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We invite you to join us, current and former BSF class members, family and friends, 16 or older, for a trip of a lifetime. With Bible Study Fellowship, you will experience a life-transforming journey as you are immersed in the sights, culture, and breathtaking landscapes of the Holy Land!

The Bible will come alive in ways you never thought possible; and your daily walk, prayer life, and understanding of Scripture will be forever changed.

BSF has partnered with MorningStar Transformational Tours to provide the best travel experience. As Morning Star organizes trip details, you can enjoy world-class theological teaching and hospitality by BSF trip leaders and hosts.

“I rejoice with those who said to me ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’ Our feet are standing in your gates, O Jerusalem.”

– Psalm 122: 1-2

Trip Information

For information about trip pricing, itinerary and other specifics, click the tour information buttons below.

Classic Tours

May 9 – 21


Dr. Carl Laney – waitlist only

June 15 – 27


Dr. John Hannah – waitlist only

July 5 – 16


Dr. Garth Bolinder – waitlist only

Oct. 23 – Nov. 4


Dr. John Hannah – waitlist only

Oct. 25 – Nov. 6


Dr. Mark Strauss – waitlist only

New Offerings

“Israel Express”

March 26 – April 4


Dr. Carl Laney – waitlist only

“Jesus Tour”

Oct. 31 – Nov. 9


Dr. Jeannine Brown

2021 Tours 

April 6 – 17


Dr. Carl Laney – waitlist only

May 3 – 15


Dr. Carl Laney – waitlist only

June 8 – 20


Dr. John Hannah- waitlist only

July 6 – 18


Dr. Carl Laney

October 3 – 15


Dr. John Hannah – waitlist only

October 19 – 31


Dr. Mark Strauss – waitlist only

November 2 – 13


Dr. Garth Bolinder – waitlist only

Why Israel?

Mark, Harrison & Jennifer


“W ords can’t effectively describe the life changing impact of our visit to the Holy Land; we experienced the Bible in “4D” and grew closer to God while building relationships.”

God took my high expectations for this trip and turned them into mountain top experiences each day! You will leave a part of your heart behind and take a part of Israel home with you in your heart.”

“This trip is the best way to see Israel in the context of the Bible and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to visit.”

Mark & Lyn


“I srael has always been on our ‘to visit list.’  It was such a pleasant surprise when our wait list for the March 2019 trip became available. This trip truly brought the bible to life. 

We went with hearts full of expectation and God was there to meet every one of them and more.  He showed us His direction as we opened our hearts to Him.

We have had the best of memories to take back with us and look forward to returning to the Holy Land again in the years to come.”

Morris & Muffin


“V isiting Israel with Bible Study Fellowship made the Bible and it’s characters come alive to me. It was amazing to be in the Holy Land and have a theologian explain the significance of each location. 

We walked where Jesus literally walked and discovered places we had only read about. I have a deeper appreciation of my Bible study now that I have been there to see it with my own eyes.  One of the unexpected highlights was making new friends as we shared meals and spent time together during the tour.”

Updates and News

Questions? Just Ask

Phone: (972) 690-0092 

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM

June – August Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 AM – 5 PM, Friday 8 AM – 12 PM

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Susie Rowan

BSF Executive Director


“It’s something I wish every Christian could experience. Your heart really does just soar. You remember the promise that God has given us, that the feet of Jesus are going to stand on the Mount of Olives and you’re standing there. It’s pretty powerful, pretty emotional.”


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