The gift of technology

The gift of technology


I smiled as the couple quietly bowed their heads in the restaurant. You don’t see folks pray before their meals very often these days. Then I noticed they weren’t praying: They were taking pictures of their meals with their mobile devices. Ah, the surprises that come with living in the 21st century! As a web developer at BSF Headquarters, I’m more immersed in the technical world than most. Spending my days and nights in the glow of electronic devices makes me think about how technology has crowded our lives.

What should we think of this technology explosion?

Is the news all bad?

Can technology be good?

Since Genesis, tools have been an integral part of humanity’s work. From tilling the soil (Genesis 4:2) to playing music (Genesis 4:22), God’s people use His creativity to develop and nurture a fallen world. Sometimes that creativity has pleasing results. Sometimes the results simply confirm our need for a Savior. Like all gifts and all tools, technology can either be redemptive or destructive. We see the destruction all around us. Let’s look instead at how we can use electronic tools and technology redemptively.

Technology can help us prioritize

Our 21st century lifestyles would be busy enough without technology interrupting our daily lives. Text messages and mobile apps clamor for our attention. E-mail and social media feeds crowd our days. But using technology wisely saves us time. A quick text of assurance can relieve anxiety. A quick traffic scan saves time on the road. Personal calendars streamline our meeting times.

Technology can also help us plan for the whitespace, the quiet time we need to slow down and listen for God’s still small voice. It’s that time when we put the wind, earthquakes and fires of the day behind us. Believe it or not, we humans need that quiet time. Our brains must sort through and make sense of the daily background noise. Use the tool of technology to help you plan for some quiet time with God.

Technology can collapse the distance between people

Our God is deeply relational. In the Bible, God often interacts directly with His people (Genesis 6:13; 17:1; Exodus 3:4). We know that an all-powerful God could easily solve the problem of sin at a distance. Instead, He chose to dwell with us.

God made us in His image – as personal, moral and spiritual beings. So, connecting with God and each other personally is part of what it means to be human.

Think of all the ways the Triune God could speak to us today. Daily tweets or a text message or two. And who wouldn’t love to have access to God’s Instagram account and the magnificence of Heaven? Instead, God chose to come to us in human form, and communicated that encounter to us through inspired human authors, for human good.

Embrace your God-given relational nature! Whenever you can, join with your brothers and sisters in Christ in a personal, face-to-face way. Text an invite to someone you haven’t been with in a while to join in study, prayer or encouraging conversation over coffee. Linger before or after class or your group meeting to connect. Check to see if a virtual group member lives in your area to put a physical presence on that virtual friendship you enjoy.

Use technology to schedule time to be without technology. Use impersonal electronic communication to meet personally, with someone you care about. The tools we use change us, but they shouldn’t define us. Our identity isn’t found on Facebook, it is found in Christ. So, use the tool of technology, a God-given gift, to conform to His likeness: Set aside time with our Father, seek out others personally to share Christ.

Like any tool, we can use technology for evil or for good. Remember that it IS a good gift from a good God who wants us to spend more time with Him and more quality time with each other, in person, building up the body of Christ. Yes, technology can get in the way. It can use up precious time and put distance between us when we really yearn to be together. But if we use technology wisely, we can grow close to God and to our brothers and sisters who share this love for God and love for His Word.


  1. Sylvia K

    Thanks Pete for the reminder to use technology to schedule time to be without it.
    Also more importantly to schedule time to be with God. May God enable us to do so this season. Merry Christmas to all filed with Gods blessings and love.

  2. Wacera

    Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me of our lesson this evening, where our TL emphasized the need for us to give others who are in need a human touch. She reminded us that Technology is good but sometimes, what those in need really need is our human touch and not the whatsapp texts that we send – Christ did it for us; He left His throne in Heaven and physically came here on earth to meet us face to face. He could have decided that The Bible is enough for us, but He did not. He knew that we would identify with Him most when He walked here on earth.

  3. Purvis Harper

    As you have so eloquently stated may God reign thru the various technologies created by Him and be used by Him to transform lives around the world. God bless this aspect of the ministry of BSF.

  4. Elizabeth J

    A million thanks to Our Father, for you and your team who work so hard to make it easy for us, the BSFers. is a blessing I cannot describe in words.
    It was my great desire to have audio notes. My Lord gave the desire of my heart.
    Virtual class is again an amazing blessing. My friends who would have otherwise missed BSF, are able to have to joy of learning His Word from remote unreached places.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

  5. Patience

    Thanks. Very insightful.

  6. Gemy, Vietnam

    Thank you ❤️ Grateful for BSF HQ and the way you teach and lead us in this technology age. Merry Christmas 🎁

  7. Rosie McGinnis

    Pete, Your comments have made me look at technology in a better light. More as a friend then an enemy full of fear. It is such a blessing to have BSF available in so many different ways.
    God Bless you for your work in this ministry. Rosie

  8. Solomon Gacece

    Praise the Lord. Thank you for this reminder and insight.

  9. Marcella Jasan

    Pete, thank you for the greatest reminder of who Christ is in my life. Instead of my phone alarm just reading “get ready”, its “get ready & pray”.

    Thanks again, have a Merry Christmas and a bless New Year.

    Love, a sis in His Service
    Romans 15:13

  10. Kimela Taylor

    Amen! Thank you for the reminder!

  11. Melodie J. Jones

    Thank you for your insight Pete. Thank God for His believers around the world and for our BSF members! Our BSF Group is so very encouraging as we share “face to face” interaction and sharing His Word. We are blessed to have our lecture available weekly. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  12. Cynthia Simon

    Thanks Pete for your insight. I am very old school. Gradually making the change to get on board. Something it is fustrating. I am still learning and will not give up.

  13. Aunty Naa

    Thank you Pete for sharing your thoughts on how we can use technology wisely to build healthy relationship with God and our families.
    Yes technology is good but it has it’s bad side too. I missed BSF last week because u had to attend a workshop but thanks to BSF website, I was able to catch up and participate fully this week without missing anything.
    Just like we learnt in Sunday School, “B before b”; Bible before breakfast, I always turn off my phone at night and only turn it on after my morning devotion.

  14. Eddy Serge RAZAKAMAHEFA

    Dear Pete,
    thank you for your technoology. And I encourage you to continue to improve to perfect it.

    God bless you and your family

  15. Susan Schlatter

    This was just one more message from the Lord to convict me of my overuse of technology. When the computer was fairly new my Line used to be the computer is your friend. Now it’s really become an intrusion and a substitute for relationships. Thank you for the validation.

  16. Kong San, Wong

    Enlightening and encouraging article. We have the choice in how we we use technology.

  17. JulianaCheng

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    See,IwillhavetowastetimetogobackandthentapreallyhardonthespacebarandhopethatitwilladvanceonestepandIcancontinuewihttypingorwhatever….Nomorewasteoftime.Deciperthisor leaveitasis….

  18. Susan Burrus

    After many years in an “in person” traditional class I’m riding the wave of the future with my on line class – and so very much enjoying it. It’s a fabulous option for many who would be unable to participate in BSF otherwise. THANK YOU to everyone on the technology team who have used their talents, time and energy to make this happen.

  19. Dorothea JOHNSON


  20. Dana Nance

    You have been blessed to be a blessing, Pete. May God encourage you with these many positive comments.

    Yes indeed, To God be the Glory!

  21. Richard Owens Jr.

    It’s spiritual bulk that isn’t edifelt in a weightroom. Or a quadillenth of a trace of hydrogen that olny sham can notice out of endless people. Jesus and His called subjects of The Father have a I. P. we have aways had one. Like my Aunt Hester or Uncle Mac’s seed. All praise be to the One God, that is able to keep me from falling, A:men.

  22. Sherryl Weeks

    Wycliffe Associates is using technology and groups of native speakers to translate Scripture into languages without a single verse of the Bible in the heart language. Lives are being transformed. The process is being accelerated using the MAST Program.

  23. Barb Smith

    Thank you for your part in making it possible for me to continue my BSF lessons & lectures. I am 82 years old completely deaf in one ear and even with a hearing aide in my other ear, I still couldn’t hear well enough attending a BSF group. So now I can do so on my computer! Praise God! 😃

  24. Mary Lou

    Thank you for these encouraging words! I can testify that our Sovereign God can use technology to His GLORY when we know to give Him the glory! Countless times I have felt His prompting to email or text (both to family, close or distant friends.) He has shown me there are NO coincidences with Him when a reply back asks for prayers or gives cause for praise in their lives! My prayer is that I can be BOLD face to face for my Lord as well as on a keyboard!

  25. Rubén Zamorano

    Several fellows noted the difficulties they found in the migration from to this last Monday night. I had problems with this as well. Thought you’d want to know this.

    • Pete Helgren


      Thanks for sharing that issue. We have had over 200,000 folks create new accounts at Some of those folks had accounts at and had to re-create their accounts at We prayed over that challenge and in late August and through the entire month of September we had long days, nights and weekends as we helped people make the transition. Any new way of doing something can be a challenge and we had a brand new website that everyone, including us, had to adjust to. God is faithful and although we still have some issues they are all very manageable.

      Feel free to take advantage of the chat support found on the website as well as use the technical support email. We are still here, ready to help!

  26. Charles Katiza

    Thank you most profoundly for reminding us of the use of technology thus goading us to use it to come close to the Lord. Stay blessed

  27. Gale Toufexis

    I too want to Thank the Lord for this technology, I am in the Children’s program in Montreal. Our church has greatly benefited from
    the studies that BSF has provided throughout the 17yrs it has been here. But I am most grateful for the ability to have this study available ,( through the expanded technology) to our shut ins and ones suffering from mobility issues.
    It has been my pleasure to help others login and reap the blessings you have extended.
    Thank you and thanking God for giving you gifts that you have shared with us.

  28. Ines

    Thank you for this article. Technology has expanded my horizons and BSF my connection with God my savior.

  29. Tsahiru Kassim

    God gave us the gift of Technology primarily to serve Him and use it to make His will known to all and sundry. Thanks for the reminder to use it for good. We constantly need to be reminded.

  30. Peledina Shibalira Musita

    May Gods name be glorified forever. I thank all of you working to make sure BSF is there for us.

  31. christina Matheru

    Glory be to God for the wonderful work you are doing in the Kingdom making the word of God be studied in such a clear way.

    Have powerful holidays.

  32. Jennifer Powell

    Thanks Pete for this great article. Your work on the new website is spot on. I enjoy it so much. Also, thanks for your hard work keeping us connected through technology. It truly is a gift from God. We must use it wisely. 🧐

  33. Pamela Mastruserio

    Thank you for such a beneficial article and wonderful reminder. I often wonder what our world is coming to because we are so attached to technology. I appreciate the positive spiritual ways to use technology!

  34. Shumirai Shava

    Beloved in Christ, wow, we say Ebenezer! This far the Lord has helped us and is growing us in the knowledge of His Word. Out of the Water came something sweeter indeed. Our lives have been made easier through Thank you for a Sterling job.

  35. Sandy McCoy

    Thank you, Pete, and all those who work with you to use technology to bring glory to God and mature His children! After two hip replacement surgeries late this past summer and early fall, I was physically unable to attend my BSF class in September and October. HOWEVER, with the opportunity to join an online discussion group, I have been able to share with and learn from women from all over the United States and other countries! What a blessing!!!

  36. Lilly George

    Thank you so much for incorporating all the new technologies. It helped me to listen notes and lecture online multiple times. God bless all of you who are behind all these. Above all it is so easy to use.

  37. Bo Scott

    Thank you for all of the new and innovative technologies. I remind my ladies of all of the “goodies” available to them every week.
    God bless and you have a very blessed Christmas.

  38. Rita Tjahjadi

    …”The tools we use change us, but they shouldn’t define us. Our identity isn’t found on Facebook, it is found in Christ.”
    Wow…totally agree…!
    Thank you Pete and the team for all your efforts to make the study even more exciting. Gbu all.

  39. Vimala Christodoss

    Thank you. I love to read their witnessing experience in facebook, this relieves me from my worries and comforts me. I enjoy bsf. Merry Christmas and blessed New Year to all.

  40. Karen munee

    Very profound insight on using technology to the glory of God.

  41. Ken Benson

    Thank you all so much for the expansion of information received from BSF. It makes my day to receive a short meaningful note from Susie and then a link to the great blog posting. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season; Merry Christmas you all!

  42. Naomi Waldo

    Thank you for utilizing your gift from God and most of all edifying the body of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  43. Dorothy S Kumar

    BSF has enriched & enhanced my desire to understand & apply God’s Word in my daily life.
    Further the availability of audio BSF notes & lecture is an added blessing.
    Realise all the efforts, commitment, scholarship, prayer full preparation, presentation with gratitude to staff at every level.
    Praise God, Thank you,

  44. Debra Huewe

    Thank you for your words, I am thankful that God is a loving God and as such allows us the freedom to choose how to use technology. May you have a Merry Christmas!

  45. Sherri

    Thank you, Pete and your team for all y’all have done on the website! It is such a blessing! And I am excited that it can go where a class can’t. I am looking forward to sharing it my next trip to Cuba!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for the reminder to stay plugged in to the True Power Source – Jesus Christ.


    Thanks for reminding us that everything God has given us is good (despite Satan’s, the world’s misuse) and can be used for good. Thanks also for very practical ideas on how to use technology to connect with God and others – the very relationships that technology could sabotage, subtly, by an illusion of the same. And to echo the sentiments of many others, thanks for the new BSF website laden with resources! I almost could never find time to read the notes in the past – now, I can listen to them on my daily commute! Having full access to the lecture, notes and questions is invaluable be it for review or making up for a missed class. It also makes completing the lesson “electronically” a breeze. The benefits of the new set up far outweigh potentially perceived pros of the previous arrangement. Thanks!

  47. Sarah Dakum

    Very useful and timely. Thanks for sharing this. Merry Christmas!

  48. Marjorie Powell

    I love that technology allows me to get prayer requests in a timely manner daily.

  49. Kristen

    I absolutely LOVE THIS! Thank you very much for this.

  50. Armin Schwarz

    Technology certainly has been a blessing for us here in Salt Lake City. Thanks to the internet and conference software we were able to start a satellite class 3 years ago and we are now in the process to transition to a full class. Technology is not perfect but we got a lot of laughs when video or audio wasn’t always working correctly and resulted in some funny situations during leaders meetings. A big thank you to our home class in Boise for putting up with us. We developed lasting friendships between our classes as a result. What better application for technology is there to spread the word of God! Thank you Pete and BSF for the implementation of technology to make Bible Study classes and material available through technology. Armin S. CA SLC EM

    • Pete Helgren

      Armin! Great to hear from you! I have prayed that the SLC class I left 6 years ago would re-establish itself! I really miss you guys! I wish BSF *didn’t* take a break during Christmas so I could visit the class when Debbie and I head back there for a visit in a few weeks. Hugs to all the guys there! I think about you all very often.

  51. Barb Ranstrom

    Thank you for this timely article. Technology is our friend when we use it for good. We can organize our schedule, keep in touch with friends around the world, write a quick text, use Maps to help us drive, etc. I am 77 years old and have been in BSF off and on since mid 1970. I love my You Version Bible to study different translations quickly. Definitely a time saver. May God give you wisdom as you serve Him!

  52. Hannah N. Kiama, Nairobi Kenya

    Thanks Pete. Indeed technology has kept people who are miles apart in touch. I thank God that I can now access notes and questions by downloading. God bless this noble ministry.

  53. Michael Pubentz

    Excellent Post Pete! You’ve done a wonderful job with! The proliferation of Christianity around the world in the Renaissance was ignited by technology via by the advent of the printing press, which allowed for God’s word to be translated and printed all over the world. In the past 20 years, we’ve had a similar renaissance with technology of a different type. And just like the printing press, internet communication can be used for good or bad, but its our job as Christians to embrace it and use it as God desires. People all over the world can easily read, watch videos, and worship real-time for our Lord.

    Thanks for the great work on myBSF, which as we can all see from the comments above, is doing God’s work.

  54. Bob Lum

    Your article on how new technology and its effective use to enrich our relation with Him touched me greatly. Those new insights of timeless truths of scripture confirms our “relational nature” of being created in His image. There lies that need/desire to know a personal, vibrant, and living God-Redeemer. There lies that invisible thread that connects us to Him as members of a family: parents-children, siblings or even in science of the same specie. We have that relational “belongingness” connection that is greater than us-me! Many of your submitted comments essentially revealed that.
    You have deepen and riches my spiritual life through your ministry, especially this year’s. The “old truths with new life” came through Ruth, Samuel, and David made fresh mine. May He continue the good work in your lives and ministry. Thank you for being His blessings to us out here. May He always bless you and yours.

    • Oyinkansola Olukunle on 03 December 2018 at2.20pm from Kitchr

      I am grateful for technology without which I would have missed the opportunity to be a member of the my.bsf class . My daughter and my grandson downloaded my lessons and corresponding questions which enabled me to study the old testament characters like Ruth, Joshua and presently David again God bless you Pete Helgen and your team for using your gift to stfenghten my christian knowledge of the word of God through my.bsf .while I travel visitiing my family thus fulfilling my roles as mother and grandmother yet not missing my lessons and questions. However, I wish I could have access to the lectures and I miss the group discussions. From your write up I still need more computer lessons to help me access these on line.I shall seek help when I return to my base in Ibadan, Nigeria.Remain blessed till our Lord Jesus comes back to take us home or bsf classes continue.

  55. Lucy Kamau,Nairobi Kenya

    Thank you Pete and the BSF leadership team for the technological development at the website. My job does not always allow me to attend classes but once I log in, my lesson,notes and lecture including the children’s materials are all accessible. I am grateful to God for this far that He has walked with us. He is Ebenezer. Merry Christmas as we remember our God’s humility as He took human form to redeem us for Himself.

  56. John Crane

    Wise words indeed. As a long-time BSF’r, this is the first year I’m doing the study all electronically – on my iPad. I love it. Also love the technology additions such as being able to listen to notes, watch the lecture video a second time (and pause it as I make my own notes), etc. Thank you for being willing to take these measured steps in faith towards this new technology frontier. You’re blessing the BSF community here and abroad. I thank God for you all.

  57. Charlotte Natumanya

    Thank you so much for the good work. May the good Lord continuously bless you.

  58. Juliette Rey

    Thank you Bill for this article. I especially could relate to taking time to rest with our Lord, who Loves us so greatly. Tech can be useful if we use it wisely. I especially had a good laugh at the first paragraph. I have friends who take pictures of their food, I don’t get it, but it’s all good. Thank you for what you do at BSF, appreciated.

  59. Linda Vecchiarelli

    All of these things can be such a blessing. The accessibility of the lectures and lessons, a timely text with Scripture given at a time of great need, and connecting can enhance the beautiful development of relationships and the emerging and engaging development and warmth of BSF! Thank you.

  60. Mario Azar

    Thank you for the awesome blog Pete. I am too in the Technology industry myself. I am not a developer but I am a Network Administrator/Engineer and I understand and agree with everything you mentioned. I wanted to Thank You for using your God given gift which allows many folks like myself who doesn’t have a BSF group to go to since I live in a town of 12K people. Having BSF online is such a blessing to me and my wife. When I heard of BSF being available online I jumped for joy. I know and understand what it takes to put together an infrastructure into place that is going to service thousands of people. Thank you to you and the Tech team of BSF for working hard and making sure that this is available to us. Take Care and God bless!

  61. Jackie jones

    Thank you so much for all you do. All of us are pieces of a puzzle seeking to praise God where we are planted for His Honor and His Glory Forever!


    Wow we prayed yesterday for positive feedback to HQ’s about the technology in BSF. I see answer prayer & know our Lord goes before us & uses all things for His Glory. Thank-you BSF for the updates. Merry CHRISTMAS.

    • Sandra McDowall

      Yes technology is changing so fast and so must we, if we are to operate in today’s society. Thanks for reminding us of the blessing we have in being able to use technology to our advantage, and God’s glory.

  63. Dan Williams

    Thank you for reminding me for the quite time each day without our phones and e-mails. God has been so good to us thru BSF

  64. MaryAnn McGinniss

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for all you do for BSF. I was wondering if there is any way the Lecture can be paused so you can go back to it if you are interrupted. I always have to go back to the beginning and start again. I know this is trivial but it would be a big help for the elderly (that’s me) who are getting so much out of BSF studies. Thank you again and God Bless You for all your work with BSF.

  65. Judy Mills

    What a blessing the focused technology enhancements are. They add more meaning to “Going Deeper.” Since I’m slightly hearing impaired having the audio lectures on line is an awesome help plus the ability to download them allows listening when one can really focus on what is being said. In class sharing time I have commented about our BSF on line resources. Hopefully that has encouraged others to utilize them.
    Thank you Pete and all the staff for the many more ways BSF sets out to enhance our personal relationship with Christ. May His love and light continue to shine through all of you that we may touch the lives of others because of His holy Word planting seeds of hope that the Holy Spirit may draw all to Him.
    Blessings this Christmas and all year through!!

  66. Dorcas Bett

    Thank you Pete. Great food for thought.

  67. Christine Lucas

    Getting the lecture online is really great! Thank you all.

  68. Christine Lucas

    Great article. While we thank God for His enabling us in this technological era, nothing can replace the human interractions, one on one with a group member, in prayer, encouragement,etc. A great article it is,thank you Pete and the headquater team for your labour of love for the Lord. God’s blessings to each and all of you.

  69. Carolina Funk

    Thankful for the online advances BSF has made this year. I am grateful as a leader to have the lessons available in advance. Grateful for the Team and thankful that God is enabling us to continue to be relevant!

  70. Lisa C

    Thank you for the thoughts in this article – now I can add technology to my November Thanksgiving journal! The tech advances in BSF have allowed me to truly take it with me wherever I go. Stuck at the mechanic with a flat tire, waiting at the doctor’s office? No problem; just read BSF notes online. Can’t sleep? Play the audio lecture or notes. Online classes have allowed me to share BSF with those who have no access to a Bible study. And oh, how technology has transformed our group’s prayer and care for one another as we now text our concerns and praises. Now, where is that BSF app…

  71. Nelly Ngigi

    God bless you Pete and team for using technology effectively to transform BSF! I just love listening to the audio notes and the lecture through! Listening to the audio notes has reduced the time I used to read my notes from about 1hour to now just about 26mins! And the lecture I can rewind again and again to get important points I missed during the live lecture!
    And thank you for your great article on how best to use technology. May God continue to raise you even to higher levels on how we can effectively use technology to study the word of God!

  72. Lei Testa

    I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you for the reminder that tech is a tool for our use and that we can and should use it appropriately as we use any tool. Thank you so much for the updated website and expanded capabilities – it is a powerful tool to help us learn more about God’s Word and His Heart while reaching the world!

  73. Loretta

    Great article. Thank you for your insight.

  74. Joyce Chikuni Harare

    Thanks for the article Pete. It is an eye opener indeed technology has its very good side. I will definitely use technology in sharing the word with friends and family. Mybsf is being very useful to us. Thank you and the team. May God bless you abundantly for facilitating the spread of his word.

    Merry Christmas

  75. Mildred Massaga

    Thank you Pete! Be blessed always

  76. Mildred Massaga

    God bless you Pete

  77. Beatrce

    Thankyou Petes for this ,it’s such a BLessing to listen to the notes over and over again as i do othet things.

  78. Jillian Cungu

    Thanks for this write up on technology and how we can use it to our advantage and to grow in the word of God.

    It has been a great experience to access my BSF notes and other material as i travel to and from work from my phone back here in Africa. This has made me prepare better and in good time for our weekly meetings.

    God bless you so much for embracing technology at BSF and making the lives of so many people who would otherwise not make it to the meetings so much easier as they access the word of God.

    May God continue to richly bless you with wisdom.

  79. Joséphine RASOAHARISOA

    God did marvellous thing as He gave us skilful mind to discover and to enjoy the use of new technology. For that I am now a Gl online and its very wonderful to share and to lead Gm from net work all over tha World! Glory to Him

  80. Japheth M. Mulandi - Kenya

    Thank you to the dedicated IT resources and the rest of the BSF management team. The great advancement of IT has just brought our lesson notes in our IPADs/Smart phones. May God keep on strengthening you.

  81. Jacqueline Mneney Maleko

    We thank technology it helps us communicate and receive bible lessons hence spread the gospel

  82. Kim

    Thank you so much for the article and all the changes to the website. I am a night shift worker and it is nice to be able to have access at all times.

  83. Oméga

    Thanks the Lord that BSF uses the new technology to facilitate sharings between God’s fzmily through all the world. We are then just at one clic distance to share the good news and God’s work in our lives. May He be glorified!

  84. Johnson N Kimani

    Dear Pete. I have no iota of doubt in this information age the way forward is to embrace proficiency in communication by use of gifts of technology.However some us were born before computers(BBC) and in third world but it is our desire to keep up with explosions of technology despite slow phase and lack of typing skills.Next month I will celebrate 65years in the world and will retire from being active member of Chartered Insurance Risk institute.Next year it wil be four years in BSF fraternity and have auspicious appetite to continue.To God be the glory

    • Pete Helgren

      The “BBC” folks like us have a special calling: To remind those who grew up with technology the joys of doing life with less technology or no technology at all. Reach out to those who need your “BBC” mentoring and enjoy your retirement.

      • Johnson N Kimani

        Thank you Pete for your timely encouragement.God bless you abundantly.Merry Christmas

  85. Mary Nyaga

    Thank-you Pete for this great article on technology.Meditating on it has given me insight and added value to face to face interactions.Am blessed to be a BSFer.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  86. Vera Burton

    I am thankful for all the support materials available at myBSF. It is convenient to have paperless access. Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard to make the site convenient to all of us.

  87. Eric Pillischafske

    Thank you Peter for this blog. It is right on time for me… Just discussed this tonight in our discussion group. King David didn’t have a cell phone to distract him from his relationship to God. I shared in our group that over Thanksgiving we took time to watch some 25 year old home videos. What I noticed most was that we were not on cell phones and we took time to look at each other and have conversations and play games. It seemed simpler… But then I read your blog and it made me actually appreciate the things you highlighted. It doesn’t get me off the hook as an excuse to not be in fellowship with my creator or my friends and family; rather it’s a tool to facilitate better communication and more efficient ways to do that. It’s up to me to develop disciplines to not be over taken by the rabbit holes of social media or other distractions. I still need to prioritize technology free quiet time. Thank you for your insight.

  88. Aditi

    Appreciate the progress BSF is making by leveraging technology to propel the Mission. Keep up the good work.

  89. Penny Bode

    Thanks so much for the new It’s a great tool for everyone and used more than the previous site. Blessings!

  90. Dawn Zhou

    Thank you Peter and BSF for developing the My online group and I are taking full advantage of this great technology and sharing God’s love through it.

  91. Erma J Reid

    Thank you, Pete for your suggestions on making technology personal. For me the hardest part of getting together is deciding on a convenient time and place for everyone. Using technology is so much better -and easier-than making a number of phone calls. As I read your article several persons with whom I should contact came to my mind. So, I am just going to do it. Have a Wonderful Christmas and keep sharing your ideas on making technology personal. Erma Reid

  92. Doug Wilson

    Technology has spanned the void of space and time to allow Satellite Groups the ease of real time telecast of lectures! This saves travel, time and lessens the hazards of the road.
    Thanks for putting the airways to good use in accomplishing the Great Commission of reaching souls with Gods spoken Word!

  93. Linda Beckham

    Pete Helgren

    Thank you for your encouraging thoughts at a time of year when we need to be reminded of who we are celebrating! This is such a joyous season and how often we are in such a fury we forget.

  94. Becky Henley

    Wisdom! Thanks, Pete.

  95. Joan Guptill

    Thank you SO much for your thoughts! A friend and I are doing exactly as you suggested tomorrow in meeting with mutual friend who is battling cancer. It was set up through a text, and as life would have it, getting 3 people together is never easy. Texting helped in that way but never could have been as good as a visit face to face. Yes! Our God wants a personal relationship with us, and we need to follow His example! Thanks for grounding me on what God wants us to do for His glory.

  96. Willie Hill Jr

    Pete, what a blessing the BSF website was for me after I tripped down some steps after the first class back in September and tore my quad tendon. Not only was I able to download and complete my lessons I’m actually ahead in my studies. The improvements are A+.

  97. Beatrice Williamson

    MyBSF is God’s gift to developing countries.
    Through Whatsapp lessons can be shared
    Teacher are using them for Sunday schools
    My church in Uganda has just started classes
    Am thankful God has used you and technology for His glory

  98. Freida Cardwell

    I had been a leader in BSF for 23 years and as a Group leader trying to reach my ladies it was sometimes impossible. I am so tankful for the way God has inspired us to use his creation to reach out in creative ways. So like God to keep creating! Thank you for all you do to further bring BSF and the information we need right into our homes! This is a precious gift! It truly brings us all together for His glory!

  99. Don Bowie

    Thanks for addressing technology. As a hi-tech aerospace engineering executive manager, I can unequivocally state that science and technology support Christianity. The non-believers’ insistence that spirituality and science are in opposition don’t know Christ and don’t fully understand technology.

  100. Eileen Garrison

    Thank you for the new BSF website and many other changes this year. As a new group leader I have really appreciated the access for my group to lessons, lecture an notes when someone needs to miss a class. I have heard many
    great comments from my group as well.

  101. Mary Nickels is an awesome tool . Thank you BSF for the technology updates

  102. Barb Olson

    Thank you for putting together Mybsf. It helps to review the lecture again, indulge more in the study of the week, view what will be coming and a brief review of the past. I am so excited for what will be coming and do questions a couple weeks in advance. When the week comes, I will read the notes and go over the questions I have done earlier. There are a few questions, I will expand on and maybe change, because of what I have learned from and of God. Isn’t He wonderful!!! Thank you again for Mybsf.

  103. Deborah Turner

    We are the body of Christ and we should use this technology for his good.
    Thanks for all that has been done. It’s all new for me, but enjoying it as I adjust to the changes. Never to learn something new.

  104. Elizabeth C. Brownlee

    So grateful for your encouraging comments and for the positive changes I am taking full advantage of this great technology

  105. Cynthia Smith

    Hi Pete,
    As a CL, we’ve come a long way from listening to a lecture from a cassette recorder after class. God has used your skill in technology to do an amazing job for BSF. I could not have imagined back then that I could, not only listen to the lecture online, but also listen to the notes in different languages. To God be the Glory!

    • Pete Helgren

      As a former CL, I remember those days well and as a former TL, I was thankful that my lectures could be recorded so I wouldn’t have to give the lecture a second time *every* week! The option to go back and listen to prior lectures for a class is a real plus and something that we were grateful to to be able to implement on

      • Marilynda Lynch

        Listening to the lecture again and listening to the notes are an amazing blessing to me. I often listen twice to both! Thank you so much for all your tireless work to bring this about. Blessings to all of you!

        • Pauleen Netting

          I agree that listening to the lecture and having the notes help me so,much. Thank you all the technology at BSF. A blessed Christmas to all at BSF that encourage, teach and support us in our walk with God word.

  106. Donna Gradert

    Thank you for the new changes and the fact that we can hear the lecture, get the lesson AND the NOTES! each week.
    Helpful if we have to miss something. God is good!

  107. Allison McCoy

    Appreciate your helpful insight and reminders of the redemptive potential of technology as well as grateful for all you do to help BSF use technology wisely.

  108. John Aubin

    The technology in BSF this year is great.
    Thank you.

  109. Dennis Phelan

    Thank you for your talk on Technology. I love technology and the good it can do for mankind. However, it like you said ” can confirm our need for a savior”. I enjoy using the technology you have applied to BSF; good job.

  110. Chandra Immanuel

    Yes. Technology is God’s gift. My BSF is wonderful creation. Wish you all merry Christmas and blessed New year

  111. Barron Neal

    Thank you for your wise thoughts. I love the technology changes implemented by BSF.

    Merry Christmas,


    • Donna Perry

      Thank you Pete Helgren for your excellent article. Your creativity and technology workings in BSF has greatly blessed me these past two months. I have been ill and not always able to attend my BSF group – but, what a joy to sign into the BSF website, sing along with our group’s song, then watch Pam Sly delivering her lecture. The notes and questions are so easy to access and I just thank the Lord how he has worked through you and others at BSF to make this website a wonderful blessing. May God continue to use you in technology that will increase the knowledge of God and grow His kingdom.
      Merry Christmas and God bless you throughout the new year.

      • Pete Helgren

        Thank you Donna for your encouragement! The website has been a great collaborative effort and we have sought God’s wisdom and counsel as we have developed each new feature. I am thankful you have found it helpful.

        • Patrick Sum, TL of HK KEM

          Dear Pete,
          I echo Donna’s comment. We are so blessed by all these new tech features which make God’s Word easily accessible to lots of people in our community especially those men who are always on the road. We are grateful for all these new initiatives from the HQs. To God be the glory! Patrick

        • Nancy

          So Thankful for your wise thoughts and encouraged for future with technology!

      • Marlene


      • Molly P

        Amen! Thank you BSF leaders for praying and following God’s leading.

        • Linda dickinson

          Amen to that!l

      • Justine Schaefer

        I have throughly loved the new technology available on the BSF website! Thank you!!

    • Erma J Reid

      Thank you, Pete for sharing your thoughts on making technology personal . The hardest part of “getting together” is determining a convenient time and place for everyone . Technology is so much better – and easier-than making repeated phone calls. As I read your article several persons with whom I should connect came to my mind. I’m just going to do it. Have a Great Christmas and keep sharing your thoughts on technology. – Erma

    • Karen Kane

      Beautifully written! I will change my thinking about technology and see it as a gift from God. A way to plan in-person appointments with the people God has placed in my life. A way to save time. A way to block out quiet time for God in the middle of the work day. Thank you.

    • Cynthia James

      Thank you Pete for your article, I do agree with the changes. It helps and I hope some people will find it so. Have a blessed Christmas. Happy New year

    • Lynette

      Thanks for your perspective. If it wasn’t for technology I wouldn’t have been able read your encouraging words!
      Merry Christmas to you and the entire BSF staff and your families.

    • Kristin Starmer

      Thank you for making BSF resources more accessible through technology and for this positive perspective as I have a love/hate relationship with the smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc… in my life! “Lord, use technology for Your glory!”

    • Sammie Taylor

      Thank you for sharing this encouraging message. Live is a whole life about Choice when we choose God His Devine Design, His Blessed Savior, His HOly Spirit,, & understand our Life is accountable to HIM, He changes Everything. So Grateful I am not going through life solo. He changes everything, everthing, even the way we use our valuable tool of time. Blessings to you Sammie

    • Billy Mukasa

      Welcome innovative traditional viewpoints. Thanking You!

    • Jennie Stephens

      Thanks all for the webstie and all BSF leader all over the world may God bless us all

    • Patrick Ongany Abalo

      This is interesting, the world of evil use technology for no good to mankind, however the developments like those in BSF that transform technological advancement to ease the study of the word of God and link up the world of believers ably counter the thoughts of the evil minds. Ultimately, the battle belongs to God. However, we cherish this development in BSF happening within the end times. Thank you ever so much may God continue giving you more wisdom.

    • Gabrielle Dorsett

      Thank you so much, I love BSF International staying right up there with the advanced tecnology. It really helps me with my study
      Gabrielle Dorsett

    • Judi Brantley

      Spot on! Thank you for your insightful analysis, warnings and encouragement!

    • Gloria Banwo

      Thanks Pete, you’re not only a software developer but soul developer and encourager!

    • Wendy Raeline Myburgh

      Thankyou for helping me keep perspective. Have a blessed Christmas and Holiday season.

    • Wanda Estes

      Thank you for your wise words. I read every word this morning and agree with your rationale. Thanks for your encouragement to reach out to others during the Christmas season. The BSF lesson for today, November 28, showed me exactly what God requires. Then I read your words and God confirmed what God planned for my life and for the lives of others.

      Question 17, “What would you like to see God do in your life this week?” My answer, “Help me be willing to stop what is important to me and LISTEN to the person calling out to me. God’s plan: STOP, LISTEN, ACT.”

      THANK YOU again.

    • Sandie Harjala

      I had surgery and the anesthesia left me nauseous for almost 2weeks. I was so thankful to be able to listen to the lectures and the notes!
      God’s peace & joy to you!

    • Mark Thalacker

      I am recovering from illness and temporarily unable to speak clearly at times. This limits much of my communication to text and email. This is similar for many other disabled people. Technology is a life saver!

    • Lulit G.

      What a wonderful ideas. God bless you.

    • Suzi

      I was in BSF years ago,and I was able to start back last year. I was immediately impressed with the awakened grace without compromise of the Word of God.

      The advancement in technology is astounding! I love every bit of technology that has been added and I am 67 years old!

      To have the notes at my finger tips is terrific, but now to be able to listen to the notes while I drive is super awesome and convenient.

      I am so very thankful as a childrens leader to be able to see and hear the lecture video’s as well.

      My husband loves his virtual group too.

      Thank you God for all the people you have called to this ministry…but today especially I thank you for the technology experts. What a wonderful blessing.

    • Madam Kiogora Grace

      what technology- IT- has changed on a personal level and in my country Kenya :
      1. I read the bible more whenever I have free time, on queques , while travelling etc.
      2. I spread God’s saving word more ,effectively and efficiently through social groups, whatsapp, facebook etc
      3. It is easier to approach and introduce new people to christianity and salvation through IT before meeting face to face. BSF is one such group which has benefitted from IT developments. Lesson materials are now downloaded instead waiting for the mail bag,
      4, worship and meetings communication effectiveness has improved through use of theater and visual display apps.

      In my country a money transfer application MPesa has changed the business front. Online trading of all goods, including church materials – bibles –has exponentially increased. Tithes and other Church contributions are also paid through mpesa.

      Like any other developments, IT has its challenges, increased privacy and therefore unable to enforce the right/correct behaviours and engagements. The need to travel and see friends and family living far from us is lowered as people are in constant communication through social media. We give all glory to God in all things and have faith that He shall never abandon us even in this New era of IT developments . blessings to all God’s children.

    • Laura Pothoven

      Thanks for the article Pete! Good insights! Loved “Use technology to schedule time to be without technology.” 🙂

    • Katie Chang

      Thank you for all the newest updates on my . I like the fact that I can relisten to lectures past which is a great feature. Thank you for all your hard work . Praise the technology department of bsf. I indeed benefit from the convenience of technology.

    • Katharine Buckman

      Great to see how BSF is advancing the Word of God! Thanks from all who benefit.

    • sharon

      Thank you great thoughts about His love for us to connect with Him and our sisters and Brothers in Christ. Sharon

    • Fran Goetz

      I totally agree with what you said.

    • Liza Jacob

      Thanks for making BSF available online for the times I’ve been unable to attend class. I have been on holiday overseas & despite that was still able to listen, read & study in order to keep up with the class. Technology has made it possible – a great example of using it for good, not evil!

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