Torn Curtain goes beyond the Iron Curtain

BSF prepared Peggy Sansbury to study God's Word in her South Carolina class. Years later, God used her BSF training in an unexpected way.
A fter a deep breath and a quick prayer, Peggy Sansbury walked to the podium. Soft light from the windows and fresh paint gave the long-abandoned Nazi interrogation room new life and a new purpose.

In January 2017, Peggy’s South Carolina pastor invited her to speak at a ministry conference in Bulgaria, sponsored by an Eastern European ministry called Mission Possible. As a former BSF teaching leader, Peggy felt comfortable in front of large crowds. But this was different. She wasn’t lecturing to her familiar Day Women’s Class, sharing with long-time BSF friends. Close to 50 Eastern European pastors, their wives and a team of interpreters gathered to hear Peggy speak about biblical marriage.

“I thought, ‘Are they going to accept me, especially as a woman teaching God’s Word?’ But it was amazing how God broke through their hearts, especially in a male-dominated society. I doubt they had ever heard biblical teaching on marriage before, and it was absolutely thrilling to see God work through this particular message,” Peggy shared.

“My role was to sow the seed that marriage should be a loving relationship, where the husband doesn’t dominate his wife, but loves her as Christ loves the Church. I was also blessed to see the wives come out of their little shells of shyness with a new hope that they could respect their husbands and experience joy in the process”

Though Bulgaria achieved its freedom in the early 1990’s, the landscape is still marked by a few dilapidated army tanks and war-torn buildings. Broken-down Nazi vehicles are painful reminders of the German invasion during World War II, followed by 46 years of Soviet occupation. During that time, the Soviet government inconsistently treated Christians with limited tolerance and open persecution.

One pastor at the conference remembers government officials raiding his father’s underground church meetings. As worshippers fled into the night, police ripped his mother’s beautifully hand-sewn banners, hung to help shield the services from authorities. Despite this persecution, church members continued to gather and laid the foundation for a new generation of believers in the area.

“These people came out of the Iron Curtain and have only been free for 27 years,” Peggy said. “Imagine that! I was speaking to first-generation Christians, including a few who were part of the underground church. Everything in their ministry is built on faith, so pure and so strong.”

Peggy (center) with the leader of Mission Possible and his wife in Bulgaria.
Peggy (front, center) with team members, Mission Possible leaders and local volunteers from the conference.
Separated by language, culture and experience, Peggy wondered if her prepared talk would resonate. But the same Holy Spirit who worked in her South Carolina BSF class spoke into the hearts of her Eastern European brothers and sisters.

“As we worshipped together, it was almost as if we spoke the same language. The Spirit of God gave us an immediate bond. And afterward, we just loved on one another, grabbed interpreters and shared how God was working in their countries and in their personal lives,” she said.

While Peggy bonded with Bulgarian believers overseas, her South Carolina BSF friends prayed for their former teaching leader.

“You don’t think about it while you’re in BSF, but it’s so true. BSF is a season of preparation for a lifetime of ministry,” she said. “I took all the power tools that had been instilled in me through BSF – learning to hear that still small voice as you read the Word, love for God’s Word, homiletics, how to prepare a lecture, how to do research – and I activated them in this new season.”

A season of preparation
In 1989, Peggy’s friend invited her to attend the new BSF Myrtle Beach, S.C., Day Women’s Class. A stay-at-home mom to young children, Peggy was searching for a deeper connection with women in her community. What she gained was a rich relationship with God through His Word.

For 26 years, Peggy continued in BSF, where she served as a group leader, substitute teaching leader and teaching leader. 

“While you’re in BSF, you get all these goodies put in your hands. You get questions each week with the notes attached, the home training lessons, the opportunity to attend seminars. I know I’ve been given so much in BSF, and ‘to whom much is given, much more is required,’ ” she quoted from Luke 12:48. “If you’ve been in BSF for six weeks, you’ve received more spiritual training than most people around the world. I would encourage every BSF class member to glean everything they can and don’t skimp on it.”

After teaching her Day Women’s Class for 11 years, Peggy felt a clear call to step down. Though the decision was painful, she trusted God to use her in a new season of service. A year later, down to the week, Peggy’s pastor asked her to participate in the Bulgarian conference.

“During that year of sabbatical, I really grieved. The women in that class were my friends and prayer partners,” she said.

The Lord showed me time and time again during the year that our spiritual journey is like the seasons of the year. We have spiritual summers, falls, springs and winters. I felt as if He was showing me that you can’t be on the front lines and yield fruit all of the time. There has to be time for rest.”

Peggy with her BSF Myrtle Beach, S.C., Day Women’s Class.
A lifetime of ministry
For Peggy, the call to Eastern Europe was unexpected, but God used her new life-stage as an empty nester to expand her ministry opportunities.

“I felt like God was pulling me off of one place on the battlefield and transferring me to another,” she said. “I’m still on that same battlefield, fighting the same enemy. I just want to be obedient. When I’m buried, I want to breathe my last breath doing God’s will.”

BSF allowed Peggy to learn, grow, connect and develop. During those 26 years, she served, prayed, taught and poured into those around her. With a new-found passion for the Eastern European church, Peggy is using those same skills in a new context.


In BSF and beyond
In BSF, one of our core values is to develop a “Passion for Christ,” where “our love of Jesus fuels our commitment to advance the cause of Christ.” We long to see God glorified around the world through in-depth Bible study, but we know study will only take us so far.

It’s through you, the men and women dedicated to serving in Jesus’ name, that His truth is proclaimed.

Whether we volunteer at our local BSF class or serve around the world, God calls each one of us to use our unique gifts and talents to actively advance the cause of Christ.

“Be ready in and out of season, and whatever season you’re in, embrace it,” Peggy said. “Sparkle wherever God places you, don’t give up. He provides the power for you to keep fighting for the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


  1. Lynda Bitrus

    Thank God for the life changing lessons from the Bible and how God is using BSF to equip me for service in my church and the world at large

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    Thanks for sharing this great article and your faith, after all God has a purpose for all of us in this world and in his world.

    Best regards from https://autó

  3. Tita Sipin

    Thank you for sharing how you are being hurt. God has a purpose for us all here for salvation of all few or many. I love this blog from BSF it is no ending testimonies. I love you Tita

  4. Hannah Njenga

    This is very reassuring to me as I am at the moment asking God to show me the way forward in the coming year. So far He has been my Ebenezer and I desire to be used of Him wherever He may dim good for me – whether in BSF or elsewhere. After all, I am a soldier in the army of the Lord, and should be ready for deployment at any time to any place of His choice to do what He instructs me to do. Thanks be to our marvellous Lord.

  5. Raveloson Josette

    Thank you for sharing your great faith in God, your obedience. How wonderful it is to have God working through us. I recognize that Learning God’s word has improved my relationship with Him. and strengthened my faith. Glory to God!

  6. Joyce Ariadurray

    Thank you for the encouragement. It is so encouraging because I have just joined a BSF class; and much more exciting to think that this is a season of preparation even for me, an older person in her ‘winter years’

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Absolutely! May your winter years be the most fruitful!

  7. Cheryl JD

    Your message describing the road God has placed you on is fascinating. We never know how God will use the wonderful training he provides for us through BSF, but we know that his word never returns void. I encourage you to keep trusting that He knows the way that you should go and I pray that when you have completed His assignment, He will say “Well Done!”

  8. Steve Young

    I am greatfull for people such as yourself who listens to our Fathers calling and has the courage to act . I can only hope to be as open to Him when He calls on me. God bless you !

  9. Karen Medina

    Peggy, this was wonderful to see how God has worked through you. It is so encouraging to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. Bless you and BSF for bringing the word to us all and others around the world.

  10. Chipo Grace

    This is so encouraging. Thank you very much Peggy for sharing BSF has encouraged me to read God’s Word and do God’s work.

  11. Ishmael Thande

    To whom much is given much is expected.
    God has given me so much thru’ His word in BSF. Thanks Peggy for reminding me and what wake up call.
    May God continue to bless you as you bless and encourage others.
    He is faithful.

  12. geri Hudelson, Inpls, IN

    Each time! Each time we wash our hands we can be thankful to God for His washing away our careless
    Sinful nature..each time I put on my shoes I can thank Him for leading me where someone needs me
    And Him..when I open my eyes ,see the colorful sun rise, or rest in the spectacular sunset, or look up
    At the stars , the moon..keep my mind fixed on the good. .I know my Savior lives..what can I Give Him..
    My love , thankful heart, perserverance ..for who and where He has placed me for this bring Him pleasure and honor..oh how He blesses this!! These are things we all can do….

  13. Jonah Zongo.

    “Sparkle wherever God places you,” “To him much is given much more is required.” Thanks Peggy for these encouraging and challenging words. Often I’m scared of learning more when I see that I have not effectively used or applied what I have so far. I now know that my time in BSF is preparation for the future. Sparkle indeed wherever.

    • juanita cutts

      BSF has been a blessing to me.After 18 years I have come to know the Lord in a more personal way.I will always be indebted.I’m so glad God has used Peggy so mightifully in His kingdom building.Thank you Peggy for your share.

      • Julia

        Thank you so much Peggy, for sharing. I am so touched. I can’t thank God enough for BSF.

  14. Sue Gitonga

    I am encouraged by your commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. At times we get discouraged by the different seasons of our life but the enormous support we get from the group discussions during Bsf keeps us afloat.
    May you continue being used by God to spread the good news.

  15. Nancy

    This story of Peggy has inspired me to pay closer attention to my studies in BSF, beyond the reading and writing down answers. This is my first year in BSF and, at age 65, I have already found a group of women that I believe are becoming my sisters in Christ. I was blessed with a Catholic education and a personal love of Jesus since my earliest childhood, but this experience in BSF is giving me a new understanding of the importance of honoring God and sharing that reverence with others in my family and beyond. I hope, that with new knowledge and understanding, my heart will be permanently changed to give me the courage to share with others what I have concealed in my heart all these years.

  16. Keteriah Primus

    May God continue to Bless you and make you a Blessing. We truly thank God for you. We all Know love and Honor God in a better way because of your faithfulness.

  17. Julius B Miyumo

    Thanks gain for sharing this wonderful message. Amen.

  18. Rufaro

    Thank you for sharing words of insipration. Learnt our spiritual journey is like the seasons of the year. We have spiritual summers, falls, springs and winters. I should embrace each season. Profound.

    Be blessed for all you are doing working in his vineyard.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Thanks Rufaro! Each season has it’s great blessings from God.

  19. Kay Patrick

    We are so very blessed to be able to attend BSF to study the Word and better understand our holy God’s nature and character. Thank you for sharing your story.

  20. Purity Titi Naisho

    Wow!! To whom much is given, much is expected!! Imagine if you don’t give much even after being given much- almost amounts to hoarding…scares me if am really giving much of what I’m currently receiving from BSF (all the resources, teachings…) may God help us to realize that we are not being given to keep but to give back to those that need it most, starting with our close family members that do not know this sweet Savior that we know & love so much -JESUS. Thank you Peggy for sharing.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Purity! What a profound message to us about hoarding God’s goodness! Thank u

  21. Kody Burke

    What a beautiful story, Peggy! What I admire most is your obedience to the Lord; the obedience to step down from BSF teaching leadership and the obedience to follow the Lord to Eastern Europe. It is from your obedience where fruit is produced, and He is glorified. I am glad you get to bear witness of the fruit you are producing through Him. This is very inspirational.

  22. Robyn Sherma

    Peggy, I doubt you remember me, but a am Robyn Pace from Nichols. When visiting Nichols as i am now in St. Petersburg, Fl., I frequently tried to go and hear you as Harriet Elvington Enzor told me you were the teaching leader in MB BSF But when home, I am usually with family and busy. I am sad that i never heard your lecture, but estatic you have found your new talents. Enjoy.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Hi Robyn,
      Sorry I have missed you! Are you connected with a BSF class? If not you should you would love it.


    Thanks for excellent sharing. Indeed BSF not only prepares us for the coming season but we enjoy the benefit of trying out our learning at our local churches as we serve in Bible study groups Sunday School classes etc.(A kind of OJT. on the job training) God bless and to Him be the glory.

  24. Judy Cunningham

    I have been in BSF classes for a very long time. I have enjoyed them and I have learned a lot. I have recently moved and I drive over an hour to attend a class. Most ladies I meet have never heard of bsf. My passion is that we need to grow more classes right here in the U S A and that everyone would know that they have a choice to attend an indepth bible study class. The classes available are way to far for many rural ladies to go the distance. I have been to other countries and I know their desire to hear Gods word but we need educated in the word here in America also. There is a great difference in just hearing and understanding. Please pray that class availability will become more convienent for all interested. Thanks and God Bless!!

  25. Jennifer Allong Bratt

    Peggy, loved reading how God has used you and the adventures He has taken you on because of BSF. I pray that whatever season you are in right now, that He will continue the good work He has started in you and bring it to completion until Christ returns (Phil.1:6)

    • Jennifer Allong Bratt

      Don’t know why my photo came up and can’t delete it!!

  26. Lucy Acquaye

    I am so encouraged by by Peggy’s testimony. Indeed BSF is a rich training ground and I really thank God for bringing me into contact with this organisation. It has enriched my knowledge of God and I can now share the word of God confidently with others outside of BSF.
    I look forward to being used more and more for the cause of Christ as I avail myself to His service.
    God bless you Peggy!

  27. Marisa Lee

    Thank you Peggy for sharing how God has used you in ministry as a stay at home mom all the way to a BSF teaching leader and then to teaching overseas to encourage depth and passion of Christ to other believers!

    Your story is so encouraging because I’m a stay at home mom who went to Bible college and had a career in student services in the college/university setting. I often long for more stimulation and depth outside our home life but your story reminds me there are seasons of life beyond and after being a stay at home mom. My goal and role now is to show and teach my kids the Gospel right now until God calls me elsewhere! I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and a 5 week old son that God has graciously entrusted to my husband and I to love and cherish and show and teach them about Him and His Word. There will be more seasons after this often exhausting and challenging one! Thank you for your love and passion for our Lord! He is good all the time. 😊👶🏼🤱💖💙

    • Peggy Sansbury

      God blesses every season! Enjoy them.

  28. Betty Betty

    It is good to serve the Lord and it is rewarding. Peggy! you were available for Him and He used you and gave you words to speak on His behalf like He did to Moses. May He continue to use you mightily. BSF is so humbling and I enjoy attending and learning the word of God.The story is so uplifting.

  29. Blessing

    Your story has encouraged me. God bless you

  30. Peledina Shibalira Musita

    God bless you so much. You have uplifted my spirits. Am doing the people of the promised land and this is my third book after doing John and Romans. I sincerely thank God for those who put their mind together to start BSF. I have grown in BSF. and have been challenged like in the book of Romans when we learnt about disputable matters, being judgemental, loving our enemies etc. Its my desire that I live to preach the Good news and I know whatever we confess with our own mouths, God answers. Like now Ruth surely, can you imagine how she got her husband after the first one died. When I grow up, I want to be like Naomi as a mother in law. God bless you abundantly.

  31. Rasiman Aguspen

    I am inspired by Peggy’s experience with God through BSF and motivated to serve God in ministry that has been prepared. I pray God will lead me and empower me to follow his command to make all people his disciple.

  32. Alice Olawo

    What an encouragement for those who are just beginning…that we have a lifetime to being used of the Lord as we do an in-depth study of Gods word through BSF…

  33. Samson Miti

    We glorify the Almighty God who has given you the strength to work for Him. I personally thank you for committing yourself to the work of him who called you according to the grace he has given you. Praise be to God.

  34. Rita

    What a blessing to read how God has turned your obedient acts into a peacemaking and loving gift to people “across the pond”! Beautiful things happen when we are obedient.

  35. DeliacAng

    Your BSF journey is an inspiration! God is really at work to those who obey His words. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  36. Firos Cheah

    Amazing! How great is our Lord who can transform you so greatly.

    Peggy glad to hear your life story that impacted mine as well.

    May our good Lord bless you and keep you in His Peace and Joy always

    Firos Cheah

  37. Herbert Mutyaba

    Great message of encouragement. We are indeed being prepared to serve, for the harvest is big, labourers are few.

  38. Veronica Reid

    BSF …. have being a blessing to me….I can’t wait for Tuesday mornings to come… I love it and the ladies they are nice … please pray for me …God bless

  39. Janice Chee

    Thank you for your sharing! I am only in my 3rd year studying BSF and praying He will use me according to His purposes as I read His word. Your sharing is inspiring and encouraging. All praise & glory unto God.

  40. Jonny R

    So encouraging – love this piece and your passion for Jesus!

  41. Beth Coley

    Peggy, you taught me well as my BSF TL for those 11 years in MB especially in our leadership circle. Now I continue to serve as a GL in Charlotte, NC near my precious grandchildren. You sparkled for Jesus then and you still sparkle for Him now! May God richly bless you as you obediently serve to train others near and far!

    • Peggy Sansbury

      So glad to hear you are still leading in BSF! God bless you

  42. Sharon T.

    Awesome God we serve!

  43. Lois Billings

    Thank you so much for sharing how BSF has prepared you to serve the Lord wherever He sends you. You are very encouraging to me to never retire from serving God and the longer He gives me the honor of serving Him in BSF the more ready I’ll be for,what’s next God bless you.

  44. Helen Law

    Praise to the LORD, the mighty ONE, HE is full of wisdom, no one can compare!!!
    Thank you Peggy for your sharing, very encouraging!!! May GOD our LORD help us to discern HIS will through HIS WORD, and be obedient to live out our lives that pleasing HIM.

  45. Dianne Deep

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring account of your journey with our Lord! I have been so blessed to be taught and encouraged by you in BSF and church. So thankful.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      You are such a blessing to me! Keep teaching those precious children.

  46. Harriet

    A friend from Tampa shared this with me…..Wonderful ministry Peggy, I enjoyed learning about your teaching and sharing. Awesome!!!!

  47. Vivian Skelton

    Peggy, what an encouraging story. May God continue to use you in unexpected ways!

  48. Gladys

    Very encouraging!!
    Thanks for sharing your life journey in your walk with the Lord. BSF has been very instrumental on my life journey it helps me to stay focused and reminds daily of Gods sacrifice of his only son I’m so grateful for his truth and his Love for mankind.
    “Blessings and peace to all”

  49. Jean

    All very encouraging Peggy – there is no calling without equipping. I have been attending BSF for a number of years now. In a year or two I will be retiring and possibly relocating. I am praying for guidance as I believe God has an area of service out there for me somewhere. Unless I receive guidance to the contrary I hope to set out and look for it…

  50. Sandra Weatherspoon

    Praise the Lord. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful ministry journey with us.
    BSF gives us so much to help us grow in the Lord.

  51. Diana O

    Amen! …..Thanks for sharing your experience and encourage me, this is my 5th year in BSF Canada and is clear to me that HE is preparing me and leading my heart to serve him daily and for a future ministry.

    I feel so bless to have found BSF!

  52. Deidre Lake

    Praises to our God and King for His calling to serve Him always! Peggy, your story is such an inspiration and so timely. We had our “Serving the Church” Seminar after class today! Prayers for you and your new way of serving as well as for those you will encounter.

  53. Lavada Menke

    Thank you Peggy for the encouraging comments, I am a two year member but yes I have all ready learned so much. Thank you again

    • Shirley Johnson

      Thank you so much for sharing

  54. Phyllis Winn

    Thank you, God, for Peggy, for your true and living Word, for the Holy Spirit, for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and for BSF, Wetherell Johnson’s reluctant “yes” to your call, and for every man woman and child that attends BSF classes around the world. and for the changed lives through the power of God’s Word, the name of Jesus!! Thank you for Peggy’s encouragement as we all head into different seasons of life. Amen

  55. Rosemary (Rosie) Wojcicki

    I praise GOD and thank Him everyday for your teaching and guidance I will never forget your words to me when I doubted my being called to teach the children my words to you were “I don’t know enough about the Bible to teach it. Your response “God just wants
    your obedience to say yes as He is the one Who equips the called.” I give Him thanks and praise for your prayers and obedience because this has been and continues to be the best journey so far in my life. With His guidance and your teaching He has expanded my teaching to an adult women’s Sunday school class for which I am eternally grateful to you as well. I so miss your beautiful smile and loving kindness and teaching as well but God had a plan and I am thankful you said Yes. Much love to you on the next leg of your journey may God continue to Bless and keep you safe as you Spread His Word throughout the world. ❤️🙏✝️❤️

    • Peggy Sansbury

      I am encouraged by your faithfulness and love you are teaching my grandchild now!!

  56. Shonna Premock

    Praise God

  57. Molly Ingersoll

    Praise God for His amazing work through you, and be blessed. I attend BSF @ Cedar Hill NJ, I volunteer in the AV room, and we have a good sharing class. I am waiting for His call,How when where I don’t know. But what ever little I can do when I get an opportunity I do.

  58. rachel kiongo

    Praise God. So amazing. I am blessed

  59. Penny Geller

    How wonderful to hear how God continues to use you to teach and to lead! When you spoke to me about becoming a group leader, you said that I would learn so much from BSF that I could use to further my spiritual walk. How true that was! My husband and I lead the senior ministry at our church now and I am blessed to lead a weekly ladies Bible study at a local assisted living community. And this is my fourth year now as a GL and I continue to be blessed by my sweet groups! I use the tools I’ve learned at BSF every day! Thank you for propelling me on my journey!!

  60. Stan Schwartz (private last name)

    I have had 19 years of encouragement from my BSF friends in class, whether as a class member or as a GL these last five years. I would really miss it if I had to quit. I was welcomed several times in Columbia, SC by the ladies group while visiting my daughter at the university. Now the men in Omaha welcome me when I visit Lori..She has joined a group in Omaha. She has also been doing mission work for safe families in Omaha. The men’ TL in Omaha also helps that organization. I wish my friends would get the love for being on a team actively growing Christ’s church.

  61. Maria Cristina Carlo

    With open hands, we reach for HIM. HE holds our hands as we follow. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing how HE continues to guide us in HIS most glorious story.

  62. michelle reyes

    Peggy,thank you for such an encouraging read. I loved every word and all the comments replied back to your blog were also just as encouraging. May God continue blessing us with his rich word and our faith so we can be his light with his love, strength and wisdom.

  63. Charmaine

    As l scrolled through and read the encouraging comments, someone else had my name. But, more importantly, there is One Name under heaven, Jesus. In His name, we all come together, to serve, share, and be amazed, at the mighty things He has done! Luke 1:49-50 Blessings Peggy and to all who go on before the Lord to prepare His ways.

  64. Laura Little

    Praise God for he never stops growing us and using us to further his kingdom! What a privilege to see God making himself known throughout the world. Thank you Jesus for the example of a women after your own heart, in Peggy. God is Holy! And, may we strive to bow before his Holiness. To God be the Glory! Thank you for sharing. Laura Little

  65. Bonnie Collins

    That is such a wonderful story and message to all. It is heart warming to know that the word of God goes on in these countries where they have seen devastation and had to hid. Praise God For the Christians who go to the areas to encourage others. May we too learn that it is important to encourage others in Christ.

  66. Jackie

    Great reminder for me to not get comfortable but to step out, get out of the way and continue to grow and then GO!

  67. Meryl Widdecombe

    Thank you. There is no other way of seeking Gods will than reading and studying his word and praying to him.

  68. KT

    I am deeply encouraged to read your personal testimony of God’s faithfulness to you through and beyond your transition out of BSF TL role. I too entered BSF in 1989- in January it will be 30 years since that monumental day when I heard the gospel through the book of Genesis- God has poured out his blessing in my life and my family too- through the privilege of participating in BSF and the unparalleled training I have received as a leader.
    Your story is timely as I follow the Lord’s call to initiate a ministry to children in our community!
    “Faithful is He who calls you and He will do it” 1 Thes 5:24

  69. Joyce F. Richardson

    Thanks to God for such an inspiring message and for you Peggy being a mighty soldier on the battlefield. BSF has richly blessed me to be used by God in so many ways. Your statement about sparkle wherever God places you, reminded me what I had heard years ago from an Evangelist that we should bloom where He plants you. Of course that can be your neighborhood, city , state or anywhere on God’s green earth. To God who gives us the victory. Peace and Grace always. XXXOOOO

  70. Mary Nowlin

    What a powerful testament to your pursuit of loving and obeying what God has spoken to you to do! Thank you for your encouragement and your example of what one person can do for so many who are thirsty. God bless you!

  71. Gayle Wilson

    Thank you for sharing how you saw God working over that many years and leading you to an assignment that would stop most of us in our tracks. However, you saw the preparation God had given you through BSF. May God use each of us through BSF to reach outside ourselves to serve others and that our lights will shine with the brightness and love of Jesus.

  72. Pamela S Smith

    BSF is something I look forward to each week. I love the lesson discussion, the hymn, and Karen is just a wonderful speaker. BSF is my church right now.!! Many things going on at our church we attend.

  73. George Kingoi

    Very encouraging Peggy how BSF transforms lives ! Am in a saterite class and amazed by how my live`s changing day after day !

  74. Esther

    Thank you for the,encouragement.Its a message for my season..i will be ready for whatever God says as my church gies through elections to get new leaders.

  75. debbie seoane

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. God is so Good! We are blessed to have His guidance through our Christain relationsbips. Thanks for allowing God to use you in this way and using your story to encourage us. God Bless !

  76. Charlyne Sanders

    What a blessing to know that this special outreach is happening. My Uncle Dan was from Bulgaria, so great to know about this mission.
    Pray God will continue to use BSF to be enabled to expand this ministry.

  77. Mary Warinda

    The thought of leaving one ministry always ends up in a period of mourning for me; wondering what next God! Fearing starting a fresh in a new ” territory” especially among unfamiliar people. I have my answer loud and clear now; ” To sparkle…….” even when the seasons change wherever He ( God) plants us. Thanks Peggy for sharing on God’s goodness and faithfulness as He sharpens us.

    • Johnson N Kimani

      Thank you Peggy for encouraging and promising journey in union with Christ through Bsf.Having been in Bsf for nearly four years now.I agree it has a lot to offer in our spiritual growth and has created a deeper of wanting more and more of Word.To God be the glory.

  78. Sandy Padgett

    Precious Peggy, I will always treasure the Lord’s personal, life-changing impact, through your guidance as my first TL. What an encouragement, that you continue to be a role model for us, demonstrating some of the many ways God uses the faithful follower. He is surely magnified and glorified through your life. Thank you for all you poured into us through His power! Loving prayers continue to be with you❣️

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Sandy, you are a treasure to me and think of you often. Keep shining for Jesus!

  79. Margaret Philips

    I have been in BSF for 7 years and never missed a single meeting it’s so important to me to share God’s blessing with my group and to hear all of which they also have to share. My teacher Cathy is wonderful and I also believe that I have been able to share some of my life with the group and told them how God had helped me through some very hard times throughout my life. I love BSF I believe it’s a wonderful program.

  80. Penni

    Thank you for that beautiful story I’ve been in Bsf since 2000 I’m currently living in a state far from where I live this is temporary so I’m taking it as a rest and I try to encourage all whom I come in contact with. I know the Lord will lead me to a ministry I just have to be patient and wait so it’s good to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this

  81. Davidson Nyebera

    Wow! 26 of growing in the Lord. I was encouraged to soldier on by sister Peggy’s journey. You can never have enough of God’s word.

  82. Esther Opere

    I am really encouraged by your timely post. Indeed there are plenty of opportunities to serve the Lord outside BSF.

  83. Emma Ngungu

    Comment Thank you so much sister Peggy for sharing this.I was also encouraged not to say no again when caĺled to ministry which I have been doing all this time.May the Lord bless you.

  84. Gavin Oyas

    This is extremely interesting and timely blog to read.I had just taken a break from doing my lesson having paused at the question What is the work God has for you in lesson 9.I then looked at the email from Sussie and read the blog which was very encouraging especially in my season currently.

  85. Carol Kuria

    Peggy, What an amazing testimony of how God prepares us for His service! Keep at it!

  86. Jackie

    It’s amazing how God grew you step by step in each season and gave you rest at His appropriate time. Let us keep a fixed gaze on Jesus with obedience and He shall accomplish much through us. In Jesus Name.

    • Brienda Lockett-Middelton

      Thank you Susan for sending the information to me. It was very informative and food for the soul. With me being fairly bee to BSF. I have already gain so much. I am using so much in my daily walk. Thanks again.

  87. Esther W. Kariuki

    Thank you for sharing such a strong testimony in serving Christ through BSF.
    This is my 6th year in BSF and i feel encouraged to volunteer to serve God, though I’m abit aged-66yrs.
    I derive joy in serving God, to win souls for Christ so please pray with me.

  88. Vanessa

    May God continue to use his people in spreading the word as we study his word…..Thank you for sharing.

  89. Esther Acheampong

    You are the best of all, you have taking the best job and the GOOD LORD will lead you in every step you take, in JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH NAME. You have encouraged me more. Thanks a lot.

  90. Marlu Vencio

    Thank you, Peggy, for sharing how God used your years in BSF for a new ministry. This encourages me in my role as group leader again. There is no retirement in serving God. We live for the King of kings and the Lord of lords. May His Kingdom expand as we bring the good news of Jesus Christ and the truth of His Word. May God continue to use you mightily in equipping other believers. To God be the glory!

  91. Gilda Odera

    All God requires is a willing heart and He does the rest. God bless your work.

  92. Catherine Kibe

    Peggy this is so encouraging. May God continue to use you tto expand His Kingdom. Blessings.

  93. Kim Marler

    Thank you for sharing your testimony of what God is doing in this season of your life. I see that there are many opportunities to serve in our local churches and else where. As I look back at the lives of those that invited me I realize that they have moved into ministry opportunities. I desire to keep and open heart as to where God would have me in ministry.

  94. Jan

    Greetings Sister Peggy : what an awesome testimony of your boldness for the Lord . It speaks volumes for your faith and trust in the Lord. As children of the King we are Saints and are to go and be disciplines and spread the WORD. BSF has impacted my life in such a way I have a strong desire to find friends from the past who I hung out with and share the Gospel. It’s been extremely exciting to say the least. Locating the first friend I met when I came to IA in the mid 60’s was a miracle. I had not seen her since early 70’s. My hairdresser cuts hair in a nursing home and I shared I was looking for this gal. YOU WOULD BELIEVE she’s a resident there, has had a stroke , confined to a wheel chair. I shared the gospel w/her and w/tear filled eyes she accepted Jesus. I told another friend I was a “CHRISTIAN ” : her comment was : YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE? ? I wrote her a letter explaining what “ONE OF THOSE IS” and she has become “ONE OF THOSE”!! We never know where God will lead us next!! <

  95. Mary Alice Hoss

    Thank you Peggy for sharing. I was especially ministered to when you spoke of your call to step out of leadership and the pain you went through. I joined BSF 24 years ago. I just recently stepped down from the CS position. I was heading into my 3rd year in that position been 14 years in leadership all together, from CL in EW to DW back to EW as the ACS for 8 years. I’m still dealing with a sense of loss and emotional pain, yet I have peace that my stepping down was a push from God. It is clearly a time in my walk to get back to the basics, to be a Mary instead of a Martha for a season. When ones service no longer is a worship to God and more of a work it is time to go and sit at our Saviors feet to be in that season of rest and regeneration as the Lord preserves and prepares me for His next call of duty.

    God Bless

    • Maxine Arvidson

      We all speak the same language. Jesus Christ

  96. Miriam Ayala

    Thank you for sharing this timely message. BSF is a wonderful group I just learned about 3 yrs ago. And I’ve been saved some 40 yrs and never heard of this fellowship. But I tell all women I meet about BSF now !!!!

  97. Ethel

    Thank you this was so inlighten and I will continue studying God word through BSF I was thinking about stopping at The end of this year

  98. Patti Havens

    I would just like to note that 1989, the year Peggy began BSF, is the same year that the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union released its hold on Bulgaria and its other satellite nations. God’s plans for them and Peggy were intertwined in His great purpose, and they came together at the appointed day “for such a time as this”. Blessings to you in your journey, Peggy.

  99. Jeanette P Boone

    Praise and honor to God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for guiding us to do his will in our lives! May you continue to be the servant He wants all of us to be. BSF has been and will continue to be a shining light for us all to help someone else find the light.

  100. Kathleen Rose Gold

    To God be the glory!

    • Marilyn Rushin

      Let your light shine! God is so good!

  101. Cynthia Simmons

    Peggy I’m so inspired by your faithfulness. Thank you my former TL.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Hey sweet cynthia! I love you

  102. Chrissie Smith

    Your testimony is so encouraging! Thank you.

  103. Gwen Hunt

    What a blessing to see how God is still touching lives all over the world. I have been so touched with women of all ages as we study, rejoice and learn or remind our selves what we may have let slip away just a little. My! How far we have come with sharing our love for each other and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Peggy!✝✝

  104. Adrienne

    Peggy, God’s amazing love and truth shines through you to reach others. Your trust in Him is powerful and we know He will equip us with all that we need to fulfill His will for us.
    You are following Jesus and you have accomplished embracing his tender mercies through grace and perseverance.
    BSF has been life changing for me as well and I thank you for sharing your testimony and how God uses us as his vessels.
    I keep you in my prayers.

    God bless you with love and peace.

    Adrienne Miranda

  105. Jennifer Wedel

    Peggy this was amazing. As a 36 year old mom who’s been a GL for several years in BSF I kept thinking my heart and passion for teaching God’s word was limited because I am a women and that was one of the reasons I loved BSF. They gave women the opertunity to teach other women. Thank you for reminding me our God and our call has no limits. This is so encouraging…so encouraging. Thank you sister❤️

  106. Gay Ewens

    Thank you Peggy. So timely for me. I am a TL who is stepping down after 14years knowing this is God’s timing but not sure what’s next. Mixed feelings with only 2 weeks to go (schedule B) but praising God as I look back and see what God has done and looking forward to what God might have for me. I feel so blessed for what I have received and seen God do, but also so responsible to use what I have received. We serve an awesome God. Thanks again. God is so good.

  107. Beverly Brown

    Thank you for your inspiring testimony. God is always working with us to achieve His purpose and to glorify Him. I am so grateful that BSF has helped reveal to me what God expects of me. Let’s all honor and love Him and tell others as you have about His glory!! Be
    blessed and Amen to all the lovely comments.

  108. MaryBeth Nieto-Reyes

    Peggy, I LOVED where you wrote: “If you’ve been in BSF for six weeks, you’ve received more spiritual training than most people around the world. I would encourage every BSF class member to glean everything they can and don’t skimp on it.” It’s so true! I’ve learned more in my BSF years (4 as a GL) then I did in the previous 60+ years! Love how God continues to grow us and has faith in us and inspires us to empower and grow other women.

  109. Rosi Adams

    Thanks for sharing.
    BSF studies definitely has given me a greater understanding of our Precious Lord.

  110. Ken Westberry

    Thank you for your wonderful story of how God is working in you and through you. I was greatly encouraged by it and as a widower, I need all the Godly encouragement I can get. Some times it’s hard for me to sparkle. “Sparkle where God places you” was a spiritual gem and I’ll say thank you for that by adding from a poster on the wall in the Sunday School classroom where I am a CL : “Throw (God’s) love like confetti (with reckless abandon)!” Thank you for throwing some love my way and reminding me to sparkle for God.

  111. Linda Vecchiarelli

    Thank you, this was such an encouragement. As I stepped down as a chaplain for the Department of Corrections, I had already transitioned to BSF by my girlfriend Shirley’s invitation, since that day 8 years ago, I have been a children’s leader, done sound and video, and now have the privilege for the last two years to be a discussion leader. This year, I went to Ireland to help with a children’s holiday bible camp, and had the opportunity to touch the lives of many young mothers who rarely get a rest from their parenting. Now the Lord has place me in the Civil Air Patrol as a chaplain, so not only is there life after BSF, after a long rest, there is life after a ministry career. I am convinced that living for Him is far more satisfying than living for self.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Linda! Thank you for the encouragement! You are absolutely right!

  112. Charmaine Freeman

    O my God!!! It is so awesome to know what the BSF experience affords each of us!! Your experience is a phenomenal one, to fulfill the work of God is wonderful. I have been with BSF for two years and am very excited about it. It has already made a difference in my life and I am surely sharing my experiences.
    God bless you in all of your endeavors!! It is so wonderful to serve such a wonderful Savior !!

  113. Lou Killough

    Thank you for your glowing smile & obedient heart to make Jesus Christ known! What an inspiration to us all to continue in the season we’re in!
    Bless you!

  114. Janet Mardis

    She certainly had the Christian trait of complete gratitude.. all we have is a gift from God . How very blessed I am (are we).

  115. Eeleanor Baird

    Wonderful. Yes, we are always being prepared for our next mission, so to speak. God always has a plan and in that plan we are being prepared for our future endeavors. I believe we are here to learn his word, spread his word and prepare others to carry his word. Thanks be to God!

  116. Lileath Claire

    This is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
    Indeed, we are called for a lifetime of ministry, and allowed to journey through different stages. BSF is an amazingly fertile ground of preparation for which I am so grateful.
    Lord, help me to remain true to your calling and obedient to your direction.

  117. Donna Kingston

    Thank you so much Peggy for your example of an obedient and trusting heart even when it hurts.

  118. Ella Heath

    “sparkle where you are… I love it. I really needed this in this season. So thankful for BSF.

  119. Diana B

    Beautiful. Love how He calls, trains & transforms, to then send us out full and courageous.
    BSF is a blessing from God.

  120. Tanzie L Harris

    What an amazing God we serve! It is so exciting to be included in His work; to walk alongside and assist those who know Him in their growth; to become fully committed to love, worship and serve Him; and to love and tell others about Him. His word is so powerful! Praise God for all He has done!

  121. Jacqui Lauber

    To God be the glory! May He continue to use your life to bring glory to Him, Magnify His name and mature the people He calls you to!

  122. Patricia Chambers

    To God be the glory!! I noticed you stated it was as if you were speaking in the same language. This reminds me of the day of Pentecost, where everyone was speaking in their native language. It is amazing how great God is that he breaks down those barriers so that his son Jesus is magnified. What an awesome God we serve!!

  123. Hazel Patsanza

    Oh Peggy what an inspiration this is! Thank you very much for sharing your story. Training ground indeed. But you know, i never really looked at it that way.. that it is for me to serve the LORD for the rest of my life! Funny i always pray saying LORD, i will serve You till the last breadth in me.. Through BSF, i have grown in my faith immensely and become confident among others to share and even lead group meetings. i have been afforded the privilege to lead the whole church in pre- service prayer. Thank God i have been equipped to pray for others through ASK and that has helped me a lot. Strangely, each time i study a book, there is a relevant situation in my life God will be dealing with! how amazing and wonderful is our God..

    • Peggy Sansbury

      I love how God has equipped you through participating in ASK. See what I mean. Taking advantage of all the aspects of BSF equips you before you even realize it. Then when you are put in a situation that is needy for a leader…. there you are! God is amazing

  124. Marie Johnson

    Oh, how unexpectedly to receive such an encouraging word while sitting at my desk at work. I thought to check my email and wow God is great. Contemplating retirement and the next season for the glory of Christ. Thank you. Looking to see what God will do.

  125. Judy Kaufman

    What a beautiful testimony of your experience recently and also of your dedication to BSF for so many years. I truly feel I would be lost without BSF, my life has been so enriched by the friendships and lessons.

  126. Beverly Swihart

    Thank you for sharing this with me. God is so awesome and it is a blessing to read your story. I am in my third year at BSF. God has always been there for me. I survived by the grace of God a 17 year abusive marriage. After looking back God’s timing is perfect. I finally left him with our five children. This study has enhanced my knowledge of God. I can feel God working in my life and I want to always glorify God. Thank you for sharing. BSF has helped me so much.

  127. Jeannie Fink

    Peggy literally changed my life she was the teaching speaker when I first joined BSF six years ago. We were studying the book of Matthew it was the third lecture when the tears started and the light came on. She turned a lightbulb on for me and I can’t get enough of BSF absolutely love it life-changing. Thank you so much!

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Amazing what God has done through His Word in your life. Use that light bulb of Jesus in your life to change the world around you!

      • Lori

        Peggy Sandbury you weee my leader in my first ever experience with BSF and you blessed me in so many ways. I enjoyed so much reading about your mission trip! God’s Blessings to you!

  128. Ernest

    This is very refreshing and encouraging. It’s a welcome reminder that Bsf is only a springboard for whatever area of ministry the Lord may call us into later in life. We need to take whatever our hands find to do at Bsf very seriously.

  129. Jen Walter

    Love, love, love this! Praise God for your continued obedience. There’s no greater joy than to be used by the Lord and I see the joy in your eyes and words – what a blessing!

  130. Carol Court

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring and exciting story. Thank you for the reminder that God will never call us to anything that he will not equip us for. We just may not realize that’s what he’s doing. Trust and obey and He’ll make a way.

  131. Everett Summerville Sr

    Keep up the good work.

    • Nellie Mann

      Nellie Mann

      May God Bless each one of you with the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

      God is a Way Maker Promise Keeper, light in Darkness, My God that is who he is.

      Going through, take PSALM 23 with you, believe what it say’s, because all of the time he’s watching over us.


  132. Jim English

    Bless you, Peggy, for your TRUST in God to direct you to His new calling for you! Bless you even more for your courage in accepting such a challenge that I’m sure you felt was way out of your comfort zone. Your story moved me and inspired me to not give up on my kids and grandkids outward lack of faith. Thank you so much for showing up in my life today!

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Never never give up on your. children and grandchildren’s growth in Jesus! You may be the only one that is praying for them! Keeping praying and sowing seeds of faith. In due time a harvest will be reaped.

      • Margaret Stuart

        Thank you for the encouragement. I too have that continuing prayer for loved ones. May God be Glorified!

  133. Eunice L. Jewett

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I do feel that since I’ve been coming to BSF. The Lord has changed my life upside down. I rewrote a Book that the LORD ALMIGHTY told me to write. and it’s being published. And the LORD showed me how to get it published in a foreign language quickly.
    The LORD even took me a handi-cap senior citizen . To an off-road trail just so He could tell me by using nature that if the LORD could put a leaf tree among a hill of pine trees and make it as healthy as the pine trees . He would do the same for me. Then I walked across the green river and sat on a fallen tree. And I was the only one that day that didn’t fall in the river.
    Then when we got home the LORD told me to finish the baby quilt that was biblically correct in the 3 pictures of Noah’s ark with bible verses for each one. the finished ark , animals going in the ark, and the rainbow. The next am the pastor was overjoyed with the quilt. and so was his wife.
    I don’t know exactly what He has for me, I just know that when He rules nin our lives nothing is immpossiable for the LORD to use any and all believers. Who pray listen and obey.
    Eunice L. Jewett

  134. alicia bonner

    I thank God that you were obedient and allowed Him to use you. I will pray for you and your ministry. BSF does equip us we just have to trust God and step out in faith.

    • saranya Thabthong

      “Sparkle” Wherever God places you ,Dont give up . He provides the power for you to keep fighting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. love this encour agement Amen
      May Our Lord Jesus Christ is leading you and people around you to fulfill His purposes . Blessed Love from afar .

  135. Drexa Jo

    I pray we could all stand for Christ as Peggy does, equipped by BSF studies, and our love to live for HIM alone! To God be all the glory, forever and ever Amen

  136. Dianne R McDaniel

    My commitment to Gods programs about spreading the goodness of God is a passion for me. I accepted Christ when I was six years old, and served him to the best of my knowledge then as well as now. Christ work and helping others is my life’s work. I was a child welfare supervisor for 31 years, served at my church in the food pantry, and mission field. My BSF studies have made me even more passionate about serving and sharing Gods good news. I thank Peggy for her tireless work around the work so God could receive the glory. BSF has helped me grow in areas that I did not know I had.

  137. Mable Harris

    I’m so inspired by the way God used your gift to tell your story through your works and to follow his guidance. Sometimes we don’t know why we make decisions but only God knows the outcome. May you continue your work in the Lord and share the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  138. Dora Wong

    Thank you Peggy for the sharing. May we learn from you the humility to step out of a minstry of success into a ministry of submission.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Just follow Jesus wholeheartedly!!

  139. Ken

    Romans 8:28 in action. God blessed you, Peggy, for responding to His call. Also, fulfillment of the Great Commission is a commandment that each believer is to positively respond to. May He use us all in as powerful a way whether the mission is small or huge. May Christ continue to be with you and all of us as we follow Him.

  140. Earnestine

    Blessings to you Peggy, for being such a willing worker. God prepares us and then uses us. I am so thankful for you and all our BSF participants. Our society commands us to be on the battlefield. Thanking God for equipping us each week. Encouraging us to be obedient to His Word.

  141. Carole

    It is such a blessing and honour to read your story sister Peggy. May the LORD enrich your ministry as you touch many more lifes. God bless you mightily.

  142. Timothy Lindstrom

    we see a glimpse of God working. Sometimes HE directs me to talk to people … One time in particular I had told my supervisor that the work I was doing for the city was rather light, that if he had a project for me to do as my job as a garbage truck driver was real slow. He smiled, “Meet me in the woodshop tomorrow morning.”
    The next morning I walked in and there was a few others helping too. He instructed me to take this young man Ben and go out to the baseball fields and remove the benches that the players sit on. Easy work… Until we replaced the 40 year old planks with treated wood from Home Depot… Ben looked at me, puzzled. “What’s wrong Tim?” I was struggling to lift the benches with treated planks, into the pickup truck. “I’m too old to carry this stuff!”
    We worked on these benches all day and during that time the Holy Spirit was putting the pressure on me to talk to Ben about Jesus Christ… and me? I was refusing!
    Friday after lunch I asked the supervisor if I should take the garbage truck out and remove garbage from the Parks and sport fields… I really was trying to get away from talking to Ben. The supervisor smiled.. “Great idea, Tim! Take Ben with you!”

    Amazingly Ben accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior! The lesson of course is , God knew how long it would take for me to cave, to finally accept the challenge and to give Jesus Christ the praises. Perfect timing with imperfect people.

    • Sybil Andrade

      Thank you for sharing this Timothy. Our God is awesome & amazing 7 when He sets a plan in motion it will come to fruition as you proved when your friend Ben accepted our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. God persists until we submit.
      Praise be to our Holy God forever

    • Tina

      Love your story. Thanks for sharing. God did know exactly what it would take for you to finally speak up. I’m happy the same Lord understands me and patiently helps me gain the courage I need too.

  143. Alice

    Sparkle wherever God has placed you! I love that encouragement, not to give up! But to embrace the season one is in. Thank you Peggy for the encouragement, be blessed

  144. Carole Elkins

    Thank you so much for this encouragement. I am waiting for God’s direction as to what He has next for me.

  145. Ashley Dunford

    Love this! I am learning this year in BSF that obedience to God brings joy to Him. So great to see Peggy’s life and obedience shine for the kingdom!

    • Anne

      God is an awesome God. I give Him His Glory for using our sister Peggy in a profound way. Peggy may your ministry be blessed in Jesus sweet name I pray.

  146. Edna B Whitmore

    I just want to share that my life has been so enriched by the blessings that come with attending BSF classes. I am a widow, after having endured many years of oppression in my marriage, and my daugther’s marriage, also, ended with many hours of trails. My son developed an addiction, problem. Through all of the trails and ups and downs with my 2 grown children, and no hubbie to rely on for decades, the ministry of BSF spoke directly to my heart. My prayer is that I can continue to use what I have learned in BSF for the furthering of my grown children’s involvement with the LORD….It will not be easy since my daughter has had such a struggle since her divorse, without much love and interest from her husband for my grandchildren. I see her FAITH dwindling, and I pray for God to trouch her hectic and unpeaceful life. However, my daughter did acknowledge that I have helped her through by putting to use the truths of God’s love shared in BSF classes. Also, my son is deep into the WORD and handling his problem with the help of almighty God alone. .. IT is only through this ministry that I have come to walk a closer more meaningful life as a child of God, taking along with me my 2 precious grown children. Pray that this indepth study will continue to blossom in my life as I share with my loved ones and acquaintances that I meet on a daily basis.

    • Michelle Lucas

      Hi Ms Edna, I feel your pain. God knows and hears your prayers. We serve an AWESOME God!

  147. Annie Everett

    Oh my gosh!!!! I totally love this encouragement that we are all being trained for a season!!!!! I can’t fathom what for but it’s going to be awesome because it will place each of us directly in the center of Gods will to bring Him glory!!!!!!! So awesome!!!! Thank you for obeying and doing what you do for Him!!!!

    • Peggy Sansbury

      God has a plan for your life and it will be so exciting and probably not what you imagined! For me it has been things that I didn’t feel I could do at all… but that is totally where He wants us so we can lean directly on Him. Abandon yourself totally to Jesus and be ready to do whatever He brings your way! It will be bring bring great joy.

      • Marie Shaffer

        Dearest Peggy, You are beautiful evidence of exactly that!

  148. Ann Wynn

    Thank you for the encouragement of the different seasons in life – and of serving. Don’t give up – stay shiny!!

    • Eileen Johnson

      BSF is indeed a season of preparation for a lifetime of ministry❤️ I am eternally thankful for the teachers and the training I received in BSF and the many, many heart friends❤️ Thank you for this encouragement to “Sparkle where God plants” me❤️

  149. Lindy Frank

    I am so touched by your words and life lived in trusting obedience. I want to be the same light that you are to the world. I have been in BSF many years and pray that I don’t take the privilege for granted. May God keep guiding and blessing you.

    • Peggy Sansbury

      Stay steady through your BSF attendance and study. Take each week as a gift from God. Learn everything you can tucking your tools away to be used at a moments notice. It’s so exciting to watch Him weave and work your life into His plan. He will “wow” you as you stay obedient to Him in all arenas. Blessings to you.

      • Huiming Ho

        My friend wanted to join BSF but we don’t have men’s group in Kuching. I thought God’s word is for everyone disregard gender. Ha! Ha!
        Only last week, I registered 2 of them for online.
        It’s not fun for online bcos no interaction.

        • Judy

          Thank you for signing your friends up for online classes! What a good friend you are! I will pray for them to feel included and touched by God’s life giving Word! He has the power to meet them and change them.

          • Shirley Wallace

            I was truly blessed to see how our Lord worked through you to touch others. I thank Him daily for His guidance and care. I am all in for Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing his impact on you and your impact on others. Hallejuhah!!! To God be the glory for the things He has done

      • Tom Andalo

        This is so encouraging. May the Lord richly bless you for for this testimony that helps many of us to call to mind how He works through us. Amen

    • cherry gonzales

      I too am very encouraged to hear how Peggy was (and is) used of God in this way, and especially to know she is connected with a church and pastor whom she serves among. However, every time I hear of ladies who have been in BSF “for years,” my hope and prayer is that they too are using their gifts in a church, where there is a pastor, and accountability, and brothers and sisters in Christ, among whom they serve and disciple. The richness BSF provides is meant to equip for service. I fear some women are gathering “for years” and using this group as a substitute for a home church. As BSF states that their goal is to equip women to minister, and their desire is for all BSF ladies “to plug into a church,” where they can use their gifts and minister in a setting of solid teaching, and elder guided ministry, I just say “amen” to that.

  150. Andrette Smith

    Hallelujah sister and praise our LORD God for your commitment to the cause of Christ. May we all be sold out to His work.

    • Jacqueline Rabner

      Thank you for sharing, so beautifully, how God called you to service and continues to reveal His perfect purpose in all your seasons. It is lovely to ponder how loving obedience in serving our amazing, loving and faithful God brings Him such pleasure.

      • Manon de Senneville

        Thank you so much for sharing This journey as it reveals such an encouragement in promoting God’s Word all over the world

    • Carla Sandel

      Praises to God so beautiful

    • Mariana Bernis

      Just a note to say thank you, is very motivated to see how Our Lord lead us home, his Spirit is like a Fire in our souls He is faithful and remains the same in the difficult times he sent his angeles to strengthen us, his presence is harmonic, just beautiful the living hope of His Glory is the ultimate motivation. tks for sharing.

      • Miriam Mwende

        Thank you for sharing. May the good Lord continue enriching you with His words.

        Loved your encouraging words….”Sparkle wherever God places you, don’t give up. He provides the power for you to keep fighting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


        • Pam

          I also loved this quote “sparkle wherever God placed you!”

    • Lera Doneghy

      Thank you so much for sharing how God has continued to lead you in His ministry and the fact that you listened and followed His call.
      I pray that I will be atune to His voice and follow His call.
      May you continue to be blessed.

    • Angela

      Thank you for sharing! It was touched when I read you said”My role was to sow the seed that marriage should be a loving relationship, where the husband doesn’t dominate his wife, but loves her as Christ loves the Church.” May God continue blessing you and blessing your serve !

    • Pam Blake

      God has blessed Peggy and I’m so encouraged by her story. Thank you for sharing it is. Pam Blake.

    • Leigh Jones

      Peggy, What a thrill to read about this next chapter in your life! You have always had the Sparkle of the Lord in your eyes. Many blessings. much love to you, Leigh Jones

      • Marie Shaffer


    • Grace Kambo

      Thank you for sharing. This is very encouraging. May God continue to mature us for His glory. May we be submission to His call

      • Wabs


    • Beverly Lloyd

      As a second year BSF student, I am encouraged by your story! I am learning and growing in God’s Word with awesome women and leaders!


      I have been in bsf for the last 8 years.5 years as a childrens leader.It has made me confident in leading in Fellowship,Church ministry and my daily walk.

    • Lynda Rozanne Myers

      I feel very convicted. I feel im worthless, Nd dont know what God wNts me to do

      • Pat Clark

        Christ died for you! How can you be worthless? You are precious in His sight!! Just live for Him and He will use you in ways you don’t even understand!

        • Cephas

          Yes, indeed! Christ died for you….. you are worth everything if you live for HIM in obedience!

      • Rose Kamerer

        We are all precious in our GOD’S sight. Remember that and He will show you the way and give you peace.

      • Tina

        Lynda, you are worth more to God than you can ever imagine! Take time each day to receive God’s love for you. Because of the Holy Spirit who lives in you when you believe in Jesus, God is your loving Father who gives you the right to cry out “Abba, Father!” Abba is Hebrew for “daddy.” Cry out to your loving Daddy and receive His love. He will lovingly direct your steps each day. His plan for you is unique, and no plan of God is ever worthless or insignificant. All children of God are infinitely valuable to Him. May God help all of us realize that He makes our lives significant, most often in small ways that aren’t necessarily visible to others. Be blessed!

      • Yolanda Rosario

        Conviction is a good thing,because that is God’s way of turning us back to His will! You are not worthless my dear,oh how He loves you…We fall down,but get back up! Keep seeking His face,don’t give up,He will meet you where you are!

      • Sheila Henry

        Lynda, i prayed for you. I want to encourage you to continue going to BSF and church. God knows you personally and cares and loves you. You are loved by His body, the church. May God’s love and truth triumph in your life! Hugs from a sister in Christ!

      • Carol R

        Lynda your comment touched my heart, perhaps because I can understand how you feel. Peggy’s walk with our Lord is beautiful and inspirational. God has used her in amazing ways, and her testimony is an encouragement to us all. However, I feel sure she would tell you, as would every other Christian, we all experience conviction from the moment we are saved and continues throughout our lives. Christ gives us His Holy Spirit as a gift, a guide and for our good. Conviction brings us awareness, true repentance, God’s forgiveness and a whole new life in Christ. Feeling unworthy is never something our Lord lays on us, but satan is a real enemy who will try to take us down any way he can. We can’t fight this enemy in our own strength, but our Mighty God certainly can and will. I pray you will cling to our Lord and the promises of His Word. The depth of His love and forgiveness can be difficult for our human minds to comprehend. No one deserves or can even earn this gift of God’s grace, and yet it is very real and life changing. Put your hand in His and let the sweet journey begin. As you grow in your personal relationship with our Lord, you’ll realize there is no more shame, and that you too have a beautiful testimony in Christ that others need to hear.

      • Billie Gould

        Conviction is from our Lord. The feeling of worthlessness is from Satan, so in understanding that you can relegate it to it’s proper place. The junk pile! Just keep your eyes on Jesus and He will meet your needs and show you just where He wants you and how He wants to use you. These messages are used by Him to challenge us to a deeper relationship to Him and are not to make us jealous or feel useless. God bless you.

      • Karen Medina

        Lynda I hope you are feeling God’s love today…as you can see He works through us all to comfort one another. As far as not knowing what God wants you to do…just pray! Lean on Him always. Even through this bad moment He is there, strengthening you. I have often felt like you and that is when I leaned most on Him through prayer throughout the day even while i’m driving i’m praying. Devotionals are also a great tool too. Church, BSF and these amazing Christian sisters are all here to support you reminding you HE LOVES YOU! He knew you before you were even born. You matter so much to Him that he sacrificed His only son for you, for me, and for all of us. You are SO WORTH IT! You matter! Sending virtual hugs and prayers to you Lynda.

      • Angel

        Oh! Lynda. If God loved you enough to die in your place. Who cares what surrounds u. He didnt stop there but has got you in the palm of his hand. Shake off the lies and get comfort in knowing that you are a child of the most high God. This week we see David was forgotten and ignored but He was the Lord’s anointed. So it is with you beloved sister. Keep faith. For God knows you and He has plans for you. Will continue praying for you.

    • Cynthia Hope Muhinda

      Bless the Lord for this beautiful testimony. May The Lord continue appointing us to the nations and the world for His Glory.

    • Pamela Swanlund

      Peggy- to God be all the glory ! Your life and how God is using you brings so much hope and encouragement for us long time BSFers wondering about what’s next. Life with God is a beautiful adventure. Thank you.

      • Grace Ng

        Indeed, thanks Peggy for sharing this amazing and inspiring “life journey after BSF”! Let our vision for ministry not be obscured by our cultural stereotypes, & our courage to step out in faith not be limited by the beautiful BSF comfort zone.

    • Tina Brill

      LOVE the word “Sparkle”
      In whatever season you are in

    • Marsha Johnston

      Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story. Having the opportunity to be a part of BSF truly is a gift from God. May God continue to bless your journey.

    • Sheau Ching Yip

      Thanks for the sharing that certainly encouraged me. This is my second year into BSF and I feel so blessed to be in. God’s word is indeed living water; I know He is equipping me for a lifetime ministry. Praise the Lord.

      • Concepcion Roth

        You‘re a motivation motor, and your testimonies create more stronger faith an perseverance in me. Yes the Lord supply all our needs according to the riches of His glory thru Christ our Lord as we yield in obedience to His word. Hebrew 4:12. And you‘re an example of Nehemia a prayer Warrior, for as we pray for the Body of Christ. God is behind us! He has everything in control Amen ! Glory to God forevermore! Stay blessed sister🙏👑🎚⛪️

        • Priscilla Manatsa

          To God be the glory always . Keep up the wonderful work. Such an inspiration.

    • Thembie Mugwisi

      Glory to God. Isiah said here I am send me Lord. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to respond to the call. That soft voice.

    • Jackie Oehlson

      Praise God for your obedience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      May God richly bless you and all of your family, and those with whom you serve in Bulgaria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • perpetuah chegeh

      Thank for sharing how God called you to serve.indeed when God call us he equip us.just like what we are learning this semister about people of the promised God equip his leader when he send them to do realy encouraged.God bless you my sister

    • Peggy Sansbury

      I agree!!

    • Denise Green

      What a beautiful story/journey filled with insight and encouragement! God will continue to prepare us and use us in each season as we learn to use our gifts to serve His good and perfect purposes. I’m inspired to embrace this season with passion and sparkle wherever God places me!
      Thank you

    • Yvonne Brown

      Thank you for sharing how God has used you and is now using you in a profound manner to share the gospel.


    • Debbie Brehm

      This is so encouraging. God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.
      In Jesus Most Holy Name, Amen.
      In Him.

    • Jennifer Platt

      Thank for this wonderful and encouraging testimony. It is so humbling to see God use and bless His people in a mighty way. I pray He continues to bless you and keep you and all that you do.


      I loved this article! Such a great example of what our God does through BSF.

      Thanks to all who work to train us to share the gospel message!

    • ananthaswami.rajagopal

      Wow. So true when you surender to the Lord , rivers of living water pour out you. And you will be fruitful 30 60 and a 100 times . Your story is a testament to that

      This is my first smyear as a BSF group leader. So rewarding and humbling and so many chances to spend time with Jesus

      Just yesterday we were discussing the deep pain and agony the very human David must have faced during the 10 years on the run from Saul . God inspired him to pour his heart out and he always finished his prayer with a strong declaration of faith and praise

      How could he have known that 3000 years later so manyilluons are taking cknfort from that productive difficult time of his life ?

      That’s living waters indeed

      God bless you Peggy

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