Passing the torch

“One generation commends your works to another,
they tell of your mighty acts.” – Psalm 145:4

G od gifted John Humphrey Amuasi with a passionate mind.  

As a medical physicist, John’s research achievements are vast, and his accolades are many. But John is driven by more than professional success. His heart for the Lord compels him to advance the gospel of Christ while pursuing his research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 

Before John became a celebrated medical physicist or a beloved BSF board member, he was a young Christian who learned from a mature generation of believers.  

“Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. The great mentoring I personally received from my supervisors was an example for me to follow,” John said. “I need God’s grace to practice living for Jesus with a willing heart in the workplace as well as in the church, (knowing) that Jesus is with me and watching everything.” 

Growing up in Ghana, John seized every opportunity to pursue his passion. The path took him around the world and allowed him to collaborate with the pre-eminent medical physicists of his generation. John has served more than 40 years on the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, where he was dean of the School of Nuclear Sciences, and as an expert and consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

His work included tumor detection and treatment using imaging technologies (CT, SPECT, PET and MRI). Among his most highly regarded achievements was helping establish the first two National Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Centers in the two major cities in Ghana Accra and Kumasi to “manage the menace of cancer in the West African sub-region.” 

A heart for Christ

Early in his career, John’s wife, Joyce, was invited to participate in a Bible Study Fellowship prayer group. In 1990, the group established an Evening Women’s Class, and John saw God working firsthand through BSF. He soon joined a men’s prayer group, which evolved into an Evening Men’s Class, where John served as a substitute teaching leader.  

Over the years, John has served in various BSF roles, including his position on the board of directors, from which he is retiring after 12 years of service. When asked about his BSF experience, John immediately turns the conversation to God’s Word and BSF’s focus to magnify God and mature His people. 

“God has used BSF to deepen my relationship with Him and to strengthen (my) outreach work,” he said. I must say my commitment to BSF work has impacted every aspect of my secular work.” 

Creating a legacy

This is evident through John’s deep conviction to equip the next generation of physicists. In fact, John regards his mentoring work as one of the greatest blessings in his career. 

Citing the priest Jehoida, a little-known character in 2 Chronicles, John views biblical mentoring as a responsibility with far-reaching impact. 

In 2 Chronicles 24:1-2, Jehoida provided wise counsel to the 7-year-old king Joash, and “Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord all the years Jehoida the priest instructed him.” 

Through Jehoida’s guidance, the young king restored God’s temple and directed His people to right worship. At the end of Jehoida’s life, the prophet received the great honor of being “buried with the kings in the City of David, because of the good he had done in Israel for God and His temple” (2 Chronicles 24:16). 

“What good did Jehoiada do? He passionately mentored 7-year-old king Joash until he became a great king,” John said. “It is said that the Christian youth (the next generation) is the backbone of the Church. I believe this backbone can be strengthened through mentorship to make the next generation more effective in every respect.” 

As a young man, John learned from mentors in both his profession and his church. They were men who helped guide and counsel him through the challenges of work, life and faith. Today, John is filling that role for several young physicists, along with many others through church and BSF. 

“I am always challenged by Jesus’ statement in Luke 12:48b: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked,” John quoted. “On my return to Ghana, I soon realized that much had been given me, and so I needed to commit myself to serving my Lord and my nation. I asked for God’s grace, guidance and enablement to fulfill every demand, including mentorship.” 

Though challenging at first, John stepped into his mentoring role with a sense of humility and compassion, recognizing that true wise counsel comes from God alone. 

“Having someone in our lives to guide us toward faith and Christlikeness can be good and helpful,” John shared. “Even better is getting to know the Lord ourselves and learning to rely on the Holy Spirit to be our guide. That is making our faith personal. So it is with any type of mentorship. The mentor’s goal is to assist and guide his mentee to excel and become relevant in their chosen profession, be it sacred or secular, like the medical physics profession.” 

Like Jehoida, whose wise counsel impacted the Jewish nation, John’s mentoring work is making a significant difference in the medical physics field. 

One of John's mentees shared:

“Prof. John Amuasi’s mentorship style transcends academics. He affects the religious and moral lives of his mentees, as well. He has always provided wise counsel, which has shaped my personal and moral life as a husband and father of two. Not only his words of inspiration and encouragement make him a great mentor, (but also) Prof. Amuasi’s personal lifestyle is one big example that many young colleagues, like myself, have always admired. He always brings his mentees closer to know God and to live exemplary lives. This has resulted in him producing many great personalities who occupy great positions.”

This mentee’s doctoral research thesis won prestigious such awards as Best Poster Presentation Award at the Maiden University of Ghana Doctoral Conference in 2015 and the world’s Young Scientist Award by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) in 2016.

Taking action

As believers, we have the unique opportunity to influence the next generation for Christ. Whether we serve in the children’s program at BSF, build relationships in the workplace or pour into younger BSF group members, God can use each of us to spread His wisdom from one generation to the next. 

Would you take a moment to pray about how God might want to use you in this way? Together, like John Amuasi, we can offer truth and encouragement to a lost world, one life at a time. 


  1. Earnestine

    As I get older I value life so much more and have a deep compassion for young people. THANK you for sharing that compassion and the encouragement: One life at a time. For the need seems so over whelming until I realized the ONE life that saved us all. And the one life I have and you have. And the many you in the world….one life at a time telling of the ONE that died for us all. I needed those encouraging words. THANKS!!!

  2. Mary Alice Onyura

    Thank you for your contribution to BSF and for reminding us that we can serve God through our work.

  3. Solomon Gacece

    Dr. Amuasi is a source of encouragement to all of us.
    It is also a challenge on our role in mentorship.

  4. Gretchen Abernathy

    Thank you Dr, John. May you continue to impact the lives of others

  5. AnnaaLisa Jones

    Thank you Dr John Amuasi and your wife Joyce for reminding us the importance of “Passing the Torch” not only to our generation but future generations as well.

    My husband and I are firm believers of Psalm 145:4 “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.” Your testimony showed proof of that. Many scriptures in the Bible encourage us as Christ followers to share our testimonies and that testimonies should always point to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, giving Him all the glory in Jesus Christ’s name.
    My prayer is that we as son’s and daughter’s of God will take action to obey Jesus Christ, who instructs us in Mark 12:30 to love God and to love our neighbors. It takes that supernatural kind of love to want to share the Good News of the Gospel with our unsaved family members, our communities and on our secular jobs. One cannot help but share their testimony about how Jesus saved them from death and lifted them up from darkness to light: from not knowing Him to having an intimate and personal relationship with the Father through the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Up until 2004 my husband and I had been living a Romans 1:28 lifestyle through 30 years of marriage. My husband was born into a Muslim family and my family were worldly Christians. My family identified more with the world than with the Christian Faith. After meeting my husband at the age of 14, I stopped believing in Jesus as God altogether. Being a Muslim, my husband did not believe Jesus to be God and did not want anything to do with Christianity. Therefore, we were equally yoked.
    But In 2004 Jesus manifested Himself to both my husband and me simultaneously. My husband was a Sheriff Sergeant at the time, and only believed in evidence. And I may have stopped believing in Jesus, however Jesus never stopped believing in me. He never stopped believing in us. Jesus showed up in the power of the Holy Spirit “with evidence” and took my husband (the cop) into custody.

    Needless to say Jesus made believers out of both of us. The instructions given to us from the LORD were to repent, read God’s word from cover to cover and to pray daily. The Holy Spirit not only instructed us to attend church, but also selected the church which we were to attend.

    For my husband and I, an intimate relationship with God is knowing God’s will through prayer and hearing from God through His word with our hearts. Also, by attending BSF and by Him sending other brothers and sisters to us for confirmation of His word.
    In 2007 the Holy Spirit also started working on my personal relationship with Him by sending an acquaintance to me to join a BSF Claiss. I prayed and the LORD said “yes,” that was His will for me. I have been attending BSF classes now going on 13 years.

    My husband and I both know the importance of leaving a legacy and passing the torch to the next generation. As Pastors we have a very important job of serving God by serving the Gospel to those He sends our way. As the Bible says to whom much is given much more will be required. We all want to hear the LORD say “well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

    I applaud Dr Amuasi and his wife Joyce for being willing and obedient vessels, receiving the gifts that God has given them and sharing those wonderful gifts and legacy with others.
    God bless you both.

    AnnaLisa Jones.

  6. Nigel Sze

    Thank you Dr. John. We are from HK and experiencing thee love of Christ from BSF. Just want to tell you that your labor of love has reached far and gone deep into the spiritual lives of countless people. Thank you to all yout supporting teams.

    • ROSE

      Thank you for sharing your testimony.This indeed is an encouragement to the body of Christ.Each one of us that is called by the name of the Lord must live a life of impact.May the Lord bless you abundantly.

  7. Candice

    Thank you Dr. John Amusai for sharing God’s love in everything that you do. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

  8. Kay Beard

    Thank you so much for serving and also to your lovely wife, a sister BSF’er! Many are blessed by your work.

  9. George Amuasi

    Dear brother John, we thank God that your dedicated work at BSF coupled with your professional work as a medical physicist and nuclear scientist of international repute with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and the IAEA has received widespread recognition and commendation. Hallelujah! You are also a choirmaster in your local church. It is wonderful how our loving God has giving you the passion and energy to accomplish all these with sister Joyce beside you. God bless you and the family.

  10. Catherine Mwati

    This is great and very encouraging. Thank God for people like John who are able to discern our responsibility as bsf members goes beyond ourselves. Encouraged to continue with a treatment program for those using alcohol & other drugs focusing them more on God’s wonderful plan for their lives. I believe one day they’ll share about God’s love and faithfulness with others. Let’s keep on serving God’s purposes in our generation

    • Roland De La Garza

      Thank you John for being a light for your fellow man. God shows me everyday how people from all walks of life are an inspiration. You are truly a shepherd who has passed on the wisdom that God has given you. May he continue to reveal his glory through you. God bless.

    • Janet M Mbugua

      I thank God for John and I am greatly encouraged. When our pastor’s wife asked me to teach a Sunday school class i hesitated and did not think I would be able to do it until i stepped out and did it. I realised that when God calls me to serve He also equips just as in the regular army we are in the army of the Lord, when He calls He also equips and all i have to do is totally depend on Him for all i need i serve as a CL in a BSF class and I’m filled with joy when i see God transforming very young lives that i would have previously ignored as too young to learn. I thank God for the great work BSF is doing for both adults and children. May the Lord bless you all

  11. Glenda S. Arquiza

    How inspiring the experiences are.
    I am a nurse whose dream is to develop learning modules which are bible-based.
    I have also planned that when I retired I would be active in church activities. I have
    retired since 2011 and while I am joining church activities I feel I can do more. I have
    joined a BSF class on Genesis which, with God’s grace I was able to finish. I tried other
    BSF classes but due to my work I was not able to finish it. I guess I am a basket case of
    “the mind is willing but the flesh is weak”. I still have that desire to serve the Lord through

    my capabilities as a nurse educator. I hope I will be able to discern what the Lord wants me to

    do and where to go. Please pray for me.

  12. Nancy Bond (Ghana '04-'11)

    Thank you Dr. Amuasi and Joyce for your faithful service to BSF. May God guide you in your future endeavors as you continue to serve Him. God gave great wisdom to Solomon and he used that wisdom. God has given you great wisdom; you have used it well in your nation and beyond. May God continue to bless you.

    • Awurabena Okrah

      What an exemplary life lived in the will of God! John you are an inspiration to me as l continue to juggle BSF leadership, shepherding of group members, running a very busy business and mentoring both my staff and my trainees. Enjoy God’s continued blessings in retirement.


    I have a good friend named Peter Verbeeck whose teenage son committed suicide a year ago. Peter is building a school in Ghana named the Eric Verbeeck School in memory of his son. I would like to know how to put Peter in touch with this outstanding BSF Christian leader.

    • George

      Dr. Amuasi Thnx for serving in the vineyard of God. I would kindly request that if God gives you more grace, then, transition this period to retire, to doing the work of an apostle.
      You can visit countries of Eastern Africa witness the fruits ofLord.and help grow more fellowship. Gods blessings upon you till we meet in heavenly place

    • costina

      Thankyou john for encouraging words..may God help us those inthe ministry to serve him wholly and know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom..

  14. Betsy

    Thank you for this not only a reminder but also an awakening; even though I find myself to be an infant along this path. Although I am only semi-retired senior, not well versed with the scripture, since I transporting special needs children to and from school daily I can care for these children through my work to let them know that it’s through God’s Grace we are here. Furthermore, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and help I can also interact with my colleagues, of all levels, in loving and peaceful manner under all circumstances. May His mercy and grace equip me daily.

  15. Kasse Christelle

    As a young generation I bless all of you for your prayers

  16. Elizabeth Lee

    Very inspirational and uplifting message. I especially liked Dr. John’s comment “challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” I needed that today while struggling with a project. Thank you for your encouragement.

  17. Deborah

    How timely is John’s story! For someone who is seeking wisdom and guidance through the Holy Spirit on how to serve her Heavenly Father. ..the path to begin on has been brightly lit.

  18. Nuru Inyangete

    I praise God for BSF and how the word is transforming lives and building his kingdom and reminding us all that it is all for God’s glory and not for our own benefit. The word cuts across race, gender, age etc and unite us all with one purpose – Jesus Christ and His kingdom. This fact only came alive as I studied the word through BSF understanding my life is purposed to glorify God. It has changed who I used to be and given me a new identity in Christ and brought with it contentment and patience to wait for Gods instructions on what to do at every stage of my life. John is reminding us of this. Thank you for your testimony and encouragement. Grace and favour be upon you as you retire.

  19. Geraldine

    As an African American mother of three sons, this is an empowering testimony.
    Thanks to BSF, I’m finding my way home…!

  20. Ralph E Neal

    Thank you for the message.

    Ralph Neal – BSF, Greensboro, NC

    • irene wairimu

      challenges makes life interesting and overcoming them makes life meaningful is really inspiring and encouraging ! I hope this qoute will change my negative outlook to positive attitude when I am facing daily life challenges. John God bless you as you translate to other duties.

  21. Rose Betts

    I am inspired by what God has done in John’s life. My prayer is that I will do the same. All that the World needs today is Jesus and not the goodies of this world. We all know the goodies are rewards or additions as we trust God with our lives.
    Hoping that where I have moved to ((UK) I will find mentors to walk along with me. This is my desire.
    As a body of Christ works together please pray for me to find a church that worships God in truth and Spirit that I will continue to grow and impact the people around me who are mostly unbelievers. May the LORD be glorified in all things as we continue to seek Him everyday.

  22. Victor C Kakane

    This is beautiful. John and I were mates in the University and some of us saw this Christ-like life in him. When we met in BSF Accra Me’s class he did show this maturity. One can see this in his answers to questions during discussion time. I have learnt a lot from his humility. You and Joyce have been shining examples for me and my wife. Thank you

    • Patience Damptey

      John and I were colleagues at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and I can attest to his humility and show of compassion for others. After I joined BSF and both of us had retired from work, anytime we meet we will share some experiences in our lessons. May the good Lord continue to strengthen John and all of us to continue to impart what we learn in BSF to the next generation.

  23. Paa- Nii Johnson

    I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Amuasi since I joined BSF in 1998 in Accra EM. I must say in all honesty that he has allowed the Good Lord to drive his daily agenda with immense admiration for most us. His fatherly and elderly role at Accra EM is profoundly known by all us. He deserves to retire for working admirably in the vineyard if our Lord

  24. Olivia N. L. Okine

    Indeed Daddy John & Mummy Joyce have been parents in Christ Jesus for me for years since I joined BSF and through my time in leadership just as Chris and John Morris… Definitely, BSF is a lifetime learning ground of The Word of God. I will say thank you again and again for your time and care through the years. And for as long as Our God Almighty Reigns and Renews us in life and health and peace I say thank you so much…!!!!!
    Yours In Christ & AT HIS FEET [LUKE 10:38 – 42]

  25. Linda M

    How honoring to God your life John Amuasi! Through your blog, I feel the power of God’s word as He led you on the journey of a lifetime. Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do forward helping others to long for that personal relationship with Jesus. God speed John.

  26. Aku

    Thank you for being an example and a role model to many, including me. God richly bless you, Sir!

  27. Lynn

    Several years ago someone told me, “Retirement (or stepping aside to allow others the same opportunity you were given) isn’t in the Bible.” This year I saw a form of retirement in a wise man named Barzillai. Bravo, Dr. John Humphrey Amuasi for listening to God like Barzillai and knowing when to let the younger generation rise to the occasion! May God give you new opportunities to “tell of His mighty works!”

    • Thandiwe Muhonja Nyathi Majani

      As a middle aged believer, young mother this is encouraging to me that my service in BSF or any other capacity is never in vain. It also challenges me to look forward to the time where I will have to mentor other’s in the work of the Lord. Dr John Amuasi is an inspiration. May He retire to greater exploits.

      • Gloria Banwo

        Thank you Susie for sharing this testimony. Thank you Dr.John Amusai for making an eternal difference in the lives of so many people. I pray my teaching in the School program will yield eternal benefits in the lives of the children in my care. God bless your future endeavours.

    • Andrew

      Dear Lynn, I would be interested to learn of a place in the Bible where it states that someone “stepped aside to allow others the same opportunity [they] were given”. I am not aware of anywhere. Indeed, Leadership is not an “opportunity” in a human sense, it is a service. And, of course, Biblical leadership is knowing the word of the Lord and following it, rather than simply “being in command”. Both Absalom and Adonijah were convinced that it was their time to “lead”, and it is clear that this was the wrong attitude and indeed outside the Lord’s will, and they fell under judgement.

      However, there are clear cases where people handed over the positions that they held. We have recently studied David, who pronounced his son Solomon King, while he was still alive, although clearly no longer as physically capable due to old age. We note that Solomon, like David, did not push himself forward into the position, but waited for the Lord to put him there.

      I note that BSF has a retirement age. This is clearly a Biblical concept. We learned previously in Numbers 8:24–26 that the Levites were to step aside from the listed Levitical duties at the age of 50, although they could still assist. From this we see that this is not retirement in the modern sense of the word, but is a stepping aside to focus on serving the Lord in other (perhaps less strenuous) ways.

      May the Lord bless Dr Amuasi for his service and continue to bless him as he continues to serve the Lord in other ways. Praise God.

  28. Faith Lugonzo

    Thank you Dr. John for sharing this beautiful testimony with all the BSFers . I have been challenged to take up the role of mentoring my Nieces and Nephews and the young people around me since I have gained so much from my many years of study of the Word of God in BSF.

    • Bob Duggins

      John, it was my pleasure to serve with you for five years. Your grace and wise advice to those of us you impacted is far more than you know. May God continue to bless you in your continuing effort to pour the blessings of Christ into the lives of othrs. You are a shining example for us all.

      Bob Duggins

  29. Chuck Bobeldyk

    Such a well documented account of your life work, personally, professionally, and spiritually ….always putting God first. It both encourages, and challenges me through your wonderful examples…thank you so much for sharing…..

  30. Charmaine (Fiumos) Nelson

    Dear John and Joyce,
    Thank you for your years of service to the Lord through BSF and also on behalf of the Rafiki Foundation in Ghana. God has accomplished so much through both of your lives. It has been my privilege to have known you.
    With love in Christ,
    Charmaine (Fiumos) Nelson

  31. Brenda Flowers

    Dr. John, thank you for sharing your story and how God inspired you to reach the younger generation. It is beautiful to see how God empowers each one who is obedient. What a blessing you are to the body of Christ and the world!
    Thank you to all the BSF Leaders and behind the scenes workers. You’re labor of love is a treasure!

  32. Edwin Vijay kumar

    Thank you for bringing John into my life “A great inspiration” for me to follow his foot steps Being a top
    Nuclear scientist of his country yet humbled himself to be a STL “John has a heart of Jesus” I wish him good health and God’s wisdom to continue mentoring the young next generation. I shall always quote John as exemplary Child of God leading others to God

  33. Deidre Martin

    I was already in a women’s bible study when a friend began telling me about BSF. I didn’t know what it was. The more time we spent together and she talked about it, the more I wanted to be a part of it. She was so passionate when she spoke. I knew her well enough that if she was this excited and committed than I wanted to see what this was all about.

    I pulled into the parking lot on the first night as a visitor and I saw a sea of women and children flowing into the church. As I started walking towards the church I felt the Lord speaking and I hadn’t even hit the door yet! When I left that evening I knew it was God’s plan for me to be here and I was finally where I belonged.
    BSF is life changing!

  34. Erma J Reid

    Your blog reminds me of the importance of training the next generation. After attending a BSF seminar, “Serving the Church” I was inspired to complete my doctorate in Christian Education. My major writing project was The Importance of Mentoring Others for the Continuance of Faithful Ministry in the Church.””

    • Don Myers

      I’ve been in BSF for 22 years and it has brought me through rough times. But has allowed me to soar like an eagle. It has given me knowledge through studying the word of God. Gave me knowledge in raising our son and helping my wife who has some difficulties at this time. We praise God each day.
      Thank God and BSF
      Don Myers 161

  35. Kevin Rogers

    The story of John Humphrey Amusi is one of God using this spiritual father to effect and inspire a community and the world. There no limit to what Christ can do through men and women leaders who are willing to be leaders for His sake.
    We all have heard that children spell love – T. I. M. E., I am grateful to read John investing his generous heart to glorify God intentionally with mentoring in mind.
    May our Lord continue to bless you and keep you & your work, John.

    • Ludie Marie kirk

      When I first started bsf, it gave me a chance learn God word for the first time.. without any interruption.. I started bsf almost 6 years ago and I have learn so much about God grace and mercy. And study the word of with different back ground of religions. From all areas of the world but the most common ground that we have is the love of jesus christ. And touching and agreeing in prayering. I thank you all for letting the holy spirit lead you all for making this study to be nation wide. I really do enjoy the weekly accountability. And the love that is share through out the nation for bsf. for the holy spirit gliding you all to preach the word of God. In pslam,119 :81 SAYS MY SOUL FAINTS FOR SALVATION BUT I HOPE IN YOUR WORD. DAVID A MAN AFTER GOD ON HEART. PSALM:82 MY EYES FAIL FROM SEARCHING YOUR WORD SAYING WHEN WILL YOU COMFORT ME? I could go own but the holy spirit only gave those verse to say. Let the lord our God give grace as you ask for wisdom on your next walk with him peace be with you. With much love May the grace of our lord jesus christ be with you all Amen.

  36. Joséphine RASOAHARISOA

    Thank for your sharing! It was a wonderful testimony for encouragement for all!

  37. Lauren Carter

    Thank you for sharing this story and thank you Mr. John Amuasi for your years and years of service, mentorship, and heart for the Lord. You are a true example of what an impact one person can have for the kingdom and the world. BSF has been blessed to have you and I wish you the best in whatever comes next. Praise God for the work he accomplishes through you!

    • Anne

      This has inspired me and pray that I will be able to mentor some people for Christ.

  38. Mary Hajny

    A stirring example of the gifts God has given each of us and how they are to be used for His glory. Thank you for sharing Mr. John Amuasi’s amazing work. God bless him and his family.

  39. Jane Mburu

    I am delighted to read this inspiring message in the blog from Mr. John Amuasi. The lord has inspired me to know that it is not in vain to inspire the next generation through the knowledge God has put in me through BSF. I do mentorship in my church and also mentor small business owners from the informal settlements in my city to establish Kingdom focused enterprises and the knowledge gained through BSF. greatly guides me.

  40. Cynthia James

    Thanks for this blog, it is an encouragement to us all. God bless John for all that he has done for and with the young. We should pass on to them, and so it continues.

    • Ken Benson

      What an inspiring testimony. We all need to be making disciples as we go; it is Jesus’ commission to all of us. Thank you BSF for posting John Amuasi’s story for us to read. Bless you, Mr. Amuasi, in your future journey and thank you for sharing! The Lord has promised to be with us continually!

  41. Joyce chidziva

    Indeed BSF is God inspired it has changed my life , glory to God .
    May the Lord bless you John and your wife Joyce for the love you have shared through mentoring many youth

  42. Paulina Amoako

    I am deeply inspired by the testimony of this great man of God. I am grateful to God who always sends a Word of encouragement when needed. God bless you all at BSF.

  43. Cyprian Tambo

    This is a most inspiring testimony of “a living Faith”. Thank you John for being an example of Faith manifesting in works and shared with others.

  44. Ajantha

    Such a powerful testimony. John Amusai is an anointed person indeed. I pray that through my online Bsf , our Sovereign Lord will equip me to pass the Word of God to the next generation.

  45. Christine Lucas

    What a testimony! What a challenge! May my life count for eternity. Thank you John for giving your life to serve the Kingdom of God.

    • Johnson N Kimani

      Whenever I remember about the time I first encountered the Word of God and the time I came into personal relationship with Jesus Christ I feel good.In lower primary classes, I joined standard one under management of Presbyterian Church.I had not enjoyed the privilege to be brought up in a Christian home,receiving the necessary Christian education. But I was eager to register for a catechism class to be baptized in 1966.After baptismal I was confirmed later the same year and subsequently in high school I was reconfirmed by Rev.Welch in 1972 when I joined Christian Union.I am an ardent believer once you place Jesus Christ in centre of your life all others things follow in place.This involves calling God every day in prayers,pouring our hearts on what we believe,how the believe and how we behave.There is no iota of doubt that rebellion against Jesus salvation bring bad consequences and every thing else out of control.As Christian then is some one who is personally and decisively committed to JC as his saviour and Lord.My conversion was not an instant act, but a long jarneny including forty years in insurance professional industry to which I have a testimony.God is master of our time and destiny, on 18/02/2009 I proclaimed the Lord as the saviour of my life.The mission of God in the world is to reach and deal with peoples,spiritual and physical needs.As I conclude I thank John Amuasia as well as BSFers fraternity for John’s testimony.I am not only encouraged but deeply inspired to enhance my relationship with my Lord Jesus.For only in Jesus one can live a new quality of life.Our prayers continue to glory of Lord.

  46. Michael Maduras

    Here is a man that God has used, and continues to use, to fulfill the Great Commission. John Humphrey Amuasi is the embodyment of the luminaries who Paul is speaking to in Philippians 2:14-15. By the actions displayed in living his life, John illumines the Savior to those around him as well as to those with whom he collaborates around the world. Thank you, John, and praise ABBA, Savior and Holy Spirit, from whom all blessings come. BTW, the Lord’s luminaries are never in an “OFF” position.

  47. Aba Folson

    We thank God for the life of Brother John.He can rightly be described as a man after God,s own heart.I and my son Kweku have been impacted greatly by his infectious zeal for the Lord which he has alwa ys acted out in true humility.His dear wife Aunty Joyce has always played a very supportive role which is worth emulating.We are very proud of you Brother John and Aunty Joyce.To God be the glory,great things He has done.

  48. Dianne Peterson

    A BSF member since 1999. A childrens leader at BSF for 15 years. Loving every minute, blessed immensely. Still a member at BSF but retired as a childrens leader. At 76 yrs old hard to be on the floor. Im now involved with CEF (Childrens Evangelism Fellowship or Good News Club) an after school program in public schools. This is my passion. Love being with older kids and blessed to see them worshipping the Lord and loving Him as they do. See many accepting their Lord and Savior. Thankful to my Lord for choosing me to share the gospel with the next generation. Blessed

  49. Shirley Aldeguer

    What an inspiration and an encouragement for all of us, and for me, personally as a Senior High School teacher in Thailand. Indeed, God’s grace and love alone compel us to show the world that we truly care for others beyond degrees of human limitations. May we continue to succumb to the challenge of effectively and joyfully passing on the torch to the next generation, by influencing others to see and experience Christ.

  50. Louisa Nesbit

    Dr. John thank you and God bless you for giving your life to serve, teach and mentor others to believe come and follow Christ. Your story is definitely very inspiring for me to do the same.

    • Shirly Milton

      Praise God for Dr.John and his devotion to Christ. Yes BSF is life changing. Fortunately BSF started online. We don’t have a class here otherwise. Revelation of the Word and my wanting to commit and obey is not easy but I’m trying my best. I thank and pray for my sister who introduced BSF into my life. Need my children and husband search and find Him too.
      May God bless you Dr.
      John. May God continue to strengthen you to do his work. Amen.

  51. Fred McNeely

    Dr. John, your testimony is much like Christ’s disciples who shared their whole life. Thank you for your serve to the Lord and His people and for those who are to come through your witness.

  52. Kweku

    I’m so happy to see this testimony about John. As a young boy just out of High School I had the privilege to be driven by him to BSF class every Monday evening. Those Bible Studies made a deep impact in my life which is evident to this day. May God continue to bless him

  53. Janet Palmer

    What a great testimony you have! Your dependence on our Lord Jesus is so obvious. Passing on wisdom from Christ to the next generation whether in our professional or spiritual lives is what we should aspire to accomplish. Thank you For sharing your story

    • Charissima

      Thank you. How real and living God is for all generations that’s what am experiencing in BSF. A good learning for myself n mentoring youngers to depend and trust in the gracious guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  54. Joyce M Anderson

    Giving honor to God for all that he has done. Sharing the word of God is truely a blessing. As the scripture reminds us, we should study to show ourselves approved rightly dividing the word of truth. May God Bless you Mr. John to continue mentoring even in retirement. God’s word never grows old nor does it retire, you are a blessing.

  55. Elois B.

    Thank you John for making an eternal difference in the lives of so many people. God bless you.

    • Lydia Myas

      I thank the Lord for all those whose hearts are filled by the life of their creator to give away what has been given to them so freely. Thank you for loving God and wanting what He wants. For Many to know Him. Like Job who said He knew God but than said He saw God. Thank you John for loving those around you.

  56. Fran Gillis

    Thank you John for saying yes to Christ’ call and letting the Holy Spirit lead you in your spiritual journey. Thank you for your leadership and service with BSF. As a BSF children’s leader the past four years, you are accurate with your assessment of our need to mentor our youth. Thank you for your insights about Jehoida as well. God’s word encourages and inspires and you are living proof of this fact and blessing. May God continue to lead you and bless you in your next phase of life.

  57. Carol Johnson

    Thank you…what a beautiful and powerful reminder and encouragement to share with others God’s Grace through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Mentoring others in both word and deed is truly a blessing to all involved.

  58. Ani Naljian

    Thank you John for years of service. Yes Bsf has also trained me for kingdom living I have held various positions in Bsf and at my church youth leader, prayer leader, woman’s bible study leader, deacon, missions, hope and healing. All because of BSF My best friend has now received Christ I’m so thankful to God

  59. Don Baldwin

    King David almost missed the boat setting the stage for his son Solomon. BSF prepares its participants to be leaders in their church’s and as such, we need to be mindful to train and mentor those that will follow in our footsteps. That happens in part by listening to the Holy Spirit and identifying those around us and preparing them to take over our responsibilities when we no longer can or feel led to continue in our various roles.

  60. gabrielsathianathan

    Very inspiring indeed. May God show me ways of being an effective mentor

    • Alice Majumah

      Thank you John for the many years you’ve dedicated in doing God’s work. Such an encouraging testimon.
      BSF has a big impact on ones life especially the sharing time.

  61. Fred Chaves

    BSF is fantastic. I thank God every day for leading me to BSF.

  62. Carol Dorsey

    Love this blog. It is so important to pass our knowledge on to the younger generations, be it sacred or secular. If this generation fail, the next generation will suffer that gap. So thank you for reminding us to follow God ‘s law.

    • Leeanne

      I have just returned to work after six weeks leave. What a timely reminder of how much i need GOD ‘s grace in my life, to have a willing heart and to live for Christ where i work.

  63. Carol Murphy

    What a great encouragement for all of us who have been in BSF for many years. How we need to reach the younger generation as they face so many challenges. Thankful BSF has this desire and I hope each of us will be committed to invite and bring young people to study God’s precious Word!

  64. Bill Watson

    Excellent blog with great life application

    • D. H. Yamamoto

      Can you resend me the first three messages you sent. I went to check and see if I had read them and they were gone. Somehow they got erased. Thank you so much.

      • Kathleen S.

        Thank you for the reminder that we are in BSF for more than just enriching our understanding of God’s Word, but for also enriching the the lives of others, especially by sharing the gospel with our youth. Thank you, Mr. Amuasi, for your dedication to honor God in all that you do.

        • Yvonne PS

          Thank you Dr. Amuasi for answering God’s call, for your obedience and your service. Your story is inspiring and uplifting. As a BSF group leader I am encouraged to keep serving the Lord by shepherding the ladies that He has entrusted to me, it is a great privilege. May the Lord continue to bless you and your dear wife.

          • Kristine Adams

            Thank you for sharing the value of mentoring. As CS for the Day Woman’s School Program I just took the time this morning to meet with one of my younger CL’s, a mother of 4 elementary school age children. She shared in great detail how much she needs to be mentored. I had no idea! Our getting together for just an hour blessed us both and opened my eyes to the importance of just spending time together to listen and let God take it from there. I know I am going to make an effort to build mentoring time into my week. Your testimony has just solidified my commitment to that. Thank you for sharing.

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