Looking back and forward at BSF



2019 marks both BSF’s 40th year headquartered in San Antonio and 60th year since incorporation. God is so faithful and good! January is a time to reflect on the past and look to the future and BSF Headquarters wants to celebrate a few highlights of the year past and preview the year to come.
Three highlights of 2018


New study launch: People of the Promised Land, Part One 

A new BSF study takes years to create.

  1. Theologians and Bible teachers collaborate by poring over the biblical text, commentaries and BSF founder A. Wetherell Johnson’s own notes.
  2. BSF Headquarters staff members pilot the study, followed by more careful editing with an eye for the use of global English that members around the world will understand.
  3. Next comes developing the children’s lessons, Daily Dives and other supplemental materials.
  4. Finally, everything must be translated into Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish before lessons can be printed on the BSF press. At the same time, digital versions of the material (audio, e-reader, PDF) are built.

Headquarters staff is currently studying PPL1 alongside you, and we pray this Old Testament history has been as enriching and transformative for you as it has been for us!

Mybsf.org holds all your BSF materials in one convenient location

Only those BSF members who attempted to navigate the old website will fully appreciate the simple beauty and intuitive user experience of the new mybsf.org. It took nine months to design the site, which houses more than 2,000 pieces of BSF material. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Two thousand documents! That includes notes and questions in multiple languages and formats (hello, audio!), lectures, children’s songs, Home Training Lessons, Daily Dives and much more. Take a minute today to explore all that mybsf.org has to offer. It’s a phenomenal (and easy) resource! 

BSF Online Groups 

Do you have a cousin in Supilinn, Estonia, who is thousands of miles from the nearest BSF class but still hungry for God’s Word? Distance is no longer a barrier to fully engage with a group of BSFers in verse-by-verse study, thanks to BSF Online groups. At the close of 2018, 7,600 BSF members studied in online groups throughout more than 110 countries! We have heard amazing stories of life transformation from people who could never attend BSF before. They include those homebound because of severe illness, physically isolated by working on an offshore oil rig, serving as missionaries in remote locations or even those needing a group that speaks their native language. It’s amazing how God uses new technology for His glory! As we continue to develop this resource and must limit capacity in this phase, please pray the Lord provides the proper infrastructure so we can open the door wide to handle the global demand so we can plug in every person who desires to take part in on online group.

Three plans for 2019


BSF Leaders Summit 

Previously, BSF leaders attended a regional Retreat every three to four years. This August, all BSF leaders from around the world will attend the BSF Summit, designed to unite, inspire and mobilize our global leadership team. More than 50,000 leaders will attend local gatherings (let’s all have a collective cheer for easy travel arrangements!) to remain connected (via video) to BSF’s mission, receiving the most current communication, encouragement and support. 

Development of People of the Promised Land, Part Two 

Headquarters is once again in the process of creating a new study, which will cover 18 books (1 & 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles and the Minor Prophets). Each theologian and Bible teacher involved desires to help BSF members better understand God’s Word and God’s heart in today’s world, so pray for them as they continue studying for and writing the drafts of what we’ll all be studying in 2021. 

Word Go 

You probably haven’t heard of this because it’s still in the early stages of development. All we can say is we’re working on developing a platform where small groups (and even churches) around the world can study God’s word verse-by-verse in a format that seamlessly integrates into modern schedules and lives. We realize that’s vague, but you’ll be hearing more this year about this exciting new project!   

As we forge ahead in 2019 – please join Headquarters in taking a moment to praise God for His faithfulness – all He has done in 2018, will do in 2019 and how He chooses to work in and through everyone in the BSF global community of believers.   


  1. The Summit in local areas sounds great. How can we get approved to have a local Summit in our town? We have a location that would be available and there are probably 250 or more leaders within 70 miles of the location.

  2. The online class has truly been an answered prayer…..it had been several years since I attended any type of Bible study; declining health and partial blindness prevent my driving to any on site study groups. A dear friend in ited me to join the BSF online group and I’m so thankful! BsF has reconnected me with both His word and fellow believers and just completely rejuvenated my walk. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and such a fantastic study this year, BSF!

  3. I’m grateful for the online access of BSF! I had the opportunity to be a part of a physical group this past fall and was challenged to go deeper in my Bible and make time in my schedule to God. I now work on a ship through Disney Cruise Line and no longer have access to my physical group on Thursday’s, but am committed to continuing my study through the online resources as I sail the ocean blue. Thanks for what you all do!

  4. Dear Ladies, I want to share the blessing BSF has been to me using the MY BSF web-site. This year after being away from BSF for ten years and after being involved in BSF for thirty years, the study of “People of the Promised Land” was very interesting to me. The class I realized was at my daughter’s church, which was an added incentive. She actually attended the pre-school classes in Bakersfield, California where we lived at the time. GOD provided three new friends that attended with me, also, none of which had experienced the benefits of BSF studies.
    However, my husband had a heart attack December 29th and had a quintriple bypass operation December 31st, so the web-site has been invaluable to encourage me and keep me focused during this challenging time.
    I am so thankful for this wonderful addition to the BSF classes and am looking forward to being back in class without missing the material. My husband and I saw GOD’s hand of provision and protection during this time and we are so grateful to our Awesome GOD who provides for HIS people!

  5. I thank the Lord for bringing BSF to Montreal, my life has changed so much. l never realized how spiritually dry our province is until l experienced the training and in depth study of the Word of God,( with
    This method. )
    I have been a Children’s supervisor for 4yrs,
    the children’s program is an amazing opportunity to learn and teach children at their level. BSF has helped me be a committed and joyful Sunday School teacher in my Church.
    I am so grateful to the Lord. All Praise To Him.

  6. Thank you Susan and the entire BSF team for accepting to be used by God as vessels to help His Children interact with Him in His word. It has been a great journey for me both as a leader and a member. I really appreciate the tireless effort of the team that has helped me grow deeper in God’s word.

  7. Studying the Bible through my BSF class has tremendously enriched me body, soul and spirit. It is in having quality devotion to the study every morning that I have a sense of fulfilment and purpose. To God be the glory.

    • I have been blessed by the study – People of the Promised Land Part 1. Specially the life of Saul and David. MyBSF.org is really a blessing. Thank you HQ for all the changes in the procedures, without compromising on the Policies. Many thanks for all your support.

  8. Thank you Susie and all the staff at BSF Headquarters for continuing to be led by the Holy Spirit in the spreading of God’s Word. I am so thankful this year BSF has everything available online. I am finding my work schedule is not allowing me to attend class as usual, and this allows me to stay with the class, wherever I am. I also appreciate being able to listen to the lecture again, to pick up the notes that I missed the first time. God has done marvelous things over the years through this ministry and may God do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine.

    • Thanks to the BSF, its indeed a good place to be. how can i be enjoined to online study to enable me study at my convenient
      since work/life pressures cannot allow me to consistently attend to the BSF classes. I desire for the word of God to be immersed in
      my life as i age gracefully.

      • Hello Rose,

        You can join an online class through this link: bit.ly/BSFonline

        You will instructions on how to register and join a class that fits your schedule

  9. I have gone to BSF about 5 years and have grown through it. However, this year I feel the application questions.are wasting valuable time , in that they don’t pertain to us as much as the old questions did. For instance, they ask us to compare ourselves in matters of murder and other sins that don’t pertain to us. I realize a sin is a sin, but I think Our shortened time could be better spent and more beneficial. You do a tremendous. Job of preparing all the material, and I thank the Lord for you, but as we go into the second half of the year, I am hearing more people making the comments I am thinking.

    • I am hearing the same concern about the increased application. In fact it was a big discussion with a group of friends (couples) who were together for dinner last week. My own experience–in and out of BSF for 20 years now–is that the number and amount of application questions is watering down the impact. The studies are in danger of becoming “touchy-feely,” waivering on the edge of “me/us” focus vs. God-focused. Don’t get me wrong. Application is essential! Otherwise, what is the purpose of the learning, right? And I appreciate the move to build community and relationships. But I believe the scale has now been tipped too far. Fewer, but more pointed application questions will be just as beneficial. Please don’t water down the depth that is the unique blessing of BSF. Please!

      • This year is my first in BSF; however, I attended a women’s bible study in my hometown where the leader/lecturer had attended BSF for years and then launched her own women’s bible study. Her application questions had me studying more and probing for the answers. I’m surprised by how many of BSF’s questions are of the touchy/feely nature, too and don’t focus on any additional studying of the Word. So I’m, too, hopeful that the questions will cause more individual investigation going forward.

      • I also have the same concern about too many application questions, too quickly. I love BSF and have been in it for about 10 years. I looked back at older lessons and realized that there has been a change. I don’t like to be negative…after all BSF has blessed me so much. However, please give heed to this concern about focusing too quickly on our application of things before we have truly absorbed the truths of the Word of God itself, analyzing and truly understanding what is being said. It is very easy to make wrong applications if the basic truth is not rightly understood.

        Thank you soooo much for all you do! May God bless your enormous efforts for his glory and fame!

  10. Today in church our pastor spoke about creating a sacred place in our homes to be with God. I believe whenever I open my Bible I have created a sacred place for God and I. I feel the same as I sit down and do my BSF lesson each day. I am amazed and pleased with the changes BSF has made in accessibility to materials in the last 13 years I have studied. I am an RVer and have loved traveling from state to state and city to city to attend BSF classes where ever I go. Now with satellite classes and the new mybsf.org I no longer have to ever feel disappointed I wasn’t able to connect. I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for the future. THANK YOU! BSF

  11. Any plan for BSF men group to have a DAY class? As we all get old, our vision is no longer as good as we were younger. Driving at night is becoming challenging. Unlike the women Day Class, the Day Class for men should be primarily targeted to retired men, who will have more time to chat and discuss about life issues. So, it can be a two-hour session. Just as a suggestion.

  12. We thank the Lord for your hard work – more materials and effective communication.
    God bless you.

  13. I am excited to learn about Word Go. I have a heart to attract more working women in our town and have been thinking about how awesome it might be to be able to have a one hour format over the lunch hour. Thank you BSF for continuing to provide a format for everyone….so there can be no excuses not to be in His Word!

  14. Thank God for the opportunity of studying His Word with BSF. It is both a priviledge and a serious responsibility for those who present His Word in notes and lecture. I have found the notes in this study lacking scriptural support and including more interpretation. I pray that BSF would be careful to give distinction between God’s Word and interpretation. God’s Word is the final answer. God’s way is narrow and exclusive. Matt. 7:13-14,
    1Tim.2:5 ; John14:6 God gives the way – follow it for success.

    • Tanzie, I think it’s so interesting how the same material can hit different people differently. There have been years in the recent past that I felt the notes were not as deep or rich as they were 30 years ago when I first attended BSF and Miss Johnson had written everything. But this year’s have once again seemed deep and insightful and relevant to me, and they have refreshed and challenged my soul! I agree that the notes, and all layers of BSF, need to stay in line with and true to Scripture, but I hope it encourages you to know that the notes ARE helping many, even some of us who consider ourselves purists where Scripture is concerned :).

  15. Thank God for the opportunity of studying God’s Word with BSF. It is both a priviledge and a serious responsibility for those who present His Word in notes and lecture. My prayer is that BSF will be careful to present God’s Word separate and distinct from man’s interpretation. I have found the notes in this study lacking the previous quality found in scriptural support and includes more intepretation. My prayer is God’s Word above all is given as the final answer. God’s way is narrow and exclusive. Matt 7:13-14; 1Tim 2:15, Following God’s direction leads to success.

  16. This year’s lessons and notes are the best written and most meaningful of all the years that I have been in BSF. Great job headquarters!!! Oh, and the Tulsa Day Class at Memorial Baptist has the best teaching leader EVER!!

  17. Wow, I can’t believe I read all those comments, but am so glad I did. I think I fall into what I might call the minority or there may be others out there that feel the same but haven’t voiced it. I, have had challenges with some of the new changes & verbiage. I have been in BSF since ’92 & in leadership since 2006. I can’t imagine my life without it. BSF & my sisters in it have brought me thru many painful times. With that being said, I do believe this years lesson & questions are missing the mark. There are at least 10-12 application/personal questions in each lesson. When I do my HOMILETICS I love doing the application questions. So after being negative & ;miserable the first half of the year, I prayed & vented to like-minded leaders & class members. Still miserable to the point of dropping out. BUT GOD got hold of me & I prayed some more re my studying of the WORD & questions.This week has been so rich for me I can’t believe it. Thanking & praising God for all He does to keep me from straying. Oh how He loves us.

  18. This is my 23rd year in BSF and I can testify I am getting even more passionate to my commitment to Christ with every study! Thank you all at HQ for the tireless efforts and amazing wisdom applied as you inquire from the LORD! Having been to the prayer tower at HQ, I can tell the best is yet to come! The drive to globalization isn’t easy but its evident that the God we serve is global and will certainly reach out to His people as we apply His word! Just can’t wait to participate in the summit this August…am thrilled!! To God be the glory forever and ever!

  19. I have been a BSF leader for 22 years, and TL for 11 years. I have seen the big changes in BSF, and first, I wondered if me, at my age and in an underdeveloped country with sometimes connection difficulties could still follow it. Many of the leaders in my class had the same worry! But now, as we have one GL online and as she shared her experience, but also as I see how BSF can use high technology for God’s glory and for maturing His people, I thank God and praise Him for giving you, at Headquarter all these wonderful ideas. I even have some close family members who did BSF before, but who are now living in places without BSF and who can enjoy tne online groups.
    There is an aged leader in our class who thought she could never be in that Facebook thing, but now, she enjoys it, as many of our leaders do.
    We keep pray for all you those who work hard to advance God’s Kingdom through new technologies. May God bless you all and may His Name be always praised in all BSF classes and by all BSF leaders and members!

  20. Praise God for the way God has been transforming me through the study of the Word in PPl. Praying that God will bless all the new initiatives of Bsf for the extension of His kingdom and His Glory.

  21. Thank you, BSF, for creating the online discussion groups. Your vision and creativity is a blessing and I welcome the changes. I was a leader for 9 years, but now I’m taking several months to travel the US in a travel trailer. The online discussion group makes it possible for me to log in to my group from whatever campground I happen to be staying in. I’m loving this study and appreciate being able to have a discussion group from virtually anywhere.

  22. Thank you, Praises and Amen..for all the BSF Classes in Austin, Tx and throughout this Nation and the World! Asking God’s continued blessings upon everyone involved! Love and Prayers!

  23. I would like to know if the new materials are designed so that someone who is blind, but can use a computer, can participate from home.
    I would love for my blind brother-in-law to be able to do BSF.
    Please let me know how that could work for him.
    I belong to a women’s evening class.

    • I also have a nephew who is deaf and has cerebral palsy. I too hope that one day, bsf will have something available online for him to connect with others through the study of God’s Word.

  24. Praise the LORD for the Vision. I know He will carry it forward into manifestation. HIS word will cover the entire world and it is so great to see BSF leaders, Administartion, and others boldly and courageously creating so many ambassadors for Christ. I am so thankful to God to be discipled by/through so many great BSF women and to be getting such a quality “education”/knowledge and with all that getting I am getting understanding from the Holy Spirit. Would not exchange this gift. I will pray for the Vision and for God to make the crooked places straight and clarity as WE go forth. In God We Trust.

  25. Change is hard! For me change is difficult. I use to have a rotary telephone that hung on the wall, and now I have an iPhone! Praise God! I clearly see the need for BSF to make changes to attract the younger generation. Thank God there are younger people who thirst for the LORD! I will adjust and adapt. I do believe that the questions are not in depth as in the past, but I remember how I struggled to answer those questions many years ago. God works in wonderous ways. I love my group, but everyone wants to share so much that we never get to answer all the questions which is a little disappointing. I am sure this “new” way will evolve and become richer and better in time as leaders learn how to navigate the changes. Any time, spent in his word is a blessing.!

  26. I am so thankful for all the people at the BSF, the workers, prayers warriors and attendees. I feel so blessed to have a great class right in my neighborhood in Warwick, RI. I am also thankful to have a place to invite woman, after I have had the opportunity to witness for Christ, and to have a great place for woman to learn more about the Holy Word of God, if they choose.
    THANK YOU! God is GOOD!

  27. I will forever praise the Lord for Bible Study Fellowship for the past and for the future. I, too, started when dress codes were stringent and facilitators were thought of as more “Godly” because they lead the small group with refrain, but caring. The changes to dress code were welcomed, but the style in which we have begun to lead is hard for an ole dog! However, I believe God never makes a mistake and He is always working in and thru all of us as believers. BSF raises up leaders, using God’s word in a timeless fashion that rolls forward. This outward stuff doesn’t matter, for God is working on the inside. I am not a group leader at this time, but I can promise you the leadership skills I have learned thru the study of God’s word has changed me forever and enabled me to lead others just as I am. I love the study of God’s word and I am not opposed to the changes! Just takes some getting used to. GO FORWARD, Bible Study Fellowship….Journey on and may the blessings of God flow over each and every person engaged in administrating this power study. Amen!

  28. I’d like to inquire about BSF lessons getting in the hands of incarcareted individuals in juvenille halls, jails and prisons.

    • Yes, I agree. I believe that people who are incarcerated should be able to do a BSF Bible Study as well.

    • I always had a heart for people who failed, got in trouble and then the world doesn’t give them many chances anymore, or forgiveness. I am interested in this too, and would love to help out.

    • I would love to facilitate such ministry to incarcerated women. God is using BSF mightily in my own everyday life since starting just 19 mos ago here in Portland OR. I love co-teaching homeschool youth with the new PPL material!

    • As a prison chaplain I have been able to take BSF to the inmates. I did have difficulty with Jails as they are housing folks that are not permanently there as they are temporary waiting a trial or some other disposition.

      So for jails, I used the questions similar to those in the BSF lesson and discussed them with the inmates which requires me to do some of the teaching which is not the BSF way to do BSF. The work I did was similar but did not infringe on BSF copy right.

      Prison is a better place to do actual BSF lessons and depending on the warden, you may be able to take a DVD or go on line for the lecture from one of the Teaching Leaders. That helps to cover all four parts of the BSF method.

      Chaplain Stan

      • Thank you Stan for taking God’s Word to the prisons, and for accomplishing God’s calling to grow His Kingdom in the hearts of those who are incarcerated! We were ALL chained in the bondage of our sins until Christ redeemed us! Praise and glory to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    • Satellite groups! The Group Leader will still need to attend Leaders’ Meeting, but the group can have their discussion anywhere and listen to the lecture on my bsf. Our class has two satellite groups that meet in a church across town. It’s made it possible for women with tight work schedules to come because they are only their for discussion. It’s also a great opportunity for women who might be uncomfortable in a church.

    • Shonna, ask your teaching leader about starting a satellite discussion group, they can meet anywhere!

    • Shonna, there are SDGs in prisons. Talk to your TL! Her Area team will help her set one up!

  29. I have faithfully studied God’s word with BSF for many many years. Back in the days of strident adherence to “Miss Johnson’s guidelines,” I balked and whined but complied most of the time. I accepted the discipline as a benefit of the training. With the progressive relaxation of the dress code and other superficial constraints I was at last hopeful that I could actually be “myself” and study the word of God with integrity and enthusiasm while not offending Miss Johnson’s sensibilities. However, the recent onslaught so many significant changes have produced in me an unpleasant sense of instability. In the context of our national and global instability I found this extraordinarily disheartening! What was uniquely basic to BSF has now been thrown over for some energetic new design and with it alterations in methodology etc to fit the new design. I have now stepped out of leadership and joined the group as participant, no longer as facilitator. I must admit I spend much of my study time following my own curiosity rather than any stimulus from the questions. I am enjoying the time I have to do this but disappointed that the questions are so “leading” and/or less academically stimulating/challenging. I can appreciate the desire to promote good conversation BUT without the standard for deep study of the text as required in the past, we have become like any other Bible study-heavy on the talk and light on the discovery of God’s person. I fear the proverbial baby has been thrown out with the proverbial bathwater! May it NOT be so!

    • Dear Lynne: I have been in Bible Study Fellowship since 1983, on and off, in all kinds of positions God has placed me in. Yes, in that span of time, have seen many changes that it takes a little time to become accustomed to. I would encourage you to just relax, take a breath, and go at your own pace. God has His hand on everything in BSF and is prayed over for such a long time before the change is implemented. I don’t think we are to get to comfortable in our routines as their is always change for the Glory of God. And it is for the good of all who are blessed to have the opportunity to study in this way. When I started we were way under l,000 classes around the world and that was the goal. I think now we are over 2,000. Not completely sure but whatever it is , it is for God’s glory and to bring His light around the world. All change is challenging in every area of our lives, but when we pray for God’s will, He will see us through, as He knows the big picture and we don’t. God bless you and I hope you will not be discouraged, but press on, continue the race to the finish. I am also talking to myself. In Jesus love, Annie

    • I absolutely agree…very little time spent n God’s word. We generally skip over the most pertinent question and go straight to the feelings” questions. I know way more about someone’s 2nd cousin than I care too. Learning very, very little about the Bible. I have/am considering trying to find a more Bible based study.

      • I too agree we are spending time talking about our experiences and feelings to much it takes away time that could be spent in study of scripture

        • Agree

      • This is my first year in BSF. I’m trying to remain committed to finishing but it will also be my last year. All I’ve heard my whole life if how BSF is this great Bible focused study and what I’m doing is a feelings focused study. There is minimal focus on learning the scripture beyond reading it through. One could probably answer 1/3rd of the questions without even reading the passage. I dig into the scripture every week but can tell that isn’t the universal standard (even some of the BSF questions themselves are written by someone who didn’t pay attention to the scripture and don’t have scriptural facts correct. Like Lesson 15, Question 6 calling the Lord’s of the Philistines Achish’s “men” when they were his equals). Nobody can honestly have 6-10 life changing revelations every week. Change takes time in any area of life and pretending you are going to start a daily journal, build a rock garden to memorialize God’s promises, apologize to 10 people, start a new ministry, get up an hour earlier to do a daily devotional forever, and keep a spotless house in one week is just a bunch of women trying to figure out how to please the author of the material and putting on a happy Facebook persona to themselves and each other. Sorry, BSF but nobody is going to make more than 2-3 actual, sticking life changes in an entire BSF year and certainly not in a week. I refer to my homework as “the lies I’m going to make up in response to the application questions this week” and the experienced BSF people I know all reply to that with “just figure out one or two actual things you learned in the passage and write them over-and-over to all the questions because you won’t get called on more than twice, that’s what I do.” Well, if everybody is actually getting 1-2 applications from the passage, why are we wasting time answering 8 application questions the same when we could use the space for 6 more questions that actually teach us the scripture? I can see the good of the BSF organization and that it brings women together and has a heart for the Word of God. But not the good of much of the homework format.

    • I agree. The questions do not seem to be as challenging. What I always appreciated about bsf was the in-depth study – way more than I ever got in a church bible study group. Now it feels no different. Lots of discussion but women not really focused on gods word

      • I agree. Having been involved with BSF for many years I am finding the changes allow for half hearted attempts at the questions or even no attempt, since group members can still participate,often at length, and with little relevance to the study.
        Change is seldom easy and time is needed for getting used to a new format but structure and an expectation of what is required is also essential and this I felt was BSFs strength, an in depth study to challenge growth.
        I’m finding it hard to be excited about going these days. I’m really sorry to admit this but the baby has indeed been lost with the bathwater for me.

        • It must be hard to find the balance between too easy and too hard when dealing with many cultures, those with lots of study and Bible experience and those who have never read the Bible or the un-churched who we try to reach without them getting discouraged. Trial and error is how we learn what works. Keep up the good work BSF!

    • I agree.

    • I couldn’t have said it better – I agree with you 100%.

  30. BSF going digital is a big deal. Well done delivering mybsf.org! Think about it. When Moses had his 1 on 1 in the Tent of Meeting, the glory of God appeared as a cloud. After Jesus Christ suffered death and was resurrected, the Holy Spirit then came to all of humanity. This could be called distributed cloud! Bottom line-The Holy Spirit of God is omnipresent; and BSF is scaling virtually. Praise God for our ability to change with the times!!!

  31. Blessings to BSF and their staff/team for their excellence in teaching God’s word!

  32. My first year in BSF was Genesy in 1973 . How different it was then!
    I love the changes over the years but am a bit overwhelmed with new technology etc but grateful for it and all the young “moms” who now attend this timeless , beyond compare study of our awesome God and His love for us!

  33. I have been with BSF for 5 years with a few years hiatus between 3-4. I was ecstatic when i heard about the Emmaus night group. God is a right on time God. I was searching for something to replace BSF Monday group which ended several years ago and i was unable to travel to Reading, God was right on time in starting the Emmaus group. I am privileged and honored to be able to come back for 2018 as the study has run right along with many parts of my life and i have been encouraged and guided at times. I hope the leaders are blessed as much as I have been blessed by them all, in person and telecast.

    • I am confused when you speak of the “Emmaus Night Group”. Is this a pilot group of are you referring to evening classes or evening SDG?

      • I believe she means the town of Emmaus, PA. Does that help ?

  34. I longed to have a Christmas Song. God gave me one this past December linked below. He gives me songs to share even though I’m not qualified just willing. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to listen and let it touch you. https://youtu.be/QcwN3qt5y64 Stay blessed.

    • Thank you for sharing what the Lord gives you.

  35. Looking back and Facing Forward – began BSF in 1995 and loved everything about BSF – God’s Word, the women, and the leaders have been life changing. I am amazed and excited to see the expansion of utilizing technology and more application / heart questions that help us dive deep in His Word. May our prayers be united in pressing forward to promote God’s Word.

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