Acts 2:42

“They were continually devoting themselves to …


A s we study Acts together, we have a unique opportunity to pray for BSF around the world. Using the comment section below, please include your class location as you share prayer requests and praiseworthy moments with other BSFers.


  1. Jesu

    My name is Jesu and I’m from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.

  2. Aifen

    Praise Lord, so many Africa/Asia/South America countries in the world Jesus followers are growing, and BSF classes are available at many of these countries, and Lord please help America,

    World 597.1 Millions, Evangelical Annual Growth Rate (global rate = 2.6%)
    107 China 2.90%
    88.0 USA 0.80%
    53.4 Nigeria 3.40%
    52.3 Brazil 1.70%
    25.5 Kenya 3.40%
    20.6 Ethiopia 4.30%
    17.2 Congo, Democratic Republic of 3.70%
    16.5 India 3.90%
    15.4 Uganda 3.70%
    15.2 Philippines 3.10%
    13.2 Mexico 3.80%
    12.4 South Africa 2.20%
    8.7 Indonesia 2.80%
    8.4 South Korea 0.70%
    8.0 Ghana 4.50%
    7.9 Angola 4.40%
    6.6 Tanzania 2.40%
    5.4 Colombia 6.00%
    5.4 UK 0.00%
    5.0 Argentina 2.10%
    4.7 Peru 4.20%
    4.6 Zambia 3.20%

  3. Edmund Krzeminski

    [We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”
    O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada, Poland and Great Britain. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher?

    Please pray that Great Britain, Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18).
    * Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith of Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by faith only,
    * the Church in the USA & Canada & Great Britain – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church – Matt. 3.12 “Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”
    * my family:
    1. Bad executives are hurting me. Please pray for God’s order in that case.
    2. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
    3. Pray for God’s will, wisdom, discernment, revelation and recognition for me and my family; I ask God for Edmund’s work situation, God’s direction for Edmund , Dorothy, Peter, Daniel and Ann (also God’s protection and blessings over the company where she works and she needs a husband),
    4. God’s order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work.

  4. Katie Woo

    Praying for Croydon SDG pilot classes on James study on 8 & 15 June, there are 32 sisters registered and 21 are new to BSF. We are having two groups in English and Chinese.
    Croydon is in Greater London, United Kingdom

    • Aifen

      please more Chinese BSF members all over the world, praying in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  5. Veronica Song

    Thank you, BSF for not remaining silent but speaking out God’s words regarding the injustice and chaos around us.

  6. ameris

    Pray that Jason would believe in Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

  7. Gerald

    Praise the Lord! Prayers for God to greatly answer several prayer requests we’ve laid before His throne. Thank you and God richly bless you all!

  8. Jerry

    Lord please place your healing hands on my body and heal me from all disease. I ask that you give me comfort and strength and remove my pain and discomfort. Bless me Lord with a miracle.. In Jesus name – Amen .

    • Ameris

      Lord, heal Jerry from the inside out

  9. BK

    Dear Lord, hear the cries of the many who fear lack in provisions for their selves, families, friends and communities, and provide for them according to Your steadfast love.
    Sovereign Lord, turn our fears into praise and trust in You, may Your salvation in Christ be made known across the nation and beyond.
    Thank you Lord, for protection over the many lives that have been preserved over this entire period.
    We in Singapore, give thanks for the Lord’s continuous work in His people for His glory and His attentive hearing to all our righteous petitions.

  10. John

    Lord please help my marriage. I pray you would place a division between all ungodly friends, males and females, who are negatively impacting her life and our marriage. I ask for God to weigh heavily on her heart and reveal his divine will for her life -in Jesus name

    • Matthew Starr

      John, a woman’s mind once made up is a difficult thing to change.
      I’ve been through divorce and the best approach is to back away from her and say little to nothing.
      The more you talk to her the less likely she will come back to you.
      I’ve also noticed that women always file for divorce and hardly ever the man.

    • Aifen

      Lord, you are all power all knowing, please intervene and inspire John what he could do to demonstrate Jesus’ love to change hearts and minds those impacted and involved; I believe nothing is impossible with Your mercy and grace, and I hope John’s stories with miracles could be a strong faith and testimony to other marriages, praying in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  11. Melissa M

    Lord, bring restoration to my marriage.Let mike realize that no one else is there for him as I am. Let him realize how much he loves and trusts me. Let him see my loyalty, kindness, & devotion that compels him to trust me and return. May mike realize how damaging his absence is to our kids & bring mike back home to a full love for Your word. Rejoin us together spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, cleaving mike to me always, Restore & bless our marriage, protecting us from the evil one! I ask that you also could place your healing hands on my father who is sick with cancer- heal him! Ease his pain! In Jesus name. Amen

  12. Josie Derayunan

    Dear Lord,

    I would like to pray for help on getting a job since my employer is laying us off permanently at the end of the month of May. I don’t know how can I pay for my financial responsibilities and health insurance. I need your assistance since I cannot do it on my own.Please help me to get job interviews and a good job with good benefits, pay and good manager. I pray that as seek out effective employment, that I will speak only as you lead and nothing shall be on my own. Let my conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.Lord, this day You know my needs, You know my struggles, You know the crisis I face each day and you are not a God of confusion but a God who hears and answers

    • Aifen

      May Josie’ strong faith glory to You Lord to answer prayers according to Your Will, supply needs, praying in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  13. Cecile Griffin

    Please pray for me. I need God’s wisdom and guidance in knowing how I should handle my relationship with my 30-year old granddaughter. She has made some very poor decisions with her life, the worst of which is abandoning her 7-year old child. She and has done nothing to prepare herself for her future. I see a very sad and lonely life for her in the coming years.

    • Inhey Cho

      praying for a Jesus’ loving hand wipe off your tears for granddaughter’s family


    Pls pray for my son who is in his final year at the university to learn to pass all his exams and also not to fall in to bad relationships but rather had more time for the Lord. thanks

    • Cecile Griffin

      Please pray for me. I need God’s wisdom and guidance in knowing how I should handle my relationship with my 30-year old granddaughter. She has made some very poor decisions with her life, the worst of which is abandoning her 7-year old child. She and has done nothing to prepare herself for her future. I see a very sad and lonely life for her in the coming years.


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