What’s New for Genesis

What’s New for Genesis


Before smartphones. Before the internet. Before the printing press. Before the ease of accessibility. How did God’s people share God’s Word with one another?

In ancient times, Scripture was made accessible to the world by men and women reading it aloud (Exodus 24:7, Deuteronomy 31:10-11, Joshua 8:34-35, 2 Kings 23:1-3, Nehemiah 8:3-8, Luke 4:16, 1 Timothy 4:13). Then, over time, individuals were called to translate Scripture. Others were called to teach Scripture. Parents were called to talk about the commands of Scripture with their children, (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 11:18-21). Christians in the first and second centuries quoted portions of Scripture in their written letters and carried copies of Scripture with them on their travels.

In other words, throughout history, Scripture – both the Old Testament and New – has broken into the known world through ordinary people, living ordinary, everyday lives.

This year, BSFers around the globe have an extraordinary opportunity to join in this same movement. Through BSF’s Helping One Another strategy, we are calling all BSFers to spread the truth of God’s Word to new people, places and populations. But how?

God’s Word Cannot Be Stopped

Over the past five months, the BSF campus has been closed in compliance with local coronavirus precautions. Because we have been unable to operate our printing press, we are inviting you to help one another by creatively providing BSF Genesis lesson materials to all who are hungry for God’s Word. This is our Helping One Another strategy.

We believe this season is not just a trial to be endured, but a God-ordained opportunity for growth and ministry. What if the study of God’s Word through BSF spread today like the Scriptures spread throughout the first century Church – from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria, to the ends of the earth? What if God’s truth broke into today’s world with the same transformational power we have seen throughout history? We believe we will see God work in powerful ways as we commit to help one another.

What’s Ahead

Your BSF Headquarters staff have been praying for specific opportunities during this global pandemic to magnify God and mature His people. We have prayed that God might foster creativity and provide solutions for accessing BSF materials, and He has answered. It is with great excitement and trust in God that we share with you what’s new for Genesis:

 A new BSF app scheduled to be launched in September, which will allow BSF members to complete their lessons on their smartphones

 A new lesson layout for the School Program questions

 New emphasis in the BSF notes to highlight and apply biblical doctrine

 A Genesis Prayer Guide with weekly connections to this year’s study to carry us through these trying times

 New opportunities to reach your community with God’s Word and BSF through four, character-based mini-studies interspersed throughout the Genesis study year, including Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Joseph

 New and simplified options for giving to BSF through PayPal as a means to expand the reach of God’s Word (available for international classes as well)

What’s Your ‘New’?

So, how will you make the most of all these new options?

Maybe you will extend a new invitation to BSF to someone outside your usual circle of friends.

Perhaps you will discover a new ministry opportunity by printing lessons for someone in your discussion group.

Or perhaps your new step during this Genesis study year just might be an intentional call to prayer for God’s Word to break into the lives of new people in new populations and new places.

What will be your “new” this BSF year?

As we await the return of Christ to make all things truly new, let’s seize opportunities to share and spread the truth of God’s Word by helping one another access and maximize the BSF Genesis study! Share your new beginning with us on social media (Instagram or Facebook) with the hashtag #bsfgenesis or email us at stories@bsfinternational.org.


  1. I look forward to the Genesis study. When we stopped meeting this spring because of the virus, I did not get to finish the last few lessons on the ACTS, etc. study. I also started late into the study in January. Is there access to this study so that I may finish the last few lessons?

    • I’m so sorry you missed the last few weeks! The study ended in the book of James, which was really helpful in light of current events. The WorgGo app offers BSF material and includes portions of the ACTS study. Go to WordGo.org for more information!

  2. This is truly what we need, thank you for making these tools available

  3. I don’t have a smartphone. Not everyone does, do they? It’s not that I don’t want one. I have a Kindle, can I use that?

    • Dear Deborah, you are not alone! The app will be available for across all devices and printable and downloadable lessons are accessible on my bsf.org

  4. I’ve tried several times to sign up for Genesis and I keep getting an error message?

    • Belinda, I’m so sorry for the error message! The site was a bit overwhelmed but is working now! https://www.bsfinternational.org/map

  5. Love BSF , So Happy We Are Continuing Bible Study, Through this Tough time, We can still be learning God’s Word, Thank you

  6. Having BSF as as app on our smartphones will be so much easier to access. One is able to do their lesson anytime, anywhere and stay in touch with what is going on.

  7. I am very excited to see how BSF is evolving to meet the development of IT and challenges of the modern world.
    From what it was when I joined more than 20 years ago, to what it is today indeed it is the work of our unstoppable God.
    He has given his loyal servants in this ministry the vision in carrying out His mission. Glory, majesty, and honour belong to him alone. Hallelujah!
    Looking forward to what lies ahead of the Genesis study.
    Be blessed.

  8. Let’s do it. I like meeting with fellow students in my small group in person. I prefer the potential for intimacy. But if that is not possible let’s go with what we got. Maybe some will be less intimidated with sharing if they are doing it remotely. God’s word is real and it is powerful. Let’s get at it and let it do it’s work

  9. I am so blessed to be a part of this “New Beginning”. I pray God will fill our hearts with words to bring others to Him.

  10. Very grateful to God, for new innovative to reach out with the Word of God.

  11. Will we still be able to print out lessons and questions from the website as we did last year?

    • Hi Carla, definitely! Lessons will still be available at my bsf.org

  12. Will we be contacted by someone our discussion leader like in past years before we begin in September?

    • Hi Lisa, yes! Your group leader will contact you with more information

  13. I can’t wait to get started on the new year. I love learning and applying the lessons in my life.

  14. What an opportunity virtual groups are. Theoretically, we could invite people from all over the world to be in our groups. A group member’s son in the military, or his friend from college across the country, or a work colleague in Dubai. Is God using the pandemic to help us broaden our reach in making disciples of all nations?

  15. I know God will always be beside me. His creation is supernatural beyond human kinds effort to really know. I ask God to give me through this study revelation light and more inner awareness of who I am through the will of God and the guidance of my Holy Spirit.

  16. Just wondering how people without Smartphones will get the lessons?

    • Dear Sharon, printable and downloadable lessons will still be available on mybsf.org. Your group leader can also help you access material. Thank you for asking!

  17. Diffinately challenging times! I enjoyed reading this update
    I think God has shaken us up to think outside the box and to care for one another in different ways. I understand the trusty old printing press was expensive and needed parts and needed retired. I liked those paper lessons but I guess we need to find new ways of accessing information and lessons. I honestly thought this virus would burn out by now so this is the new normal for us all. Very challenging times. Makes one think! Thanks for bringing a new APP. I hope there will be a web address I could access on my Windows laptop because I can do better visually on the desktop computer vs. the tiny smart phone. Please advise. Thank you, Melanie Fearnside

    • Dear Melanie, we are excited to offer multiple options to access lessons during this time. Printable lessons will still be available on mybsf.org. Your group leader can also help you access lesson material!

  18. I am excited for new normal of bsf. Thank Lord Jesus.

  19. Love reading past lessons. Is it possible to join the class and do it on line?

    • BSF Online’s group Bible study meets weekly with people from around the world with more meeting time options not bound by location. Groups take place online over a 30-week period and include personal study, group discussion, teaching and Scripture commentary. To find out more, visit http://www.bsfonline.org.

      BSF Online registration opens at the end August.

  20. What day in September will this begin?

    • You can contact your local class for a specific date. You’re able to reach them by visiting bfsinternational.org/map and clicking the “contact” button.

  21. I wait with great anticipation and excitement to see what God will do through the study of Genesis!

  22. For the past 3 years, two of us have gone into the prison and taught out BSF studies there each wink with a group of ladies. God was present and He touched the lives of all of us emensely. However, once the virus hit, visitors were not allowed in the prison at all. We are concerned about our ladies, as they have no internet access and no way to print lessons. We heard that some BSF groups have contact a private printing company to print the lessons in a book form, We would like to partner with any groups like this so that our ladies may have access to the lessons. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  23. Will there be lectures for us to view through our computer.
    Will there be zoom groups

    • Please ask your CA about all the details pertaining to your class. If you don’t have their contact information, you can find it at bsfinternational.org/map – find your class and click “contact.”

  24. Will I be able to do read and do my studies from my computer? I cannot see well enough to work from a smart phone

    • Yes, materials may be downloaded from mybsf.org.

  25. What beautiful pictures in the weekly Prayer Guide!!!! Praise God for the ability to continue to access BSF in these current trying times. We know He is in control and uses ALL things for good! We pray for BSF to be accessed now by many more people through technology!! Blessings to all!

  26. Thanks so much for ensuring that God’s word remains unstoppable despite the COVID 19. God Himself will remove all our anxieties as we soon start the study of Genesis.

  27. I am Interested in starting a class. What is the starting date for class? How will I know who my group leader will be. Please let me know in advance.

    • Dear Jessie, to find a class and register, visit https://www.bsfinternational.org/map. Your group leader will contact you before the first class in September. You’ll have an opportunity to talk and ask questions before your fist group meeting!

  28. Thank you! I am encouraged by this email and will be looking forward to the Genesis study. I will be praying for BSF and God’s strength and guidance to reach out to someone He guides me to. Right now there are so many I feel overwhelmed.🙏🏻

    • Jolene, thank you for your prayers! We will pray for you as God leads you to reach others.

  29. Hi! I think I did this, but I want to make sure I am on the list for an online class. I was a leader is the past and would love to help anyway I can. I am hoping some of my neighbors will join this study this year.

    • Marcie, thank you! I will share your comment with our BSF Online team!

  30. Praise God for His word

    I Love BSF it keeps me plug in to His word and with my brother’s in Jesus Christ

    By the Grace of God I believe I had in class perfect attendance 2019 session including Zoom

  31. We are better together!

  32. I love BSF and look forward to connecting!

  33. I want to sign up for Genesis. Is there a link to do that. I have attended the Memphis BSF in past.

    Thank you,

    Kathy Mitchell

  34. Perfect.
    As we advance the gospel, everything will work for our good.
    Be enciouraged

  35. Would love to learn more about the Character studies. Are they one week or multiple weeks and what dates will they be happening? Thanks for all your doing, I’m excited for this year.

    • Dear Ben, the character studies are built into the Genesis notes. Breaking them out into a mini study is a great idea! We will definitely consider doing that.

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