Snapshots from Summit 2019

The Unstoppable Spirit

The Unstoppable Spirit

Susie Rowan, BSF Executive Director

Susie Rowan explores the evidence of the Holy Spirit, His person, His power and His accessibility to all who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her inspiring message leaves listeners with a deep sense of the unstoppable power of the triune God.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Peter connects Joel to the gospel

What is the greatest sin?

What do Spirit-empowered people look like?


  1. Mamihavana

    Dear Sister in Jesus, thank you very much for this God’s words sharing, it allows me to get more experience about the Holy Spirit, and its impact through my life

  2. Roselyn Wanda

    Dear Susie,
    Those are wonderful and inspiring video messages of the “Unstoppable Spirit “ Thank you very much! GLORY TO GOD “
    Stay blessed!

    • Fran Goetz

      Dear Susie,
      I enjoyed what you had to say on the ”

      Dear Susie,

      I enjoyed what you had to say on Unstoppable Spirit. Thank you sharing your heart with us. To God be the Glory!

  3. Susie Rowan

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen, learn and apply. How we need to fullness of the Holy Spirit and to walk in His presence and power. I need the Spirit as much as each of you. Let us pray for one another to walk in the waterfall!

  4. Victor C. K. Kakane

    Great lessons to learn from these lectures. Thank God for BSF

    • Plaxedes

      Powerful. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. Johanna Csiszar

    PRAISE GOD,for HIS UNSTOPPABLE HOLY SPIRIT and Thank you JESUS for loving me, inspite of myself.

    • Nereah Were.

      Really grateful to receive excerpts of the summit and to be part of that experience. Thank you for making this possible. Already the 4 excerpts have widened my preparation for understanding of Acts and increased my knowledge of sin. I now know the greatest sin.
      Thank you Susan.

  6. Rebecca

    I am personally excited about learning more of the person of the Holy Spirit and Acts exposes Him more and His role in our lives.Thankyou Susan for spearheading this unstoppable cause this season as the Church of Christ moves on.

    • Rebecca Evershed

      Praise Jesus for being unstoppable and loving us!

    • Naomi

      The same spirit lives and works in our lives as we study acts

  7. Judy

    Your talk comes directly from Tex t of Gods word as we listen you bring alive God’s word from Peter because he gives you the power as we give him glory an pray continually fo his power through our lives, lessons and visually see the Unstoppable Power of Jesus Messiah and Saviour because it gives us Life.
    I will enjoy listening to this presentation through the year.
    To him the glory

  8. Solomon Gacece

    Praise the Lord. These four lessons are clear and most encouraging.

    • Dolores Barrett

      Such a blessing to hear from BSF speaker with short and powerful statements about the unstoppable power of the Holy Spirit.

      • Janet Grosz

        Thank you sharing the good news, of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his return it thank you

    • Susan Bamhare

      All the glory be to God we thank the Holy Spirit for the three thousand people who turned to Christ

      • Ken B.

        Thank you for the unstoppable message on the unstoppable Spirit of our unstoppable God. What a powerful teaching of Acts 2. Thank you for the expansion of resources that BSF offers to the participating members of BSF and for your messages to us, the members.

    • Charlene Giles

      Thank you so very much for sharing!

  9. wangechi

    To God be all Glory, for giving us a hunger for God’s unstoppable Spirit, the theme for Acts of the Apostles, gives me the strength to trek so many kilometres to share God’s word every week, thank you Suzie for allowing God to use you to share those Spirit filled messages that continue maturing us in God’s word. AMEN!

  10. Johnson N Kimani

    Thanks to BSF Leaders, HQ staff and board members in Houston Texas led by Susie Rowan Executive Director.Your teaching and many lessons I have received for nearly six years ago has empowered us to understand that every stage in our life,we need to seek divine wisdom.The Bible is the answer to our everyday living.Paula’s personal encounter with Jesus Christ led to transformation from persecution of Christians without any mercy.To be a Christian missionary and a powerful brilliant scholar,more convincing than ever before.My congratulations on your first BSF Leaders Summit in Houston.It will be most memorable BSF Leaders celebration by those present.To God be the glory.

    • Agnes Gachau

      Thank you for sharing with us. It is exciting to learn the power of the Holy spirit. And Thank God for allowing us to experience this power which is always present in us.

  11. Garland Alley

    What is the greatest sin? I didn’t see the answer.

    • Kim

      Hi! Susie said: “The failure to recognize Jesus as Lord and Messiah”…to refuse to believe Jesus is Lord and Savior. Hope this helps you understand better! May God give you deeper understanding and give you a hunger for more of His words.

    • Sharon Carney

      The greatest sin I believe is the sin of unbelief!! Not knowing Christ as your Saviour!

    • William Wright

      Not accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

    • Susie Rowan

      Garland, the greatest sin is to refuse to believe Jesus is Lord and Savior. Thanks for listening!

  12. Kay Whittenburg

    BSF is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my whole life! I am learning so much and enjoying every bit of education I am accumulating. I look forward to doing my homework each week and them participating with my group. Thank you for your blessings on so many people.

  13. Nyambura

    Thank you for this years topic. I’m excited to explore the book of acts with you.
    -Blessings as you lead us through🙏

  14. Barbara Mecham

    Thank you for this wonderful introduction to Acts & the person of the Holy Spirit! I love the “Unstoppable” theme this year & can’t wait to see how the Spirit will move in BSF this year!

    • Katherine E Bedford

      Thank you so much for sharing for those who did not attend. Praise God for the HOLY SPIRIT that fills us , empowers us, walks beside us , guides us, comforts and strengthens us.

  15. Marie Johnson

    Thank you for sharing a great message of our unstoppable God. He had given every believer Himself in the power of the Holy Spirit to affect the world for all eternity . I’m grateful to be apart of His plan, sharing the gospel. Thank you for igniting the power again.

  16. Marilyn Sankarsingh

    Oh what a wonderful message on The Holy Spirit! I am so happy that I joined BSF as I am learning so much.

    • Stephanie Liew

      The most precious gift from God – ALL believers have the indwelling Unstoppable Holy Spirit in our lives ! I pray that I be a bold witness for Christ as I’m filled with this Unstoppable Spirit of what God has done in my life .

  17. M. Martin

    This was a wonderful and inspiring message of the power of the Holy Spirit. I thank God more and more each day for His indwelling presence to lead and guide me in all truths.

    • Suze Pfaffinger

      So encouraging & confirming that it is only by the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling believers that we can live victoriously proclaiming Jesus especially in the face of great opposition we may find ourselves in today.

  18. JoAnn Garrett

    Just fabulous! Thank you for taking me there before the Sanhedron, Suzie.

  19. Sherrian Westfall

    thank you for these excerpts, they bring back the marvelous time we had at the summit, The teaching, worship, ALL was an over the top blessing. And I will “relive” that time

  20. Tyng Huang

    What a powerful sermon! Thank you for sharing the Snapshots from Summit 2019. It is very encouraging. Praise God!

  21. Jessica Xia

    Susie, I like how you describe the Holy Spirit was poured out to the apostles, not drip drip, but like waterfall. How power the imagery is! While I watching the video, down pore rain is coming down hard outside my window. What a perfect visual for the scripture ! Thank you God for your downpour of your Spirit onto your children to carryon the mission you entrust . Never stop teaching and proclaiming the Good news that Jesus is the Lord and Messiah!

    • Jfrancisvijaya mohan

      Lord help us to be channels of
      Power of the holy spirit

  22. Drew Debrey

    Listening to a talk on ethics and looking at this blog. For the believer, the Holy Spirit’s guidance results in actions most would consider ethical!

    • Chineze Anwah

      Thank you for these excerpts
      Spiritually fulfilling .
      I am blessed being part of the BSF body digging into the unstoppable word of God!!!!

    • Philip Benjamin

      This study of the unstoppable spirit is very exciting. Although I am into this for the second time feel there was much of the person of the Spirit I had missed out earlier. Thankyou for sharing your excerpts because it widens the horizons of thoughts.

  23. Kimberly

    Appreciate this!
    Is it possible to send some the worship time or other speakers?

    My husband and I attended this for the first time and were truly encouraged and refreshed.

    • Bennett Rolan

      Kimberly, the other Summit talks will be sent in the next few weeks. Thank you for asking!

  24. Les Soltis

    Really wanted to hear Dr. Bryan Carter’s address again. Why isn’t that included?

    • Bennett Rolan

      Les, thank you for asking! Dr Carter’s talk will be coming soon. We are so thankful for this powerful teaching.

    • Dallas Gilardi

      I was not able to attend the meeting so I am so excited to get to hear and see these videos. It’s absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you.

  25. Jane munene

    Awesome . I truly thank God for this !

    • Robert Cook

      These messages share more light on the empowering of the Holy Spirit and the establishment of the church. Praise God!

  26. Connie Newman

    I love to hear and learn about our Lord. That is as also why I love BSF. My faith has grown so much. I began BSF with Revalation and and just can not get enough of God’s word.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you for the teaching.
      I look forward to BSF every week. Its awesome to know we have a helper with us every time regardless of what we have to go through in life.
      What a loving and caring God we serve!..
      Thank you for sharing.

  27. Ginger

    Thank you for making this available.

  28. Trisha Scholten

    Thank you for this. As a Teaching Leader in BSF there have been so many times I have wished “my people” (my class members and friends) could receive even a small portion of what I had received after attending an Institute or Orientation at Head Quarters, This is an answer to that longing and prayer. Thank you BSF Board members and staff for seeking the heart and mind of God with all of yours, and for courageously taking this ministry in the direction He’s giving. You are so appreciated and continually being prayed for. With more love for Jesus than I’ve ever known before- Trisha

  29. Peggy Dill

    Sorry I wasn’t there to hear all. Her excitement was contagious.

    • Marla Brassfield

      Thank you for sharing this rich and deep teaching. I am so thankful for BSF where I have learned over the years how to have a closer relationship with Jesus and my purpose here on earth…sharing the Gospel, Jesus with everyone I can.

  30. Young Lee

    Even though I was not there, I could feel the unstoppable spirit of the Lord, Jesus through Susie’s message.



  32. Sue Tracy

    Holy Spirit is unstoppable, thank you thank you thank you.
    Praise God whom all blessings come !! Hallelujah

  33. Barbara J Brown

    The messages of the Holy Spirit gave me a more better understanding on who and what he does.

  34. Janet L Harrington

    With the crowd in the room, the teaching they heard, it must have been a little like when it first happened so long ago. Blessings abounded then and now I am sure.

    • Susan Ward

      How can I access the weekly lessons

      • helga sengberg

        Susan, you need to create an account on It needs to be the same email address you provided to Bsf when you registered for a class. Once your account is created you can hear the lecture, the notes, print the notes and questions and much more. I hope this helps!

        • Barbara

          Thank you dear sister for this wonderful introduction to our Acts study this year. I love the unstoppable theme…can’t wait to see how the Spirit will move on BSF this year. To God be the glory!

          • Elizabeth Mathew

            Every doubt is cleared as you study the Bible, there is nothing like it.

      • Marilyn

        Go to and register

      • E

        Susan Ward: go to and establish an account. You will have access there to find a class, download the lessons, and hear or watch the audio/video of the weekly lectures.

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