions, on the same page in the note app on my iPad. By doing this, I can store them in the cloud( I have no idea which cloud😃), and refer to them, if need be, in the future. This is a TREMENDOUS BLESSING from God Almighty!! Thank you for faithfully listening to God’s direction!! Blessings to ALL!!

  104. Eunice L. Jewett

    What I have found that this year, my second year going through the classes. More fun, I have a friend going through a very big valley. When we where studying Saul trying to kill David, and those stories had the Psalms that David was praying also. I was able to share this information with this sister. And through the power of the word of God she is able to stay standing on the rock of her salvation Jesus Christ. Today I invited her to our study. I pray that she will be able to come.
    I love that we get to come together each week sisters from all branches of Christ Jesus to learn, fellowship, laugh, and get to know more forever family before the LORD God calls us home for that7 year party.

  105. Dorothea Miller

    Ass an online leader with members all over the world, I am truly thankful for BSF and all God has led you to do!

    • Lana

      Excited to hear how God will perfectly put together the Word to Go. I’m pretty sure millennials will love this. Always looking at ways to reach the next generations. Praying for BSF’s continued growth.

    • Lorie

      Amazing how God lead me to this study!! How His grace reaches so far and so many…
      certainly changed my life!!

    • Toni Blackwood

      I look eagerly look forward to the new study. The minor prophets have always been difficult for me to work through. Thank you for all your work and the changes God makes in people worldwide through your studies.

  106. Amanda

    I am incredibly thankful to God for creating a distant satellite group in Pierre, South Dakota. Attending an online leaders meeting and having online materials makes this possible! Thanks to all at HQ! Praise God for technology and allowing us to reach women in central SD!

    • Dan O.

      Amanda, is there anything in Pierre, SD for men? My buddy, Ron B., is married and lives in Pierre and would love to get involved with BSF.

      • Matthew

        He can join an SDG or online group

    • Lois

      I’m curious how Amanda in Pierre South Dakota can be commenting on the blog on January 31 at 12:05pm when it is only 7:26 am on January 31 in Minnesota. Has our frigid weather made our clocks slow down too🤔

      • Mar

        BSF posts after they read them and only the ones they want you to read, which makes them look good and is without criticism. Almost like creating God in our own image. We create God and by extension BSF to what we want it to be.

        • Dana

          I work part time and don’t get a chance to make it to all the classes. I appreciate all the work the leaders and teachers have done! BSF has been very beneficial to me! It always speaks to me through the Holy Spirit where I am that day! This is not man made but God made! The Holy Spirit is doing a mighty work!

        • Marta Jones

          I notice you keep writing negative comments…you need to heal from what is making you dwell on the negative.

        • Catherine

          Hi Mar,
          BSF is a run by humans and therefore will inevitably reflect some human failings. If you sense something false or deceptive about BSF, you should bring it to light for the sake of corporate and personal integrity. Your posts suggest, however, that something deeper is going on. It suggests that you may not have yet met Jesus. Have you ever had a one-on-one encounter with the living God? Do you know Him? I am praying for you, Mar.

  107. Amanda

    I am incredibly thankful to God for creating a distant satellite group in Pierre, South Dakota. Attending an online leaders meeting and having online materials makes this possible! Praise God for technology and allowing us to reach women in central SD!

  108. Lori

    25 years ago, I was a new Christian and my neighbor invited me to Bsf. I was told that if I stayed in this study, Israel and the Minor Prophets, I would be a lifer…
    She was right. Today is the first time in 25 years that the wether in Chicago, caused Bsf to cancel, rightfully so, I guess, with it being -50 degrees.
    I praise God for the technology that He has blessed headquarters with, to be able to stay connected today with the class. Even our young Moms can print off the children’s lesson and engage their children.
    To God Be The Glory for great things He continues to do.

  109. Eileen Gallou

    I have really been blessed this year by going deeper into the lives of David and Saul and gleaning new insights I really enjoy each lesson and the new things I’m learning and the applications that I can put into my own life. Thank you BFF team for all your commitment to Jesus’s Great Commission

  110. Merinda Leung

    Amazing class! I have been studying in BSF class for few years. It really helps me to go deeper Bible and follow GOD’s pathway that inspires my daily life.

    So glad that my teaching leader who preaches GOD’s words powerfully that strengthens me to lead cell group in my home church more effectively.

    How a great impacts ! Thanks so much for my BSF

    • Heidi Alvarez

      Being invited to BSF in a very critical time in my life has helped me tremendously, I look forward every week for my class discussion. My teachers have been great and have inspired me to want to know more about God and Jesus Christ. Thank you BSF for giving me such blessed opportunity.

    • Brenda Robinson

      To all BSF Support Staff, Technology Staff, Writers, and Leaders-Brothers and Sisters, may the Lord continue to BLESS you and MAINTAIN you for your labor in preparing and getting the Word to the Body of Christ! Being apart of BSF has enhanced my study habits, meditation, and my overall walk in Christ our Lord! Thank you for all you DO!

      • Mar

        Would like to see it packaged in a book, instead of at the printer at HDQ-circa 1960. Carrying a 8×11 notebook around is awkward. Electronic reading is shallow and does not allow for proper study or making notes to the margin. Not a big fan of electronic transmission. It’s good for storage and reference, not for working with.

        • Daniel Sikes

          Hey Mar,

          I think I understand where you’re coming from respective to the technical changes and new approaches to reaching fellow believers and unbelievers alike. Please let me encourage you and the decision makers within BSF’s framework to consider and promote opportunities for members and visitors alike to learn how to use the technology now being incorporated to this wonderful work of God that we call BSF. I’ve been in IT and customer support for roughly a quarter century. I well understand the difficulty to change and especially new and unfamiliar ways from how we’ve become accustom and indeed proficient with on a personal level. I pray we do not leave anyone behind as we reach into the future to stay viable as group transportation on God’s road to love. I do not know you but I’d love to help you any way I can if you’d like with the technology. Who knows together you and I could begin a new endeavor to enable others in how to make the most of the opportunities being presented us through technology. I truly believe we could become a blessing to others as a result of our own experiences, travails and challenges on the technology. We need not be qualified just willing, to God to use us. I’m willing because you are not the only one in BSF that needs help adjusting to these new technology tools. Technology is nothing more than a tool set God has provided us to reach out to others and reach deeper within our selves. If you’re interested please let me know. I’d be glad to help. I’m in Macon Georgia if you want to contact me and hereby express my permission for anyone at BSF to share my email with you or anyone interested in working together to create a training protocol to learn the use of the technology being implimented. God’s speed and stay blessed.

  111. susanne anique

    Thank you BSF for this amazing work. Thank you for working so hard on PPL 1. Each week, the study answers the exact questions I have for God at that time. This is how I know that I am in the right place and at the right time. Keep letting God use you.

    I am especially touched to hear about the online classes. As someone who struggles with mobility, I know how hard it can be for those who are bed-bound or isolated by distance to get access to fellowship. Reading that portion of the mail sent me into tearful Thanksgiving to God for you and also for my class which is just down the street from home.

    I thank God for the new platform of mybsf. It has changed the game completely for me. I thank God for the platform you are working on for further modernisation of BSF tools while keeping the essence of the mission. I pray for success as you continue to design and plan for this. May God bless the whole BSF team. May He bless your trainings. May he bless your families and the works of your hands. May more people be touched by God’s word through you directly and indirectly through the lives that you change.

    • Dr. Mercy Gardiner Tenkorang

      Awesome! To God Be the Glory! Keep up the great work. We are praying for you. God Bless!

  112. Jane Nyutu

    BSF is amazing way towards the gradual growth of the heavenly Kingdom and future glory. Thumbs up team as you allow God to continue using you as vessels of honor in a big way. His reward is sure as nothing comes to fruition without struggle. Again it’s Bravo!!!

  113. Mary Gardner

    Wow, BSF is continuing to do amazing work for His glory! The strides in staying relevant no doubt will help get others, especially younger people, to consider studying His word and growing in relationship with Him.

  114. Edith wekesa

    BSF has been a blessing to me and my family. The study of the word with fellow sisters has been an encouragement. I have seen , had and bee touched by God in the sharings. The study has made me understand and now live and act like the bible demands. am not perfect but I see in myself change. I pray for BSF to continue and reach the others who have not bee reached. I look forward each week to share and listen to new truths daily.

    • Amoy Joyce

      I can’t say how much I enjoy Bsf, its beyond words I have grown in more ways than one. I love to tell others about Jesus. And Bsf has equip me to evangalized with clarity. Knowledge of the Old Testament gives me a deeper understand of the New Testament and without knowing God’s Word , we can’t live this life on earth. if we choose to follow him. The seminars are like golden nuggets.
      God has created a way for us to know him, and it’s thru the bible.
      I found Romans was the blue print of how to live this life on earth. With Genesis still my favourite book.
      Thank you BSF , the knowledge of the living word of God changed my life . You gave me skill in understanding in the lessons you produced , and did not leave me in confusion.
      May you go from strength to strength in translating the lessons you produce and may God multiply the venues across the world and the resources to equip his people with the gospel of salvation bring the lost to Jesus by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen.

  115. George Murimi

    Awesome work to the team behind the preparation and production of the BSF materials, may God bless you abundantly
    BSF has been very inspirational to me and has seen me grow tremendouly in Christ, how I now joy in the Lord!
    I will for sure pray for the continued growth of BSF

  116. Jean Munga

    Thank you BSF family for all the beautiful studies you’ve prepared for us . They have filled and increased my knowledge of the Bible. I joined the study last September it has such a joy. Thanks for the continuous good work. Praying for you all….may the Lord bless you all as you prepare for the coming years.

  117. Anne Samuel BENNANI

    Hello, my name is Anne and I live in Morocco. BSF for me has been an answer to prayers as I was seeking to dwell deeper into God’s word, to get an understanding of the bible in a place where I had no Church or fellowship. I am so grateful to God and to His people who have made the online classes possible. My group leader is so good in leading and also so loving for all our daily challenges as she prays and lifts us before His throne. So grateful to God for BSF.

  118. Farrah Ebrahimian

    As a new christian, I learn so much from BSF program. I look forward each week to see others understanding and view of the each lesson. Then to hear the lecture and learn from our knowledgeable and fun Chryl is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  119. Charo

    BSF has really mature me as a Christian. Sometimes in our walk with the Lord we need to be polished so we can shine for the Lord and that’s what BSF is doing in my life. I started attending last year and I just feel so bless and thankful that my friend told me about this wonder place.

  120. Irene Koh

    Dear Sister in Christ
    It is indeed had been a great challenging 2018 for me last year.
    I am looking forward 2019 BSF .

    Abba Father bless BSF mightily 🙏🏼

  121. Jim English

    I have been an active BSF member for 7 years. Although supposedly non-denominational, I’ve noticed in all that time that there has NEVER been a Catholic as a small group leader, let alone the Lecture Leader, evennthough there are several Catholics in attendance. Why is that?

  122. Angie Maboreke

    Praise God from whom All blessings flow. God is faithful.2018 has been an incredible roller coaster ride , with so much change , learning , trusting and dependence on God. We trust God , who has brought BSF thus far, to enable us to reach more people through the online platform. And that He, who is More than able to do More than we can imagine, will equip and give wisdom to all HQ staff, Board members , and BSF leaders all over the world…..so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached unreservedly.

  123. Jace

    Praise God & thank you BSF for establishing the online groups! When my wife and I were called to the Middle East over four years ago, leaving our BSF classes was a sad part of the move. It is a great encouragement to be connected to that community again, especially as we grapple with significant spiritual challenges in Iraq.

  124. FrankHosford

    God is Great! My thanks to all our leaders in this amazing study. God has giving me so many blessings in my life and this BFS program has enriched so many of my brothers and sister in Christ. Praise and honor to Christ Jesus.

  125. Lilian Fujiwara

    BSF has been amazing. I have grown from a member to a leader appreciating each moment how God was walking with me, refining me, teaching me rebuking me and making me grow. Great training ground to have a solid foundation in the word of God.

  126. George Wafula

    Quite a lot involved in developing every study. Keep up the good work. Stay committed and focused. Will keep praying for the HQ.

  127. George W. Wafula

    Wao! Praise the Lord. I remain grateful to God for BSF. Having known about it through my boss,6 years ago, I made a decision to join immediately. I have enjoyed and gotten blessed being a member of and a GL at BSF Young Adults at All Saints Cathedral,Nairobi,Kenya.

    The structure of the study,the consistency of the leadership at all levels plus the innovative skin lls to fulfill BSF vision and reach out and transform the world,especially the young adults is such a testimony.

    I will keep BSF in pray as we look forward to do more. Whoever God commissions,he empowers. More grace and favour.

  128. Christine Lucas

    40 years headquartered in San Antonio, and 60 years since BSF began,are milestones we celebrate and thank God for . The very dedicated leaders right across the board are God sent. I look out for God’s attributes in the studies and also check myself in the light of God’s character and pray that by His grace, I will grow more like Him. The current study of PPL Part is great. God bless you all .

  129. Judy Pahl

    BSF has been an extraordinary study to make the understanding of the Bible come alive,–just as a trip to Israel does. I love that women from all walks of life join together to study and share. It has opened a whole new avenue of study that is such a blessing! As long as I live, I will be attending classes. It has enriched my life on many levels.

  130. Maryam Mkrdichian

    I am so thankful that my sister and my friend encouraged me to join BSF . Tomorrow will be my third day. I am so grateful that this is encouraging me to read the word of God so i can understand it better.

  131. Christian Courvoisier

    Just reflecting on the thousand and thousand of brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of studying God’s Word all over the world through BSF, brothers and sisters we probably will never meet in person in this life, but ONE DAY, all of us will be together, praising our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What glorious meeting this will be!

    • Mary Hardee

      I love the new BSF! This year I feel I have grown a lot through the lessons! I have some major health problems which restricts me from coming every week. But I can still hear the lecture and download my lesson. What can be easier? Thank y’all for making this possible. God Bless everyone involved!

  132. Linda edwards

    Although I have to drop out for now, I’m impressed at how prompt and helpful my online leader Patrice is. I appreciate being in a group with younger women. I’m 75 and surrounded by seniors. So this was refreshing.

  133. Barbara

    BSF was the key to my heart transformation of making Christ the Lord of my life. Now many years after attending BSF I am in a new state and phase as I now am bringing a grandson to the infant class. God’s word through the study continues to challenge and encourage me. One big blessing is seeing my 10 month old grandson respond to many of the children’s song, his favorite is Good Morning God, which instantly brings a smile to his face. Thank you for impacting all generations with God’s truth.

  134. Ann

    I am a newcomer to BSF and will be going to my 4th class this week. I am so thankful for this study, fellowship and teachings. God is so awesomely amazing in how he directs and answers prayers. This was His answer to my request to be drawn closer to Him and permeated with the Holy Spirit. I am thankful and humbled by God’s goodness.

    • Judy Davis

      Welcome to BSF! I know that you will be blessed by studying God’s word here. I don’t believe there is any better Bible study you will get than here. Have a great year, enjoy your group, the questions and the lectures. Also you may want to check out the great seminars 🙂

  135. Joey Anderson

    I have been so encouraged by PPL1 but even more so after our son was diagnosed with cancer in Dec 2018. The lessons and Word has spoken to me as we struggle with this new challenge. I am so thankful for God’s Word and BSF leading me through the study.

    • Diana Dalton Sodowsky

      This is my first year at BFS and I love the studies. I love digging in God’s word and learning more and more about him. I will be praying for your son and your family. Please pray for my daughter . Durning the month of December her heart went into Afib she has a heart defect since birth. She is now 31, she is a miracle walking around. God is Good.

    • Gary

      Sorry to hear about your son. Will be praying for his healing. God bless

    • Robert Lenox

      Understanding Gods word can often be struggle. As I’ve studied PPL I see that adversity is a better teacher than prosperity. Contrast David with Saul. Gods wisdom. Remember Abigail ?One of my bible versions refer to her as women of understanding others refer to her as intelligent. I like understanding, she was women that clearly has a modicum of understanding Gods will. The mission,as I understand it, of BSF.

  136. K.M.Thomas

    I am truly grateful and thankful that my LORD JESUS showed me a way to learning HIS word from the HOLY BIBLE through BSF. Ever grateful to BSF and its teachers for its notes and lectures. I thank and praise GOD for his tender mercies and this great gift of knowing HIM as my personal SAVIOUR in my life, THE ONE who loves and guides me always. Thank you.

  137. MaryBeth

    Thank you for sharing and promoting BSF in all you do! You rock Michelle!
    Mary Beth

    • Michelle


  138. Michele

    Thank you for all your hard work and for continuing to develop BSF to go deeper into God’s word and into reaching places BSF has not previously had opportunities. I love hearing about all of the new things we will be doing!

  139. Chuenjai

    Since I join in bsf group in last 2 years by starting with Rome lessons until now with people in promise land lessons my life has and knowing the will of God more and more. Thank God for all bsf groups and leaders.

  140. Tracie

    I have learned more from the Bible through BSF studies than I have anywhere else. Because of my language processing and memory deficits the new. discussion group 3 question method is very challenging for me. My group is understanding and supportive. Thanks to their encouragement Im keeping at it!

  141. Julie Neil

    I love BSF. It’s unique in depth style of study cements His words in my heart. I hear it, I read it, I talk about it and then apply it to my life. I miss the old way of ASK’s which helped me connect spiritually and prayerfully for others in my group as well as forced me to learn their name’s and to attach a face to a prayer. But God is so great and so good. He continues to take me deeper growing me and teaching me and causing me to be accepting of change. Everyday is a good day as long as God is in charge. Thank you BSF and all who work diligently for the expansion of His kingdom bringing Him honor and glory. I will be praying for the next study, the summit, for all the volunteers, the translators and the new classes planned.

    • Sylvia

      We still do ASKs. We just call them prayer requests, I don’t feel we’ve lost anything. The only difficult thing is remembering to call them prayer requests instead of ASKs after all these years.

      • Mar

        The connection is absolutely lost with this new format. And confidentiality is nonexistent. Expanding BSF was a good ide, loosening it’s integrity is unacceptable.

  142. Marlene Petit

    Thank you for your wonderful BSF study. I have been attending BSF classes since 2003 and have been enjoying fellowshipping with class mates all these years. BSF has been my rock and has transformed my life.
    Thank you team!!

  143. Erma J Reid

    At our All-Class Fellowship this week the discussion centered around BSF’s vision. The ladies shared how BSF has helped them to mature in their relationship with God: Past, Present, and how they look forward to our group discussions each week. When I asked the ladies what keeps you coming back to BSF year after year ? They said, “the structure, the love, the caring, the interaction, the personal application, the confidentiality, the Joy of studying God’s word in a safe environment. Thank you, BSF.

    • Michelle


  144. V M Zellars

    Thank God for BSF; it has helped me in walking in the purpose God has planned for my life. 2018 is such a blessing in the diversity within each class. I am so in awe at what God has placed in the younger ladies. They are such joy in the class as they share what God is doing in their lives. I most enjoy how each person share their individual journey during each session. God is doing mighty works within each of us and He is getting all the glory. I can’t put in words how studying I Samuel and the Psalms together has been so powerful in this season of my life. Thank God He knows what we need, when we need it, how, where, and by whom it is to be ministered. Continue letting the Holy Spirit lead you as to what will happen for 2019 and it will be as successfully as the last six/seven years I have attended BSF and have truly been blessed.

  145. Jill Vidal

    It’s my fourth bsf year in Hong Kong. I am so immensely blessed by bsf and how reading the word has truly transformed my heart and spirit! Thank you for all that you do to disciple, equip and teach God’s people! God bless BSF!

  146. Don Webb

    Thanks for all you do.

  147. Jan George, Corpus Christi, TX

    To God Be The Glory!
    Thank you for stretching, growing and adapting to meet the next generation!

  148. Cindy

    My daughter and I attend BSF in the US and were able to go to Taiwan on a business trip and joined a BSF group there for one week. How exciting to worship God and do the same study with sisters in Christ so many miles away!

    • Anne Brown

      We, too, were able to visit a men’s and women’s class in Taiwan (our home class is in Michigan) in 2015 while visiting our daughter!! Incredible experience. Anne B

  149. Vicki Meisterhans

    I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in April of 2018. God has been amazing and my body responded to treatment…..I had a Stem Cell Transplant (from my brother) on July 2…..I am 211 days from transplant and doing well! I can’t thank you enough for making BSF available online. I did 7 yrs day class and 2 yrs evening classes and was looking forward to this study so I would complete the studies. Being able to do this class online has been a life saver for me…..to do something I enjoy and feel normal! Bible study is a big part of my life and I cannot be out/about due to the risk of getting sick. I have not been able to attend my Church or Sunday School class since April 1, 2018. God has blessed me through your obedience to share this class online!!

    • gene nochta

      bless you and your family…..the path of cancer is so difficult. Prayers wrapped in Gods grace love and mercy being sent your way.

  150. Judy

    I tell everyone I come in contact with about BSF!!! It has transformed my life in so many ways. It is ‘the Best’ Bible study I have ever attended (touching my heart and convicting me where I need change; it is “personal”), given me a Revelation Knowledge of my Lord and Savior! Plus, I have met and gotten to know ‘many’ Women of God! Thank you for all you do and the Lord bless you abundantly!

  151. Hui Lu

    This is my first year for taking BSF class. I have been blessed and encouraged to learn more about Bible and God. I feel great with other ladys in Dedie’s group. I appreciate Beth who brought me to BSF.

  152. Leigh Ann Avery

    BSF is a regular part of my prayers and praises. It has been such a wonderful way for me to better understand the Bible and God. Even more so this year with Mybsf.org – it is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for providing the audio lectures to everyone!!!!!! This has been an enormous blessing. I am now able to relax and absorb the lecture while in person and then go home and re listen. I am always surprised by how much more I hear and glean by listening a second time. I also enjoy being able to hit pause, so I can finish jotting down notes, etc. I was thrilled to be able to print the basic truths and attributes of God from Mybsf.org as well. What a fabulous resource. Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence.

  153. Robert J. Lange

    WE need more people like Radio. I am happy he is able to film his presentation. I travel an hour or more in this Minnesota tundra. It is worth it to hear the word with Radio. He is great. I would ask that he have another 15 minutes and present at the end of our lesson. You always remember what you last heard.

  154. Elaine

    Thank God for people who are committed to connecting more to Him! Our world needs it. This gives us all more HOPE for 2019 and beyond. Blessings abound when we are obedient. May our Heavenly Father continue to guide and reveal His plans to those at BSF headquarters! Thank you!

  155. Jackie

    I’ll miss the wonderful retreats.

    • Jacqui Lauber

      Me too!

    • Mar

      No depth to BSF anymore. Covering a wide swath, but shallow. Sad. No one really walking with you, just texting you for a “prayer request”. Shallow. Sad. Very sad. According to this week’s lesdon, we could end up like Uzzah.

      • Daniel

        We receive only as much as we contribute. Who do we share with what we’ve been given. We are blessed for the purpose of blessing others by sharing God’s Word, God’s Love, and God’s Son. When we do that we never walk alone. Let me encourage you to dig deeper especially at times you feel what is given you seams shallow as you say. There is always more than what meers the eye where Godspeed is concerned. If you pick up on something that has not been by others perhaps God is telling you it’s time for you to provide some leadership. If we focus our blessings on others they will never run dry. God is calling you and all of us to stay on His road to love and walk with others sometimes leading, sometimes just trying to keep up, but always together with Him and our brothers and sisters.

      • Beth

        Mar, I’ve been involved with BSF since 1998, on and off, and am in my 10/11th study, been a Christian since 1972. I think BSF’s intention is so sincere, not wanting to overwhelm new believers by keeping it simple, though you are not the first to voice discouragement. I am unbelievably blessed to have a godly, anointed, large group speaker who covers the material in detail, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in my heart. I challenge myself in personal Bible Study with extra passages, Greek/Hebrew definitions, etc..

        I don’t have the answers, but this was a prayerful solution to attracting unbelievers and sustaining New Christians. The new website is great, perhaps the changes aren’t finished yet…

        We could pray for DOWNLOADABLE LESSONS for “Seasoned Saints,” a BSF 2.0, as it were. In place of “feelings” questions (I did not name them that) there could be “Going Deeper” Challenge questions for in-depth study, taken from Mrs. Johnson’s work or others. I understand that it might take some work, but I know it’s doable. Making a comfortable place for unbelievers and new Christians to find Christ is so important, and making the lessons in-depth align with BSF’s mission statement:

        “The Mission of Bible Study Fellowship is global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him.”

        Further, those lessons would exist down the road when all these New Christians need solid food.

        Perhaps BSF already has this in the works! Thanks, and be encouraged, Mar.

  156. Jessica Lim

    BSF has helped me to have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and His conmands and make me realise how much God loves me. This realisation has given me the desire to put Him at the centre of my life in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you to all at BSF for the good work

    • Gladys Mapfungautsi

      Thank you for the new developments and for making it possible for everyone to access lessons on the Word of God. My prayer is that I continue to grow spiritually and that I serve Him till the end

  157. Jan Holtzen

    This is my first year at BSF, I’ve wanted to attend for years but couldn’t because of work commitments. I’ve attend numerous Bible Studies through my church but studying with BSF has definitely given me a deeper understanding of God Word!

    • Janet Palmer

      I totally agree last year studying Romans was my first time. I am so so excited to be involved in BSF learning & gleaning Gods word like I have done before. It’s been a wonderful way to listen to what God wants me to learn. Thank you all for your part in this. I’m a GL now of one of our 3 Satellite groups

  158. Elizabeth Quek

    Amen! All praise and glory to God. Will definitely be keeping the BSF Team at HQ in prayer. Big thanks for all the hard work.

  159. Jeanne

    Praying for all your goals for 2017. Thank you for all your hard work, I love the study this years. It covers a lot but I am also learning a lot about myself (good and not so good). Thank you for helping to have a closer relationship with God. He is so faithful.

  160. Chineze Anwah

    God is faithful!BSF is blessing me spiritually.I pray that the Almighty Jehova, our Sovereign God will continue to bless, guide and direct all BSF leaders.You put in a lot of time and finances to spread the word of God worldwide!!!!This is wonderful and it is the Lord’s doing.I praise God for open doors. My grand daughters are excited they got in!!!! God is so so good. May Sweet Jesus bless our Leaders abundantly. IJN.Amen.

  161. Alma

    BSF has been a great help to me. I enjoy studying and sharing with other classmate.

  162. anne Marie Snyder

    Thank you BSF for all your hard work in the preparation for this online study. I completed all the studies 10 years ago and have longed to get back to the study. Do to work I have not been able to take advantage of BSF. Now I am online at 7am Saturday morning..seeing God’s word fill me with joy as I study His word once again BSF.
    You are a blessing to me!
    Thank you

  163. Karen Welts

    The online classes are a blessing to so many who do not have access to local classes! It’s a class announcement that needs to be repeated because many know of someone who would love a class in lieu of no class. Thank you BSF….we are truly blessed with a talented and insightful group of leadership at HQ!

  164. Karen Welts

    Thank you for the recap of 2018 and insightful info on 2019. I am passing along online group information for our staff to announce to class members (which we have but it needs to be repeated with so many new ones since first announced). We all know someone who would benefit from BSF and probably doesn’t have a nearby class. At first changes were a bit daunting but they have worked out to simply enhance the overall program of BSF. Praise the Lord that He has given us such gifted leaders at HQ!

  165. Asir Vijaya Kumar

    “Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!” Rev:7-12
    Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the spiritual blessings in Christ. Ephe 1:3

    • Charlotte Green Tilson

      Praise God for your work in India. Charlotte Tilson

  166. William D. Taylor

    I Have been coming to BSF for a number of years. I will continue to come until I can no longer come. Presently I serve as a Greeter. I have been doing this going on four years now. My wife is in her 4 th or 5 th year in the womens group. The people in her group and mine, fantastic people. Anthony was our main leader until John Bustad and his wife Jan retired now Anthony is the District Leader. A wonderful man. A man named Scott took his place. and doing a great job. I really enjoy my group that I attend, also the study group I am in.

  167. Arelene Finney-El

    I am so thankful for the online class. Some problems with my vision hampered my ability to drive, so God allowed me to continue my spiritual growth through my online group. I praise His Holy Name!

  168. Carolyn McDaniel

    My sisters and I love MyBSF. One sister was unable to attend a few weeks due to health issues. She was able to keep up online. We three old hens meeting and discussing the lessons has sparked the interest of our daughters and granddaughters. Thank you so much.

    • Marlene Gaffney

      Your post put a big smile on my heart. Your family is very blessed and our God is so loving and faithful. Thank you BSF HQ and all the wonderful volunteers.

  169. Chuck Wisnewski

    This is my first year at bsf. I have been so blessed and encouraged in learning more about the children of the promised land Study, and taking part in the fellowship groups.Thank you so much for all you do BSF Leaders.

  170. Effie Cordeiro

    I give God thanks for BSF and pray for His Blessing and Protection on you all – at BSF HQ and our local leaders and team here in Montreal, Canada. I have been in BSF since April 2011 and I am so grateful for all that I have learned as we dug deeper into God’s Word. Congratulations on the new myBSF.org website. I am delighted to be able to listen to the teachings and notes online. I download homework, work on it and then upload it to my phone so that I can easily access it at BSF class. No paper and it all works so smoothly. Fantastic. Thank you for all that you do to bring God’s Word to the ends of the earth. God Bless You Always.

    • Dorothy Collins

      Effie, I want to ditto everything you said because you expressed perfectly everything my heart feels about BSF, HQs, the awesome new myBSF.org
      and the excitement of how God is working to, as you said it, “bring His Word to the ends of the earth”!!! Praise be to our amazing God!!!!

  171. Robyn Bishop

    I have appreciated the vision and forward thinking of BSF HQ in utilizing technology to reach our world for Jesus Christ. I began years ago with pen and paper keeping attendance and have graduated to IPad and iPhone, myBSF, and Slack. What a blessing these connection tools have made. Thank you. I am looking forward to BSF summit.

    • APC

      may I ask how you keep attendance on iPad (or which part of attendance process are you automating)? doesn’t class group (and children group) still need to mark their attendance or is there an application online which allows class secretary to enter the attendance and all will be counted automatically and submitted to the online monthly report?

  172. Carol

    I was a little hesitant about this class, but I am so glad I am in it for it has answered so of the questions I was having in my life. Thank you all for all the work you but into the lessons they are great. I love learning about our savior.

  173. CAROL LEE

    Thumbs up!

  174. Low Chin Ann

    Indeed the harvest is plentiful,
    but the workers are few.
    BSF has been so meaningful,
    Expanding God’s Kingdom. Thank you.

    • Michelle

      Low Chin Ann,
      If we were in lecture, side-by-side in a pew:
      I would say, “my co-laborer,
      I sure do love you.”

  175. Deborah

    What a blessing it has been that we were able to offer BSF in the North Georgia Mountains. For the last 2 years we have prayed diligently that God would open that door for an opportunity for us that were travel 2 hours to spend time with God and our sisters in Christ.the On January 9 2019 God answered our prayers. We opened our doors not for just 1 group but 2 groups with close to 40 ladies looking to share their love of God with their sisters. We are so blessed and God has been so faithful. As we study Gods word and watch as David as he stumbles, falls, and he finds Grace and Love in his Lord, we can compare our lives, as we stumble and fall and find Gods grace in our lives as we humble our selves and ask him for directions for our lives. God is a God who saves. Blessings to all that make it possible for us to share in this study of Gods word and watch David grow to have a heart like God.

  176. Chandra Webb

    Wonderful! Praise God for blessing this ministry with a heart and agenda to glorify Him.

  177. Barbara Hansen

    Thank you for all you do. I am really enjoying this year’s study and learning so much and look forward going to BSF each week. I really like going into My BSF and relistening to the lecture – I pick up so many more things second time around. God bless you.

  178. Art

    So excited about the new format for the Leader’s summit. Past retreats have been awesome to see so many leaders in one place learning about God in our roles, but all the work and details must have been overwhelming with the rapid growth in numbers. I feel fortunate my wife and I have participated together, but really look forward to an easier access and the same deep learning from great staff sharing God’s word.

    • Michelle

      Having been to retreats as a leader — AND also discovering my current position at BSF HQ at a retreat — I really had a hard time saying goodbye to them!

      But – I do have to say, I was able to sneak into one Summit planning meeting at HQ, and I’m pretty exited to see what God is doing! It’s gunna be unstoppable!

      (and yes, you guessed correctly – no idea how many weeks that BSF staff were away from regular work attending retreats. So praise God for this technology!)

      Every leader will get a better picture at how global BSF is with this new program, too … I just can’t wait.

  179. CLR

    BSF has certainly been a blessing to me. I look forward each week to coming together with my sisters in Christ to discuss the week’s lesson. I have grown in the Lord and my understanding of God’s Word has increased tremendously.
    You won’t know the impact BSF has had in the lives of so many until you get to heaven.

    Please keep up your good work. God Bless you all!

  180. Cynthia L Bradford

    I am and was so encouraged to see all these women of faith. Going through the teachings and fellowship with these women my thoughts were we can make an impact on ourselves, our families and this world for Jesus Christ! I appreciate the richness of the old testaments and the stage set for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you BSF.

  181. Michaele Remmele

    I am thankful for the BSF impact as God moves in (me) individual lives, small groups, families, communities and globally, to move us ever closer to His Kingdom come, His Will done. Prayers and Blessings now and the years to come. God bless each and all of you.

    • Regina Mwende

      BSF has changed me, given me focus in my Christian walk. My faith has grown and I am strengthened.
      I love the materials. They occupy me during the BSF break. Thank you so much for thinking about us.

  182. Adrienne Miranda

    How wonderful BSF now has on line capabilities and is reaching more folks than ever.
    I pray all will go well as BSF continues growing and spreading the Good News
    that is so necessary in all of our lives.

    Jesus is calling and I faithfully follow. His Holy Spirit guides me and prepares me for what is next.

    Loving and living for Jesus,


  183. Barbara Knapp

    Wow! I had no idea of all that was involved in preparing a study. As a practically home-bound person, the Virtual Group allows me to not only study God’s Word, but also to fellowship with other Christian women from all over the US and even other countries. And I care about these women just as if we were meeting together in person every week. I will certainly pray for BSF.

    • Michelle Cloud

      Thank you for your prayers!

      • Alice De Jager

        I have been ill and received a lot of support from my leader. Will go back tomorrow.
        BSF is very inspiring and does lean on prayer. So glad I am a member.

        • Veronica

          I am delighted and praising God for giving me a chance to be one of the members of BSF.The study has really increased my faith and has helped me to take care of my family.Be blessed as you continue to shepherd us.

          • Johnson N Kimani

            To Susie and all leaders of BSF including Bsf Headquarters staff members I can thank very much to all for your encouragement and making it possible for many us to engage and to study the Word of God.Surely there is no greater and transformative power than power of God’s Word.I joined BSF in Mid-March 2015 and soon will be four year’s old in studying word.I am not only elated to continue with the study but also greatfull in your wonderful work.To God be the glory.

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